Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A

Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A, Vol.16, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0734-2101 (Print) 

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385 - 388 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of air-exposed C-60 films : Origin of the O1s core peak
Onoe J, Takeuchi K, Ohno K, Kawazoe Y
389 - 392 Structural transition of Fe and Co sublayers in Fe/Zr and Co/Zr multilayered films investigated by magneto-optical spectroscopy
Kudryavtsev YV, Kucherenko AY, Dubowik J, Smardz L, Lee YP
393 - 396 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy valence band data for ZnS, SrS, and Sr0.45Ca0.55Ga2S4 luminescent thin films
Sosa V, Rack PD, Holloway PH
397 - 408 Excited state density distributions of H, C, C-2, and CH by spatially resolved optical emission in a diamond depositing dc-arcjet reactor
Luque J, Juchmann W, Brinkman EA, Jeffries JB
409 - 412 Accurate determination of the optical constants of sputter-deposited Ag and SnO2 for low emissivity coatings
Martin-Palma RJ, Martinez-Duart JM
413 - 418 High resolution Auger electron spectroscopy studies on (100) and (111) facets of chemical vapor deposited diamond
Sharda T, Misra DS, Seibt EW, Selvam P
419 - 423 Fourier transform infrared diagnostics of gas phase reactions in the metalorganic chemical vapor deposition of aluminum from dimethylethylamine alane
Yun JH, Park MY, Rhee SW
424 - 428 Antireflective coating on TeO2 crystal for the high power acousto-optic modulator
Park JH, Park YJ, Hwang YM, Kim YH, Lee JH, Hwangbo CK, Cho HJ
429 - 435 Studies of metallic multilayer structures, optical properties, and oxidation using in situ spectroscopic ellipsometry
Gao X, Hale J, Heckens S, Woollam JA
436 - 443 Optical and transport properties of amorphous and microcrystalline silicon films prepared by excimer laser assisted rf glow-discharge deposition
Cabarrocas PRI, Layadi N, Kunst M, Clerc C, Bernas H
444 - 454 Semiquantitative subplantation model for low energy ion interactions with surfaces. I. Noble gas ion-surface interactions
Boyd KJ, Marton D, Rabalais JW, Uhlmann S, Frauenheim T
455 - 462 Semiquantitative subplantation model for low energy ion interactions with surfaces. II. Ion beam deposition of carbon and carbon nitride
Marton D, Boyd KJ, Rabalais JW, Lifshitz Y
463 - 471 Semiquantitative subplantation model for low energy ion interactions with solid surfaces. III. Ion beam homoepitaxy of Si
Boyd KJ, Marton D, Rabalais JW, Uhlmann S, Frauenheim T
472 - 476 High energy aluminum ion implantation using a variable energy radio frequency quadrupole implanter
Amemiya K, Ito J, Tokiguchi K
477 - 481 Effects of nitrogen ion implantation on the thermal stability of tungsten thin films
Kim YT, Kwon CS, Kim DJ, Park JW, Lee CW
482 - 489 Epitaxial growth of (001)-oriented titanium nitride thin films by N implantation
Kasukabe Y, Ito A, Nagata S, Kishimoto M, Fujino Y, Yamaguchi S, Yamada Y
490 - 493 Layer-by-layer etching of GaAs (110) with halogenation and pulsed-laser irradiation
Han BY, Cha CY, Weaver JH
494 - 501 Hot filament chemical vapor deposition diamond growth kinetics on an epitaxial CoSi2 surface monitored by three electron spectroscopies
Arnault JC, Lang B, Le Normand F
502 - 508 Platinum etching in Ar/O-2 mixed gas plasma with a thin SiO2 etching mask
Shibano T, Nakamura K, Oomori T
509 - 513 Conventional and dynamic actinometry of glow discharges fed mixtures of tetramethylsilane, sulfur hexafluoride, and helium
Durrant SF, de Moraes MAB
514 - 523 Spatially resolved optical emission study of sputtering in reactive plasmas
Moshkalyov SA, Machida M, Campos DO, Dulkin A
