Langmuir, Vol.17, No.5 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0743-7463 (Print) 

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1317 - 1320 Chiral discrimination in langmuir monolayers of N-acyl glutamic acids inferred from pi-A measurements and atomic force microscopy
Zhang YJ, Song YL, Zhao YY, Li TJ, Jiang L, Zhu DB
1321 - 1323 Formation of covalently attached polymer overlayers on Si(111) surfaces using ring-opening metathesis polymerization methods
Juang A, Scherman OA, Grubbs RH, Lewis NS
1324 - 1327 Adamantane-based crystals with rhythmic morphologies
Migulin VA, Menger FM
1328 - 1330 Mesostructural transformation of vanadium oxide-hexadecyltrimethylammonium composite by low-temperature calcination
Yagi Y, Zhou HS, Miyayama M, Kudo T, Honma I
1331 - 1337 Rheology and microstructural transitions in the lamellar phase of a cationic surfactant
Partal P, Kowalski AJ, Machin D, Kiratzis N, Berni MG, Lawrence CJ
1338 - 1348 The superspreading effect of trisiloxane surfactant solutions
Churaev NV, Esipova NE, Hill RM, Sobolev VD, Starov VM, Zorin ZM
1349 - 1356 Application of a trisiloxane surfactant for removal of oils from hydrophobic surfaces
Churaev NV, Ershov AP, Esipova NE, Hill RM, Sobolev VD, Zorin ZM
1357 - 1366 Aggregation number determination in aqueous solutions of a hydrophobically modified poly(ethylene oxide) by fluorescence probe techniques
Vorobyova O, Lau W, Winnik MA
1367 - 1371 Physicochemical and antimicrobial properties of new rhamnolipids produced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa AT10 from soybean oil refinery wastes
Abalos A, Pinazo A, Infante MR, Casals M, Garcia F, Manresa A
1372 - 1380 "Supracrystals" made of nanocrystals. 2. Growth on HOPG substrate
Courty A, Araspin O, Fermon C, Pileni MP
1381 - 1383 Disstacking of phthalocyanine in water by poly(ethylene oxide)
Ngai T, Zhang GZ, Li XY, Ng DKP, Wu C
1384 - 1391 Hydrophobic alkyl chains-pectin conjugates. Comparative study of some physicochemical properties in relation to covalent coupling vs ionic association
Miralles-Houzelle MC, Hubert P, Dellacherie E
1392 - 1398 Thermodynamic and spectroscopic study of a molecular rotaxane containing a bolaform surfactant and beta-cyclodextrin
Gonzalez-Gaitano G, Guerrero-Martinez A, Ortega F, Tardajos G
1399 - 1405 Speciation and crystal chemistry of Fe(III) chloride hydrolyzed in the presence of SiO4 ligands. 2. Characterization of Si-Fe aggregates by FTIR and Si-29 solid-state NMR
Doelsch E, Stone WEE, Petit S, Masion A, Rose J, Bottero JY, Nahon D
1406 - 1410 Sonochemical preparation and characterization of nanocrystalline copper oxide embedded in poly(vinyl alcohol) and its effect on crystal growth of copper oxide
Kumar RV, Elgamiel R, Diamant Y, Gedanken A, Norwig J
1411 - 1419 Interfacial acid-base reactions of aluminum oxide dispersed in aqueous electrolyte solutions. 1. Potentiometric study on the effect of impurity and dissolution of solid phase
Tombacz E, Szekeres M
1420 - 1425 Interfacial acid-base reactions of aluminum oxide dispersed in aqueous electrolyte solutions. 2. Calorimetric study on ionization of surface sites
Tombacz E, Szekeres M, Klumpp E
1426 - 1431 Buffer-like action in water pool of aerosol OT reverse micelles
Hasegawa M
1432 - 1436 Selective two-dimensional adsorption of nanogold particles at heterogeneous molecular surfaces
Haidara H, Mougin K, Schultz J
1437 - 1447 Diffusiophoresis and electrophoresis in concentrated suspensions of charged colloidal spheres
Wei YK, Keh HJ
1448 - 1452 Strain hardening in model polymer brushes under shear
Krishnamoorti R, Giannelis EP
1453 - 1456 Comparative rheological behavior of some cellulosic ether derivatives
