Langmuir, Vol.26, No.14 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0743-7463 (Print) 

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11605 - 11608 Temperature-Jump Time-Resolved X-ray Diffraction Study of Cubic-Cubic Phase-Transition Kinetics in Thermotropic Cubic Mesogen 1,2-Bis(4'-n-alkoxybenzoyl)hydrazines (BABH-n)
Mori H, Kutsumizu S, Saito K, Yarnamoto K, Sakurai S, Sakajiri K
11609 - 11614 Novel Carboxyl-Amine Bonding Methods for Poly(dimethylsiloxane)-Based Devices
Ouellet E, Yang CWT, Lin T, Yang LL, Lagally ET
11615 - 11620 Heterogeneous Lollipop-like V2O5/ZnO Array: A Promising Composite Nanostructure for Visible Light Photocatalysis
Zou CW, Rao YF, Alyamani A, Chu W, Chen MJ, Patterson DA, Emanuelsson EAC, Gao W
11621 - 11623 Rapid, Reversible Preparation of Size-Controllable Silver Nanoplates by Chemical Redox
Roh J, Yi J, Kim Y
11624 - 11627 PEGylated Amyloid Peptide Nanocontainer Delivery and Release System
Castelletto V, McKendrick JE, Hamley IW, Olsson U, Cenker C
11628 - 11630 Rewritable Superhydrophilic-Superhydrophobic Patterns on a Sintered Titanium Dioxide Substrate
Nakata K, Nishimoto S, Yuda Y, Ochiai T, Murakami T, Fujishirna A
11631 - 11641 Functional and Multifunctional Nanoparticles for Bioimaging and Biosensing
Selvan ST, Tan TTY, Yi DK, Jana NR
11642 - 11647 Self-Aligned Nanogaps on Multi layer Electrodes for Fluidic and Magnetic Assembly of Carbon Nanotubes
Shim JS, Yun YH, Cho W, Shanov V, Schulz MJ, Ahn CH
11648 - 11656 Confinement-Controlled Self Assembly of Colloids with Simultaneous Isotropic and Anisotropic Cross-Section
Riley EK, Liddell CM
11657 - 11662 Synthesis of TiO2 Nanocrystals with a High Affinity for Amine Organic Compounds
Goncalves RH, Schreiner WH, Leite ER
11663 - 11669 Effects of Adsorption Conformation on the Dispersion of Aluminum Hydroxide Particles by Multifunctional Polyelectrolytes
Nishida I, Okaue Y, Yokoyama T
11670 - 11679 Self-Assembled Structures and pK(a) Value of Oleic Acid in Systems of Biological Relevance
Salentinig S, Sagalowicz L, Glatter O
11680 - 11685 From a Bouncing Compound Drop to a Double Emulsion
Terwagne D, Gilet T, Vandewalle N, Dorbolo S
11686 - 11689 High Extinction Polarimeter for the Precision Measurement of the In-Plane Optical Anisotropy of Molecular Mono layers
Fang GJ, Maclennan JE, Clark NA
11690 - 11698 Coffee-Ring Effect-Based Three Dimensional Patterning of Micro/Nanoparticle Assembly with a Single Droplet
Choi S, Stassi S, Pisano AP, Zohdi TI
11699 - 11704 Rheology of Hydrate Forming Emulsions
Peixinho J, Karanjkar PU, Lee JW, Morris JF
11705 - 11714 How to Change the Aggregation in the DNA/Surfactant/Cationic Conjugated Polyelectrolyte System through the Order of Component Addition: Anionic versus Neutral Surfactants
Monteserin M, Burrows HD, Mallavia R, Di Paolo RE, Macanita AL, Tapia MJ
11715 - 11719 Polymerizable Cationic Micelles Form Cylinders at Intermediate Conversions
Chatjaroenporn K, Baker RW, FitzGerald PA, Warr GG
11720 - 11725 New ex-TTF-Based Organogelator: Formation of Organogels and Tuning with Fullerene
Yang XY, Zhang GX, Zhang DQ, Zhu DB
11726 - 11731 C(12)mimBr Ionic Liquid/SDS Vesicle Formation and Use As Template for the Synthesis of Hollow Silica Spheres
Yuan J, Bai XT, Zhao MW, Zheng LQ
11732 - 11736 Dual Stimuli-Responsive "Mushroom-like" Janus Polymer Particles as Particulate Surfactants
Tanaka T, Okayama M, Minami H, Okubo M
11737 - 11749 Crystallization of Bidisperse Repulsive Colloids in Two-Dimensional Space: A Study of Model Systems Constructed at the Air-Water Interface
Hur J, Mahynski NA, Won YY
