Langmuir, Vol.19, No.22 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0743-7463 (Print) 

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9097 - 9100 Preparation of nanoscale Au islands in patterned arrays
Meli MV, Lennox RB
9101 - 9103 Interface-directed web-to-pillar transition of microphase-separated siloxane gels
Kanamori K, Nakanishi K, Hirao K, Jinnai H
9104 - 9106 Tuning structural color changes of porous thermosensitive gels through quantitative adjustment of the cross-linker in pre-gel solutions
Takeoka Y, Watanabe M
9107 - 9109 Patterned adsorption of protein onto a carbohydrate monolayer immobilized on Si
Shirahata N, Yonezawa T, Miura Y, Kobayashi K, Koumoto K
9110 - 9113 Preparation of chromium hydroxide sub-micro- and nanoparticles by microwave dielectric heating
Morales JG, Carmona JG, Clemente RR, Muraviev D
9114 - 9119 Improving the lipase activity profile in cationic water-in-oil microemulsions of hydroxylated surfactants
Das D, Das PK
9120 - 9126 The self-assembling properties of stearate ions in hydrotalcite clay composites
Itoh T, Ohta N, Shichi T, Yui T, Takagi K
9127 - 9133 Formation of droplets and mixing in multiphase microfluidics at low values of the Reynolds and the capillary numbers
Tice JD, Song H, Lyon AD, Ismagilov RF
9134 - 9141 Flow-induced anisotropy and reversible aggregation in two-dimensional suspensions
Hoekstra H, Vermant J, Mewis J
9142 - 9146 Monitoring micelle breakdown by chemical trapping
Pazo-Llorente R, Bravo-Diaz C, Gonzalez-Romero E
9147 - 9154 Time-dependent complexation of cysteine-capped gold nanoparticles with octadecylamine langmuir monolayers at the air-water interface
Mayya KM, Gole A, Jain N, Phadtare S, Langevin D, Sastry M
9155 - 9161 Viscoelastic properties of sodium dodecyl sulfate with aluminum salt in aqueous solution
Angelescu D, Khan A, Caldararu H
9162 - 9172 Diffusion and release of solutes in pluronic-g-poly(acrylic acid) hydrogels
Cleary J, Bromberg LE, Magner E
9173 - 9178 Phase and rheological behavior of salt-free alkyltrimethylammonium bromide/alkanoyl-N- methylethanolamide/water systems
Acharya DP, Hattori K, Sakai T, Kunieda H
9179 - 9190 Concentration of urea in interfacial regions of aqueous cationic, anionic, and Zwitterionic micelles determined by chemical trapping
Romsted LS, Zhang JB
9191 - 9195 Nonlamellar liquid crystalline phases and their particle formation in the egg yolk phosphatidylcholine/diolein system
Kamo T, Nakano M, Leesajakul W, Sugita A, Matsuoka H, Handa T
9196 - 9200 Formation of calcium carbonate in liquid crystalline phases
Kjellin P, Andersson M, Palmqvist AEC
9201 - 9209 Hydration process of rare-earth sesquioxides having different crystal structures
Nagao M, Hamano H, Hirata K, Kumashiro R, Kuroda Y
9210 - 9215 Aliphatic nitrile adsorption on Al2O3 and ZrO2 as studied by total internal reflection sum-frequency spectroscopy
Strunk MR, Williams CT
9216 - 9225 Poly(L-lysine)-graft-poly(ethylene glycol) assembled monolayers on niobium oxide surfaces: A quantitative study of the influence of polymer interfacial architecture on resistance to protein adsorption by ToF-SIMS and in situ OWLS
Pasche S, De Paul SM, Voros J, Spencer ND, Textor M
9226 - 9230 Characterization of langmuir monolayers of the amphiphilic Ru complex at the air/water interface by ultraviolet photoelectron yield spectroscopy
Monjushiro H, Harada K, Masa-aki MA
9231 - 9238 Effects of surface defects, polycrystallinity, and nanostructure of self-assembled monolayers for octadecanethiol adsorbed onto Au on wetting and its surface energetic interpretation
Yang J, Han JM, Isaacson K, Kwok DY
9239 - 9245 Chemical effects on the adhesion and friction between alkanethiol monolayers: Molecular dynamics simulations
Park B, Chandross M, Stevens MJ, Grest GS
9246 - 9254 Phase separation in supported phospholipid bilayers visualized by near-field scanning optical microscopy in aqueous solution
