Langmuir, Vol.17, No.16 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0743-7463 (Print) 

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4685 - 4687 Second-order nonlinear optical properties of highly symmetric chiral thin films
Verbiest T, Van Elshocht S, Persoons A, Nuckolls C, Phillips KE, Katz TJ
4688 - 4692 Isotopic selectivity in ultrathin Langmuir-Blodgett membranes of a cross-linked cellulose derivative
Esker AR, Grull H, Wegner G, Satija SK, Han CC
4693 - 4696 Diffusive interfacial transport: A new approach to concentrated protein solution studies
Kekicheff P, Laughlin RG, Munyon RL
4697 - 4700 Ordering in the subphase of a langmuir monolayer: X-ray diffraction and anomalous scattering studies
Kmetko J, Datta A, Evmenenko G, Durbin MK, Richter AG, Dutta P
4701 - 4703 Direct preparation and size control of palladium nanoparticle hydrosols by water-soluble isocyanide ligands
Yonezawa T, Imamura K, Kimizuka N
4704 - 4707 Enzyme-regulated microgel collapse for controlled membrane permeability
Ogawa K, Wang B, Kokufuta E
4708 - 4710 Particles adsorbed at the oil-water interface: A theoretical comparison between spheres of uniform wettability and "Janus" particles
Binsk BP, Fletcher PDI
4711 - 4716 Unusual thermoprecipitation behavior of Poly(N,N-diethylacrylamide) from aqueous solution in the presence of anionic surfactants
Garret-Flaudy F, Freitag R
4717 - 4723 Correlation between micellar structure and cloud point in long poly(oxyethylene)n oleyl ether systems
Shigeta K, Olsson U, Kunieda H
4724 - 4730 Comparison of Triton X-100 penetration into phosphatidylcholine and sphingomyelin mono- and bilayers
Nyholm T, Slotte JP
4731 - 4738 Modification of kaolinite surfaces by mechanochemical treatment
Frost RL, Mako E, Kristof J, Horvath E, Kloprogge JT
4739 - 4745 Deformation and adhesion of elastomer microparticles evaluated by AFM
Vakarelski IU, Toritani A, Nakayama M, Higashitani K
4746 - 4752 Ostwald ripening of an emulsion monitored by PGSE NMR
Hedin N, Furo I
4753 - 4757 Speciation and crystal chemistry of Iron(III) chloride hydrolyzed in the presence of SiO4 ligands. 3. Semilocal scale structure of the aggregates
Masion A, Doelsch E, Rose J, Moustier S, Bottero JY, Bertsch PM
4758 - 4763 Fast pH- and ionic strength-responsive hydrogels in microchannels
Zhao B, Moore JS
4764 - 4769 Interaction of monodisperse poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) microgel particles with sodium dodecyl sulfate in aqueous solution
Gilanyi T, Varga I, Meszaros R, Filipcsei G, Zrinyi M
4770 - 4778 Synthesis and characterization of novel film-forming vinyl polymer/silica colloidal nanocomposites
Amalvy JI, Percy MJ, Armes SP, Wiese H
4779 - 4786 Synthesis and characterization of monodisperse core-shell colloidal spheres of zinc sulfide and silica
Velikov KP, van Blaaderen A
4787 - 4792 Solubilization-site-dependent micellar morphology: Effect of organic additives and quaternary ammonium bromides
Kumar S, Naqvi AZ, Kabir-ud-Din
4793 - 4798 Electrostatically swollen lamellar stacks and adiabatic pair potential of highly charged platelike colloids in an electrolyte
Trizac E
4799 - 4808 Study on polymer micelles of hydrophobically modified ethyl hydroxyethyl cellulose using single-molecule force spectroscopy
Zou S, Zhang WK, Zhang X, Jiang BZ
4809 - 4811 Molybdate/peroxide oxidation of mustard in microemulsions
Wagner GW, Procell LR, Yang YC, Bunton CA
4812 - 4817 Preferred formation of coplanar inclined fluorescent J-dimers in rhodamine 101 doped silica gels
del Monte F, Ferrer ML, Levy D
