Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B

Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, Vol.13, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1071-1023 (Print) 

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1391 - 1410 Surface-Science Aspects of Vacuum Microelectronics
Schwoebel PR, Brodie I
1411 - 1414 Distinct Imaging of the Nucleic-Acid Bases on SrTiO3(100) Surface by Scanning-Tunneling-Microscopy
Tanaka H, Kawai T
1415 - 1422 Lattice and Defect Structures of Polymerizable Diacetylene Langmuir-Blodgett-Films Studied by Scanning Force Microscopy
Vithana H, Johnson D, Shih R, Mann JA, Lando J
1423 - 1428 Local Modification of N-Si(100) Surface in Aqueous-Solutions Under Anodic and Cathodic Potential Polarization with an in-Situ Scanning Tunneling Microscope
Ye JH, Perezmurano F, Barniol N, Abadal G, Aymerich X
1429 - 1433 Novel Fabrication Process Utilizing Thermal-Stress for Uniform Ultrafine SiO2 Gaps with Perfectly Vertical Sidewalls
Nishibe T
1434 - 1441 Surface-Topography of Phosphorus-Doped Polysilicon
Hegde RI, Paulson WM, Tobin PJ
1442 - 1446 A Study of Silicon Epitaxial-Growth on Silicon Substrates Exposed to Ar Electron-Cyclotron-Resonance Plasmas
Buaud PP, Hu YZ, Spanos L, Irene EA, Christensen KN, Venables D, Maher DM
1447 - 1450 Reactive Ion Etching of Silicon Oxynitride Formed by Plasma-Enhanced Chemical-Vapor-Deposition
Ueno K, Kikkawa T, Tokashiki K
1451 - 1455 Electron-Cyclotron-Resonance Plasma-Etching of Silicon Dioxide for Deep-Submicron Ultralarge Scale Integrations
Nojiri K, Iguchi E
1456 - 1459 Vertical Etching of Thick SiO2 Using C2F6-Based Reactive Ion-Beam Etching
Dutta AK
1460 - 1465 Vapor-Phase SiO2 Etching and Metallic Contamination Removal in an Integrated Cluster System
Ma Y, Green ML, Feldman LC, Sapjeta J, Hanson KJ, Weidman TW
1466 - 1472 Dry Sequential Process of Photochemical Etching and Surface Passivation of In0.52Al0.48As Using HBr and H2S
Habibi S, Totsuka M, Tanaka J, Matsumoto S
1473 - 1476 Fabrication of Sub-10-nm Silicon Lines with Minimum Fluctuation
Namatsu H, Nagase M, Kurihara K, Iwadate K, Furuta T, Murase K
1477 - 1483 Exposure Strategies for Polymethyl Methacrylate from in-Situ X-Ray-Absorption Near-Edge Structure Spectroscopy
Zhang X, Jacobsen C, Lindaas S, Williams S
1484 - 1495 Metrology of Subwavelength Photoresist Gratings Using Optical Scatterometry
Raymond CJ, Murnane MR, Naqvi SS, Mcneil JR
1496 - 1507 Improved Focusing-and-Deflection Columns
Mui PH, Szilagyi M
1508 - 1513 Transverse Chromatic Aberration in a Symmetrical Magnetic Doublet with Dynamically Compensated Field Aberrations
Nakasuji M, Shimizu H
1514 - 1518 Combining Transmission Electron-Microscopy with Focused Ion-Beam Sputtering for Microstructural Investigations of AlGaAs/GaAs Heterojunction Bipolar-Transistors
Snyder CW, Frei MR, Bahnck D, Hopkins L, Hull R, Harriott L, Chiu TY, Fullowan T, Tseng B
1519 - 1525 Effects of Interface States on Submicron GaAs Metal-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors Assessed by Gate Leakage Current
Ahmed MM, Ahmed H, Ladbrooke PH
1526 - 1528 Observation of 1.5 Mu-M Quantum-Confined Stark-Effect in InGaAs/AlGaAs Multiple-Quantum Wells on GaAs Substrates
Kim SD, Trezza JA, Harris JS
1529 - 1535 In-Situ Etching and Regrowth Process for Edge-Emitting and Surface-Emitting Laser-Diodes with an AlGaAs/GaAs Buried Heterostructure
Ogura M
1536 - 1538 Compositional Disordering of AlGaAs/GaAs Superlattices by Using the Low-Temperature-Grown GaAs
