Langmuir, Vol.20, No.6 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0743-7463 (Print) 

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2043 - 2047 Preparation of oleic acid/water emulsions in surfactant-free condition by sequential processing using midsonic-megasonic waves
Kamogawa K, Okudaira G, Matsumoto M, Sakai T, Sakai H, Abe M
2048 - 2049 Glued Langmuir-Blodgett film: An unexpected dependency of gluing on polyelectrolyte concentration
Li JW, Janout V, Regen SL
2050 - 2053 Lithography with a focused soft X-ray beam and a monomolecular resist
Klauser R, Huang ML, Wang SC, Chen CH, Chuang TJ, Terfort A, Zharnikov M
2054 - 2056 A new interpretation of serum albumin surface passivation
Sweryda-Krawiec B, Devaraj H, Jacob G, Hickman JJ
2057 - 2059 Polyelectrolyte-quantum dot multilayer films fabricated by combined layer-by-layer assembly and Langmuir-Schaefer deposition
Lowman GM, Nelson SL, Graves SA, Strouse GF, Buratto SK
2060 - 2065 Unsaturation effect on gelation behavior of aryl glycolipids
John G, Jung JH, Masuda M, Shimizu T
2066 - 2068 Colloidal stability of aqueous dispersions of block ionomer complexes: Effects of temperature and salt
Solomatin SV, Bronich TK, Eisenberg A, Kabanov VA, Kabanov AV
2069 - 2074 Evaporation rates of water from concentrated oil-in-water emulsions
Aranberri I, Binks BP, Clint JH, Fletcher PDI
2075 - 2080 A small-angle neutron scattering study of cholic acid-based organogel systems
Willemen HM, Marcelis ATM, Sudholter EJR, Bouwman WG, Deme B, Terech P
2081 - 2085 Flow cytometry: A new method to investigate the properties of water-in-oil-in-water emulsions
Hai M, Bernath K, Tawfik D, Magdassi S
2086 - 2093 Thermal gelation of cellulose in a NaOH/thiourea aqueous solution
Weng LH, Zhang LN, Ruan D, Shi LH, Xu J
2094 - 2098 Synthesis and light scattering study of microgels with interpenetrating polymer networks
Xia XH, Hu ZB
2099 - 2107 Controlled, rapid deposition of structured coatings from micro- and nanoparticle suspensions
Prevo BG, Velev OD
2108 - 2116 Two-dimensional crystallization of microspheres by a coplanar AC electric field
Lumsdon SO, Kaler EW, Velev OD
2117 - 2122 Temperature-dependent vesicle formation of aqueous solutions of mixed cationic and anionic surfactants
Tsuchiya K, Nakanishi H, Sakai H, Abe M
2123 - 2133 Functional group distributions in carboxylic acid containing poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) microgels
Hoare T, Pelton R
2134 - 2140 Simultaneous conductivity and viscosity measurements as a technique to track emulsion inversion by the phase-inversion-temperature method
Allouche J, Tyrode E, Sadtler V, Choplin L, Salager JL
2141 - 2148 Shape fluctuations of large unilamellar lipid vesicles observed by laser light scattering: Influence of the small-scale structure
Brocca P, Cantu L, Corti M, Del Favero E, Motta S
2149 - 2156 Electrophoresis of a concentrated dispersion of spherical particles in a non-Newtonian fluid
Hsu JP, Lee E, Huang YF
2157 - 2163 Association behavior of poly(methyl methacrylate-block-methacrylic acid) in aqueous medium
Yao J, Ravi P, Tam KC, Gan LH
2164 - 2171 Phase behavior of a mixture of poly(isoprene)-poly(oxyethylene) diblock copolymer and poly(oxyethylene) surfactant in water
Kunieda H, Kaneko M, Lopez-Quintela MA, Tsukahara M
2172 - 2176 Surfactant diffusion through bicontinuous micellar networks: A case study of the C(9)G(1)/C(10)G(1)/H2O mixed surfactant system
Whiddon C, Reimer J, Soderman O
2177 - 2183 Isothermal titration calorimetric studies on the temperature dependence of binding interactions between poly(propylene glycol)s and sodium dodecyl sulfate
Dai S, Tam KC
