Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A

Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A, Vol.17, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0734-2101 (Print) 

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325 - 331 Molecularly engineered low temperature atomic layer growth of aluminum nitride on Si(100)
Liu H, Rogers JW
332 - 337 Study on the transition temperature and phase formation sequence in TiZr silicides on Si(100)
Cha TH, Yoon SH, Lee DK, Ryu H, Lee HJ, Kim CS, Jeon HT
338 - 341 Synthesis and characterization of In-Tl-Sb compounds grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Antonell MJ, Abernathy CR, Acree WA, Berding MA, Sher A
342 - 346 Line-of-sight mass spectrometric study of As/Sb exchange on Sb-terminated and Ga-terminated GaSb (001) during molecular beam epitaxy
Xie QH, Van Nostrand JE
347 - 353 Study of ohmic multilayer metal contacts to p-type ZnSe
Rinta-Moykky A, Uusimaa P, Suhonen S, Valden M, Salokatve A, Pessa M, Likonen J
354 - 362 Ge(001): B gas-source molecular beam epitaxy: B surface segregation, hydrogen desorption, and film growth kinetics
Kim H, Greene JE
363 - 372 Effects of surface chemical treatment on the formation of metal GaAs interfaces
Shoji D, Shinohara M, Miura T, Niwano M, Miyamoto N
373 - 379 Model of interfacial thermal resistance of diamond composites
Jagannadham K
380 - 384 Combined beam profile reflectometry, beam profile ellipsometry and ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometry for the characterization of ultrathin oxide-nitride-oxide films on silicon
Leng JM, Opsal J, Aspnes DE
385 - 390 Water dissociation and selective absorption in the Zr[V0.5Fe0.5](2) gettering alloy: An x-ray photoemission spectroscopy investigation
Narducci E, Kovac J, Ghezzi F, Venkataramani N, Sancrotti M
391 - 397 Analysis of silicon oxynitrides with spectroscopic ellipsometry and Auger spectroscopy, compared to analyses by Rutherford backscattering spectrometry and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
Tompkins HG, Gregory RB, Deal PW, Smith SM
398 - 402 Transmission characteristics of multilayer structure in the soft x-ray spectral region and its application to the design of quarter-wave plates at 13 and 4.4 nm
Kim DE, Lee SM, Jeon IJ
403 - 410 Investigation of electron-beam-induced phase transitions in amorphous aluminum trifluoride thin films using transmission electron microscopy
Chen GS
411 - 420 Electron spectroscopic study of C-N bond formation by low-energy nitrogen ion implantation of graphite and diamond surfaces
Gouzman I, Brener R, Hoffman A
421 - 424 A (NH4)(2)S-x-treated InSb(001) surface studied by using x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, low-energy electron diffraction, and inverse photoemission spectroscopy
Ichikawa S, Suzuki Y, Sanada N, Utsumi N, Yamaguchi T, Gong XY, Fukuda Y
425 - 432 Effects of helium dilution of TEOS-O-2-C2F6 gas mixture on plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition of fluorine-doped silicon oxide film
Yoshimaru M, Koizumi S, Shimokawa K, Mori Y, Fukuda H, Matsuki N
433 - 444 Silicon nitride thin films deposited by electron cyclotron resonance plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Lapeyrade M, Besland MP, Meva'a C, Sibai A, Hollinger G
445 - 452 Pulsed plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition from CH2F2, C2H2F4, and CHCIF2
Labelle CB, Gleason KK
453 - 457 Depth dependence of hydrogenation using electron cyclotron plasma in GaAs-on-Si solar cell structures
Kakinuma H, Ueda T, Gotoh S, Akiyama M
458 - 462 Effect of postplasma treatment on characteristics of electron cyclotron resonance chemical vapor deposition SiOF films
Lee SY, Park JW
463 - 469 Color, structure, and properties of TiN coatings prepared by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Nah JW, Kim BJ, Lee DK, Lee JJ
470 - 479 Audio-frequency glow discharge for plasma chemical vapor deposition from organic compounds of the carbon family
Tyczkowski J
480 - 492 Langmuir probe studies of a transformer-coupled plasma, aluminum etcher
Malyshev MV, Donnelly VM, Kornblit A, Ciampa NA, Colonell JI, Lee JTC
493 - 499 Comparison of electron property measurements in an inductively coupled plasma made by Langmuir probe and laser Thomson scattering techniques
Bowden MD, Kogano M, Suetome Y, Hori T, Uchino K, Muraoka K
500 - 505 Effects of rare gas dilution for control of dissociation, ionization, and radical density in fluorocarbon ultrahigh-frequency plasmas
Samukawa S, Nakano T