El Ghzaoui A, Trompette JL, Cassanas G, Bardet L, Fabregue E
1457 - 1460 Characterization of ultrathin poly(ethylene glycol) monolayers on silicon substrates
Papra A, Gadegaard N, Larsen NB
1461 - 1469 Selective deposition of ZnF(OH) on self-assembled monolayers in Zn-NH4F aqueous solutions for micropatterning of zinc oxide
Saito N, Haneda H, Seo WS, Koumoto K
1470 - 1476 Selective guest-host association on self-assembled monolayers of calix[4]resorcinarene
Faull JD, Gupta VK
1477 - 1482 Orientational changes of amphotericin B in Langmuir monolayers observed by Brewster angle microscopy
Minones J, Carrera C, Dynarowicz-Latka P, Minones J, Conde O, Seoane R, Patino JMR
1483 - 1487 Protective properties of dodecanethiol layers on copper surfaces: The effect of chloride anions in aqueous environments
Azzaroni O, Cipollone M, Vela ME, Salvarezza RC
1488 - 1498 A modified pore-filling isotherm for liquid-phase adsorption in activated carbon
Ismadji S, Bhatia SK
1499 - 1505 Interfacial interaction between cellulose derivatives and surfactants at solid surfaces. An ellipsometry study
Joabsson F, Thuresson K, Lindman B
1506 - 1510 Interfacial interaction between sodium dodecyl sulfate and hydrophobically modified ethyl(hydroxyethyl)cellulose. A surface force study
Joabsson F, Thuresson K, Blomberg E
1511 - 1517 Relationship between structure of CeNixOy mixed oxides and catalytic properties in oxidative dehydrogenation of propane
Jalowiecki-Duhamel L, Ponchel A, Lamonier C, D'Huysser A, Barbaux Y
1518 - 1524 Color transitions in monolayers of a polymerizable single-chain diacetylenic lipid
Hofmann UG, Peltonen J
1525 - 1528 Reexamination of the monolayer properties of a fluorescein amphiphile in Langmuir and Langmuir-Schaefer films
Orbulescu J, Mello SV, Huo Q, Sui GD, Kele P, Leblanc RM
1529 - 1537 Reorganization and desorption of catanionic monolayers. Kinetics of pi-t and A-t relaxation
Viseu MI, da Silva AMG, Costa SMB
1538 - 1542 Determination of the heat of adsorption of ammonia on zeolites from temperature-programmed desorption experiments
Joly JP, Perrard A
1543 - 1548 Thermal decomposition of N2O over ZnO: Kinetic isotope effects study
Zemva P, Lesar A, Kobal I, Senegacnik M
1549 - 1551 Structural changes in self-assembled monolayers induced by photodimerization: A scanning force microscopy investigation
Fang JY, Chen MS, Shashidhar R
1552 - 1557 Multicomponent supercritical adsorption in microporous activated carbon materials
Nguyen C, Do DD
1558 - 1570 Separation of alkane isomers by exploiting entropy effects during adsorption on silicalite-1: A configurational-bias Monte Carlo simulation study
Schenk M, Vidal SL, Vlugt TJH, Smit B, Krishna R
1571 - 1575 Formation of silver nanoparticles and self-assembled two-dimensional ordered superlattice
He ST, Yao JN, Jiang P, Shi DX, Zhang HX, Xie SS, Pang SJ, Gao HJ
1576 - 1581 Isosteric heat for monolayer adsorption obtained from two-dimensional equations of state
Cuadros F, Mulero A, Morala L, Gomez-Serrano V
1582 - 1593 On the importance of the headgroup substrate bond in thiol monolayers: A study of biphenyl-based thiols on gold and silver
Rong HT, Frey S, Yang YJ, Zharnikov M, Buck M, Wuhn M, Woll C, Helmchen G
1594 - 1598 Effect of the surface hydrophilicity on the formation of a membrane-type interface: Study using an acoustic wave device
Melzak K, Ralph E, Gizeli E
1599 - 1603 Miscibility of adsorbed 1-undecanethiol and 11-mercaptoundecanoic acid species in binary self-assembled monolayers on Au(111)
Kakiuchi T, Iida M, Gon N, Hobara D, Imabayashi S, Niki K
1604 - 1607 Attractive forces between surfaces: What can and cannot be learned from a jump-in study with the surface forces apparatus?
