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Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Vol.166, No.8 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4651 (Print) 

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G39 - G46 Corrosion Behavior of Aspergillus niger on 7075 Aluminum Alloy and the Inhibition Effect of Zinc Pyrithione Biocide
Wang JL, Li CJ, Zhang XX, Asif M, Zhang TS, Hou BS, Li YY, Xia W, Wang HT, Liu HF
G47 - G53 Direct Electrochemical Dimerization of N,N '-Diphenylbenzidine
Shahparast S, Nematollahi D, Sharafi-Kolkeshvandi M, Goljani H
G54 - G60 Electrochemical Properties of Al Doped Polypyrrole Composite Polymer: Mott-Schottky Approximation and Density Functional Theory
Tokgoz SR, Firat YE, Safi Z, Peksoz A
G61 - G66 Observation of Bis-(3-sulfopropyl) Disulfide (SPS) Breakdown at the Cu Cathode and Insoluble Anode under Open-Circuit, Unpowered Closed-Circuit, and Electrolysis Conditions
Kim TY, Sung M, Yoon Y, Lee KH, Choe S, Kim JJ
G67 - G74 Enzymatic Biosensor for Hydrogen Peroxide Based on the Direct Electron Transfer on MWCNTs/IL/CPO-GC: The Dual Function of Ionic Liquids
Xiao L, Ding Y, Zhai QG, Hu MC, Li SN, Wang YB, Chen Y, Jiang YC
G82 - G101 Review-Quantification of Hydrogen Peroxide by Electrochemical Methods and Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy
Gulaboski R, Mirceski V, Kappl R, Hoth M, Bozem M
B555 - B561 Synthesis of Flower-Like Iron Oxide Capped Tripolyphosphate for Electrochemical Detection of Carbadox Drugs in Meat
Sangili A, Annalakshmi M, Chen SM, Balu S, Kalyani T, Jana SK
B562 - B568 Tyrosinase Incorporated with Au-Pt@SiO2 Nanospheres for Electrochemical Detection of Bisphenol A
Wu L, Yan H, Wang J, Liu GJ, Xie WH
B569 - B575 Photoelectrochemical Oxidation of Glucose on Tungsten Trioxide Electrode for Non-Enzymatic Glucose Sensing and Fuel Cell Applications
Zhang BQ, Zhang QS, He LH, Xia YF, Meng FH, Liu GL, Pan QZ, Shu HH, Gong CL, Cheng F, Liang HG, Wen S
B576 - B580 Non-Enzymatic Glucose Detection Using Free Standing Hollow Boron-Doped Diamond Nanorod Electrodes
Lim YK, Song MJ, Lim DS
B581 - B588 Development of Biocompatible Cellulose Microfiber Stabilized Carbon Nanofiber Hydrogel for the Efficient Electrochemical Determination of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide in Physiological Fluids
Hwa KY, Sharma TSK
B589 - B593 An Integrated Screen-Printed Potentiometric Strip for Determination of Ca2+ in Seawater
Yin TJ, Yu H, Ding JW, Qin W
B594 - B597 Electro-Chemical Oxidation and Reduction of Ag as Preparation for a High-Efficiency Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) Substrate
Lee J, Hyun S, Choi KS, Jeon C, Yu HK
B598 - B603 Solid-State Reference Electrode Based on Thin-Films of Tetrahydrofurfuryl Acrylate (pTHFA) Photopolymer
Alva S, Ardiyansyah D, Khaerudini DS, Suherman R
B604 - B609 A Sensitive and Rapid Electrochemical Aptasensor Based on Au@PB for Selective Detection of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Antigen MPT64
Li NN, Huang X, Sun DP, Zhong YS, Chen ZG
