Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A

Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A, Vol.18, No.5 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0734-2101 (Print) 

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2045 - 2052 Plasma etch/deposition modeling: A new dynamically coupled multiscale code and comparison with experiment
Bear MJ, Guillory JU
2053 - 2061 Analysis of chlorine-containing plasmas applied in III/V semiconductor processing
Franz G, Kelp A, Messerer P
2062 - 2066 Effect of magnetic field configuration in the cathodic polymerization systems with two anode magnetrons
Zhao JG, Yasuda HK
2067 - 2079 The role of feedgas chemistry, mask material, and processing parameters in profile evolution during plasma etching of Si(100)
Lane JM, Bogart KHA, Klemens FP, Lee JTC
2080 - 2084 Etching of (Ba,Sr)TiO3 film by chlorine plasma
Shibano T, Takenaga T, Nakamura K, Oomori T
2085 - 2089 Crystallization of amorphous-silicon films with seed layers of microcrystalline silicon by plasma heating
Kim HY, Park CD, Kang YS, Jang KJ, Lee JY
2090 - 2097 Etching of Si through a thick condensed XeF2 layer
Sebel PGM, Hermans LJF, Beijerinck HCW
2098 - 2101 Characteristics of ZnO : Cr thin films deposited by spray pyrolysis
Maldonado A, Olvera MDL, Asomoza R, Tirado-Guerra S
2102 - 2107 Gas utilization in remote plasma cleaning and stripping applications
Kastenmeier BEE, Oehrlein GS, Langan JG, Entley WR
2108 - 2115 Plasma injection with helicon sources
Chen FF, Jiang XC, Evans JD
2116 - 2121 Powder formation in germane-silane plasmas
van Swaaij RACMM, Girwar BS, Metselaar JW
2122 - 2129 Fluorocarbon polymer deposition kinetics in a low-pressure, high density, inductively coupled plasma reactor
Sowa MJ, Littau ME, Pohray V, Cecchi JL
2130 - 2136 Sensitivity studies of silicon etching in chlorine/argon plasmas
Kleditzsch S, Riedel U
2137 - 2142 Interactions between plasmas in ionized physical vapor deposition discharges
Andrew Y, Lu Z, Snodgrass T, Teitzel G, Wendt AE
2143 - 2148 Investigation of Si-doped diamond-like carbon films synthesized by plasma immersion ion processing
He XM, Walter KC, Nastasi M, Lee ST, Fung MK
2149 - 2152 Studies on the optimum condition for the formation of a neutral loop discharge plasma
Sung YM, Uchino K, Muraoka K, Sakoda T
2153 - 2163 Film growth precursors in a remote SiH4 plasma used for high-rate deposition of hydrogenated amorphous silicon
Kessels WMM, van de Sanden MCM, Schram DC
2164 - 2168 Effects of plasma excitation power, sample bias, and duty cycle on the structure and surface properties of amorphous carbon thin films fabricated on AIS1440 steel by plasma immersion ion implantation
Zeng ZM, Tian XB, Kwok TK, Tang BY, Fung MK, Chu PK
2169 - 2174 Cl-2-based dry etching of GaN films under inductively coupled plasma conditions
Im YH, Park JS, Hahn YB, Nahm KS, Lee YS, Cho BC, Lim KY, Lee HJ, Pearton SJ
2175 - 2184 Investigation of dilute SF6 discharges for application to SiC reactive ion etching
Scofield JD, Ganguly BN, Bletzinger P
2185 - 2197 Hysteresis and mode transitions in a low-frequency inductively coupled plasma
Xu S, Ostrikov KN, Luo W, Lee S
2198 - 2206 Particle transport in a parallel-plate semiconductor reactor: Chamber modification and design criterion for enhanced process cleanliness
Nijhawan S, McMurry PH, Campbell SA