2184 - 2190 Synthesis of vinyl polymer-silica colloidal nanocomposites prepared using commercial alcoholic silica sols
Percy MJ, Amalvy JI, Randall DP, Armes SP, Greaves SJ, Watts JF
2191 - 2198 Aggregation behavior of aqueous solutions of ionic liquids
Bowers J, Butts CP, Martin PJ, Vergara-Gutierrez MC, Heenan RK
2199 - 2207 Temperature dependence of the thermodynamics and kinetics of micellar solutions
Zilman A, Safran SA, Sottmann T, Strey R
2208 - 2214 Gels of hydrophobically modified ethyl (hydroxyethyl) cellulose cross-linked by amylose: Effects of hydrophobe architecture
Egermayer M, Karlberg M, Piculell L
2215 - 2219 Time-resolved synchrotron X-ray scattering of the crystallization of a soft hexagonal columnar crystal
Ramos L
2220 - 2226 Study of Ca-ATMP precipitation in the presence of magnesium ion
Tantayakom V, Fogler HS, de Moraes FF, Bualuang M, Chavadej S, Malakul P
2227 - 2232 Adhesion force of a wedge
Schiller P, Wahab A, Mogel HJ
2233 - 2242 Acid/base-treated activated carbons: Characterization of functional groups and metal adsorptive properties
Chen JP, Wu SN
2243 - 2249 Mineralization mechanism of calcium phosphates under three kinds of Langmuir monolayers
Zhang LJ, Liu HG, Feng XS, Zhang RJ, Zhang L, Mu YD, Hao JC, Qian DJ, Lou YF
2250 - 2256 Chemical imaging of terrace-based active sites on gold
Schneider KS, Nicholson KT, Orr BG, Holl MMB
2257 - 2260 Selective atomic layer deposition of titanium oxide on patterned self-assembled monolayers formed by microcontact printing
Park MH, Jang YJ, Sung-Suh HM, Sung MM
2261 - 2264 Lateral and vertical nanophase separation in Langmuir-Blodgett films of phospholipids and semifluorinated alkanes
Maaloum M, Muller P, Krafft MP
2265 - 2269 Surface ordering in dilute dihexadecyl dimethyl ammonium bromide solutions at the air-water interface
Penfold J, Sivia DS, Staples E, Tucker I, Thomas RK
2270 - 2273 Hydrolytic stability of organic monolayers supported on TiO2 and ZrO2
Marcinko S, Fadeev AY
2274 - 2276 Effects of the surface pressure on the formation of Langmuir-Blodgett monolayer of nanoparticles
Huang S, Minami K, Sakaue H, Shingubara S, Takahagi T
2277 - 2281 Modeling drop shape on contaminated surfaces or surfaces with physical structures
Mohanty S, Ylitalo C, Woo OS
2282 - 2291 Adsorption pattern of mixtures of trimethylammonium-modified hydroxyethylcellulose and sodium dodecyl sulfate at solid-liquid interfaces
Zimin D, Craig VSJ, Kunz W
2292 - 2297 Ultralow interfacial tensions in an aqueous phase-separated gelatin/dextran and gelatin/gum arabic system: A comparison
Scholten E, Visser JE, Sagis LMC, van der Linden E
2298 - 2304 A small-angle neutron scattering study of adsorbed poly(ethylene oxide) on laponite
Nelson A, Cosgrove T
2305 - 2308 Time-dependent changes in the formation of titania-based films at the air-water interface
Henderson MJ, King D, White JW
2309 - 2314 Self-assembled molecular films of aminosilanes and their immobilization capacities
Zhang FX, Srinivasan MP
2315 - 2319 On-line monitoring of polymer deposition for tailoring the waveguide characteristics of love-wave biosensors
Bender F, Lange K, Barie N, Kondoh J, Rapp M
2320 - 2323 Dilatometric study of the adsorption of heavy-metal cations on goethite
Kosmulski M, Maczka E
2324 - 2332 Adsorption energy distribution from the Aranovich-Donohue lattice density functional theory
Kowalczyk P, Tanaka H, Kanoh H, Kaneko K
2333 - 2340 Attractive bridging interactions in dense polymer brushes in good solvent measured by atomic force microscopy
Goodman D, Kizhakkedathu JN, Brooks DE
2341 - 2348 Kinetics of octadecyltrimethylammonium bromide self-assembled monolayer growth at mica from an aqueous solution
Mellott JM, Hayes WA, Schwartz DK