Vinogradova OI, Horn RG
1608 - 1619 Highly doped silicon electrodes for the electrochemical modification of self-assembled siloxane-anchored monolayers: A feasibility study
Grisaru H, Cohen Y, Aurbach D, Sukenik CN
1620 - 1629 Study of the voltammetric spike response of heptyl viologen at a HOPG electrode horizontally touched to a gas/heptyl viologen aqueous solution interface
Sagara T, Tanaka S, Fukuoka Y, Nakashima N
1630 - 1636 Influence of the electrolyte resistance on the transient response in nonfaradaic phase transition experiments on mercury and Au (111)
Donner C, Kirste S
1637 - 1640 Investigation of Ta2O5 thin film evolution
Kristof J, De Battisti A, Keresztury G, Horvath E, Szilagyi T
1641 - 1652 Ellipsometry and TIRF studies of enzymatic degradation of interfacial proteinaceous layers
Berg ICH, Muller D, Arnebrant T, Malmsten M
1653 - 1659 Phase topology and growth of single domains in lipid bilayers
Giocondi MC, Vie V, Lesniewska E, Milhiet PE, Zinke-Allmang M, Le Grimellec C
1660 - 1665 Multiple bilayer dipalmitoylphosphatidylserine LB films stabilized with transition metal ions
Fanucci GE, Backov R, Fu RQ, Talham DR
1666 - 1669 DNA-surfactant complexes at solid surfaces
Eskilsson K, Leal C, Lindman B, Miguel M, Nylander T
1670 - 1673 Interaction of DNA with cationic micelles: Effects of micelle surface charge density, micelle shape, and ionic strength on complexation and DNA collapse
Wang YL, Dubin PL, Zhang HW
1674 - 1679 Pepsin-gold colloid conjugates: Preparation, characterization, and enzymatic activity
Gole A, Dash C, Ramakrishnan V, Sainkar SR, Mandale AB, Rao M, Sastry M
1680 - 1686 Two-dimensional crystallization of annexin A5 on phospholipid bilayers and monolayers: A solid-solid phase transition between crystal forms
Reviakine I, Bergsma-Schutter W, Morozov AN, Brisson A
1687 - 1692 Wetting behavior of graft copolymer substrate with chemically identical homopolymer films
Ge SR, Guo LT, Rafailovich MH, Sokolov J, Overney RM, Buenviaje C, Peiffer DG, Schwarz SA
1693 - 1699 Shear properties for thin films of star and linear polymer melts
Yamada S, Nakamura G, Amiya T
1700 - 1707 In situ fabrication and optical properties of a novel polystyrene/semiconductor nanocomposite embedded with CdS nanowires by a soft solution processing route
Yu SH, Yoshimura M, Moreno JMC, Fujiwara T, Fujino T, Teranishi R
1708 - 1712 On the surface properties of hyperbranched polymers
Mackay ME, Carmezini G, Sauer BB, Kampert W
1713 - 1718 Fabrication of nanostructures by hydroxylamine seeding of gold nanoparticle templates
Meltzer S, Resch R, Koel BE, Thompson ME, Madhukar A, Requicha AAG, Will P
1719 - 1725 Water-soluble polymers. 79. Interaction of microblocky twin-tailed acrylamido terpolymers with anionic, cationic, and nonionic surfactants
Smith GL, McCormick CL
1726 - 1730 Sonochemical preparation of silane-coated titania particles
Shafi KVPM, Ulman A, Yan XZ, Yang NL, Himmelhaus M, Grunze M
1731 - 1736 Surface-initiated thermal radical polymerization on gold
Huang WX, Skanth G, Baker GL, Bruening ML
1737 - 1742 IR spectroscopic study on the hydration and the phase transition of poly(vinyl methyl ether) in water
Maeda Y
1743 - 1751 Ultrasonic spectrometry of polystyrene latex suspensions. Scattering and configurational elasticity of polymer chains
Stieler T, Scholle FD, Weiss A, Ballauff M, Kaatze U
1752 - 1756 Tungsten and tungsten carbide supported on activated carbon: Surface structures and performance for ethylene hydrogenation
Moreno-Castilla C, Alvarez-Merino MA, Carrasco-Marin F, Fierro JLG
1757 - 1765 Self-assembly of microscale objects at a liquid/liquid interface through lateral capillary forces
Bowden N, Arias F, Deng T, Whitesides GM
1766 - 1772 Surface graft copolymerization of viologens on polymeric substrates
Ng SW, Neoh KG, Wong YT, Sampanthar JT, Kang ET, Tan KL
1773 - 1783 Molecular simulation of a dichain surfactant water carbon dioxide system. 1. Structural properties of aggregates
Salaniwal S, Cui ST, Cochran HD, Cummings PT
1784 - 1792 Molecular simulation of a dichain surfactant water carbon dioxide system. 2. Self-assembly and aggregation dynamics
Salaniwal S, Cui ST, Cochran HD, Cummings PT
1793 - 1799 Pattern formation in catalytic reactions due to lateral adsorbate-adsorbate interactions
Zhdanov VP
1800 - 1802 Catalytic reduction of aromatic nitro compounds by coinage metal nanoparticles
Pradhan N, Pal A, Pal T