4818 - 4824 Interaction between the nonionic surfactant hexaethylene glycol mono-n-dodecyl ether (C12EO6) and the surface active nonionic ABA block copolymer pluronic F127 (EO97PO69EO97)-formation of mixed micelles studied using isothermal titration calorimetry and differential scanning calorimetry
Couderc S, Li Y, Bloor DM, Holzwarth JF, Wyn-Jones E
4825 - 4835 Influence of salt concentration and surfactant concentration on the microstructure and rheology of lamellar liquid crystalline phases
Versluis P, van de Pas JC, Mellema J
4836 - 4843 Stability and exchange studies of alkanethiol monolayers on gold-nanoparticle-coated silica microspheres
Fleming MS, Walt DR
4844 - 4850 Structural characterization of self-assembled monolayers of organosilanes chemically bonded onto silica wafers by dynamical force microscopy
Navarre S, Choplin F, Bousbaa J, Bennetau B, Nony L, Aime JP
4851 - 4857 Critical influence of the fluorinated chain length in the self-assembly of terminally perfluorinated alkanethiol monolayers on gold surfaces. An electrochemical study
Naud C, Calas P, Commeyras A
4858 - 4866 Tethered bilayer membranes containing ionic reservoirs: The interfacial capacitance
Krishna G, Schulte J, Cornell BA, Pace R, Wieczorek L, Osman PD
4867 - 4875 Structural characterization of dense colloidal films using a modified pair distribution function and Delaunay triangulation
Hansen PHF, Rodner S, Bergstrom L
4876 - 4880 Selective deposition and micropatterning of titanium dioxide on self-assembled monolayers from a gas phase
Masuda Y, Seo WS, Koumoto K
4881 - 4886 Selective exchange and fixation of strontium ions with ultrafine Na-4-mica
Kodama T, Harada Y, Ueda M, Shimizu K, Shuto K, Komarneni S
4887 - 4894 XPS and SERS study of silicon phthalocyanine monolayers: Umbrella vs octopus design strategies for formation of oriented SAMs
Li ZY, Lieberman M, Hill W
4895 - 4903 AFM study of adsorption of cationic surfactants and cationic polyelectrolytes at the silica-water interface
Liu JF, Min G, Ducker WA
4904 - 4909 Formation of a self-assembled monolayer of 2-mercapto-3-n-octylthiophene on gold
Peng ZQ, Dong SJ
4910 - 4918 Oscillatory forces from polyelectrolyte solutions confined in thin liquid films
Theodoly O, Tan JS, Ober R, Williams CE, Bergeron V
4919 - 4924 Sulfur-substrate interactions in spontaneously formed sulfur adlayers on Au(111)
Vericat C, Vela ME, Andreasen G, Salvarezza RC, Vazquez L, Martin-Gago JA
4925 - 4931 Concentration effects of porphyrin monolayers on the structure and photoelectrochemical properties of mixed self-assembled monolayers of porphyrin and alkanethiol on gold electrodes
Imahori H, Hasobe T, Yamada H, Nishimura Y, Yamazaki I, Fukuzumi S
4932 - 4939 Interaction forces between alpha-alumina fibers with coadsorbed polyelectrolyte and surfactant
Muir I, Meagher L, Gee M
4940 - 4947 A simple calculation of structural and depletion forces for fluids/suspensions confined in a film
Trokhymchuk A, Henderson D, Nikolov A, Wasan DT
4948 - 4954 Bulk and interfacial contributions to the debonding mechanisms of soft adhesives: Extension to large strains
Creton C, Hooker J, Shull KR
4955 - 4961 Observation of surface ordering of alkyl side chains in polystyrene/polyelectrolytes diblock copolymer Langmuir films
Shin K, Rafailovich MH, Sokolov J, Chang DM, Cox JK, Lennox RB, Eisenberg A, Gibaud A, Huang J, Hsu SL, Satija SK
4962 - 4966 Electrokinetic effects in poly(ethylene glycol)-coated capillaries induced by specific adsorption of cations
Belder D, Warnke J
