Langmuir, Vol.10, No.9 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0743-7463 (Print) 

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2853 - 2856 The C(4X2) Superlattice of N-Alkanethiol Monolayers Self-Assembled an Au(111)
Poirier GE, Tarlov MJ
2857 - 2859 Entrance-Enriched Micropore Filling of N-Nonane
Hanzawa Y, Suzuki T, Kaneko K
2860 - 2862 Site-Specific Immobilization of Molecularly Engineered Dihydrofolate-Reductase to Gold Surfaces
Vigmond SJ, Iwakura M, Mizutani F, Katsura T
2863 - 2865 Affinity Distributions of Polyampholytes with Interacting Acid-Base Groups
Borkovec M, Koper GJ
2866 - 2868 X-Ray Reflection Study of Adsorption of a Fluorosurfactant from an Organic Solution
Zou X, Barton SW
2869 - 2871 Real-Space Observation of Nanoscale Molecular Domains in Self-Assembled Monolayers
Delamarche E, Michel B, Gerber C, Anselmetti D, Guntherodt HJ, Wolf H, Ringsdorf H
2872 - 2876 Structural and Thermodynamic Investigation of Filament Formation in a Diacetylenic Phospholipid
Davies MA, Ratna BR, Rudolph AS
2877 - 2883 A Study of AOT Reverse Micelles in Liquids at Ambient and High-Pressure
Giddings LD, Olesik SV
2884 - 2891 Electrical Theory of Clay Swelling
Smalley MV
2892 - 2898 Remarkably Enhanced Diastereoselective Hydrolysis by Controlling the Reaction Field
Ueoka R, Mori S, Moss RA
2899 - 2909 Interaction Between Photographic Gelatin and Sodium Dodecyl-Sulfate
Whitesides TH, Miller DD
2910 - 2916 Dimeric Surfactants - Spacer Chain Conformation and Specific Area at the Air/Water Interface
Diamant H, Andelman D
2917 - 2928 Electrostatic Forces in an Ideal Spherical-Particle Electrorheological Fluid
Anderson RA
2929 - 2938 Structure and Dynamics of Polymerizable Microemulsions
Full AP, Kaler EW
2939 - 2944 A 4-Component Phase-Diagram
Friberg SE, Langlois BR
2945 - 2949 O/W Microemulsions and Hydrotropes - The Coupling Action of a Hydrotrope
Friberg SE, Brancewicz C, Morrison DS
2950 - 2953 Surface-Adsorption and Micelle Formation of Sodium-Chloride Dodecylammonium Chloride Mixtures
Yamanaka M, Matsuki H, Ikeda N, Aratono M, Motomura K
2954 - 2959 Effect of Surfactants on the Volume Phase-Transition of Cross-Linked Poly(Acryloyl-L-Proline Alkyl Esters)
Safranj A, Yoshida M, Omichi H, Katakai R
2960 - 2964 Interactions Between Polysoaps and Surfactants in Aqueous-Solutions
Kamenka N, Kaplun A, Talmon Y, Zana R
2965 - 2971 Electrostatic Model for the Viscoelasticity of Ionic Surfactant Monolayers
Bonfillon A, Langevin D
2972 - 2976 Effect of Acrylamide and Dodecane on the Phase-Behavior of Monoolein
Puvvada S, Qadri SB, Naciri J, Ratna BR
2977 - 2984 Kinetics and Isotherm of Block-Copolymer Adsorption on Latex-Particles .1.
