Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A

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ISSN: 0734-2101 (Print) 

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295 - 298 Bipolaron formation in para-sexiphenyl thin films upon Cs doping
Koch N, Leising G, Yu LM, Rajagopal A, Pireaux JJ, Johnson RL
299 - 305 Appearance potential mass spectrometry: Discrimination of dissociative ionization products
Singh H, Coburn JW, Graves DB
306 - 311 Electronic core levels of HgPX3 chalcogenophosphates
Calareso C, Curro GM, Grasso V, Silipigni L
312 - 319 Secondary ion emission from molecular overlayers: Thiols on gold
Rading D, Kersting R, Benninghoven A
320 - 324 Structural analysis of Si(111)-7 x 7 domain boundaries with takayanaki cores
Zhao YF, Zhang ZH, Yang HQ, Xue ZQ, Pang SJ
325 - 328 Photoemission studies of K-promoted oxidation of the GaAs(110) surface
Lin G, Zhao TX, Liu HT, Yang HW, Ji MR
329 - 333 Effect of CaO addition on properties of ion-induced secondary electron emission of MgO films
Cho J, Park JW
334 - 337 Desorption of fragment ions from condensed Si(OCH3)(4) by localized inner-shell electron excitation at the silicon, oxygen, and carbon K edges
Baba Y, Sekiguchi T
338 - 342 Determination of atomic oxygen density with a nickel catalytic probe
Sorli I, Rocak R
343 - 348 Apparatus for quantitative analysis of residual gases in flat panel vacuum packages
Chalamala BR, Uebelhoer D, Dean KA
349 - 355 New combination of a three-component gas, Ne-Xe-Ar, for a high efficiency plasma display panel
Min BK, Lee SH, Park HG
356 - 360 Wide band gap amorphous hydrogenated carbon films grown by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Convertino A, Visconti P, Cingolani R
361 - 366 Growth characteristics and deposition mechanism of SrTiO3 thin films by plasma enhanced metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
Kim DO, Choi RJ, Nahm KS, Hahn YB
367 - 371 Thickness distribution of large-area diamondlike carbon films formed by CH4/H-2 supermagnetron plasma chemical vapor deposition with application of a stationary magnetic field
Kinoshita H, Nomura S, Honda M
372 - 376 A comparative study on inductively-coupled plasma high-density plasma, plasma-enhanced, and low pressure chemical vapor deposition silicon nitride films
Yota J, Hander J, Saleh AA
377 - 384 Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition of fluorocarbon thin films via CF3H/H-2 chemistries: Power, pressure, and feed stock composition studies
Senkevich JJ, Sherrer DW
385 - 387 Anisotropic plasma etching of polymers using a cryo-cooled resist mask
Schuppert B, Brose E, Petermann K, Moosburger R
388 - 392 Improvement in downflow etching rate using Au as a catalyst
Kataoka Y, Shinmura T, Kanoh M
393 - 400 Inductively coupled, point-of-use plasma abatement of perfluorinated compounds and hydrofluorinated compounds from etch processes utilizing O-2 and H2O as additive gases
Tonnis EJ, Graves DB, Vartanian VH, Beu L, Lii T, Jewett R
401 - 404 Effects of chemical etching with sulfuric acid on glass surface
Jang HK, Chung YD, Whangbo SW, Lee YS, Lyo IW, Whang CN, Lee SJ, Kim G
405 - 410 Application of direct bias control in high-density inductively coupled plasma etching equipment
Patrick R, Baldwin S, Williams N
411 - 416 On the active surface layer in CF3+ etching of Si: Atomistic simulation and a simple mass balance model
Abrams CF, Graves DB
417 - 422 Use of neural networks to model low-temperature tungsten etch characteristics in high density SF6 plasma
Kim B, Sun JH, Choi CJ, Lee DD, Seol YS
423 - 434 Study of the ignition behavior of a pulsed dc discharge used for plasma-assisted chemical-vapor deposition
Beer TA, Laimer J, Stori H