524 - 529 Plasma source ion carburizing of steel for improved wear resistance
Lei MK, Zhang ZL
530 - 543 Optimization and characterization of remote plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition silicon nitride for the passivation of p-type crystalline silicon surfaces
Lauinger T, Moschner J, Aberle AG, Hezel R
544 - 563 Modeling of SiO2 deposition in high density plasma reactors and comparisons of model predictions with experimental measurements
Meeks E, Larson RS, Ho P, Apblett C, Han SM, Edelberg E, Aydil ES
564 - 571 Fluid simulation of a pulsed-power inductively coupled argon plasma
Lymberopoulos DP, Kolobov VI, Economou DJ
572 - 577 Effect of pressure on the deposition of hydrogenated amorphous carbon films using the electron cyclotron resonance chemical vapor deposition
Rusli, Yoon SF, Yang H, Zhang Q, Ahn J, Fu YL
578 - 586 Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition of boron nitride thin films from B2H6-H-2-NH3 and B2H6-N-2 gas mixtures
Andujar JL, Bertran E, Polo MC
587 - 589 The retardation of aluminum amorphous silicon interaction by phosphine plasma treatment
Wei JH, Lee SC
590 - 594 Evaluation of plasma and thermal sources for atomic hydrogen-assisted epitaxy of InP
LaPierre RR, Thompson DA, Robinson BJ
595 - 606 Measurement and error evaluation of electrical parameters at plasma relevant frequencies and impedances
Garvin C, Grimard D, Grizzle J, Gilchrist BE
607 - 610 Morphology of nickel and nickel/gold contacts to gallium nitride
Venugopalan HS, Mohney SE, DeLucca JM, Luther BP, Bulman GE
611 - 614 Conversion of tungsten nitride to pure tungsten
Lin J, Tsukune A, Suzuki T, Yamada M
615 - 623 Radio frequency magnetron sputter deposition of CaF2 films
Dudney NJ
624 - 627 Characterization of magnetron-sputtered partially ionized aluminum deposition
Hayden DB, Juliano DR, Green KM, Ruzic DN, Weiss CA, Ashtiani KA, Licata TJ
628 - 632 A cylindrical magnetron sputtering system for depositing metal aluminium nitride cermet solar coatings onto batches of tubes
Zhang QC, Zhao K, Zhang BC, Wang LF, Shen ZL, Lu DQ, Xie DL, Zhou ZJ, Li BF
633 - 638 Asymmetric interface broadening in epitaxial Mo/W (001) superlattices grown by magnetron sputtering
Svedberg EB, Birch J, Ivanov I, Munger EP, Sundgren JE
639 - 643 High rate reactive de magnetron sputter deposition of Al2O3 films
Olsson MK, Macak K, Helmersson U, Hjorvarsson B
644 - 652 Thermal and excimer laser assisted growth of Si(1-x)Gex alloys from Si2H6 and GeH4 monitored by on line single wavelength ellipsometry and ex situ atomic force microscopy
Larciprete R, Cozzi S, Pieretti S, Padeletti G, Masetti E, Montecchi M
653 - 659 Laser ablation and gas-phase reactions of small gold cluster ions, Au-n(+) (1 <= n <= 7)
Gibson JK
660 - 665 Structural and compositional studies of a-Si,C : H thin films obtained excimer lamp chemical vapor deposition from acetylene and silane
Redondas X, Gonzalez P, Leon B, Perez-Amor M, Soares JC, da Silva MD
666 - 668 Characterization of diamond phase in thin carbon films grown by laser ablation
Jayatissa AH, Saito N, Sato F, Takizawa K
669 - 673 Transparent conducting ZnO thin films prepared by XeCl excimer laser ablation
Hiramatsu M, Imaeda K, Horio N, Nawata M
674 - 678 Determination of the emission characteristics of evaporation sources and of the thickness and composition of mixed layers
Podolesheva I, Gushterova P, Platikanova V, Konstantinov I
679 - 684 Gas-phase-reaction-controlled atomic-layer-epitaxy of silicon
Hasunuma E, Sugahara S, Hoshino S, Imai S, Ikeda K, Matsumura M
685 - 688 Modeling of GaN hydride vapor phase epitaxy
Meyyappan M
689 - 699 Monte Carlo analysis of a hyperthermal silicon deposition process