4967 - 4972 Study of diethyl ether adsorption on activated carbons using IGC at finite concentration
Salame II, Bandosz TJ
4973 - 4979 Interaction between ionic surfactants and glass surfaces with covalently attached quaternary ammonium groups
Sakai K, Torigoe K, Esumi K
4980 - 4989 Determination of molecular orientation in self-assembled monolayers using IR absorption intensities: The importance of grinding effects
Arnold R, Terfort A, Woll C
4990 - 4996 Dynamic mechanical properties and low-velocity wetting behavior of plastic crystalline states for n-alkane blends
Severtson SJ, Nowak MJ
4997 - 5003 Removal of NO by reversible adsorption on Fe-Mn based transition metal oxides
Huang HY, Yang RT
5004 - 5010 Langmuir-Blodgett films of bis(octakispropyloxy) samarium bisphthalocyanine. Spectroscopic and gas-sensing properties
Gorbunova Y, Rodriguez-Mendez ML, Kalashnikova IP, Tomilova LG, de Saja JA
5011 - 5020 Characterization of porous materials by gas adsorption: Comparison of nitrogen at 77 K and carbon dioxide at 298 K for activated carbon
Sweatman MB, Quirke N
5021 - 5024 Stable self-assembled multilayer films of diazo resin and poly(maleic anhydride-co-styrene) based on charge-transfer interaction
Zhang YJ, Cao WX
5025 - 5030 Study of the efficiency of visible-light photocatalytic degradation of basic blue adsorbed on pure and doped mesoporous titania films
Stathatos E, Petrova T, Lianos P
5031 - 5038 A study of gold-coated glass as electrodes for electropolymerization of 3-methylthiophene
Goncalves D, Irene EA
5039 - 5044 On anion-induced formation of hemicylindrical and hemispherical surface micelles of amphiphiles at the metal/electrolyte interface
Retter U, Avranas A
5045 - 5058 Smectic phase of fluid membranes decorated by amphiphilic copolymers
Castro-Roman F, Porte G, Ligoure C
5059 - 5065 Adsorption-induced conformational changes of alpha-helical peptides
Burkett SL, Read MJ
5066 - 5070 Preparation of a dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine/cholesterol Langmuir-Blodgett monolayer that suppresses protein adsorption
Kim K, Kim C, Byun Y
5071 - 5075 Chemical structure/property relationship in single-chain arginine surfactants
Moran C, Clapes P, Comelles F, Garcia T, Perez L, Vinardell P, Mitjans M, Infante MR
5076 - 5081 Hindered diffusion in polymer-tethered phospholipid monolayers at the air-water interface: A single molecule fluorescence imaging study
Ke PC, Naumann CA
5082 - 5084 Development of uniform chitosan thin-film layers on silicon chips
Ligler FS, Lingerfelt BM, Price RP, Schoen PE
5085 - 5092 SANS study of asphaltene aggregation: Concentration and solvent quality effects
Roux JN, Broseta D, Deme B
5093 - 5097 Sonochemical synthesis of functionalized amorphous iron oxide nanoparticles
Shafi KVPM, Ulman A, Yan XZ, Yang NL, Estournes C, White H, Rafailovich M
5098 - 5102 Electroluminescent polyelectrolyte-surfactant complexes
Thunemann AF, Ruppelt D
5103 - 5110 Molecular dynamics study of spherical aggregates of chain molecules at different degrees of hydrophilicity in water solution
Sterpone F, Briganti G, Pierleoni C
5111 - 5117 Conformations of bridging polyelectrolytes in poor solvent: Single-chain self-consistent field calculations
Pickett GT, Balazs AC
5118 - 5120 The effects of temperature and methanol concentration on the properties of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) at the air/solution interface
Pelton R, Richardson R, Cosgrove T, Ivkov R
5121 - 5124 The image-based observation of the L beta I-to-L-beta' phase transition in solid-supported lipid bilayers
McClain RL, Breen JJ