435 - 437 Compounds of the CdTe-In2Te3 system in CdTe-In film grown by the close-spaced vapor transport technique combined with free evaporation
Hernandez MP, Iribarren A, Torres MZ, Bartolo P, Sosa V, Pena JL
438 - 449 Studies of heteroepitaxial growth of thin II-VI semiconductor layers by sequential ultrahigh vacuum dosing
Luo Y, Han M, Slater DA, Osgood RM
450 - 456 Effects of growth temperature on Mg-doped GaN epitaxial films grown by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy
Myoung JM, Kim K
457 - 460 Characteristics of BeTe films grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Cho MW, Chang JH, Saeki S, Wang SQ, Yao T
461 - 464 Growth of GaNAs by molecular beam expitaxy using a N-2/Ar rf plasma
Gotthold DW, Govindaraju S, Mattord T, Holmes AL, Streetman BG
465 - 469 Characterization of magnesium fluoride thin films deposited by direct electron beam evaporation
Dumas L, Quesnel E, Robic JY, Pauleau Y
470 - 476 Nondestructive characterization of thin silicides using x-ray reflectivity
Detavernier C, De Gryse R, Van Meirhaeghe RL, Cardon F, Ru GP, Qu XP, Li BZ, Donaton RA, Maex K
477 - 484 Single shot laser damage in ultraviolet mirrors with a stepwise reflectivity profile
Diso D, Perrone MR, Piegari A, Protopapa ML, Scaglione S
485 - 491 Photoinduced dichroism and its low-temperature characteristics in obliquely deposited amorphous As-Ge-Se-S thin films
Lee HY, Chun JY, Yeo CH, Chung HB
492 - 496 Removal conditions for trapped microparticles in a stored electron beam using electrostatic electrodes
Saeki H, Momose T
497 - 502 Measurements of rf bias effect in a dual electron cyclotron resonance-rf methane plasma using the Langmuir probe method
Hong JG, Granier A, Leteinturier C, Peignon MC, Turban G
503 - 508 Dynamic simulations of pulsed reactive sputtering processes
Jonsson LB, Nyberg T, Berg S
509 - 514 Study on nanosized TiO/WO3 thin films achieved by radio frequency sputtering
Guidi V, Comini E, Ferroni M, Martinelli G, Sberveglieri G
515 - 523 Bonding and morphology study of carbon nitride films obtained by dual ion beam sputtering
Quiros C, Prieto P, Fernandez A, Elizalde E, Morant C, Schlogl R, Spillecke O, Sanz JM
524 - 528 Mechanical properties of titanium nitride coatings deposited by inductively coupled plasma assisted direct current magnetron sputtering
Lim JW, Park HS, Park TH, Lee JJ, Joo J
529 - 535 Role of the surface roughness in laser induced crystallization of nanostructured silicon films
Hadjadj A, Boufendi L, Huet S, Schelz S, Cabarrocas PRI, Estrade-Szwarckopf H, Rousseau B
536 - 542 Epitaxial growth and surface structure of cuprous halide thin films
Wake T, Saiki K, Koma A
543 - 551 Three-dimensional flow analysis of spiral-grooved turbo booster pump in slip and continuum flow
Cheng HP, Jou RY, Chen FZ, Chang YW, Iwane M, Hanaoka T
552 - 553 Hermetic indium metal-to-glass-tube seal
Lenzen M, Collins RE
554 - 556 Characterization of plasma deposited Ta2O5 films using grazing incidence x-ray scattering
Four S, Devine RAB, Brunel M
557 - 559 Molybdenum-ruthenium/beryllium multilayer coatings
Bajt S
560 - 562 Investigation of persistent photoconductivity in a Ge-doped ZnSe epilayer
Zhang L, Dai N, Hu GJ, Chen LY, Tamargo MC
563 - 566 Simple self-selective method of velocity measurement for particles in impact-based deposition
Lebedev M, Akedo J, Mori K, Eiju T
567 - 569 Cryogenic ultrahigh vacuum manipulator for angle dependent x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy studies
Hawkridge AM, Gardella JA, Sagerman GR
573 - 573 Papers from the Ninth Canadian Semiconductor Technology Conference - 10-13 August 1999 - The Chateau Laurier Hotel Ottawa, Canada - Preface
Janz S, Das SR, Landheer D
574 - 577 Optical breakdown of InGaAsP/InP based multiquantum well optical attenuators