B610 - B617 Real Time Selective Monitoring of the Dissolution Behavior of Pseudoephedrine Sulfate and Loratadine in Their Binary and Ternary Dosage Form by Utilization of In-Line Potentiometric Sensor
El-Hanboushy S, Abd El-Rahman MK, Fayez YM, Lotfy HM, Abdelkawy M
B618 - B622 Effect of Ambient Oxygen Partial Pressure on the Hydrogen Response of SnO2 Semiconductor Gas Sensors
Suematsu K, Watanabe K, Yuasa M, Kida T, Shimanoe K
B623 - B630 Highly Conductive Crown Ether/Ionic Liquid Crystal-Carbon Nanotubes Composite Based Electrochemical Sensor for Chiral Recognition of Tyrosine Enantiomers
Atta NF, Galal A, Ahmed YM
B631 - B636 Highly Sensitive Electrochemical Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide Based on Polyethyleneimine-Au Nanoparticles-Zinc Protoporphyrin
Zhao LY, Li JG, Chen XL, Cheng D, Zhang JY, Yang HX
B637 - B643 Easy and Direct Sensing of Toxic Cadmium Using In Situ Bismuth Plating Free Method and Environmentally Friendly Synthesized Graphene Composite
Xuan X, Hui X, Yoon H, Kim DH, Park JY
B664 - B672 Ultrasensitive Reduced Graphene Oxide-Poly(Procion)/Gold Nanoparticles Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode for Selective and Simultaneous Determination of Ascorbic Acid, Dopamine, and Uric Acid
Edris NMMA, Abdullah J, Kamaruzaman S, Sulaiman Y
B673 - B679 Fabrication of Tip-Protected Polymer-Coated Carbon-Fiber Ultramicroelectrodes and pH Ultramicroelectrodes
Khani H, Wipf DO
B680 - B689 Efficient Electrochemical Detection of Lethal Environmental Pollutant Hydroquinone Based on Functionalized Carbon Black/Polytyramine/Gold Nanoparticles Nanocomposite
Sakthivel R, Annalakshmi M, Chen SM, Kubendhiran S
B690 - B696 A Single-Step Electrochemical Preparation of Cadmium Sulfide Anchored ERGO/beta-CD Modified Screen-Printed Carbon Electrode for Sensitive and Selective Detection of Nitrite
Balasubramanian P, Velmurugan M, Chen SM, Chen TW, Ye YT
B697 - B707 A Facile Electrochemical Sensor Based on NiO-ZnO/MWCNT-COOH Modified GCE for Simultaneous Quantification of Imatinib and Itraconazole
Chen HC, Luo K, Li K
B708 - B712 Fast Cerebrospinal Fluid Detection Using Inexpensive Modular Packaging with Disposable Testing Strips
Carey PH, Yang JC, Ren F, Chang CW, Lin JS, Pearton SJ, Lobo B, Leon ME
B713 - B719 Sandwich-Type Electrochemical Immunosensor Based on Signal Amplification System of Porous PtCu Decorated FCuS Nanospheres for CEA Detection
Jia YL, Zhang CY, Zhang S, Lv H, Zhang XB, Liu Q, Li XJ, Li YY
B720 - B727 Electrochemical Invertase Probes with Nanocomposite of Microfibrillated Cellulose-Tragacanth Gum-Metal Nanoparticles for Direct Sucrose Analysis in Sweetened Beverages
Bagal-Kestwal DR, Chiang BH
B728 - B734 Photoelectrochemical and Non-Enzymatic Glucose Sensor Based on Modified Fehling's Test by Using Ti/TiO2 NTs-rGO-Cu2O Electrode
Cakiroglu B, Ozacar M
B735 - B741 TiO2/(1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium hexafluorophosphate) Based Sensor: A Strategy for the Detection of Cinnamaldehyde
Verma A, Singh K, Parashar A, Jain R