11750 - 11758 Probing Oppositely Charged Surfactant and Copolymer Interactions by Isothermal Titration Microcalorimetry
Courtois J, Berret JF
11759 - 11762 Preparation for Highly Sensitive MRI Contrast Agents Using Core/Shell Type Nanoparticles Consisting of Multiple SPIO Cores with Thin Silica Coating
Tanaka K, Narita A, Kitamura N, Uchiyama W, Morita M, Inubushi T, Chujo Y
11763 - 11773 Micelle Formation and Gelation of (PEG P(MA-POSS)) Amphiphilic Block Copolymers via Associative Hydrophobic Effects
Hussain H, Tan BH, Seah GL, Liu Y, He CB, Davis TP
11774 - 11778 Self-Assembly of Conjugated Polymer-Ag@SiO2 Hybrid Fluorescent Nanoparticles for Application to Cellular Imaging
Tang F, He F, Cheng HC, Li LD
11779 - 11783 Controlling Gold Nanoparticle Stability with Triggerable Microgels
Lazim AM, Bradley M, Eastoe J
11784 - 11789 Pore Fabrication in Various Silica-Based Nanoparticles by Controlled Etching
Zhao L, Zhao YF, Han Y
11790 - 11796 Formation of a 1,8-Octanedithiol Self-Assembled Monolayer on Au(111) Prepared in a Lyotropic Liquid-Crystalline Medium
Raya DG, Madueno R, Blazquez M, Pineda T
11797 - 11803 Interaction of a Microsphere with a Solid-Supported Liquid Film
Ally J, Vittorias E, Amirfazli A, Kappl M, Bonaccurso E, McNamee CE, Butt HJ
11804 - 11808 Coverage-Dependent Structures of Cobalt-Phthalocyanine Molecules Adsorbed on Cu(001) Surface
Guo QM, Qin ZH, Zang K, Liu CD, Yu YH, Cao GY
11809 - 11814 Adhesion Force Studies of Nanofibers and Nanoparticles
Xing M, Zhong W, Xu XL, Thomson D
11815 - 11822 When Sessile Drops Are No Longer Small: Transitions from Spherical to Fully Flattened
Extrand CW, Moon SI
11823 - 11829 Quantitative Experimental Study on the Transition between Fast and Delayed Coalescence of Sessile Droplets with Different but Completely Miscible Liquids
Karpitschka S, Riegler H
11830 - 11840 Electrografted Aryl Diazonium Initiators for Surface-Confined Photopolymerization: A New Approach to Designing Functional Polymer Coatings
Gam-Derouich S, Carbonnier B, Turmine M, Lang P, Jouini M, Ben Hassen-Chehimi D, Chehimi MM
11841 - 11849 Comparison of the Volume Charge Density of Nanofiltration Membranes Obtained from Retention and Conductivity Experiments
Benavente J, Silva V, Pradanos P, Palacio L, Hernandez A, Jonson G
11850 - 11861 Polymers at the Water/Air Interface, Surface Pressure Isotherms, and Molecularly Detailed Modeling
Bernardini C, Stoyanov SD, Stuart MAC, Arnaudov LN, Leermakers FAM
11862 - 11869 Comparison of a Fluorinated Aryl Thiol Self-Assembled Monolayer with Its Hydrogenated Counterpart on Polycrystalline Ag Substrates
Schalnat MC, Pemberton JE
11870 - 11877 Langmuir-Blodgett Monolayers of Cationic Dyes in the Presence and Absence of Clay Mineral Layers: N,N'-Dioctadecyl Thiacyanine, Octadecyl Rhodamine B and Laponite
Hussain SA, Schoonheydt RA
11878 - 11885 Morphological Wetting Transitions at Ring-Shaped Surface Domains
Schafle C, Brinkmann M, Bechinger C, Leiderer P, Lipowsky R
11886 - 11893 Fullerene C-60: Surface Energy and Interfacial Interactions in Aqueous Systems
Ma X, Wigington B, Bouchard D
11894 - 11898 Capillary Condensation and Evaporation in Alumina Nanopores with Controlled Modulations
Bruschi L, Mistura G, Liu L, Lee W, Gosele U, Coasne B
11899 - 11906 ALD Growth Characteristics of ZnS Films Deposited from Organozinc and Hydrogen Sulfide Precursors
Tanskanen JT, Bakke JR, Bent SF, Pakkanen TA
11907 - 11914 Dilational Properties of Anionic Gemini Surfactants with Polyoxyethylene Spacers at Water-Air and Water-Decane Interfaces
Feng J, Liu XP, Zhang L, Zhao S, Yu JY
