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4399 - 4402 X-Ray-Absorption Study of Highly Oriented Poly(Tetrafluoroethylene) Thin-Films
Ziegler C, Schedelniedrig T, Beamson G, Clark DT, Salaneck WR, Sotobayashi H, Bradshaw AM
4403 - 4408 Monte-Carlo Simulation of Inlayer Structure Formation in Thin Liquid-Films
Chu XL, Nikolov AD, Wasan DT
4409 - 4413 Direct Visualization of Surfactant Hemimicelles by Force Microscopy of the Electrical Double-Layer
Manne S, Cleveland JP, Gaub HE, Stucky GD, Hansma PK
4414 - 4416 Observation of Anisotropic Migration of Adsorbed Organic-Species Using Nanoscale Patchworks Fabricated with a Scanning Tunneling Microscope
Onishi H, Iwasawa Y
4417 - 4419 In-Situ Atomic-Force Microscopy Imaging of Polymer Degradation in an Aqueous Environment
Shakesheff KM, Davies MC, Roberts CJ, Tendler SJ, Shard AG, Domb A
4420 - 4422 Rotational Diffusion of Colloid Spheres in Suspension Investigated by Deuteron NMR
Tolle A, Sillescu H
4423 - 4425 An Exact Evaluation of Salt Concentration-Dependence of Interparticle Distance in Colloidal Crystals by Ultra-Small-Angle X-Ray-Scattering
Matsuoka H, Harada T, Yamaoka H
4426 - 4428 An Approach to Swelling in Macroreticular Polyacids
Diniz JM
4429 - 4433 Properties of a Dichained Sugar Surfactant
Eastoe J, Rogueda P, Harrison BJ, Howe AM, Pitt AR
4434 - 4439 A Dynamic Light-Scattering Study of Micelle Formation in Solutions of Poly(2-Ethyl-2-Oxazoline-Dimethylsiloxane) in Water-2-Propanol Mixtures
Nagpal VJ, Davis RM, Liu Q, Facinelli J, Riffle JS
4440 - 4445 Physical-Properties of the Isotropic-Phase Present in the CTAB/Ppg/H2O System - A Study of the Presence of an L(2) Phase at High Surfactant and Polymer Concentration
Sierra ML, Rodenas E
4446 - 4450 Oil-in-Water Micellar Solution Used to Synthesize CdS Particles - Structural Study and Photoelectron Transfer-Reaction
Petit C, Jain TK, Billoudet F, Pileni MP
4451 - 4458 Isotropic and Birefringent Dispersions of Surface-Modified Silica Rods with a Boehmite-Needle Core
Philipse AP, Nechifor AM, Patmamanoharan C
4459 - 4467 NMR Analysis of Interfacial Structure Transitions Accompanying Electron-Transfer Threshold Transition in Reverse Microemulsions
Antalek B, Williams AJ, Garcia E, Texter J
4468 - 4474 Intermicellar Migration of Surfactant Molecules in Entangled Micellar Solutions
Kato T, Terao T, Seimiya T
4475 - 4482 Surface-Properties of Pluronic-Coated Polymeric Colloids
Li JT, Caldwell KD, Rapoport N
4483 - 4497 A Combined Investigation of 4 Colloids for Artificial Photosynthesis by Scanning Electron-Microscopy, Quasi-Elastic Light-Scattering, and bis-Heteroleptic Styrene-Attached Ruthenium Complexes, Adsorbed at the Water Colloid Interface
Schwarz P, Bossmann S, Guldner A, Durr H
4498 - 4502 Dynamics of Protein Surfactant Exchange at the Air-Water-Interface Studied by Optical 2nd-Harmonic Generation and Ellipsometry
Eijt SW, Wittebrood MM, Devillers MA, Rasing T
4503 - 4508 Uniaxial Elastic-Modulus of Concentrated Emulsions
Buzza DM, Cates ME
4509 - 4513 Polymer Effects on the Phase-Equilibrium of a Balanced Microemulsion - Adsorbing Versus Nonadsorbing Polymers