Tsang JS, Lee CP, Fan JC, Tsai KL, Chen HR
1539 - 1545 Preparation of InSb Substrates for Molecular-Beam Epitaxy
Liu WK, Yuen WT, Stradling RA
1546 - 1555 Analysis of Electromigration-Induced Failures in High-Temperature Sputtered Al-Alloy Metallization
Onoda H, Hashimoto K, Touchi K
1556 - 1559 Benign Making of Sharp Tips for STM and FIM - Pt, Ir, Au, Pd, and Rh
Nam AJ, Teren A, Lusby TA, Melmed AJ
1560 - 1562 Thermal-Stability of Rapidly Annealed Indium Tin Oxide N-GaAs Heterostructures
Eftekhari G
1565 - 1565 Papers from the 22nd Annual Conference on the Physics and Chemistry of Semiconductor Interfaces - 8-12 January 1995, Holiday Inn and Conference Center, Old-Town, Scottsdale, Arizona - Preface
Dow JD, Allen RE, Aspnes DE
1566 - 1570 High-Brightness Light-Emitting-Diodes Grown by Molecular-Beam Epitaxy on ZnSe Substrates
Eason DB, Yu Z, Hughes WC, Boney C, Cook JW, Schetzina JF, Black DR, Cantwell G, Harsch WC
1571 - 1577 Molecular-Beam Epitaxy Growth and Properties of GaN Films on GaN/SiC Substrates
Hughes WC, Rowland WH, Johnson MA, Fujita S, Cook JW, Schetzina JF, Ren J, Edmond JA
1578 - 1581 Electron-Microscopy Characterization of GaN Films Grown by Molecular-Beam Epitaxy on Sapphire and SiC
Lilientalweber Z, Sohn H, Newman N, Washburn J
1582 - 1584 Electrical Characterization of Single Barrier GaAs/GaN/GaAs Heterostructures
Huang X, Cheng TS, Hooper SE, Foster TJ, Jenkins LC, Wang J, Foxon CT, Orton JW, Eaves L, Main PC
1585 - 1590 Auger-Electron Spectroscopy, X-Ray-Diffraction, and Scanning Electron-Microscopy of Inn, GaN, and Ga(Asn) Films on Gap and GaAs(001) Substrates
Jenkins LC, Cheng TS, Foxon CT, Hooper SE, Orton JW, Novikov SV, Tretyakov VV
1591 - 1596 Na/Carbon-Rich Beta-SiC(100) Surface - Initial Interface Formation and Metallization
Semond F, Soukiassian P, Mangat PS, Dicioccio L
1597 - 1601 Microscopic Picture of Si(113) - A Novel Surface Reconstruction, the Origin of Defects, and the Process of Adsorption - Theoretical and Experimental-Study
Dabrowski J, Mussig HJ, Wolff G
1602 - 1607 Measurements of Local Strain Variation in Si1-xGex/Si Heterostructures
Bell LD, Kaiser WJ, Manion SJ, Milliken AM, Pike WT, Fathauer RW
1608 - 1612 Roughness Analysis of Si/SiGe Heterostructures
Feenstra RM, Lutz MA, Stern F, Ismail K, Mooney PM, Legoues FK, Stanis C, Chu JO, Meyerson BS
1613 - 1617 Hydrogen-Bonding Arrangements at Si-SiO2 Interfaces
Jing Z, Lucovsky G, Whitten JL
1618 - 1625 Initial Oxidation of Silicon(100) - A Unified Chemical-Model for Thin and Thick Oxide-Growth Rates and Interfacial Structure
Whidden TK, Thanikasalam P, Rack MJ, Ferry DK
1626 - 1629 Effects of Growth Temperature on the SiO2/Si(100) Interface Structure
Lu ZH, Graham MJ, Tay SP, Jiang DT, Tan KH
1630 - 1634 Scaling of Si/SiO2 Interface Roughness
Yoshinobu T, Iwamoto A, Sudoh K, Iwasaki H
1635 - 1638 Band Discontinuities at Heterojunctions Between Crystalline and Amorphous-Silicon
Vandewalle CG, Yang LH
1639 - 1644 Homoepitaxy and Controlled Oxidation of Silicon at Low-Temperatures Using Low-Energy Ion-Beams
Albayati AH, Todorov SS, Boyd KJ, Marton D, Rabalais JW, Kulik J
1645 - 1652 Stability of CaF2/Si(111) and Al/CaF2/Si(111) Interface Systems Studied with Photoelectron-Spectroscopy and Scanning-Tunneling-Microscopy
Wen HJ, Dahneprietsch M, Bauer A, Manke I, Kaindl G
1653 - 1656 Oxygen-Associated Defects Near Si-SiO2 Interfaces in Porous Si and Their Role in Photoluminescence