2207 - 2212 Electron temperature, density, and metastable-atom density of argon electron-cyclotron-resonance plasma discharged by 7.0, 8.0, and 9.4 GHz microwaves
Kawai Y, Kano K, Suzuki T, Akatsuka H, Fujii Y
2213 - 2216 Diagnosis of positive ions from the near-cathode region in a high-voltage pulsed corona discharge N-2 plasma
Tang SK, Wang WC, Liu JH, Yang XF, Wu Y
2217 - 2223 Abatement of C2F6 in rf and microwave plasma reactors
Vitale SA, Sawin HH
2224 - 2229 Si etching rate calculation for low pressure high density plasma source using Cl-2 gas
Lee YD, Chang HY, Chang CS
2230 - 2238 Structural and mechanical characterization of fluorinated amorphous-carbon films deposited by plasma decomposition of CF4-CH4 gas mixtures
Jacobsohn LG, Franceschini DF, da Costa MEHM, Freire FL
2239 - 2243 Er deposition in the submonolayer range on weakly boron-doped Si(111) surface
Palmino F, Pelletier S, Ehret E, Gautier B, Labrune JC
2244 - 2248 Iron oxide thin films prepared by ion beam induced chemical vapor deposition: Structural characterization by infrared spectroscopy
Yubero F, Ocana M, Justo A, Contreras L, Gonzalez-Elipe AR
2249 - 2253 Nickel precipitation at nanocavities in separation by implantation of oxygen
Zhang M, Zeng XC, Chu PK, Scholz R, Lin CL
2254 - 2261 How low-energy ions can enhance depositions on low-K dielectrics
Abramowitz P, Kiene M, Ho PS
2262 - 2266 Effect of a thin Ni layer on hydrogenation and thermal release characteristics of Ti thin films
Shi LQ, Zhou ZY, Zhao GQ
2267 - 2270 Damage in diamond produced by analysis beam
Ma ZQ, Liu BX, Naramoto H
2271 - 2276 Damage of InP (110) induced by low energy Ar+ and He+ bombardment
Zhao Q, Deng ZW, Kwok RWM, Lau WM
2277 - 2287 Effects of increasing nitrogen concentration on the structure of carbon nitride films deposited by ion beam assisted deposition
Hammer P, Victoria NM, Alvarez F
2288 - 2294 Vacuum beam studies of photoresist etching kinetics
Greer F, Coburn JW, Graves DB
2295 - 2301 ZnO : Zn phosphor thin films prepared by ion beam sputtering
Li W, Mao DS, Zhang FM, Wang X, Liu XH, Zou SC, Zhu YK, Li Q, Xu JF
2302 - 2311 Characterization studies of diamond-like carbon films grown using a saddle-field fast-atom-beam source
Sarangi D, Panwar OS, Kumar S, Bhattacharyya R
2312 - 2318 Ti, TiN, and Ti/TiN thin films prepared by ion beam assisted deposition as diffusion barriers between Cu and Si
Mu HC, Yu YH, Luo EZ, Sundaravel B, Wong SP, Wilson IH
2319 - 2326 Interaction of alcohols with a-CHx films
Shukla N, Gellman AJ
2327 - 2332 Fabrication of ZnO-doped Zr0.8Sn0.2TiO4 thin films by radio frequency magnetron sputtering
Huang CL, Hsu CS
2333 - 2338 Low-temperature magnetron sputter-deposition, hardness, and electrical resistivity of amorphous and crystalline alumina thin films
Li Q, Yu YH, Bhatia CS, Marks LD, Lee SC, Chung YW
2339 - 2343 Epitaxial growth and physical properties of Permalloy film deposited on MgO(001) by biased dc plasma sputtering
Ishino M, Yang JP, Makihara K, Shi J, Hashimoto M
2344 - 2348 Amorphous carbon films deposited by direct current-magnetron sputtering: Void distribution investigated by gas effusion and small angle x-ray scattering experiments
Freire FL, Jacobsohn LG, Franceschini DF, Camargo SS
2349 - 2358 Growth, structure, and mechanical properties of CNxHy films deposited by dc magnetron sputtering in N-2/Ar/H-2 discharges
Hellgren N, Johansson MP, Hjorvarsson B, Broitman E, Ostblom M, Liedberg B, Hultman L, Sundgren JE