2349 - 2355 Microgravimetric study of electrochemically controlled nucleophilic addition of sulfite to polyaniline
Grumelli DE, Forzani ES, Morales GM, Miras MC, Barbero CA, Calvo EJ
2356 - 2360 Roughness-induced acoustic second-harmonic generation during electrochemical metal deposition on the quartz-crystal microbalance
Wehner S, Wondraczek K, Johannsmann D, Bund A
2361 - 2368 Influence of the adsorption of N species on the anodic dissolution of Ni
Munoz AG, Benitez G, Vela ME, Salvarezza RC
2369 - 2374 Ionic strength-dependent pK shift in the helix-coil transition of grafted poly(L-glutamic acid) layers analyzed by electrokinetic and ellipsometric measurements
Zimmermann R, Kratzmuller T, Erickson D, Li DQ, Braun HG, Werner C
2375 - 2385 Orientational behavior of thermotropic liquid crystals on surfaces presenting electrostatically bound vesicular stomatitis virus
Espinoza LAT, Schumann KR, Luk YY, Israel BA, Abbott NL
2386 - 2396 Complexes of poly(ethylene glycol)-based cationic random copolymer and calf thymus DNA: A complete biophysical characterization
Nisha CK, Manorama SV, Ganguli M, Maiti S, Kizhakkedathu JN
2397 - 2404 Collective and single-molecule interactions of alpha(5)beta(1) integrins
Kokkoli E, Ochsenhirt SE, Tirrell M
2405 - 2408 How plants keep dry: A physicist's point of view
Otten A, Herminghaus S
2409 - 2415 Interfacial and molecular properties of high-pressure-treated beta-lactoglobulin B
Knudsen JC, Lund M, Bauer R, Qvist KB
2416 - 2423 Engineered lipids that cross-link the inner and outer leaflets of lipid bilayers
Halter M, Nogata Y, Dannenberger O, Sasaki T, Vogel V
2424 - 2428 Fluorescent assays to quantitate enzymatic activities yielding as end product an aqueous-insoluble indigo-blue dye
Achyuthan KE
2429 - 2434 Bidisperse electrorheological fluids using hydrolyzed styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer particles: Synergistic effect of mixed particle size
Jun JB, Uhm SY, Cho SH, Suh KD
2435 - 2444 Nanoparticle composition of a ferrofluid and its effects on the magnetic properties
Buscher K, Helm CA, Gross C, Glockl G, Romanus E, Weitschies W
2445 - 2448 Sub-100 nm patterning with an amorphous fluoropolymer mold
Khang DY, Lee HH
2449 - 2455 Temperature-sensitive hairy particles prepared by living radical graft polymerization
Tsuji S, Kawaguchi H
2456 - 2465 Gelation of PEO-PLGA-PEO triblock copolymers induced by macroscopic phase separation
Park MJ, Char K
2466 - 2471 Synthesis of TiO2 nanoparticles utilizing hydrated reverse micelles in CO2
Lim KT, Hwang HS, Ryoo W, Johnston KP
2472 - 2477 Superparamagnetism of magnetite nanoparticles: Dependence on surface modification
Mikhaylova M, Kim DK, Bobrysheva N, Osmolowsky M, Semenov V, Tsakalakos T, Muhammed M
2478 - 2483 Patterned and controlled polyelectrolyte fractal growth and aggregations
Lee I, Ahn JS, Hendricks TR, Rubner MF, Hammond PT
2484 - 2488 Hot filament chemical vapor deposition of poly(glycidyl methacrylate) thin films using tert-butyl peroxide as an initiator
Mao Y, Gleason KK
2489 - 2497 Effects of molecular siting and adsorbent heterogeneity on the ideality of adsorption equilibria
Murthi M, Snurr RQ
2498 - 2502 Computer simulation of selective aggregation in binary colloids
Pierce F, Chakrabarti A, Fry D, Sorensen CM
2503 - 2511 Modeling of the adsorption kinetics of surfactants at the liquid-fluid interface of a pendant drop
Yang CD, Gu YG
2512 - 2514 Temperature-sensitive critical micelle transition of sodium octanoate
Gonzalez-Perez A, Ruso JM, Prieto G, Sarmiento F
2515 - 2518 Formation of porous films and vesicular fibers via self-organization of an amphiphilic chiral oligomer
Li BS, Chen JW, Zhu CF, Leung KKL, Wan LJ, Bai CL, Tang BZ