Kabalnov A, Olsson U, Thuresson K, Wennerstrom H
4514 - 4516 Pair Potentials Between Polymer-Coated Mesoscopic Particles
Wijmans CM, Leermakers FA, Fleer GJ
4517 - 4522 Photoinduced Electron-Transfer from Zinc-Sulfide Microcrystals Modified with Various Alkanethiols to Methyl Viologen
Inoue H, Ichiroku N, Torimoto T, Sakata T, Mori H, Yoneyama H
4523 - 4529 Interaction of Single and Multiple Layers of Copper Acetylacetonate Complexes with Silica Surfaces - An Infrared Diffuse-Reflectance Study
Mitchell MB, Chakravarthy VR, White MG
4530 - 4533 Activation of Pt-Rh(100) Alloy and Pt/Rh(100) and Rh/Pt(100) Bimetallic Surfaces by Chemical Reconstruction
Tamura H, Tanaka K
4534 - 4541 Surface-Chemistry of Oxidized and Reduced Chromia - A Fourier-Transform Infrared-Spectroscopy Study
Hadjiivanov K, Busca G
4542 - 4550 Interaction of Alkanethiols with Single-Crystal Iron - The Low-Temperature Decomposition of Ethanethiol on the Fe(100) Surface
Cheng LC, Bocarsly AB, Bernasek SL, Ramanarayanan TA
4551 - 4553 Aminopyrene as a Monitor of Vicinal and Geminal Oh Groups on Silica
Krasnansky R, Thomas JK
4554 - 4559 Molecular-Scale Structure of the Cation Modified Muscovite Mica Basal-Plane
Nishimura S, Biggs S, Scales PJ, Healy TW, Tsunematsu K, Tateyama T
4560 - 4565 Adsorption of Optically Pure Alanine on Silica-Supported Nickel and the Consequent Catalytic Enantioselectivity
Keane MA
4566 - 4573 Alkanethiol Monolayers on Preoxidized Gold - Encapsulation of Gold Oxide Under an Organic Monolayer
Ron H, Rubinstein I
4574 - 4580 Preparation and Catalysis of Novel Colloidal Dispersions of Copper Noble-Metal Bimetallic Clusters
Toshima N, Wang Y
4581 - 4587 Autophobic Pinning of Drops of Alkanethiols on Gold
Biebuyck HA, Whitesides GM
4588 - 4593 Effect of Gold Topography and Surface Pretreatment on the Self-Assembly of Alkanethiol Monolayers
Guo LH, Facci JS, Mclendon G, Mosher R
4594 - 4598 Photochemically Inducible and Erasable Dichroism by Molecular-Reorientation of an Azobenzene Pendant Unit in a Polyimide Langmuir-Blodgett-Film
Yokoyama S, Kakimoto M, Imai Y
4599 - 4605 Novel Orientation of Azobenzene Pendant Group in Hybrid Monolayers Composed of Polyimide Langmuir-Blodgett-Film and Alkyl Polysiloxane Self-Assembled Monolayer
Yokoyama S, Yamada T, Kajikawa K, Kakimoto M, Imai Y, Takezoe H, Fukuda A
4606 - 4609 Nitrogen Adsorption in Slit Pores at Ambient-Temperatures - Comparison of Simulation and Experiment
Kaneko K, Cracknell RF, Nicholson D
4610 - 4617 Structural Investigation of Molecular-Organization in Self-Assembled Monolayers of a Semifluorinated Amidethiol
Lenk TJ, Hallmark VM, Hoffmann CL, Rabolt JF, Castner DG, Erdelen C, Ringsdorf H
4618 - 4623 Interactions of the Hav-Vp3 (61-78) Peptide with Monolayers and Bilayers
Bogdam K, Alsina MA, Haro I, Martin I, Reig F
4624 - 4629 Kaolin-Based Coating Layer Studied by H-2 and H-1-NMR Relaxation Method
Li TQ, Eriksson U
4630 - 4636 Monolayers of Polylauroyl Macrocyclic Polyamides and Nitrobenzoxadiazole (Nbd) Labeled Polylauroyl Macrocyclic Polyamides at the Air-Water-Interface