Boudreau M, Yan J, Hobbs L
578 - 581 Widely tunable self-assembled quantum dot lasers
Hinzer K, Allen CN, Lapointe J, Picard D, Wasilewski ZR, Fafard S, Thorpe AJS
582 - 587 Light absorption in a resistive-gate GaAs charge-coupled device
Hu S, Cresswell JV, Bryman DA, Kwok HL
588 - 592 Si/Si1-xGex photodetectors using three-dimensional growth modes to enhance photoresponse at lambda=1550 nm
Janz S, Baribeau JM, Lockwood DJ, McCaffrey JP, Moisa S, Rowell NL, Xu DX, Lafontaine H, Pearson MRT
593 - 596 Selective doping of multilayer organic light emitting devices
Lam J, Gorjanc TC, Tao Y, D'Iorio M
597 - 600 Effect of interface states on the performance of GaAs p(+)-i far-infrared detectors
Perera AGU, Shen WZ, Ershov M, Liu HC, Buchanan M, Gunapala SD, Bandara SV, Liu JK, Ye HH, Schaff WJ
601 - 604 Progress on optimization of p-type GaAs/AlGaAs quantum well infrared photodetectors
Shen A, Liu HC, Buchanan M, Gao M, Szmulowicz F, Brown GJ, Ehret J
605 - 609 Optical properties of semiconductor heterostructures for active photonic device modeling
Tolstikhin VI
610 - 614 Two-dimensional gain profiles of InP/InGaAs separate absorption, grading, charge, and multiplication avalanche photodiodes modeled by a simplified stochastic approach
Xiao YGG, Deen MJ
615 - 620 Photoconductor selection for digital flat panel x-ray image detectors based on the dark current
Kasap SO, Rowlands JA
621 - 625 Photoresponse of photodiode arrays for solid-state image sensors
Lee JS, Hornsey RI
626 - 629 Double-gated microtip emitters for brighter field-emission displays
Py C, Gao M, Das SR, Grant P, Marshall P, LeBrun L
630 - 634 Ultrafast silicon based photodetectors
Buchal C, Loken M, Lipinsky T, Kappius L, Mantl S
635 - 638 Room temperature YBaCuO microbolometers
Phong LN, Qiu SN
639 - 642 X-ray phosphor deposition technology for co-integration with amorphous silicon imaging arrays
Gu ZH, Tao S, Chan I, Nathan A
643 - 647 Infrared characterization of GaN and GaN/AlGaN molecular beam epitaxial layers
Bardwell JA, Dharma-Wardana MWC, Tang H, Webb JB
648 - 651 Growth mechanisms and modeling for metalorganic chemical vapor deposition selective-area epitaxy on InP substrates
Greenspan JE, Zhang X, Puetz N, Emmerstorfer B
652 - 655 Growth of high-performance GaN modulation-doped field-effect transistors by ammonia-molecular-beam epitaxy
Tang H, Webb JB, Bardwell JA, MacElwee T
656 - 660 Copper electroplating for future ultralarge scale integration interconnection
Gau WC, Chang TC, Lin YS, Hu JC, Chen LJ, Chang CY, Cheng CL
661 - 664 1/f noise in p-type amorphous silicon
Johanson RE, Kasap SO, Gaspari F, Yeghikyan D, Zukotynski S
665 - 670 Growth characteristics of vacuum coated thick a-Se films for device applications
Juhasz C, Gembala V, Kasap SO
671 - 675 Parameters of vacuum deposition of ZnS : Mn active layer for electroluminescent displays
Krasnov AN, Hofstra PG, McCullough MT
676 - 680 Electrical characterization of metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitors with anodic and plasma-nitrided oxides
Landsberger LM, Ghayour R, Sayedi M, Kahrizi M, Landheer D, Bardwell JA, Riopel Y, Jean C, Logiudice V
681 - 684 Study of the effect of layer thickness, beam energy, and metal density on the resistless silicide direct-write electron-beam lithography process for the fabrication of nanostructures
Lavallee E, Beauvais J, Drouin D, Corbin J
685 - 687 Optimization of n(+) mu c-Si : H contact layer for low leakage current in a-Si : H thin film transistors
Murthy RVR, Servati P, Nathan A, Chamberlain SG
688 - 692 Intrinsic thin film stresses in multilayered imaging pixels
Park B, Karim KS, Nathan A
693 - 696 Annealing studies on monocrystalline CuInSe2 used as substrates in photovoltaic cells