Chen G, Boyd ID, Roadman SE, Engstrom JR
700 - 706 Thermal properties of perfluorinated n-alkanoic acids self-assembled on native aluminum oxide surfaces
Chen PJ, Wallace RM, Henck SA
707 - 719 New perspectives in vacuum high voltage insulation. I. The transition field emission
Diamond WT
720 - 735 New perspectives in vacuum high voltage insulation. II. Gas desorption
Diamond WT
736 - 742 Improvement of the cantilever beam technique for stress measurement during the physical vapor deposition process
Moulard G, Contour G, Motyl G, Gardet G, Courbon M
743 - 745 Ultrahigh vacuum sample transfer system with multiple electrical connections and grazing optical access
Krastev ET, Tobin RG
746 - 748 Spectroscopic ellipsometric characterization of diamondlike carbon films
Jayatissa AH, Yamaguchi T, Kinoshita H, Hando T, Sato F
749 - 753 Etching of diamond (100) surface by atomic hydrogen : Real-time observation by reflection high energy electron diffraction
Komatsu S, Okada K, Chou SB, Aizawa T, Shigetani H, Tanaka J, Sato Y
754 - 754 Summary : ASTM guide E 1523 to charge control and charge referencing techniques in x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Baer DR, Bomben KD
755 - 758 Plasma etching of dielectric films with novel iodofluorocarbon chemistries : Iodotrifluoroethylene and 1-iodoheptafluoropropane
Karecki SM, Pruette LC, Reif R
759 - 762 Growth of polycrystalline hexagonal-close-packed Co films on glass substrates from low kinetic energy vapor
Ishii K, Kawazu M, Ohba T
763 - 765 Epitaxial growth of 3C-SiC on Si(100) by pulsed supersonic free jets of Si(CH3)(4) and Si3H8
Ikoma Y, Endo T, Watanabe F, Motooka T
766 - 766 A novel shutter design
Moulzolf SC, Frankel DJ, Lad RJ
767 - 767 Bakeable, all metal burst diaphragm for ultrahigh vacuum applications requiring low pressure venting
Todd RJ, McIntyre GT
771 - 771 Papers from the Eighth Canadian Semiconductor Technology Conference - 12-15 August 1997 - The Chateau Laurier Hotel - Ottawa, Canada - Preface
Janz S, Das SR
772 - 775 Characterization of annealed high-resistivity InP grown by He-plasma-assisted epitaxy
Pinkney H, Thompson DA, Robinson BJ, Mascher P, Simpson PJ, Myler U, Kang JU, Frankel MY
776 - 780 Competing strain relaxation mechanisms in organometallic vapor-phase epitaxy of strain-compensated GaInP/InAsP multilayers on InP(001)
Desjardins P, Isnard L, Marchand H, Masut RA
781 - 785 Low-pressure organometallic vapor phase epitaxy of coherent InGaAsP/InP and InGaAsP/InAsP multilayers on InP(001)
Guillon S, Yip RYF, Desjardins P, Chicoine M, Bougrioua Z, Beaudoin M, Ait-Ouali A, Masut RA
786 - 789 Growth and characterization of GaN thin films by magnetron sputter epitaxy
Singh P, Corbett JM, Webb JB, Charbonneau S, Yang F, Robertson MD
790 - 793 Low-pressure metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy of InP on (111) substrates
Ababou Y, Masut RA, Yelon A
794 - 800 Self-organized quantum dots and quantum dot lasers (invited)
Ishikawa H, Shoji H, Nakata Y, Mukai K, Sugawara M, Egawa M, Otsuka N, Sugiyama Y, Futatsugi T, Yokoyama N
801 - 804 Band alignment and barrier height considerations for the quantum-confined Stark effect
Yip RYF, Desjardins P, Isnard L, Ait-Ouali A, Bensaada A, Marchand H, Brebner JL, Currie JF, Masut RA
805 - 809 Transition behavior from coupled to uncoupled GaAs/InAs double quantum wells
Tit N
810 - 816 Quantum well intermixing in material systems for 1.5 mu m (invited)
Marsh JH, Kowalski OP, McDougall SD, Qiu BC, McKee A, Hamilton CJ, De la Rue RM, Bryce AC
817 - 820 Lateral selectivity of ion-induced quantum well intermixing
Haysom JE, Poole PJ, Feng Y, Koteles ES, He JJ, Charbonneau S, Goldberg RD, Mitchell IV