B742 - B747 Influence of Electrostatic Interactions Induced via a Nanocomposite Film onto a Glassy Carbon Electrode Used for Highly Selective and Sensitive Ascorbic Acid Detection
Tulli F, Zanini VIP, Fernandez JM, Martino DM, de Mishima BAL, Borsarelli CD
C209 - C216 Effect of Elastic Stresses on Pitting Behavior of Stainless Steel 304
Wu GX, Singh PM
C217 - C223 Inhibition of Anodic Dissolution of Steel by Sn2+ in Perchloric Acid Solution
Takabatake Y, Sugae K, Ito M, Kashima K, Miyuki H, Kamimura T
D237 - D243 Experimental Analysis of the Co-Deposition of Metal Cu and Nano-Sized SiC Particles with CTAB in Micro Via Filling
Wu HY, Li ZY, Wang Y, Li X, Wang FL, Zhu WH
D244 - D251 Ultrasound Assisted Electrodeposition of Cu-SiO2 Composite Coatings: Effect of Particle Surface Chemistry
Bengoa LN, Ispas A, Bengoa JF, Bund A, Egli WA
D252 - D257 Electrowinning of Aluminum and Scandium from KF-AlF3-Sc2O3 Melts for the Synthesis of Al-Sc Master Alloys
Nikolaev AY, Suzdaltsev AV, Zaikov YP
D258 - D267 Morphological Manipulation of Tin Nanostructures via Pulse Width Modulation of Potential Step Cycling in Hydrochloric Acid Containing Polyvinylpyrrolidone
Yang YL, Dan ZH, Liang YF, Wang Y, Qin FX, Chang H, Hara N
D268 - D275 Thermodynamic Properties of Ba-Pb Alloys Determined by Emf Measurements Using Binary CaF2-BaF2 Electrolyte
Gesualdi J, Nigl TP, Lichtenstein T, Smith ND, Kim H
D276 - D282 Preparation of gamma-Uranium-Molybdenum Alloys by Electrochemical Reduction of Solid Oxides in LiCl Molten Salt
Zhong YK, Liu K, Liu YL, Lu YX, Yin TQ, Wang L, Chai ZF, Shi WQ
D283 - D289 Voltammetric Study of Tin Electrodeposition on Polycrystalline Gold from Sulfuric and Methanesulfonic Acid
Aranzales D, Wijenberg JHOJ, Koper MTM
D290 - D300 Nanocomposites of Nickel Oxide and Zirconia for the Preparation of Photocathodes with Improved Performance in p-Type Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Bonomo M, Mariani P, Mura F, Di Carlo A, Dini D
D301 - D307 Microhardness Improvement of Ni-W/SiC Composite Coatings by High Frequency Induction Heat Treatment
Su CW, Zhao LF, Bai Y, Tian L, Wen BX, Guo JM
D308 - D314 Photoassisted Electrodeposition of Cobalt-Phosphate Cocatalyst on BiFeO3 Thin Film Photoanode for Highly Efficient Photoelectrochemical Performances of Water Oxidation
Wang YZ, Chen D, Wang S, Liang JH, Qin LS, Sun XG, Huang YX
D315 - D322 Copper Rich Cu1-xNix Alloys (0.05 < x < 0.15) Electrodeposited from Acid Sulfate-Based Electrolyte with Benzotriazole Additive for Microbump Metallization for 3D Stacked Integrated Circuits
Haesevoets KPS, Radisic A, Vereecken PM
D323 - D332 Influence of Chloride and Sulfate Ions on Electrodeposition, Wettability and Corrosion Resistance of Zinc Coatings Produced from Gluconate Solutions
Rudnik E, Chat K, Wloch G, Osuch P
D333 - D338 Dynamic Windows Based on Reversible Metal Electrodeposition with Enhanced Functionality
Islam SM, Fini CN, Barile CJ
D339 - D349 Phase Separation in Electrodeposited Ag-Pd Alloy Films from Acidic Nitrate Bath
Sun YK, Zangari G
D350 - D353 Influence of the Temperature-Dependent Cu+1-Accelerator Complex Formation on Through-Silicon Via Filling
