Langmuir, Vol.20, No.11 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0743-7463 (Print) 

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4311 - 4314 Molecular dynamics study of temperature dehydration of a C12E6 spherical micelle
Sterpone F, Pierleoni C, Briganti G, Marchi M
4315 - 4317 Templated crystallization of octadecanol on patterned nanoassemblies
Dickie AJ, Quist F, Whitehead MA, Kakkar AK
4318 - 4321 Eroded myelin figures
Arunagirinathan MA, Manohar C, Bellare JR
4322 - 4326 Synthesis and manipulation of high aspect ratio gold nanorods grown directly on surfaces
Wei ZQ, Mieszawska AJ, Zamborini FP
4327 - 4329 Formation of the dimer radical cation of aromatic sulfide on the TiO2 surface during photocatalytic reactions
Tachikawa T, Tojo S, Fujitsuka M, Majima T
4330 - 4335 PNIPAM-co-polystyrene core-shell microgels: Structure, swelling behavior, and crystallization
Hellweg T, Dewhurst CD, Eimer W, Kratz K
4336 - 4344 Stability of various silicone oil/water emulsion films as a function of surfactant and salt concentration
Neumann B, Vincent B, Krustev R, Muller HJ
4345 - 4354 Synthesis of sterically stabilized polystyrene latex particles using cationic block copolymers and macromonomers and their application as stimulus-responsive particulate emulsifiers for oil-in-water emulsions
Amalvy JI, Unali GF, Li Y, Granger-Bevan S, Armes SP, Binks BP, Rodrigues JA, Whitby CP
4355 - 4362 Experimental investigation of colloidal gel structures
Lattuada M, Wu H, Morbidelli M
4363 - 4368 Structural features of molecular-colloidal solutions of C-60 fullerenes in water by small-angle neutron scattering
Avdeev MV, Khokhryakov AA, Tropin TV, Andrievsky GV, Klochkov VK, Derevyanchenko LI, Rosta L, Garamus VM, Priezzhev VB, Korobov MV, Aksenov VL
4369 - 4375 Examination of the electrophoretic behavior of liposomes
Pysher MD, Hayes MA
4376 - 4379 Investigation of the interaction between sodium dodecyl sulfate and cationic polymers
Lee J, Moroi Y
4380 - 4385 Microstructural characterization of micro- and nanoparticles formed by polymer-surfactant interactions
Nizri G, Magdassi S, Schmidt J, Cohen Y, Talmon Y
4386 - 4390 Water-in-CO2 emulsions: Reaction vessels for the production of tetra-ethyl pyrone
Hanrahan JP, Ziegler KJ, Galvin JP, Holmes JD
4391 - 4399 Freeze fracture direct imaging: A new freeze fracture method for specimen preparation in cryo-transmission electron microscopy
Belkoura L, Stubenrauch C, Strey R
4400 - 4405 Molecular-scale observation of formation of nuclei in soap-free polymerization of styrene
Yamamoto T, Kanda Y, Higashitani K
4406 - 4412 Low-temperature mobility and structure formation of a prochiral aromatic thiol (2,5-dichlorothiophenol) on Cu(111)
Rao BV, Kwon KY, Zhang J, Liu A, Bartels L
4413 - 4421 Scanning tunneling microscopy study of the structure and orbital-mediated tunneling spectra of cobalt(II) phthalocyanine and cobalt(II) tetraphenylporphyrin on Au(111): Mixed composition films
Barlow DE, Scudiero L, Hipps KW
4422 - 4429 Walljet electrochemistry: Quantifying molecular transport through metallopolymeric and zirconium phosphonate assembled porphyrin square thin films
Massari AM, Gurney RW, Schwartz CP, Nguyen ST, Hupp JT
4430 - 4435 Controlled nanoparticle assembly by dewetting of charged polymer solutions
Lee LT, Leite CAP, Galembeck F
4436 - 4445 Adsorption of ionic surfactants at an expanding air-water interface
Valkovska DS, Shearman GC, Bain CD, Darton RC, Eastoe J
4446 - 4451 Experimental observations on the scaling of adsorption isotherms for nonionic surfactants at a hydrophobic solid-water interface
Kumar N, Garoff S, Tilton RD
4452 - 4464 Unified model to predict self-assembly of nonionic Surfactants in solution and adsorption on solid or fluid hydrophobic surfaces: Effect of molecular structure