11915 - 11920 Nanoheterogeneous Multilayer Films with Perfluorinated Domains Fabricated Using the Layer-by-Layer Method
Niemiec W, Zapotoczny S, Szczubialka K, Laschewsky A, Nowakowska M
11921 - 11927 Viscosity Effects on Hydrodynamic Drainage Force Measurements Involving Deformable Bodies
Dagastine RR, Webber GB, Manica R, Stevens GW, Grieser F, Chan DYC
11928 - 11933 Fabrication of a Pure, Uniform Electroless Silver Film Using Ultrafine Silver Aerosol Particles
Byeon JL, Kim JW
11934 - 11945 Kinetics of Fibrinogen Adsorption on Hydrophilic Substrates
Adamczyk Z, Barbasz J, Ciesla M
11946 - 11950 Invariance of the Solid-Liquid Interfacial Energy in Electrowetting Probed via Capillary Condensation
Gupta R, Olivier GK, Frechette J
11951 - 11957 Kinetic Parameters from Detection Probability in Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy
Ray C, Guo SL, Brown J, Li N, Akhremitchev BB
11958 - 11962 AFM Force Mapping for Characterizing Patterns of Electrostatic Charges on SiO2 Electrets
Zhang YH, Zhao D, Tan XX, Cao TB, Zhang X
11963 - 11971 Characteristics of Hydrogen Storage by Spillover on Pt-Doped Carbon and Catalyst-Bridged Metal Organic Framework
Stuckert NR, Wang LF, Yang RT
11972 - 11979 On the Breakup of Patterned Nanoscale Copper Rings into Droplets via Pulsed-Laser-Induced Dewetting: Competing Liquid-Phase Instability and Transport Mechanisms
Wu YY, Fowlkes JD, Rack PD, Diez JA, Kondic L
11980 - 11986 Insight into the Phenomenology of the Cr(VI) Reduction by Metallic Iron Using an Electron Probe Microanalyzer
Vega A, Fiuza A, Guimaraes F
11987 - 11990 Micelles as "Fluorescence Protector" for an Europium Complex in Microcapsules
Wang C, Zhang RJ, Mohwald H
11991 - 11997 Role of Solvent Selectivity in the Equilibrium Surface Composition of Monolayers Formed from a Solution Containing Mixtures of Organic Thiols
Oyerokun FT, Vaia RA, Maguire JF, Farmer BL
11998 - 12002 Dissociation of Water on the Surface of Organic Salts Studied by X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Guerrieri P, Zemlyanov D, Taylor LS
12003 - 12011 Optical Response of Magnetic Fluorescent Microspheres Used for Force Spectroscopy in the Evanescent Field
Bijamov A, Shubitidze F, Oliver PM, Vezenov DV
12012 - 12016 One-Step Preparation of Regular Micropearl Arrays for Two-Direction Controllable Anisotropic Wetting
Wu SZ, Wu D, Yao J, Chen QD, Wang JN, Niu LG, Fang HH, Sun HB
12017 - 12025 Decomposition of Methanthiol on Pt(111): A Density Functional Investigation
Zhu HY, Guo WY, Jiang RB, Zhao LM, Lu XQ, Li M, Fu DL, Shan HH
12026 - 12032 Exploring the Surface Charge on Peptide-Gold Nanoparticle Conjugates by Force Spectroscopy
Guerrero AR, Caballero L, Adeva A, Melo F, Kogan MJ
12033 - 12043 Simple Interpretative Model for the Anomalous Behavior of the Excess Surface Area in Mixed Systems with Large Composition Fluctuations: A Theoretical Analysis and an Experimental Investigation of Mixed Phospholipid/Omega-3 Fatty Acid Langmuir-Blodgett Films
Raudino A, Castelli F, Sarpietro MG
12044 - 12048 Functionalization of Metallic Magnesium with Protein Layers via Linker Molecules
Killian MS, Wagener V, Schmuki P, Virtanen S
12049 - 12053 Protein-Lipid Interactions at the Air-Water Interface
Junghans A, Champagne C, Cayot P, Loupiac C, Koper I
12054 - 12059 Electrically Addressable, Biologically Relevant Surface-Supported Bilayers
Lin JI, Szymanski J, Searson PC, Hristova K
12060 - 12067 Is the Viscoelasticity of Alzheimer's A beta 42 Peptide Oligomers a General Property of Protein Oligomers Related to Their Toxicity?