Champness CH, Ahmad GI
697 - 700 Surface passivation of InGaAs for heterojunction bipolar transistor applications
Driad R, McKinnon WR, Lu ZH, McAlister SP, Poole PJ, Charbonneau S
701 - 704 Photoluminescence and Hall effect measurements of Te segregation in Te-doped GaSb grown in terrestrial and microgravity conditions
Labrie D, O'Brien J, Redden RF, Audet N, Lent B, Micklethwaite WF
705 - 708 Laser infrared photothermal radiometry of electronic solids: Principles and applications to industrial semiconductor Si wafers
Mandelis A, Riopel Y
709 - 712 Magnetic field induced changes in electron states of a superlattice
Paranjape VV
713 - 716 Study of doping concentration variation in InGaAs/InP high electron mobility transistor layer structures by Raman scattering
Radhakrishnan K, Patrick THK, Zheng HQ, Zhang PH, Yoon SF
717 - 719 Secondary defects engineering in c-Si: Influence of implantation dose, temperature, and oxygen concentration
Poirier R, Schiettekatte F, Roorda S, Fortin MO
720 - 723 Evaluation of single- and multilayered amorphous tantalum nitride thin films as diffusion barriers in copper metallization
Chen GS, Chen ST, Yang LC, Lee PY
724 - 729 Ultrathin oxynitride formation by low energy ion implantation
Khoueir A, Lu ZH, Ng WT, Ma Y
730 - 733 Fabrication of parallel quantum point contacts with submicron airbridges
Feng Y, Sachrajda AS, Zawadzki P, Kolind S, Buchanan M, Smet JH, Lapointe J, Marshall PA
734 - 737 Residual strain and resultant postrelease deflection of surface micromachined structures
Hubbard T, Wylde J
738 - 742 Dual-doped TMAH silicon etchant for microelectromechanical structures and systems applications
Paranjape M, Pandy A, Brida S, Landsberger L, Kahrizi M, Zen M
743 - 745 Silicon micromachining for millimeter-wave applications
Guillon B, Grenier K, Pons P, Cazaux JL, Lalaurie JC, Cros D, Plana R
746 - 749 Bistable microelectrothermal actuator in a standard complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor process
Ressejac IC, Landsberger LM, Currie JF
750 - 753 Fabrication of high performance GaN modulation doped field effect transistors
Bardwell JA, Foulds I, Lamontagne B, Tang H, Webb JB, Marshall P, Rolfe SJ, Stapledon J, MacElwee TW
754 - 756 Temperature distribution over a GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistor measured by fluorescent microthermal imaging
Boyer N, Oliver B, Hagley A, Masson DP, Simard-Normandin M, Meunier M
757 - 760 Direct extraction of the channel thermal noise in metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistor from measurements of their rf noise parameters
Chen CH, Deen MJ
761 - 764 Design and performance of InP/GaAsSb/InP double heterojunction bipolar transistors
Dvorak MW, Matine N, Bolognesi CR, Xu XG, Watkins SP
765 - 769 Hot-carrier effects on radio frequency noise characteristics of LDD n-type metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistors
Kwan WS, Chen CH, Deen MJ
770 - 774 The temperature dependence of the dc characteristics of silicon germanium bipolar transistors
McAlister SP, Kovacic S, Renaud A, Zhou ZF
775 - 779 Application of the traditional compact expressions for estimating the regional signal-delay times of heterojunction bipolar transistors
Pulfrey DL, Fathpour S, St Denis A, Vaidyanathan M, Hagley WA, Surridge RK
780 - 782 120 degrees C fabrication technology for a-Si : H thin film transistors on flexible polyimide substrates
Sazonov A, Nathan A
783 - 786 Scaling the SiGe channel pmetal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistor: The case for p plus SiGe gates
Wong DM, Tarr NG
787 - 792 Two-dimensional simulation of the transient electrothermal effects during the gate turn-off thyristor turn-off
Mezroua FZ, Abid R