2359 - 2362 Chemical structure change of thin films prepared from nonpolymeric organic compounds by pulsed laser deposition
Kajitani T, Tanaka O, Tange Y, Matsuda H, Ooie T, Yano T, Yoneda M, Katsumura M, Suzaki Y
2363 - 2371 Laser-induced photodetachment in high-density low-pressure SF6 magnetoplasmas
St-Onge L, Chaker M, Margot J
2372 - 2377 Evaporation and ion assisted deposition of HfO2 coatings: Some key points for high power laser applications
Andre B, Poupinet L, Ravel G
2378 - 2383 Influence of oxygen background pressure on the structure and properties of epitaxial SrTiO3/La0.35Nd0.35Sr0.3MnO3 heterostructures grown by pulsed laser deposition
Wu WB, Wong KH, Mak CL, Pang G, Choy CL, Zhang YH
2384 - 2388 The deposition behavior of SiO2-TiO2 thin film by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition methods
Lee SM, Park JH, Hong KS, Cho WJ, Kim DL
2389 - 2393 Properties of nitrogen doped silicon films deposited by low-pressure chemical vapor deposition from silane and ammonia
Temple-Boyer P, Jalabert L, Masarotto L, Alay JL, Morante JR
2394 - 2399 Comparison of titanium oxide films grown on bare glass and boiled glass in 50% H2SO4 by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition
Jang HK, Whangbo SW, Chung YD, Kim TG, Kim HB, Lyo IW, Whang CN, Wang CH, Choi DJ, Kim TK, Lee HS
2400 - 2403 Chemical vapor deposition of Ru thin films by direct liquid injection of Ru(OD)(3) (OD=octanedionate)
Lee JH, Kim JY, Rhee SW, Yang DY, Kim DH, Yang CH, Han YK, Hwang CJ
2404 - 2411 Variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometry of fluorocarbon films from hot filament chemical vapor deposition
Lau KKS, Caulfield JA, Gleason KK
2412 - 2416 Effect of oxygen stoichiometry on the ferroelectric property of epitaxial all-oxide La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O-3/La0.7Sr0.3 thin-film capacitors
Wu WB, Wong KH, Mak CL, Choy CL, Zhang YH
2417 - 2431 Preparation and characterization of clean, single-crystalline YHx films (0 <= x <= 2.9) on W(110)
Hayoz J, Pillo T, Bovet M, Zuttel A, Guthrie S, Pastore G, Schlapbach L, Aebi P
2432 - 2436 Two-step deposition process of piezoelectric ZnO film and its application for film bulk acoustic resonators
Park SH, Seo BC, Yoon G, Park HD
2437 - 2440 Epitaxial growth of La-Ca-Mn-O thin film on out-of-plane twinned LaAlO3
Song JH, Kim KK, Oh YJ, Jung HJ, Choi WK, Song JH, Choi DK
2441 - 2447 Reactivity of heteropolyanions toward GaAs compound
Rothschild A, Quennoy A, Etcheberry A, Debiemme-Chouvy C
2448 - 2451 Growth and characterization of GaTlAs
Antonell MJ, Gila B, Powers K, Abernathy CR
2452 - 2458 Optical spectroscopic analyses of OH incorporation into SiO2 films deposited from O-2/tetraethoxysilane plasmas
Goullet A, Vallee C, Granier A, Turban G
2459 - 2465 Mass spectrometry study during the vapor deposition of poly-para-xylylene thin films
Fortin JB, Lu TM
2466 - 2471 Semi-empirical modeling of the optical gap of amorphous hydrogenated nitrogenated carbon films
Santo LLE, Durrant SF, Rangel EC, Galvao DS, de Moraes MAB
2472 - 2476 Red SrTiO3 : Pr,Al phosphor as potential field emission display material
Yokoyama M, Yang SH
2477 - 2481 Atomic force microscopy investigation of nanometer-scale modifications of polymer morphology caused by ultraviolet irradiation
Nowicki M, Kaczmarek H, Czajka R, Susla B