Carlos WE, Prokes SM
1657 - 1665 Formation of the CeSix/Si(111) Interface
Manke I, Wen HJ, Hohr A, Bauer A, Dahneprietsch M, Kaindl G
1666 - 1671 Hydrogen-Induced Modification of the Optical-Properties of the GaAs(100) Surface
Esser N, Santos PV, Kuball M, Cardona M, Arens M, Pahlke D, Richter W, Stietz F, Schaefer JA, Fimland BO
1672 - 1678 Surface Ordering on GaAs(100) by Indium-Termination
Reschesser U, Esser N, Springer C, Zegenhagen J, Richter W, Cardona M, Fimland BO
1679 - 1683 Scanning-Tunneling-Microscopy of the Reaction of NH3 with GaAs(110)
Brown G, Weimer M
1684 - 1688 Ballistic-Electron-Emission Microscopy of Strained and Relaxed In0.35Ga0.65As/AlAs Interfaces
Ke ML, Westwood DI, Wilks S, Heghoyan S, Kestle A, Matthai CC, Richardson BE, Williams RH
1689 - 1693 Study of Interface Asymmetry in InAs-GaSb Heterojunctions
Wang MW, Collins DA, Mcgill TC, Grant RW, Feenstra RM
1694 - 1704 Generation of Degradation Defects, Stacking-Faults, and Misfit Dislocations in ZnSe-Based Films Grown on GaAs
Kuo LH, Salamancariba L, Wu BJ, Haugen GM, Depuydt JM, Hofler G, Cheng H
1705 - 1710 Deep-Level Formation at ZnSe/GaAs(100) Interfaces
Raisanen AD, Brillson LJ, Vanzetti L, Bonanni A, Franciosi A
1711 - 1714 Study of Reconstruction at Interfaces of CdSe/ZnTe Superlattices by Total-Energy Calculations
Ren SF, Gu ZQ, Chang YC
1715 - 1727 First Principles Studies of Band Offsets at Heterojunctions and of Surface Reconstruction Using Gaussian Dual-Space Density-Functional Theory
Chen XJ, Mintz A, Hu JS, Hua XL, Zinck J, Goddard WA
1728 - 1735 Strain Dependence of the Valence-Band Offset in Arsenide Compound Heterojunctions Determined by Photoelectron-Spectroscopy
Ohler C, Moers J, Forster A, Luth H
1736 - 1739 Explanation of the Origin of Electrons in the Unintentionally Doped InAs/AlSb System
Shen J, Goronkin H, Dow JD, Ren SY
1740 - 1743 Fabrication of Sub-50-nm Gate Length N-Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors and Their Electrical Characteristics
Ono M, Saito M, Yoshitomi T, Fiegna C, Ohguro T, Momose HS, Iwai H
1744 - 1750 Fabrication and Characterization of Quantum-Wire Transistors with Schottky Inplane Gates Formed by an in-Situ Electrochemical Process
Hasegawa H, Hashizume T, Okada H, Jinushi K
1751 - 1754 Direct Sublattice Imaging of Semiconductor-Materials
Mcgibbon AJ, Chisholm MF, Pennycook SJ
1755 - 1759 Annealing-Induced Near-Surface Ordering in Disordered Ga0.5In0.5P
Luo JS, Olson JM, Wu MC
1760 - 1765 Optical Studies of Heterointerfacial Growth Interrupts in Type-II GaAs/AlAs Superlattices by Time-Resolved Photoluminescence Imaging
Chang T, Fu LP, Bacalzo FT, Gilliland GD, Wolford DJ, Bajaj KK, Antonelli A, Chen R, Klem J, Hafich M
1766 - 1772 Influence of GaAs(001) Substrate Misorientation Towards (111) on the Optical-Properties of InxGa1-xAs/GaAs
Rich DH, Rammohan K, Tang Y, Lin HT, Goldman RS, Wieder HH, Kavanagh KL
1773 - 1779 Effects of Interface Flatness and Abruptness on Optical and Electrical Characteristics of GaAs/AlGaAs Quantum Structures Grown by Metalorganic Vapor-Phase Epitaxy
Shinohara M, Yokoyama H, Inoue N
1780 - 1787 Characterizing Wearout, Breakdown, and Trap Generation in Thin Silicon-Oxide
Dumin DJ, Maddux JR, Subramoniam R, Scott RS, Vanchinathan S, Dumin NA, Dickerson KJ, Mopuri S, Gladstone SM, Hughes TW
1788 - 1793 Reliability of Nitrided Si-SiO2 Interfaces Formed by a New, Low-Temperature, Remote-Plasma Process
Lee DR, Parker CG, Hauser J, Lucovsky G