Xu RL, Dunger G, Winnik MA, Martinho JM, Doliveira JM
2985 - 2992 Obvious and Nonobvious Influences of Surfactants on the Formation of Nanosized Particles
Osullivan EC, Ward AJ, Budd T
2993 - 3009 Electrical Double-Layer Interaction Between Dissimilar Spherical Colloidal Particles and Between a Sphere and a Plate - The Linearized Poisson-Boltzmann Theory
Carnie SL, Chan DY, Gunning JS
3010 - 3017 Particle Interactions in Diffusiophoresis - Axisymmetrical Motion of Multiple Spheres in Nonelectrolyte Gradients
Keh HJ, Lin YM
3018 - 3022 Reduction and Aggregation of Silver Ions in Aqueous Gelatin Solutions
Kapoor S, Lawless D, Kennepohl P, Meisel D, Serpone N
3023 - 3026 Photophysical Studies of Poly(N-Isopropylacrylamide) Microgel Structures
Pankasem S, Thomas JK, Snowden MJ, Vincent B
3027 - 3034 Synthesis, Characterization, and Solution Rheology of Model Hydrophobically-Modified, Water-Soluble Ethoxylated Urethanes
Lundberg DJ, Brown RG, Glass JE, Eley RR
3035 - 3042 Synthesis and Characterization of Step-Growth Hydrophobically-Modified Ethoxylated Urethane Associative Thickeners
Kaczmarski JP, Glass JE
3043 - 3045 Reinterpretation of Small-Angle Neutron-Scattering Studies on Ordered Colloid Dispersions
Versmold H, Lindner P
3046 - 3056 Colloidal Particle Scattering - A New Method to Measure Surface Forces
Vandeven TG, Warszynski P, Wu X, Dabros T
3057 - 3062 Adsorption and Reaction of (Hre(Co)(5)) on Ultrathin MgO(111) and Amorphous SiO2-Films Grown on a Mo(110) Surface - Characterization by Infrared Reflection-Absorption Spectroscopy and Temperature-Programmed Desorption
Purnell SK, Xu X, Goodman DW, Gates BC
3063 - 3072 Structure of K-Doped Molybdena-on-Alumina Catalysts as Studied by X-Ray-Absorption and Raman-Spectroscopy
Verbruggen NF, Mestl G, Vonhippel LM, Lengeler B, Knozinger H
3073 - 3080 Structure of K-Doped Molybdena-on-Silica Catalysts as Studied by X-Ray-Absorption and Raman-Spectroscopy
Verbruggen NF, Vonhippel LM, Mestl G, Lengeler B, Knozinger H
3081 - 3085 Sodium Adsorption and Reaction on NiO(111)/Ni(111)
Bender M, Alshamery K, Freund HJ
3086 - 3093 Acid-Base Surface-Energy Characterization of Microcrystalline Cellulose and 2 Wood Pulp Fiber Types Using Inverse Gas-Chromatography
Jacob PN, Berg JC
3094 - 3104 Spectroscopic Studies (UV-VIS and FTIR) of Co and Ethene Molecular-Complexes and of Ethene Oligomerization on Alpha-Cr2O3 Surfaces
Scarano D, Spoto G, Bordiga S, Carnelli L, Ricchiardi G, Zecchina A
3105 - 3110 Spectroscopic Characterization of Sulfonyl Chloride Immobilization on Silica
Schick GA, Sun ZQ
3111 - 3115 Velocity-Dependent Forces in Atomic-Force Microscopy Imaging of Lipid Films
Radler J, Radmacher M, Gaub HE
3116 - 3121 Surface-Reactions During the Growth of SiO2 Thin-Films on Si(100) Using Tetraethoxysilane
Danner JB, Vohs JM
3122 - 3133 Nucleophilic Displacement-Reactions at Benzyl Halide Self-Assembled Monolayer Film Surfaces
Koloski TS, Dulcey CS, Haralson QJ, Calvert JM
3134 - 3147 Mechanism of Deposition of the Cro42-, Hcro4-, and Cr2O72- Ions on the Gamma-Alumina Surface
Spanos N, Slavov S, Kordulis C, Lycourghiotis A
3148 - 3155 Reducibility and Hydrodesulfurization Activity of K-Doped Moox/Al2O3 and Moox/SiO2 Catalysts
Verbruggen NF, Knozinger H
3156 - 3160 Effects of Adsorbing-Block Molecular-Weight on the Thickness of Adsorbed Diblock Copolymers
Webber RM, Anderson JL
3161 - 3173 Steady-State Morphology and Composition of Mixed Monomolecular Films (Langmuir Monolayers) at the Air/Water Interface in the Vicinity of the 3-Phase Line - Model-Calculations and Experiments
Spratte K, Riegler H
3174 - 3179 Asymmetric Drainage in Foam Films
Joye JL, Hirasaki GJ, Miller CA
3180 - 3187 Mixed Micelles Formed by Cationic Surfactants and Anionic Hydrophobically-Modified Polyelectrolytes
Magny B, Iliopoulos I, Zana R, Audebert R
3188 - 3194 On Osmotic-Type Equations of State for Liquid-Expanded Monolayers of Lipids at the Air-Water-Interface
Feng SS, Brockman HL, Macdonald RC