Ianoul A, Burgos P, Lu Z, Taylor RS, Johnston LJ
9255 - 9259 Reduction of ferricyanide by methylene blue at a DNA-modified rotating-disk electrode
Boon EM, Barton JK
9260 - 9265 Relationship between the continually expanded interlayer distance of layered silicates and excess intercalation of cationic surfactants
Zhao ZF, Tang T, Qin YX, Huang BT
9266 - 9270 Investigation of oxygen interaction with a Pt-Rh/Al2O3 catalyst by a differential temperature-programmed desorption method
Lecomte JJ, Haydar S, Granger P, Leclercq L, Leclercq G, Joly JP
9271 - 9275 Viscous "interphase" water adjacent to oligo(ethylene glycol)-terminated monolayers
Kim HI, Kushmerick JG, Houston JE, Bunker BC
9276 - 9283 Adsorption of C-5 nitriles at liquid metal electrodes. A comparison of adsorption parameters for isovaleronitrile at polarized surfaces of mercury and indium-gallium alloy (eutectic composition)
Doubova LM, De Battisti A, Fawcett WR
9284 - 9289 Indirect laser-induced temperature jump study of the chain-length dependence of the pK(a)'s of omega-mercaptoalkanoic acid monolayers self-assembled on gold
Smalley JF
9290 - 9296 Formation and stability of hexadecanethiolate SAMs prepared in aqueous micellar solutions of C12E6
Yan D, Saunders JA, Jennings GK
9297 - 9304 Odd-even effects in azobenzene-urea amphiphile assemblies
Kobayashi T, Seki T
9305 - 9310 Conformational order in oligo(ethylene glycol)-terminated self assembled monolayers on gold determined by soft X-ray absorption
Zwahlen M, Herrwerth S, Eck W, Grunze M, Hahner G
9311 - 9314 Temperature dependence of polyelectrolyte multilayer assembly
Tan HL, McMurdo MJ, Pan GQ, Van Patten PG
9315 - 9320 Vapor-phase adsorption kinetics of 1-decene on H-terminated Si(100)
Kosuri MR, Gerung H, Li QM, Han SM, Bunker BC, Mayer TM
9321 - 9327 Studies on interaction between similarly charged polyelectrolyte: Fatty acid system
Gole A, Phadtare S, Sastry M, Langevin D
9328 - 9333 Modification of drop shape controlled by electrowetting
Bienia M, Quilliet C, Vallade M
9334 - 9342 Electrostatic contribution to line tension in a wedge-shaped contact region
Kang KH, Kang IS, Lee CM
9343 - 9350 Electrochemical reaction in an aqueous solution of a ferrocene-modified cationic surfactant mixed with an anionic surfactant
Tsuchiya K, Sakai H, Saji T, Abe M
9351 - 9356 Adsorption of hexylferrocene phosphonic acid on indium-tin oxide electrodes. Evidence of strong interchain interactions in ferrocene self-assembled monolayers
Vercelli B, Zotti G, Schiavon G, Zecchin S, Berlin A
9357 - 9372 Nanoscale intermolecular interactions between human serum albumin and low grafting density surfaces of poly(ethylene oxide)
Rixman MA, Dean D, Ortiz C
9373 - 9381 Characterization of a Ca(II)-, mineral-interactive polyelectrolyte sequence from the adhesive elastomeric biomineralization protein lustrin A
Wustman BA, Weaver JC, Morse DE, Evans JS
9382 - 9386 Nature-inspired creation of protein-polysaccharide conjugate and its subsequent assembly onto a patterned surface
Chen TH, Small DA, Wu LQ, Rubloff GW, Ghodssi R, Vazquez-Duhalt R, Bentley WE, Payne GF
9387 - 9394 Thermodynamic analysis of polycation-DNA interaction applying titration microcalorimetry
Ehtezazi T, Rungsardthong U, Stolnik S
9395 - 9403 Effect of temperature on hydrophobic interaction between proteins and hydrophobic adsorbents: Studies by isothermal titration calorimetry and the van't Hoff equation
Chen WY, Huang HM, Lin CC, Lin FY, Chan YC
9404 - 9410 Complex formation of whey proteins: Exocellular polysaccharide EPS B40
Weinbreck F, Nieuwenhuijse H, Robijn GW, de Kruif CG
9411 - 9417 Dynamical systems and phase plane analysis of protease-clay interactions
Kelleher BP, Oppenheimer SF, Han FX, Willeford KO, Simpson MJ, Simpson AJ, Kingery WL
