Langmuir, Vol.28, No.32 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0743-7463 (Print) 

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11656 - 11661 Discrete Electrostatic Charge Transfer by the Electrophoresis of a Charged Droplet in a Dielectric Liquid
Im DJ, Ahn MM, Yoo BS, Moon D, Lee DW, Kang IS
11662 - 11675 Interfacing Nanocarbons with Organic and Inorganic Semiconductors: From Nanocrystals/Quantum Dots to Extended Tetrathiafulvalenes
Katsukis G, Romero-Nieto C, Malig J, Ehli C, Guldi DM
11676 - 11686 Fluorophore and Dye-Assisted Dispersion of Carbon Nanotubes in Aqueous Solution
Koh B, Kim G, Yoon HK, Park JB, Kopelman R, Cheng W
11687 - 11698 Phospholipid Bilayer-Perturbing Properties Underlying Lysis Induced by pH-Sensitive Cationic Lysine-Based Surfactants in Biomembranes
Nogueira DR, Mitjans M, Busquets MA, Perez L, Vinardell MP
11699 - 11706 Sizing of Reverse Micelles in Microemulsions using NMR Measurements of Diffusion
Law SJ, Britton MM
11707 - 11713 Phase Behavior, Self-Assembly, and Emulsification of Tween 80/Water Mixtures with Limonene and Perfluoromethyldecalin
Sharma SC, Warr GG
11714 - U3 Highly Symmetric Patchy Multicompartment Nanoparticles from the Self-Assembly of ABC Linear Terpolymers in C-Selective Solvents
Kong WX, Jiang W, Zhu YT, Li BH
11723 - 11733 Highly Symmetric Patchy Multicompartment Nanoparticles from the Self-Assembly of ABC Linear Terpolymers in C-Selective Solvents
Kong WX, Jiang W, Zhu YT, Li BH
11734 - 11741 Pickering Emulsions Stabilized by Nanoparticle Surfactants
Larson-Smith K, Pozzo DC
11742 - 11753 Novel Pickering Emulsifiers based on pH-Responsive Poly(tert-butylaminoethyl methacrylate) Latexes
Morse AJ, Dupin D, Thompson KL, Armes SP, Ouzineb K, Mills P, Swart R
11754 - 11763 Mesoscopic Study of the Effects of Gel Concentration and Materials on the Formation of Precipitation Patterns
Chen L, Kang QJ, He YL, Tao WQ
11764 - 11775 Characterization of Oil-Free and Oil-Loaded Liquid-Crystalline Particles Stabilized by Negatively Charged Stabilizer Citrem
Nilsson C, Edwards K, Eriksson J, Larsen SW, Ostergaard J, Larsen C, Urtti A, Yaghmur A
11776 - 11787 Spontaneous Grafting of Diazonium Salts: Chemical Mechanism on Metallic Surfaces
Mesnage A, Lefevre X, Jegou P, Deniau G, Palacin S
11788 - 11798 One-Step Vs Stepwise Immobilization of 1-D Coordination-Based Rh-Rh Molecular Wires on Gold Surfaces
Lokesh KS, Chardon-Noblat S, Lafolet F, Traore Y, Gondran C, Guionneau P, Guerente L, Labbe P, Deronzier A, Letard JF
11799 - 11810 Optimizing the Quality of Monoreactive Perfluoroalkylsilane-Based Self-Assembled Monolayers
Gong YY, Wang MCP, Zhang X, Ng HW, Gates BD
11811 - 11820 Electroacoustic Isoelectric Point Determinations of Bauxite Refinery Residues: Different Neutralization Techniques and Minor Mineral Effects
Freire TSS, Clark MW, Comarmond MJ, Payne TE, Reichelt-Brushett AJ, Thorogood GJ
11821 - 11827 Directional Self-Cleaning Superoleophobic Surface
Zhao H, Law KY