Saraiva AM, Pereira MC, Brezesinski G
12068 - 12074 Tunable Two-Dimensional Array Patterning of Antibody Annuli through Microsphere Templating
Wolf C, Li Q
12075 - 12080 Detecting the Presence of Denatured Human Serum Albumin in an Adsorbed Protein Monolayer Using TOF-SIMS
Kempson IM, Martin AL, Denman JA, French PW, Prestidge CA, Barnes TJ
12081 - 12088 Formation and Colloidal Stability of DMPC Supported Lipid Bilayers on SiO2 Nanobeads
Savarala S, Ahmed S, Ilies MA, Wunder SL
12089 - 12094 Reduced Bacterial Deposition and Attachment by Quorum-Sensing Inhibitor 4-Nitro-pyridine-N-oxide: The Role of Physicochemical Effects
Vanoyan N, Walker SL, Gillor O, Herzberg M
12095 - 12103 Immobilization and Molecular Interactions between Bacteriophage and Lipopolysaccharide Bilayers
Handa H, Gurczynski S, Jackson MP, Mao GZ
12104 - 12111 Bicellar Mixture Phase Behavior Examined by Variable-Pressure Deuterium NMR and Ambient Pressure DSC
Uddin MN, Morrow MR
12112 - 12118 Addressable Micropatterning of Multiple Proteins and Cells by Microscope Projection Photolithography Based on a Protein Friendly Photoresist
Kim M, Choi JC, Jung HR, Katz JS, Kim MG, Doh J
12119 - 12125 DNA Lipoplexes: Formation of the Inverse Hexagonal Phase Observed by Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Corsi J, Hawtin RW, Ces O, Attard GS, Khalid S
12126 - 12131 In Vitro Mineralization by Preosteoblasts in Poly(DL-lactide-co-glycolide) Inverse Opal Scaffolds Reinforced with Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles
Choi SW, Zhang Y, Thomopoulos S, Xia YN
12132 - 12139 A Direct Probe of the Interplay between Bilayer Morphology and Surface Reactivity in Polymersomes
Chang YW, Silas JA, Ugaz VM
12140 - 12146 Spatial Variation of the Charge and Sulfur Oxidation State in a Surface Gradient Affects Plasma Protein Adsorption
Ding YX, Streitmatter S, Wright BE, Hlady V
12147 - 12154 Manipulating Protein Adsorption using a Patchy Protein-Resistant Brush
Gon S, Bendersky M, Ross JL, Santore MM
12155 - 12164 Use of Naturally Occurring Halloysite Nanotubes for Enhanced Capture of Flowing Cells
Hughes AD, King MR
12165 - 12172 Controlled Deposition of Highly Oriented Type I Collagen Mimicking In Vivo Collagen Structures
Tenboll A, Darvish B, Hou WM, Duwez AS, Dixon SJ, Goldberg HA, Grohe B, Mittler S
12173 - 12176 Preparation of Patterned Zinc Oxide Films by Breath Figure Templating
Kon K, Brauer CN, Hidaka K, Lohmannsroben HG, Karthaus O
12177 - 12184 Anisotropic Gold Nanoparticle Doped Mesoporous Boehmite Films and Their Use as Reusable Catalysts in Electron Transfer Reactions
Jana D, Dandapat A, De G
12185 - 12189 Anchoring of Phosphorus-Containing Cobaltabisdicarbollide Derivatives to Titania Surface
Juarez-Perez EJ, Mutin PH, Granier M, Teixidor F, Nunez R
12190 - 12197 Effect of Matrix Molecular Weight on the Coarsening Mechanism of Polymer-Grafted Gold Nanocrystals
Jia XL, Listak J, Witherspoon V, Kalu EE, Yang XP, Bockstaller MR
12198 - 12202 Influence of Electrolyte and Polymer Loadings on Mechanical Properties of Clay Aerogels
Alhassan SM, Qutubuddin S, Schiraldi D
12203 - 12208 Tunable Wettability and Rewritable Wettability Gradient from Superhydrophilicity to Superhydrophobicity