3195 - 3200 Saccharide Recognition by Amphiphilic Diboronic Acids at the Air-Water-Interface and the Relationship Between Selectivity and Stoichiometry
Ludwig R, Shiomi Y, Shinkai S
3201 - 3206 Anchoring Phase of Liquid-Crystal Mixtures Studied by Scanning-Tunneling-Microscopy
Iwakabe Y, Konda K, Ohhara S, Mukoh A, Hara M, Sasabe H
3207 - 3212 Preparation and Characterization of 2-Dimensional Cross-Linked Monolayers and Langmuir-Blodgett-Films of Oligo(Dimethylsiloxane) Copolymer
Kunitake M, Nishi T, Yamamoto H, Nasu K, Manabe O, Nakashima N
3213 - 3216 Structure of Cobalt Stearate and Cobalt Sulfide Stearic-Acid Langmuir-Blodgett-Films
Luo XZ, Zhang ZQ, Liang YQ
3217 - 3221 Adhesion Force Measurements Using an Atomic-Force Microscope Upgraded with a Linear Position-Sensitive Detector
Pierce M, Stuart J, Pungor A, Dryden P, Hlady V
3222 - 3229 A Surfactant-Water-Oil System with Weakly Charged Films
Fukuda K, Olsson U, Wurz U
3230 - 3243 A Modified Pore Filling Isotherm with Application to Determination of Pore-Size Distributions
Bhatia SK, Shethna HK
3244 - 3249 Adsorption Studies on Boron-Nitride Substrates
Shrestha P, Alkhafaji MT, Lukowitz MM, Yang GL, Migone AD
3250 - 3254 Interaction Between Aerosol OT and Poly(Vinylpyrrolidone) on Alumina
Esumi K, Takaku Y, Otsuka H
3255 - 3259 In-Situ Characterization of Langmuir-Blodgett-Films During a Transfer Process - Evaluation of Transfer Ratio and Water Incorporation by Using a Quartz-Crystal Microbalance
Ariga K, Okahata Y
3260 - 3267 Role of Bulk-Surface Exchange in-Diffusion at Liquid Surfaces - Non-Fickian Relaxation Kinetics
Bychuk OV, Oshaughnessy B
3268 - 3278 Adsorption of Ionic Amphiphiles as Bilayers on Charged Surfaces
Wangnerud P, Jonsson B
3279 - 3289 Measurements of Hydrophobic and Dlvo Forces in Bubble-Surface Interactions in Aqueous-Solutions
Ducker WA, Xu ZG, Israelachvili JN
3290 - 3295 2-Dimensional Protein Array Growth in Thin-Layers of Protein Solution on Aqueous Subphases
Yoshimura H, Scheybani T, Baumeister W, Nagayama K
3296 - 3302 Effect of Surface Heterogeneity on the Adsorption-Kinetics of Gases in Activated Carbon - Pore-Size Distribution vs Energy-Distribution
Hu XJ, Do DD
3303 - 3310 Interaction of CCl4 with the Surface of Amorphous Ice
Blanchard JL, Roberts JT
3311 - 3314 (Methylacylamino)Azobenzene Derivatives for Photoresponsive Monomolecular Layers
Freimanis J, Markava E, Matisova G, Gerca L, Muzikante I, Rutkis M, Silinsh E
3315 - 3322 Direct Measurement of the Adsorption-Kinetics of Alkanethiolate Self-Assembled Monolayers on a Microcrystalline Gold Surface
Karpovich DS, Blanchard GJ
3323 - 3327 Control of Contact Charge in Polymers with Ionomers
Fenzelalexander D, Brock P, Diaz A
3328 - 3331 Determination of the Complexation Constants Between Alkylpyridinium Bromide and Alpha-Cyclodextrin and Beta-Cyclodextrin Using Electromotive-Force Methods
Mwakibete H, Bloor DM, Wynjones E
3332 - 3337 Chemically-Modified Electrodes by Nucleophilic-Substitution of Chlorosilylated Platinum Oxide Surfaces
Chen CH, Hutchison JE, Postlethwaite TA, Richardson JN, Murray RW
3338 - 3342 Ex-Situ Structural Studies of a Tetraalkylammonium Lead Compound
Karivmiller E, Christian PD, Svetlicic V
3343 - 3349 Electrode Potential Induced Reorientation of a Phospholipid Monolayer on a Mercury-Electrode Surface
Chen SW, Abruna HD
3350 - 3356 Reordering of Surface Phases During Atomic-Force Microscopy - A Simulation Study
Callaway M, Tildesley DJ, Quirke N
3357 - 3361 Preparation of Submicrometer Ferroelectric Particles by Wet-Chemical Methods
Schlag S, Eicke HF, Mathys D, Guggenheim R
3362 - 3364 A Small-Angle Neutron-Scattering Study of a Clay Suspension Under Shear
Hanley HJ, Straty GC, Tsvetkov F
3365 - 3367 Scope and Limitations of the Equation of State Approach for Interfacial-Tensions - Comment
Gaydos J
3368 - 3368 Scope and Limitations of the Equation of State Approach for Interfacial-Tensions - Reply
Lee LH
3369 - 3370 Strength of Van-der-Waals Attraction Between Lipid Bilayers
Israelachvili JN