506 - 516 Energy distribution of ions bombarding biased electrodes in high density plasma reactors
Edelberg EA, Perry A, Benjamin N, Aydil ES
517 - 527 Planar laser-induced fluorescence of CF2 in O-2/CF4 and O-2/C2F6 chamber-cleaning plasmas: Spatial uniformity and comparison to electrical measurements
Steffens KL, Sobolewski MA
528 - 534 Radial profile of energetic particles bombarding the substrate in a glow discharge
Moreno-Marin JC, Abril I, Garcia-Molina R
535 - 539 Patterning of NiFe and NiFeCo in CO/NH3 high density plasmas
Jung KB, Hong J, Cho H, Onishi S, Johnson D, Park YD, Childress JR, Pearton SJ
540 - 544 Formation of alkylsiloxane self-assembled monolayers on Si3N4
Sung MM, Kluth GJ, Maboudian R
545 - 551 Growth kinetics and relationship between structure and mechanical properties of a-C(N): H films deposited in acetylene-nitrogen atmospheres
Jacobsohn LG, Freire FL, Franceschini DF, Lacerda MM, Mariotto G
552 - 554 Temperature dependence of SiO2/Si interfacial structure formed by radio-frequency magnetron sputter deposited SiO2 thin films on Si(111)
Li BQ, Fujimoto T, Kojima I
555 - 563 Rectangular magnetron with full target erosion
Musil J
564 - 570 Composition, structure, and dielectric tunability of epitaxial SrTiO3 thin films grown by radio frequency magnetron sputtering
Wang X, Helmersson U, Madsen LD, Ivanov IP, Munger P, Rudner S, Hjorvarsson B, Sundgren JE
571 - 576 Comparison of the temperature dependence of the properties of ion beam and magnetron sputtered Fe films on (100) GaAs
Bernstein SD, Wong TY, Tustison RW
577 - 583 Transmission electron microscopy study of platinum clusters on Al2O3/NiAl(110) under the influence of electron irradiation
Nepijko SA, Klimenkov M, Kuhlenbeck H, Freund HJ
584 - 592 Polymerization of dual ion beam deposited CNx films with increasing N content
Ng YM, Ong CW, Zhao XA, Choy CL
593 - 596 X-ray emission study of ion beam mixed Cu/Al films on polyimide
Kurmaev EZ, Zatsepin DA, Winarski RP, Stadler S, Ederer DL, Moewes A, Fedorenko VV, Shamin SN, Galakhov VR, Chang GS, Whang CN
597 - 602 Study of stress evolution of boron nitride films prepared by ion assisted deposition
Zeitler M, Sienz S, Rauschenbach B
603 - 607 Mechanical properties and residual stress in AlN/Al mixed films prepared by ion-beam-assisted deposition
Watanabe Y, Uchiyama S, Nakamura Y, Li CL, Sekino T, Niihara K
608 - 610 Particle generation in W-Ti deposition
Lo CF, Gilman P
611 - 614 Influence of crucible material and source alloy composition on thermally evaporated indium tin oxide layers
Kerp HR, van Cleef MWM, Wit AB, Schropp REI, Galloni R, Lazzeri P
615 - 618 Velocity distribution of organic molecules emitted from effusion cells measured by time-of-flight technique
Shimada T, Koide J, Cho KA, Koma A
619 - 623 Formation of beta-FeSi2 films by pulsed laser deposition using iron target
Liu ZX, Okoshi M, Hanabusa M
624 - 629 Processing of porous GaAs at low frequency sparking
Gudino-Martinez A, Rosendo E, Vidal MA, Navarro-Contreras H, Rojas-Lopez M
630 - 634 Ni content and grain size dependency of perovskite structure La0.8Sr0.2Co1-xNixO3-delta thin films for CO gas sensor
Chiu CM, Chang YH
635 - 643 Photon stimulated desorption of an unbaked stainless steel chamber by 3.75 keV critical energy photons
Herbeaux C, Marin P, Baglin V, Grobner O
644 - 649 Study of the surface morphology and gas sensing properties of WO3 thin films deposited by vacuum thermal evaporation
Santucci S, Lozzi L, Passacantando M, Di Nardo S, Phani AR, Cantalini C, Pelino M
650 - 656 Measurements of trace gaseous ambient impurities on an atmospheric pressure rapid thermal processor
Kondoh E, Vereecke G, Heyns MM, Maex K, Gutt T
657 - 661 Fluorination of Si(001)-2x1 surface near step edges: A mechanism for surface defect induced etching
Srivastava D, Halicioglu T, Schoolcraft TA
662 - 664 Chemical and structural alterations induced at Kapton (R) surfaces by air exposures following atomic oxygen or 1 keV Ar+ treatments
Wolan JT, Hoflund GB
665 - 667 Mechanism of nitrogen removal from silicon nitride by nitric oxide
Blain MG
668 - 669 Transferable resistively heated metal evaporator for ultrahigh vacuum
Drummond TG, Burgess JS, Wallace WT, Leavitt AJ
670 - 672 Photon shield for atomic hydrogen plasma sources
Nienhaus H, Gergen B, Bergh HS, Majumdar A, Weinberg WH, McFarland EW
673 - 673 A convenient means of securing gaskets during assembly of vertically oriented knife-edge flanges
McCabe PR, Utz AL
674 - 675 Ultrahigh vacuum dual fluid line rotatable connector
Kaczer B, Jones DE, Im HJ, Pelz JP