Wang LM, Peng B, Su ZH
12209 - 12214 Chiral Ionic Liquid Monolayer-Stabilized Gold Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Self-Assembly, and Application to SERS
Bai XT, Li XW, Zheng LQ
12215 - 12224 Weak Polyion M.ultilayer-Assisted in Situ Synthesis as a Route toward a Plasmonic Ag/TiO2 Photocatalyst
Logar M, Jancar B, Sturm S, Suvorov D
12225 - 12229 Designed Synthesis of Au/Ag/Pd Trimetallic Nanoparticle-Based Catalysts for Sonogashira Coupling Reactions
Venkatesan P, Santhanalakshmi J
12230 - 12236 Novel Nanocomposites Made of Boron Nitride Nanotubes and a Physical Gel
Samanta SK, Gomathi A, Bhattacharya S, Rao CNR
12237 - 12246 Mixed, Multicompartment, or Janus Micelles? A Systematic Study of Thermoresponsive Bis-Hydrophilic Block Terpolymers
Walther A, Barner-Kowollik C, Muller AHE
12247 - 12252 Controlled Fabrication of Polyethylenimine-Functionalized Magnetic Nanoparticles for the Sequestration and Quantification of Free Cu2+
Goon IY, Zhang CC, Lim M, Gooding JJ, Amal R
12253 - 12259 Analysis of Optical Gradient Profiles during Temperature- and Salt-Dependent Swelling of Thin Responsive Hydrogel Films
Junk MJN, Anac I, Menges B, Jonas U
12260 - 12266 Nanometer to Submicrometer Magnesium Fluoride Particles with Controllable Morphology
Nandiyanto ABD, Iskandar F, Ogi T, Okuyama K
12267 - 12272 Interfacially Controlled Synthesis of Hollow Mesoporous Silica Spheres with Radially Oriented Pore Structures
Li JA, Liu J, Wang DH, Guo RS, Li XL, Qi W
12273 - 12277 Wettability Control and Water Droplet Dynamics on SiC-SiO2 Core-Shell Nanowires
Kwak G, Lee M, Senthil K, Yong K
12278 - 12284 Spatially Resolved Spontaneous Reactivity of Diazonium Salt on Edge and Basal Plane of Graphene without Surfactant and Its Doping Effect
Lim H, Lee JS, Shin HJ, Shin HS, Choi HC
12285 - 12292 Thiol-Ene Induced Diphosphonic Acid Functionalization of Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
Rutledge RD, Warner CL, Pittman JW, Addleman RS, Engelhard M, Chouyyok W, Warner MG
12293 - 12299 Electrochemical Surface Structuring with Palladium Nanoparticles for Signal Enhancement
Soreta TR, Strutwolf J, Henry O, O'Sullivan CK
12300 - 12306 Antimicrobial Particles from Cationic Lipid and Polyelectrolytes
Melo LD, Mamizuka EM, Carmona-Ribeiro AM
12307 - 12313 Seed-Mediated Synthesis of Gold Nanocrystals with Systematic Shape Evolution from Cubic to Trisoctahedral and Rhombic Dodecahedral Structures
Wu HL, Kuo CH, Huang MH
12314 - 12320 Synthesis and Application of Widely Soluble Graphene Sheets
Li FH, Bao Y, Chai J, Zhang QX, Han DX, Niu L
12321 - 12329 Tunable and Reversible Aggregation of Poly(ethylene oxide-st-propylene oxide) Grafted Gold Nanoparticles
Durand-Gasselin C, Capelot M, Sanson N, Lequeux N
12330 - 12335 Porous Gold Nanobelts Templated by Metal-Surfactant Complex Nanobelts
Li LS, Wang ZJ, Huang T, Xie JL, Qi LM
12336 - 12341 3D Hierarchically Ordered Composite Block Copolymer Hollow Sphere Arrays by Solution Wetting
Fu J, Wang JJ, Li Q, Kim DH, Knoll W
12342 - 12350 Surface Actuation of Smart Nanoshutters
Morsch S, Schofield WCE, Badyal JPS
12351 - 12357 Covalent Layer-by-Layer Assemblies of Polyelectrolytes and Homobifunctional Spacers