Kumar N, Tilton RD
4465 - 4470 Solvent vapor mediated polymer adsorption in thin films
Kiff FT, Richards RW, Thompson RL
4471 - 4479 Electroactive self-assembled biferrocenyl alkanethiol monolayers on Au(111) surface and on gold nanoclusters
Dong TY, Chang LS, Tseng IM, Huang SJ
4480 - 4488 Detailed modeling of the volume fraction profile of adsorbed polymer layers using small-angle neutron scattering
Marshall JC, Cosgrove T, Leermakers F, Obey TM, Dreiss CA
4489 - 4497 Heats of adsorption using temperature programmed adsorption equilibrium: Application to the adsorption of CO on Cu/Al2O3 and H-2 on Pt/Al2O3
Derrouiche S, Bianchi D
4498 - 4502 Binding of Cd2+ to self-assembled bilayers bearing pyridine terminal groups: Attenuated total reflection Fourier transform infrared spectroscopic studies
Burshtain D, Wu J, Melman A, Mandler D, Scherson DA
4503 - 4506 Nature of adsorption and desorption branches in cylindrical pores
Morishige K, Nakamura Y
4507 - 4514 Infrared study of the kinetics and mechanism of adsorption of acrylic polymers on alumina surfaces
Tannenbaum R, King S, Lecy J, Tirrell M, Potts L
4515 - 4522 Structural and topographical characteristics of adsorbed WPI and monoglyceride mixed monolayers at the air-water interface
Patino JMR, Fernandez MC
4523 - 4529 Sliding friction at a rubber/brush interface
Bureau L, Leger L
4530 - 4539 Structural, topographical, and shear characteristics of milk protein and monoglyceride monolayers spread at the air-water interface
Patino JMR, Sanchez CC
4540 - 4547 Polypeptide multilayer films: Role of molecular structure and charge
Haynie DT, Balkundi S, Palath N, Chakravarthula K, Dave K
4548 - 4552 Effect of trace amounts of water on organic solvent transport through gamma-alumina membranes with varying pore sizes
Chowdhury SR, Keizer K, ten Elshof JE, Blank DHA
4553 - 4558 Forces between glass surfaces in mixed cationic-zwitterionic surfactant systems
Lokar WJ, Ducker WA
4559 - 4565 Thermodynamic characterization of asphaltene-resin interaction by microcalorimetry
Merino-Garcia D, Andersen SI
4566 - 4578 Competitive adsorption of aqueous metal ions on an oxidized nanoporous activated carbon\
Xiao B, Thomas KM
4579 - 4589 Layer by layer characterization of 1-octadecanol films on a Au(III) electrode surface. "In situ" polarization modulation infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy and electrochemical studies
Zawisza I, Lipkowski J
4590 - 4595 Structure and electrochemistry of 4,4'-dithiodipyridine self-assembled monolayers in comparison with 4-mercaptopyridine self-assembled monolayers on Au(111)
Zhou WP, Baunach T, Ivanova V, Kolb DM
4596 - 4603 Scanning tunneling microscopy of sulfur and benzenethiol chemisorbed on Ru(0001) in 0.1 m HClO4
Yang LYO, Yau SL, Itaya K
4604 - 4608 Temperature dependence of formation of nanorods and dots of iodine compounds on an H-terminated Si(111) surface in a concentrated HI solution
Imanishi A, Hayashi T, Nakato Y
4609 - 4613 QCM-D on mica for parallel QCM-D-AFM studies
Richter RP, Brisson A
4614 - 4620 Synthesis, loading, and application of individual nanocapsules for probing single-cell signaling
Sun BY, Chiu DT
4621 - 4628 In situ sensing of salinity in oriented lipid multilayers by surface X-ray scattering
Amenitsch H, Rappolt M, Teixeira CV, Majerowicz M, Laggner P
4629 - 4639 Effect of actin concentration on the structure of actin-containing liposomes
Li S, Palmer AF
4640 - 4646 Surface structural characterization of protein- and polymer-modified polystyrene microspheres by infrared-visible sum frequency generation vibrational spectroscopy and scanning force microscopy
Kim J, Koffas TS, Lawrence CC, Somorjai GA