821 - 824 Far-infrared transmission study of Bernstein modes in a two-dimensional electron gas with a tunable lateral modulation
Lefebvre J, Beerens J, Feng Y, Wasilewski Z, Beauvais J, Lavallee E
825 - 829 Failure analysis of high power GaAs-based lasers using electron beam induced current analysis and transmission electron microscopy
Mallard RE, Clayton R, Mayer D, Hobbs L
830 - 833 Non-contact probing of high speed microelectronics using electrostatic force sampling
Bridges GE, Noruttun D, Said RA, Thomson DJ, Lam T, Qi R
834 - 837 Back-surface passivation of polycrystalline CdSe thin-film transistors
Landheer D, Masson DP, Belkouch S, Das SR, Quance T, LeBrun L, Hulse JE
838 - 842 Limitations on threshold adjustment by backgating in fully depleted silicon-on-insulator metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistors
Tarr NG, Wang Y, Soreefan R, Snelgrove WM, Manning BM, Bazarjani S, MacElwee TW
843 - 845 InAs/AlSb heterostructure field-effect transistors using a Si-doped InAs/AlSb short-period superlattice modulation doping barrier
Bolognesi CR, Dvorak MW, Chow DH
846 - 849 Temperature independent current blocking due to hot electrons in InAlAs/InGaAs double heterojunction bipolar transistors with composite collectors
McKinnon WR, Driad R, McAlister SP, Renaud A, Wasilewski ZR
850 - 854 Direct calculation of metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistor high frequency noise parameters
Chen CH, Deen MJ
855 - 859 Hot-carrier effects on the scattering parameters of lightly doped drain n-type metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistor
Kwan WS, Deen MJ
860 - 863 Effects of initial annealing treatments on the electrical characteristics and stability of unpassivated CdSe thin film transistors
Belkouch S, Landheer D, Masson DP, Das SR, Quance T, LeBrun L, Rolfe SJ
864 - 867 Heterostructure Si1-xGex channel pMOSFETs with Ge concentration
Pawlowicz C, Tarr NG, Berndt LP, Williams RL, Landheer D, Xu DX, Abid R, McAlister SP
868 - 872 Experimental investigation of high Si/Al selectivity during anisotropic etching in tetra-methyl ammonium hydroxide
Pandy A, Landsberger LM, Nikpour B, Paranjape M, Kahrizi M
873 - 875 Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor-compatible micromachined two-dimensional vertical Hall magnetic-field sensor : A modified design
Kahrizi M, Paranjape M, Landsberer LM
876 - 880 Novel simple and complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor-compatible membrane release design and process for thermal sensors
Leclerc S, Antaki R, Currie JF
881 - 884 Electron cyclotron resonance plasma chemical vapor deposited silicon nitride for micromechanical applications
Leclerc S, Lecours A, Caron M, Richard E, Turcotte G, Currie JF
885 - 888 Iridium thin films deposited by radio-frequency magnetron sputtering
El Khakani MA, Chaker M, Le Drogoff B
889 - 892 Structural, optical, and electrical properties of doped hydrogenated diamond-like amorphous carbon films deposited using the dc saddle-field grow-discharge technique
Chan WCW, Gaspari F, Allen T, Lim PK, Moreno E, Sagnes E, Manage D, Szurmak J, Zukotynski S
893 - 896 Tritiated amorphous silicon films and devices
Kosteski T, Kherani NP, Gaspari F, Zukotynski S, Shmayda WT
897 - 901 Photolithographic deposition of indium oxide from metalorganic films
Ching CLW, Hill RH
902 - 905 Effect of deposition temperature on the structural properties of n(+) mu c-Si : H films
Park B, Murthy RVR, Benaissa K, Aflatooni K, Nathan A, Hornsey RI, Chamberlain SG
906 - 909 Optimization of alternating-current thin-film electroluminescent displays
Krasnov AN, Bajcar RC, Hofstra PG