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ISSN: 0743-7463 (Print) 

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4685 - 4689 Gelatin adsorption at the air water interface as investigated by X-ray reflectivity
Vaynberg KA, Wagner NJ, Ahrens H, Helm CA
4690 - 4692 Formation of a self-assembled monolayer of diaminododecane and a heteropolyacid monolayer on the ITO surface
Oh SY, Yun YJ, Kim DY, Han SH
4693 - 4696 Depletion-induced crystallization in colloidal rod-sphere mixtures
Koenderink GH, Vliegenthart GA, Kluijtmans SGJM, van Blaaderen A, Philipse AP, Lekkerkerker HNW
4697 - 4700 Kinetics of fusion and fragmentation nonionic micelles: Triton X-100
Rharbi Y, Winnik MA, Hahn KG
4701 - 4704 Electrophoretic deposition to control artificial opal growth
Holgado M, Garcia-Santamaria F, Blanco A, Ibisate M, Cintas A, Miguez H, Serna CJ, Molpeceres C, Requena J, Mifsud A, Meseguer F, Lopez C
4705 - 4709 Electrostatic theory on the formation of monodispersed two-dimensional nanosize clusters of partially fluorinated surfactants
Ichinose H, Kato T, Takefu M, Suezaki Y
4710 - 4712 Rational design of an optical sensing system for multivalent proteins
Song XD, Swanson BI
4713 - 4721 Nonionic n-hexyl, n-heptyl, and n-octyl urea surfactants: Some physicochemical properties
Wells D, Drummond CJ
4722 - 4727 Surface effects on regularities of electron transfer in CdS and CdS/Cu2S colloids as studied by photoluminescence quenching
Bavykin DV, Savinov EN, Parmon VN
4728 - 4730 Synthesis and swelling kinetics of poly(dimethylaminoethyl acrylate methyl chloride quaternary-co-itaconic acid) hydrogels
Quintana JR, Valderruten NE, Katime I
4731 - 4739 Adhesion between pure and mixed surfactant layers
Poulin P, Bibette J
4740 - 4751 Characterization of interaction between butyl benzene sulfonates and cetyl trimethylammonium bromide in mixed aggregate systems
Bhat M, Gaikar VG
4752 - 4756 Silsesquioxane-based amphiphiles
Knischka R, Dietsche F, Hanselmann R, Frey H, Mulhaupt R, Lutz PJ
4757 - 4764 Spontaneous formation of helically twisted fibers from 2-glucosamide bolaamphiphiles: Energy-filtering transmission electron microscopic observation and even-odd effect of connecting bridge
Nakazawa I, Masuda M, Okada Y, Hanada T, Yase K, Asai M, Shimizu T
4765 - 4772 First simultaneous estimates of the water pool core size and the interfacial thickness of a cationic water-in-oil microemulsion by combined use of chemical trapping and time-resolved fluorescence quenching
Das PK, Chaudhuri A, Saha S, Samanta A
4773 - 4776 Nanofabrication of gold particles in glass films by AFM-assisted local reduction
Yanagi H, Ohno T
4777 - 4788 Is Brewster angle microscopy a useful technique to distinguish between isotropic domains in beta-casein-monoolein mixed monolayers at the air-water interface
Patino JMR, Sanchez CC, Nino MRR
4789 - 4795 Adsorption and reaction of 2-chloroethylethyl sulfide with Al2O3 surfaces
Mawhinney DB, Rossin JA, Gerhart K, Yates JT
4796 - 4802 Characterization of high surface area Zr-Ce(1 : 1) mixed oxide prepared by a microemulsion method
Martinez-Arias A, Fernandez-Garcia M, Ballesteros V, Salamanca LN, Conesa JC, Otero C, Soria J
4803 - 4811 Comparative study on the adsorption of cyanide gold complexes onto different carbonaceous samples: Measurement of the reversibility of the process and assessment of the active surface inferred by flow microcalorimetry
Lagerge S, Zajac J, Partyka S, Groszek AJ
4812 - 4819 Microporous polymeric composite electrolytes from microemulsion polymerization
Xu W, Siow KS, Gao ZQ, Lee SY, Chow PY, Gan LM
4820 - 4827 Uranium(VI) and europium(III) speciation at the phosphate compounds-solution interface
Drot R, Simoni E
4828 - 4836 Morphologies in ternary polymer blends after spin-coating
Walheim S, Ramstein M, Steiner U
4837 - 4841 Oriented crystallization of KH2PO4 under a compressed Langmuir monolayer
Li B, Liu Y, Lu N, Yu JH, Bai YB, Pang WQ, Xu RR
4842 - 4846 In situ analysis of metallosupramolecular coordination polyelectrolyte films by surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy
Kurth DG, Osterhout R
4847 - 4856 Selective etching of semicrystalline polymers: CF4 gas plasma treatment of poly(ethylene)
Riekerink MBO, Terlingen JGA, Engbers GHM, Feijen J
4857 - 4866 Hydration-induced deformation of lipid aggregates before and after polymerization
Binder H, Dietrich U, Schalke M, Pfeiffer H
4867 - 4874 Surface and solid-state properties of a fluorinated polyelectrolyte-surfactant complex
Thunemann AF, Lochhaas KH
4875 - 4883 In-situ infrared spectroscopic and scanning tunneling microscopy investigations of the chemisorption phases of uracil, thymine, and 3-methyl uracil on Au(111) electrodes
Li WH, Haiss W, Floate S, Nichols RJ
4884 - 4891 Competitive adsorption, phase segregation, and molecular motion at a solid-liquid interface studied by scanning tunneling microscopy
Baker RT, Mougous JD, Brackley A, Patrick DL
4892 - 4897 Comparison of cationic excesses in the presence of perchlorate and chloride anions
Lopez-Perez G, Gonzalez-Arjona D, Molero N, Andreu R
4898 - 4906 Interference of adsorption, condensation, and double-layer charging in kinetic studies of film formation. 1. Constant double-layer potential
Donner C, Pohlmann L
4907 - 4915 Interference of adsorption, condensation, and double-layer charging in kinetic studies of film formation. 2. Nonconstant double-layer potential
Donner C, Pohlmann L
4916 - 4921 Dynamic wetting of silica by aqueous triblock copolymer solutions at low concentrations
Gerdes S, Tiberg F
4922 - 4926 Proton nuclear magnetic resonance study of water in flocs
Fan A, Somasundaran P, Turro NJ
4927 - 4929 Microcalorimetric study of H-2 adsorption on molybdenum nitride catalysts
Guerrero-Ruiz A, Xin Q, Zhang YJ, Maroto-Valiente A, Rodriguez-Ramos I
4930 - 4933 FTIR-ATR and radiolabeling study of structural modifications during protein adsorption on hydrophilic surfaces. 2. The Case of apo-alpha-lactalbumine
Bentaleb A, Abele A, Haikel Y, Schaaf P, Voegel JC
4934 - 4934 Fabrication of Pt-Si Schottky diodes using soft lithographic patterning and selective chemical vapor deposition (vol 15, pg 2188, 1999)
Erhardt MK, Nuzzo RG
4934 - 4934 Formation and stability of complex membrane-mimetic monolayers on solid supports (vol 15, pg 3866, 1999)
Winger TM, Ludovice PJ, Chaikof EL