1794 - 1800 Silicon Interlayer Based Surface Passivation of Near-Surface Quantum-Wells
Kodama S, Koyanagi S, Hashizume T, Hasegawa H
1801 - 1804 Long-Term and Thermal-Stability of Hydrogen Ion-Passivated AlGaAs/GaAs Near-Surface Quantum-Wells
Chang YL, Yi SI, Shi S, Hu E, Weinberg WH, Merz J
1805 - 1809 Ge/Si Heterostructures Grown by Sn-Surfactant-Mediated Molecular-Beam Epitaxy
Lin XW, Lilientalweber Z, Washburn J, Weber ER, Sasaki A, Wakahara A, Hasegawa T
1810 - 1815 Hydrogen Desorption from Si - How Does This Relate to Film Growth
Greenlief CM, Armstrong M
1816 - 1819 Surface-Roughness and Pattern-Formation During Homoepitaxial Growth of Ge(001) at Low-Temperatures
Vannostrand JE, Chey SJ, Cahill DG
1820 - 1823 Surface-Chemistry Evolution During Molecular-Beam Epitaxy Growth of InGaAs
Evans KR, Kaspi R, Ehret JE, Skowronski M, Jones CR
1824 - 1829 Influence of Various Growth-Parameters on the Interface Abruptness of AlAs/GaAs Short-Period Superlattices
Smith AR, Chao KJ, Shih CK, Shih YC, Anselm KA, Streetman BG
1830 - 1840 Hot-Electron Transport Through Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Structures Studied by Ballistic-Electron-Emission Spectroscopy
Ludeke R, Bauer A, Cartier E
1841 - 1847 Calculation of the Average Interface Field in Inversion-Layers Using Zero-Temperature Greens-Function Formalism
Vasileska D, Bordone P, Eldridge T, Ferry DK
1848 - 1852 In-Situ Ballistic-Carrier Spectroscopy on Epitaxial CoSi2/Si(111) and Si(100)
Sirringhaus H, Lee EY, Kafader U, Vonkanel H
1853 - 1858 Gate-Controlled Modulation of Charge-Transport in Long-Channel, Delta-Doped, Heterojunction Hall-Bar Structures
Wieder HH, Goldman RS, Chen JH, Young AP
1861 - 1861 Papers from the Topical Conference on Manufacturing Science and Technology - 24-27 October 1994, Colorado Convention Center, Denver, Colorado - Preface
Rubloff GW, Liehr M
1862 - 1866 Experimental Validation of a Direct Simulation by Monte-Carlo Molecular Gas-Flow Model
Shufflebotham PK, Bartel TJ, Berney B
1867 - 1874 Optimization of Intermetal Dielectric Deposition Module Using Simulation
Li JL, Mcvittie JP, Ferziger J, Saraswat KC, Dong J
1875 - 1878 Experimental and Simulation Studies of Thermal Flow of Borophosphosilicate and Phosphosilicate Glasses
Thallikar G, Liao H, Cale TS, Myers FR
1879 - 1882 Factory of the Future - The Whole Factory View
Harrell S
1883 - 1887 Photocatalytic Oxidation for Point-of-Use Abatement of Volatile Organic-Compounds in Microelectronics Manufacturing
Raupp GB
1888 - 1892 Subatmospheric Chemical-Vapor-Deposition Ozone/Teos Process for SiO2 Trench Filling
Shareef IA, Rubloff GW, Anderle M, Gill WN, Cotte J, Kim DH
1893 - 1899 Profile Modeling of High-Density Plasma Oxide Etching
Han JS, Mcvittie JP, Zheng J
1900 - 1905 Development of a Multitask and Multiinstrument Sample Transfer System
Thevuthasan S, Baer DR, Englehard MH, Liang Y, Worthington JN, Howard TR, Munn JR, Rounds KS
1906 - 1909 Long-Throw Low-Pressure Sputtering Technology for Very Large-Scale Integrated Devices
Motegi N, Kashimoto Y, Nagatani K, Takahashi S, Kondo T, Mizusawa Y, Nakayama I
1910 - 1916 Manufacturing Issues of Electrostatic Chucks
Wright DR, Chen L, Federlin P, Forbes K
1917 - 1923 Process-Control in Semiconductor Manufacturing
Butler SW
1924 - 1927 Real-Time Process and Product Diagnostics in Rapid Thermal Chemical-Vapor-Deposition Using in-Situ Mass-Spectrometric Sampling
Tedder LL, Rubloff GW, Shareef I, Anderle M, Kim DH, Parsons GN