11828 - 11835 Simulation Analysis of Contact Angles and Retention Forces of Liquid Drops on Inclined Surfaces
Santos MJ, Velasco S, White JA
11836 - 11842 Reactive Solid Surface Morphology Variation via Ionic Diffusion
Sun ZC, Zhou Q, Fan LS
11843 - 11851 Ultra Magnetic Liposomes for MR Imaging, Targeting, and Hyperthermia
Bealle G, Di Corato R, Kolosnjaj-Tabi J, Dupuis V, Clement O, Gazeau F, Wilhelm C, Menager C
11852 - 11858 Adsorption of Unstructured Protein beta-Casein to Hydrophobic and Charged Surfaces
Evers CHJ, Andersson T, Lund M, Skepo M
11859 - 11866 Effect of Ionic Liquid Treatment on the Structures of Lignins in Solutions: Molecular Subunits Released from Lignin
Cheng G, Kent MS, He LL, Varanasi P, Dibble D, Arora R, Deng K, Hong KL, Melnichenko YB, Simmons BA, Singh S
11867 - 11874 Molecular Structure of Interfacial Human Meibum Films
Leiske DL, Miller CE, Rosenfeld L, Cerretani C, Ayzner A, Lin BL, Meron M, Senchyna M, Ketelson HA, Meadows D, Srinivasan S, Jones L, Radke CJ, Toney MF, Fuller GG
11875 - 11882 Porous Silicon/Photosynthetic Reaction Center Hybrid Nanostructure
Hajdu K, Gergely C, Martin M, Cloitre T, Zimanyi L, Tenger K, Khoroshyy P, Palestino G, Agarwal V, Hernadi K, Nemeth Z, Nagy L
11883 - 11889 The Role of Lateral Tension in Calcium-Induced DPPS Vesicle Rupture
Marr JM, Li F, Petlick AR, Schafer R, Hwang CT, Chabot A, Ruggiero ST, Tanner CE, Schultz ZD
11890 - 11898 Control of Enzyme-Solid Interactions via Chemical Modification
Chowdhury R, Stromer B, Pokharel B, Kumar CV
11899 - 11907 Chemical Characterization of DNA-Immobilized InAs Surfaces Using X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Near-Edge X-ray Absorption Fine Structure
Cho E, Brown A, Kuech TF
11908 - 11914 Template-Free Uniform-Sized Hollow Hydrogel Capsules with Controlled Shell Permeation and Optical Responsiveness
Kim J, Lim HJ, Hwang YK, Woo H, Kim JW, Char K
11915 - 11922 Mesoporous Metal Oxides by Vapor Infiltration and Atomic Layer Deposition on Ordered Surfactant Polymer Films
Gong B, Kim DH, Parsons GN
11923 - 11928 Large-Scale Computational Screening of Zeolites for Ethane/Ethene Separation
Kim J, Lin LC, Martin RL, Swisher JA, Haranczyk M, Smit B
11929 - 11937 Gold Nanoparticles Functionalized with Deep-Cavity Cavitands: Synthesis, Characterization, and Photophysical Studies
Samanta SR, Kulasekharan R, Choudhury R, Jagadesan P, Jayaraj N, Ramamurthy V
11938 - 11947 Functionalization of Magnetic Nanoparticles with Dendritic-Linear-Brush-Like Triblock Copolymers and Their Drug Release Properties
He XH, Wu XM, Cai X, Lin SL, Xie MR, Zhu XY, Yan DY
11948 - 11956 Two Types of Two-Component Gels Formed from Pseudoenantiomeric Ethynylhelicene Oligomers
Yamamoto K, Oyamada N, Mizutani M, An ZJ, Saito N, Yamaguchi M, Kasuya M, Kurihara K
11957 - 11964 Polymer-Metal Complexes in Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Films as Catalysts for Oxidation of Toluene
Mentbayeva A, Ospanova A, Tashmuhambetova Z, Sokolova V, Sukhishvili S