4647 - 4656 Network formation of catanionic vesicles and oppositely charged polyelectrolytes. Effect of polymer charge density and hydrophobic modification
Antunes FE, Marques EF, Gomes R, Thuresson K, Lindman B, Miguel MG
4657 - 4664 Conformational dynamics of poly(acrylic acid). A study using surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy
Sarkar D, Somasundaran P
4665 - 4670 Deactivation of the TiO2 photocatalyst by coupling with WO3 and the electrochemically assisted high photocatalytic activity of WO3
Tada H, Kokubu A, Iwasaki M, Ito S
4671 - 4676 Two phase transitions of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) brushes bound to gold nanoparticles
Shan J, Chen J, Nuopponen M, Tenhu H
4677 - 4683 Preparation, characterization, and solution viscosity of polystyrene-block-polyisoprene nanofiber fractions
Yan XH, Liu GJ
4684 - 4689 Deposition of poly(styrene/alpha-tert-butoxy-omega-vinyl-benzyl-polyglycidol) microspheres on mica plates crossing the liquid-air interface: Formation of stripe pattern
Przerwa E, Sosnowski S, Slomkowski S
4690 - 4695 Reductive deposition of Rh nanostructures on n-type porous silicon: X-ray absorption and X-ray excited optical luminescence studies
Kim PSG, Zhang P, Sham TK
4696 - 4702 Size-dependent properties of nanocrystalline silicalite synthesized with systematically varied crystal sizes
Song W, Justice RE, Jones CA, Grassian VH, Larsen SC
4703 - 4707 Substituent effects on the exchange dynamics of ligands on 1.6 nm diameter gold nanoparticles
Donkers RL, Song Y, Murray RW
4708 - 4714 Pervaporation from a dense membrane: Roles of permeant-membrane interactions, Kelvin effect, and membrane swelling
Sharma A, Thampi SP, Suggala SV, Bhattacharya PK
4715 - 4719 Luminescence properties of rhodamine 6G intercalated in surfactant/clay hybrid thin solid films
Sasai R, Iyi N, Fujita T, Arbeloa FL, Martinez VM, Takagi K, Itoh H
4720 - 4727 Surface functionalization of silicon nanoparticles produced by laser-driven pyrolysis of silane followed by HF-HNO3 etching
Li XG, He YQ, Swihart MT
4728 - 4732 Amine-terminated dendrimers as biomimetic templates for silica nanosphere formation
Knecht MR, Wright DW
4733 - 4737 Reversible encapsulation of nanometer-size polyaniline and polyaniline-Au-nanoparticle composite in starch
Sarma TK, Chattopadhyay A
4738 - 4742 Hydrophilic elastomers for microcontact printing of polar inks
Trimbach DC, Al-Hussein M, de Jeu WH, Decre M, Broer DJ, Bastiaansen CWM
4743 - 4747 Modeling desorption of fluids from disordered mesoporous materials
Woo HJ, Porcheron F, Monson PA
4748 - 4755 Low inertia impact dynamics for nanodrops
Gentner F, Rioboo R, Baland JP, De Coninck J
4756 - 4763 Water at hydrophobic substrates: Curvature, pressure, and temperature effects
Mamatkulov SI, Khabibullaev PK, Netz RR
4764 - 4770 Cylindrical cell model for the electrostatic free energy of polyelectrolyte complexes
Biesheuvel PM, Stuart MAC
4771 - 4773 Formation of nanoscopic foam in instantaneously heated sol-gel derived silica
Kurumada K, Kitao N, Tanigaki M, Susa K, Hiro M
4774 - 4776 Peptide attachment to vapor deposited polymeric thin films
Murthy SK, Olsen BD, Gleason KK
4777 - 4778 High aqueous solubility of functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes
Fernando KAS, Lin Y, Sun YP
4779 - 4781 Determination of the size of a polystyrene nanosphere by the pulsed field gradient nuclear magnetic resonance method
Saito T, Shimada K, Kinugasa S
4782 - 4783 Topography of the rutile TiO2(110) surface exposed to water and organic solvents
Uetsuka H, Sasahara A, Onishi H
4784 - 4786 Preparation of ultrahigh-aspect-ratio hydroxyapatite nanofibers in reverse micelles under hydrothermal conditions
Cao MH, Wang YH, Guo CX, Qi YJ, Hu CW