Paprica PA, Petersen NO
4637 - 4644 Interactions of Monolayers of Unsaturated Phosphocholines with Ozone at the Air-Water-Interface
Lai CC, Yang SH, Finlaysonpitts BJ
4645 - 4650 Equivalence Between 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional Phases of Aliphatic Chain Derivatives
Peterson IR, Kenn RM
4651 - 4656 Chain-Length Discrimination of Water-Soluble Polymers by a Poly(Methacrylic Acid) or Poly(Oxyethylene) Segment-Carrying Assemblies at the Air-Water-Interface
Higashi N, Matsumoto T, Niwa M
4657 - 4663 Fourier-Transform Infrared-Spectroscopy Studies of Hafnium Alkylbis(Phosphonate) Multilayers on Gold - Effects of Alkylbis(Phosphonate) Chain-Length, Substrate Roughness, and Surface Functionalization on Film Structure and Order
Obrien JT, Zeppenfeld AC, Richmond GL, Page CJ
4664 - 4669 Effect of Composition on the Penetration of Inert-Gases Adsorbed Onto Silicate Glass Surfaces
Kohler AE, Garofalini SH
4670 - 4675 Structure of 5-(Dodecyloxy)-1-((6-(Trimethylammonio)Hexyl)Oxy)Napphthalene - Sodium Dextran Sulfate Langmuir-Blodgett-Films as Studied by Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Zhao B, Zhang ZQ, Liang YQ, Xu WQ, Li GW
4676 - 4680 Interactions Between the Tetradecyltrimethylammonium Ion and Alpha-Cyclodextrin, Beta-Cyclodextrin, and Gamma-Cyclodextrin in Water as Studied by a Surfactant-Selective Electrode
Tominaga T, Hachisu D, Kamado M
4681 - 4687 Interlayer Dynamics of a Fatty-Acid Exchanged Lithium Aluminum Layered Double Hydroxide Monitored by Infrared-Spectroscopy and Pyrene Fluorescence
Dutta PK, Robins DS
4688 - 4692 Ligand-Modified Polyelectrolyte-Enhanced Ultrafiltration with Electrostatic Attachment of Ligands .1. Removal of Cu(II) and Pb(II) with Expulsion of Ca(II)
Tuncay M, Christian SD, Tucker EE, Taylor RW, Scamehorn JF
4693 - 4697 Ligand-Modified Polyelectrolyte-Enhanced Ultrafiltration with Electrostatic Attachment of Ligands .2. Use of Diethylenetriaminepentaacetic Acid Cationic Polyelectrolyte Mixtures to Remove Both Cations and Anions from Aqueous Streams
Tuncay M, Christian SD, Tucker EE, Taylor RW, Scamehorn JF
4698 - 4702 Random-Walk in Cellular Media
Milchev A, Pereyra V, Fleurov V
4703 - 4709 Measurement of Low Interfacial-Tension by Pendant Drop Digitization
Lin SY, Hwang HF
4710 - 4720 Surface Interactions in Osmotic-Pressure Controlled Flux Decline During Ultrafiltration
Bhattacharjee S, Sharma A, Bhattacharya PK
4721 - 4725 A Mineralization Adsorption and Mobility Study of Hydroxyapatite Surfaces in the Presence of Zinc and Magnesium Ions
Fuierer TA, Lore M, Puckett SA, Nancollas GH
4726 - 4730 Borohydride Reduction of Nickel and Copper Ions in Aqueous and Nonaqueous Media - Controllable Chemistry Leading to Nanoscale Metal and Metal Boride Particles
Glavee GN, Klabunde KJ, Sorensen CM, Hadjipanayis GC
4731 - 4734 Diffusion and Cryo-Transmission Electron-Microscopy Studies of Bicontinuous Micellar Solutions
Harwigsson I, Soderman O, Regev O
4735 - 4736 Derjaguin,Boris,Vladimirovich - 1902-1994 - Obituary
Churaev NV, Vinogradova OI