9418 - 9424 Comparison of microcontact-printed and solution-adsorbed cytochrome C films on indium tin oxide electrodes
Runge AF, Saavedra SS
9425 - 9433 Surface characterization of poly(epsilon-caprolactone)-based nanocomposites
Viville P, Lazzaroni R, Pollet E, Alexandre M, Dubois P, Borcia G, Pireaux JJ
9434 - 9439 Synthesis and self-assembly of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide-capped gold nanoparticles
Cheng WL, Dong SJ, Wang EK
9440 - 9445 Synthesis of right- and left-handed silver nanohelices with a racemic gelator
Zhan CL, Wang JB, Yuan J, Gong HF, Liu YH, Liu MH
9446 - 9449 Magnetoelectrochemistry of nitrothiophenolate-functionalized gold nanoparticles
Yang YJ, Grant KM, White HS, Chen SW
9450 - 9458 Alkyl selenide- and alkyl thiolate-functionalized gold nanoparticles: Chain packing and bond nature
Yee CK, Ulman A, Ruiz JD, Parikh A, White H, Rafailovich M
9459 - 9465 Sequence of the rubbing-induced reorientations of polymer chain segments in nanofilms of a well-defined brush polyimide with a fully rodlike backbone as determined by polarized FTIR spectroscopy and two-dimensional correlation analysis
Chae B, Lee SW, Lee B, Choi WY, Kim SB, Jung YM, Jung JC, Lee KH, Ree M
9466 - 9472 Effects of monomer organization on the photopolymerization kinetics of acrylamide in lyotropic liquid crystalline phases
Lester CL, Smith SM, Jarrett WL, Guymon CA
9473 - 9478 Interlayer surface modification of the protonated triple-layered perovskite HCa2Nb3O10 center dot xH(2)O with n-alcohols
Tahara S, Sugahara Y
9479 - 9485 Conjugated polymers via electrochemical polymerization of thieno[3,4-b]thiophene (T34bT) and 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene (EDOT)
Seshadri V, Wu L, Sotzing GA
9486 - 9489 Synthesis of well-defined and low size distribution cobalt nanocrystals: The limited influence of reverse micelles
Lisiecki I, Pileni MP
9490 - 9493 Aggregation-based fabrication and assembly of roughened composite metallic nanoshells: Application in surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Lu LH, Zhang HJ, Sun GY, Xi SQ, Wang HS, Li XL, Wang X, Zhao B
9494 - 9503 Carbonylation and decarbonylation of gamma-Al2O3-supported hexarhodium clusters: Characterization by infrared, C-13 NMR, and extended X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopies
Alexeev OS, Panjabi G, Phillips BL, Gates BC
9504 - 9510 The design of nanoparticles obtained by solvent evaporation: A comprehensive study
Desgouilles S, Vauthier C, Bazile D, Vacus J, Grossiord JL, Veillard M, Couvreur P
9511 - 9517 Reactivity of acrylate-terminated Au nanoparticles: Suppressed intramolecular catalysis and lack of cooperative effect
Koenig S, Chechik V
9518 - 9525 Surface modification of citrate-reduced colloidal gold nanoparticles with 2-mercaptosuccinic acid
Zhu T, Vasilev K, Kreiter M, Mittler S, Knoll W
9526 - 9533 Theoretical description of the kinetics of proton adsorption at the oxide/electrolyte interface based on the statistical rate theory of interfacial transport and the 1pK model of surface charging
Piasecki W
9534 - 9537 Inorganic multilayer assembly of titania semiconductor nanosheets and Ru complexes
Wang ZS, Ebina Y, Takada K, Watanabe M, Sasaki T
9538 - 9541 Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide-co-2-methacrylo- amidohistidine) copolymers and their interactions with human immunoglobulin-G
Kalaycioglu E, Patir S, Piskin E
9542 - 9544 Electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance study of self-assembled monolayers and multilayers of ferrocenylthiol derivatives on gold
Viana AS, Kalaji M, Abrantes LM
9545 - 9547 Effect of osmolyte on the micellization of SDS at different temperatures
Inayathullah NM, Jasmine GJ, Jayakumar R
9548 - 9550 Microgel-stabilized metal nanoclusters: Improved solid-state stability and catalytic activity in Suzuki couplings
Biffis A, Sperotto E