El Haitami AE, Thomann JS, Jierry L, Parat A, Voegel JC, Schaaf P, Senger B, Boulmedais F, Frisch B
12358 - 12365 Surface Modification of Dense Membranes Using Radical Graft Polymerization Enhanced by Monomer Filtration
Bernstein R, Beller S, Freger V
12366 - 12370 Using Polymers To Photoswitch the Aggregation State of Gold Nanoparticles in Aqueous Solution
Housni A, Zhao Y, Zhao Y
12371 - 12376 Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence from Silver-SiO2-Silver Nanoburger Structures
Zhang YX, Mandeng LN, Bondre N, Dragan A, Geddes CD
12377 - 12382 Switching Water Droplet Adhesion Using Responsive Polymer Brushes
Liu XJ, Ye QA, Yu B, Liang YM, Liu WM, Zhou F
12383 - 12389 Pt-Ru/CeO2/Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposites: An Efficient Electrocatalyst for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells
Sun ZY, Wang XA, Liu ZM, Zhang HY, Yu P, Mao LQ
12390 - 12407 Stability of Spherical Vesicles in Electric Fields
Yamamoto T, Aranda-Espinoza S, Dimova R, Lipowsky R
12408 - 12417 Elucidation of the Chemical Nature of Adsorbed Species for Pt(111) in H2SO4 Solutions by Thermodynamic Analysis
Garcia-Araez N, Climent V, Rodriguez P, Feliu JM
12418 - 12424 The Influence of Solution-Phase HNO2 Decomposition on the Electrocatalytic Nitrite Reduction at a Hemin-Pyrolitic Graphite Electrode
Duca M, Khamseh S, Lai SCS, Koper MTM
12425 - 12432 CO Electroxidation on Gold in Alkaline Media: A Combined Electrochemical, Spectroscopic, and DFT Study
Rodriguez P, Garcia-Araez N, Koverga A, Frank S, Koper MTM
12433 - 12442 Influence of Ionic Strength and Surfactant Concentration on Electrostatic Surfacial Assembly of Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide-Capped Gold Nanorods on Fully Immersed Glass
Ferhan AR, Guo LH, Kim DH
12443 - 12447 Electrowetting on a Polymer Microlens Array
Im M, Kim DH, Lee JH, Yoon JB, Choi YK
12448 - 12454 Fabrication of Copper Damascene Patterns on Polyimide Using Direct Metallization on Trench Templates Generated by Imprint Lithography
Matsumura Y, Enomoto Y, Tsuruoka T, Akamatsu K, Nawafune H
12455 - 12464 In Situ Formed "Weakly Ligated/Labile Ligand" Iridium(0) Nanoparticles and Aggregates as Catalysts for the Complete Hydrogenation of Neat Benzene at Room Temperature and Mild Pressures
Bayram E, Zahmakiran M, Ozkar S, Finke RG
12465 - 12471 Dead-End Filling of SlipChip Evaluated Theoretically and Experimentally as a Function of the Surface Chemistry and the Gap Size between the Plates for Lubricated and Dry SlipChips
Li LA, Karymov MA, Nichols KP, Ismagilov RF
12472 - 12472 Nanoparticle-Reinforced Associative Network Hydrogels (vol 24, pg 13148, 2008)
Agrawal SK, Sanabria-DeLong N, Tew GN, Bhatia SR
12472 - 12472 Probing the Morphology of Lapointe (R) Clay Colloids by Atomic Force Microscopy (vol 19, pg 6633, 2003)
Balnois E, Durand-Vidal S, Levitz P
12472 - 12472 Retrospective on the Future of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers (vol 25, pg 14007, 2009)
Schlenoff JB
12472 - 12472 Irreversible Aging Dynamics and Generic Phase Behavior of Aqueous Suspensions of Lapointe (R) (vol 26, pg 4219, 2010)
Shahin A, Joshi YM