Langmuir, Vol.32, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0743-7463 (Print) 

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651 - 654 Suppression of Hydrophobic Recovery by Plasma Polymer Films with Vertical Chemical Gradients
Hegemanu D, Lorusso E, Butron-Garcia MI, Blanchard NE, Rupper P, Favia P, Heuberger M, Vandenbossche M
655 - 663 pH-Induced Re-entrant Microstructural Transitions in Cationic Surfactant-Hydrotrope Mixtures
Umeasiegbu CD, Balakotaiah V, Krishnamoorti R
664 - 672 Rate of Molecular Transfer of Allyl Alcohol across an AOT Surfactant Layer Using Muon Spin Spectroscopy
Jayasooriya UA, Clayden NJ, Steytler DC, Oganesyan YS, Peck JNT, Khasanov R, Scheuermann R, Stoykov A
673 - 682 Self-Assembly of X-Shaped Bolapolyphiles in Lipid Membranes: Solid-State NMR Investigations
Achilles A, Barenwald R, Lechner BD, Werner S, Ebert H, Tschierske C, Blume A, Bacia K, Saalwachter K
683 - 688 Active Demulsification of Photoresponsive Emulsions Using Cationic-Anionic Surfactant Mixtures
Takahashi Y, Koizumi N, Kondo Y
689 - 698 Structural and Energetic Studies on the Interaction of Cationic Surfactants and Cellulose Nanocrystals
Brinatti C, Huang J, Berry RM, Tam KC, Loh W
699 - 705 Magnetic Surfactants and Polymers with Gadolinium Counterions for Protein Separations
Brown P, Bromberg L, Rial-Hermida MI, Wasbrough M, Hatton TA, Alvarez-Lorenzo C
706 - 711 Growing a Chemical Garden at the Air-Fluid Interface
Hussein S, Maselko J, Pantaleone JT
712 - 722 Microgels at the Water/Oil Interface: In Situ Observation of Structural Aging and Two-Dimensional Magnetic Bead Microrheology
Huang SL, Gawlitza K, von Kitzing R, Gilson L, Nowak J, Odenbach S, Steffen W, Auernharmmer GK
723 - 730 When Colloidal Particles Become Polymer Coils
Mourran A, Wu YD, Gumerov RA, Rudov AA, Potemkin II, Pich A, Moller M
731 - 742 Nano-Bio Interactions of Porous and Nonporous Silica Nanoparticles of Varied Surface Chemistry: A Structural, Kinetic, and Thermodynamic Study of Protein Adsorption from RPMI Culture Medium
Lehman SE, Mudunkotuwa IA, Grassian VH, Larsen SC
743 - 750 Liquid-Solid Nanofriction and Interfacial Wetting
An R, Huang LL, Long Y, Kalanyan B, Lu XH, Gubbins KE
751 - 758 Modeling the Interaction between AFM Tips and Pinned Surface Nanobubbles
Guo ZJ, Liu YW, Xiao QX, Schonherr H, Zhang XR
759 - 764 Terbium-Doped VO2 Thin Films: Reduced Phase Transition Temperature and Largely Enhanced Luminous Transmittance
Wang N, Duchamp M, Dunin-Borkowski RE, Liu SY, Zeng XT, Cao X, Long Y
765 - 771 Sulfone-Containing Methacrylate Homopolymers: Wetting and Thermal Properties
Fujii S, McCarthy TJ
772 - 778 Size Determination of a Liposomal Drug by Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Using Continuous Contrast Variation
Garcia-Diez R, Gollwitzer C, Krumrey M, Varga Z
779 - 786 Addition of Cleaved Tail Fragments during Lipid Oxidation Stabilizes Membrane Permeability Behavior
Runas KA, Acharya SJ, Schmidt JJ, Malmstadt N
787 - 799 Substituent Effects on the Self-Assembly/Coassembly and Hydrogelation of Phenylalanine Derivatives
Liyanage W, Nilsson BL
800 - 809 Lateral Chain Length in Polyalkyl Acrylates Determines the Mobility of Fibronectin at the Cell/Material Interface
Bathawab F, Bennett M, Cantini M, Reboud J, Dalby MJ, Salmeron-Sanchez M
810 - 821 Mechanism of Reversible Peptide-Bilayer Attachment: Combined Simulation and Experimental Single-Molecule Study
Schwierz N, Krysiak S, Hugel T, Zacharias M
822 - 830 Insights into the Role of Biomineralizing Peptide Surfactants on Making Nanoemulsion-Templated Silica Nanocapsules
Hui Y, Wibowo D, Zhao CX
831 - 837 Effect of Short Chain Poly(ethylene glycol)s on the Hydration Structure and Dynamics around Human Serum Albumin
Samanta N, Luong TQ, Das Mahanta D, Mitra RK, Havenith M
838 - 847 Control of Cell Attachment and Spreading on Poly(acrylamide) Brushes with Varied Grafting Density
Lilge I, Schonherr H
848 - 857 Synthesis and Characterization of Monodisperse Metallodielectric SiO2@Pt@SiO2 Core-Shell-Shell Particles
Petrov A, Lehmann H, Finsel M, Klinke C, Weller H, Vossmeyer T
858 - 863 Highly Sensitive and Reproducible SERS Performance from Uniform Film Assembled by Magnetic Noble Metal Composite Microspheres
Niu CY, Zou BF, Wang YQ, Cheng L, Zheng HH, Zhou SM
864 - 872 Surfactant and Plasticizer Segregation in Thin Poly(vinyl alcohol) Films
Briddick A, Li PX, Hughes A, Courchay F, Martinez A, Thompson RL
873 - 881 Cytochrome-c Affects the Monoolein Polymorphism: Consequences for Stability and Loading Efficiency of Drug Delivery Systems
Mazzoni S, Barbosa LRS, Funari SS, Itri R, Mariani P
882 - 888 Reversible Chromatic Response of Polydiacetylene Derivative Vesicles in D2O Solvent
Shin MJ, Kim JD
889 - 899 Combined Experimental and Computational Study of the Gelation of Cyclohexane-Based Bis(acyl-semicarbazides) and the Multi-Stimuli-Responsive Properties of Their Gels
Baddi S, Madugula SS, Sarma DS, Soujanya Y, Palanisamy A
900 - 908 Synthesis of Xylylene-Bridged Periodic Mesoporous Organosilicas and Related Hollow Spherical Nanoparticles
Manchanda AS, Kruk M
909 - 914 Free Surface Command Layer for Photoswitchable Out-of-Plane Alignment Control in Liquid Crystalline Polymer Films
Nakai T, Tanaka D, Hara M, Nagano S, Seki T
915 - 921 Capillary Flow Resistors: Local and Global Resistors
Berthier J, Gosselin D, Pham A, Delapierre G, Belgacem N, Chaussy D
922 - 927 Characterization of the Stiffness of Multiple Particles Trapped by Dielectrophoretic Tweezers in a Microfluidic Device
Son M, Choi S, Ko KH, Kim MH, Lee SY, Key J, Yoon YR, Park IS, Lee SW
928 - 928 Effect of the DNA End of Tethering to Electrodes on Electron Transfer in Methylene Blue-Labeled DNA Duplexes (vol 28, pg 16218, 2012)
Farjami E, Campos R, Ferapontova EE