2482 - 2485 Spectra mapping of scanning tunneling microscope-induced light from electrochemically deposited Ag films on Au
Nishitani R, Kasuya A, Szuba S
2486 - 2492 Growth of diamond films on Ti-6Al-4V substrates and determination of residual stresses using Raman spectroscopy
Kumar A, Ahmed I, Vedawyas M
2493 - 2496 Luminous efficiency and secondary electron emission characteristics of alternating current plasma display panels with MgO-SrO-CaO protective layers
Kim R, Kim Y, Cho JH, Park JW
2497 - 2502 Dynamical behavior of hydrogen molecule on GaAs(001) surface
Ohashi M, Ozeki M, Cui J
2503 - 2506 Analysis of silicon-oxide-silicon nitride stacks by medium-energy ion scattering
Ladheer D, Ma P, Lennard WN, Mitchell IV, McNorgan C
2507 - 2512 Three-dimensional simulation of film microstructure produced by glancing angle deposition
Smy T, Vick D, Brett MJ, Dew SK, Wu AT, Sit JC, Harris KD
2513 - 2516 Potassium reaction on sulfur-passivated GaAs(100)
Seo JM
2517 - 2521 The role of oxygen in the intrinsic tensile residual stress evolution in sputter-deposited thin metal films
Misra A, Nastasi M
2522 - 2526 Interfacial silicon oxide formation during oxygen annealing of Ta2O5 thin films on Si: Oxygen isotope labeling
Park HJ, Mao A, Kwong DL, White JM
2527 - 2532 Kinetic investigation of copper film oxidation by spectroscopic ellipsometry and reflectometry
Hu YZ, Sharangpani R, Tay SP
2533 - 2541 Experimental and theoretical study of a differentially pumped absorption gas cell used as a low energy-pass filter in the vacuum ultraviolet photon energy range
Mercier B, Compin M, Prevost C, Bellec G, Thissen R, Dutuit O, Nahon L
2542 - 2548 Alternative NH4F/HCl solution for ultraclean Si(001) surface
Bok TH, Ye JH, Li SFY
2549 - 2562 Evacuation and outgassing of vacuum glazing
Ng N, Collins RE
2563 - 2567 Effects of chemical etching with hydrochloric acid on a glass surface
Jang HK, Chung YD, Whangbo SW, Lyo IW, Whang CN, Lee SJ, Lee S
2568 - 2577 Recommended practice for calibrating vacuum gauges of the thermal conductivity type
Ellefson RE, Miiller AP
2578 - 2580 Molecular adsorption of GH(3)CN and C5H5N on si(111)7x7
Shirota N, Yagi S, Taniguchi M, Hashimoto E
2581 - 2585 Low cost, mechanically refrigerated diffusion pump baffle for ultrahigh vacuum chambers
Chambreau S, Neuburger ML, Ho T, Funk B, Pullman D
2586 - 2590 Thickness effects in ultrathin film chemical vapor deposition polymers
Senkevich JJ
2591 - 2594 Aligned silicon carbide nanocrystals at the SiO2/Si interface by C implantation into SiO2 matrices
Chen CM, Liu XQ, Li ZF, Yu GQ, Zhu DZ, Hu J, Li MQ, Lu W
2595 - 2596 Sequential turret source-masking system for fabrication of multilayer structures
Anthopoulos T, Shafai TS
2597 - 2597 Copper electroplating for future ultralarge scale integration interconnection (vol 18, pg 656, 2000)
Gau WC, Chang TC, Lin YS, Hu JC, Chen LJ, Chang CY, Cheng CL
2598 - 2602 Fabrication of micro and submicro Y-Ba-Cu-O particles by excimer laser processing
Luo GP, Chen CL, Chen SY, Shen J, Wang YS, Sun YY, Chu CW, Liou Y, Ming NB
2603 - 2605 Kinematic sample mounting system for accurate positioning of transferrable samples
Lapicki A, Boyd KJ, Anderson SL
2606 - 2607 Electrochemical fluorine source for ultrahigh vacuum dosing
Nakayama KS, Sakurai T, Weaver JH
2608 - 2612 Effects of oxygen gettering and target mode change in the formation process of reactively sputtered Pt oxide thin films
Abe Y, Kawamura M, Sasaki K