Schmidt R, Gaida J, Jager C
D354 - D358 Mechanisms of Localized Pulsed Electrodeposition (L-PED) for Microscale 3D Printing of Nanotwinned Metals
Morsali R, Qian D, Minary-Jolandan M
E201 - E211 General Simplified Model to Calculate Current Distribution in Electrochemical Reactors with N Bipolar Electrodes
Rodriguez-Torres I, Henquin ER
E212 - E216 Kinetics of Iron Passivation Studied by Sub-Second Resolution Realtime X-ray Reflectivity Technique
Fujii H, Wakabayashi Y, Doi T
E231 - E239 Non-Aqueous Electrochemical Fluorination of Used Nuclear Fuel as an Advanced Separation Process
Martinez-Rodriguez MJ, Olson LC, Gray JR, Garcia-Diaz BL
E240 - E247 Facile Synthesis of In Situ Graphitic-N Doped Porous Carbon Derived from Ginkgo Leaf for Fast Capacitive Deionization
Xie ZZ, Shang XH, Xu KB, Yang JM, Hu B, Nie PF, Jiang WW, Liu JY
E248 - E251 Improving the Stability of DSA Electrodes by the Addition of TiO2 Nanoparticles
Kariman A, Marshall AT
E252 - E262 Fabrication of Cu-Zn Alloy Micropillars by Potentiostatic Localized Electrochemical Deposition
Wang CY, Lin JC, Chang YC, Tseng YT, Ciou YJ, Hwang YR
E263 - E265 Safety Aspects of Energy Storage Testing
Bewley R, Dufek EJ, Egan SE, Jamison DK, Ashton C, Ho CD, Evans MC, Bennett TL
E266 - E274 Recovery of Silver from Dilute Effluents via Electrodeposition and Redox Replacement
Wang ZL, Halli P, Hannula P, Liu FP, Wilson BP, Yliniemi K, Lundstrom M
F217 - F225 Fabrication of Different Micro Patterned Arrays by Through Mask Electrochemical Micromachining
Mahata S, Kunar S, Bhattacharyya B
F226 - F230 Improved USTB Titanium Production with a Ti2CO Anode Formed by Casting
Tian DH, Wang MY, Jiao HD, Jiao SQ
F441 - F447 Pyrolysis of Self-Assembled Iron(III) Porphyrin on Carbon toward Efficient Oxygen Reduction Reaction
Zhai ZH, Lv Y, Qiu CX, Zheng RN, Li J, Wang AJ, Song YJ
F448 - F457 Investigation of LSM-YSZ Composite Cathode Performance Degradation with a Multistep Charge Transfer Model
Yang T, Liu J, Lei YK, Li WY, Cheng TL, Finklea H, Wen YH, Liu XB, Abernathy HW, Lee S, Kalapos TL, Hackett GA
F458 - F464 OER Catalyst Stability Investigation Using RDE Technique: A Stability Measure or an Artifact?
El-Sayed HA, Weiss A, Olbrich LF, Putro GP, Gasteiger HA
F465 - F471 Elucidating the Effect of Mass Transport Resistances on Hydrogen Crossover and Cell Performance in PEM Water Electrolyzers by Varying the Cathode Ionomer Content
Trinke P, Keeley GP, Carmo M, Bensmann B, Hanke-Rauschenbach R
F472 - F478 Imidazolium-Based Anion Exchange Membranes for Alkaline Anion Fuel Cells: Interplay between Morphology and Anion Transport Behavior
Zhao Y, Yoshimura K, Takamatsu H, Hiroki A, Kishiyama Y, Shishitani H, Yamaguchi S, Tanaka H, Koizumi S, Radulescu A, Appavou MS, Maekawa Y
F479 - F486 Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Co/CoOx Supported on Earth-Abundant Coal-Derived Carbon for Electrocatalysis of Oxygen Evolution
Pan HR, Wu DL, Huang XN, Xie KP, He BC, Lu ZJ, Liu PG, Cheng JX, Zhao XF, Masa J, Chen XX
F487 - F497 Impact of Intermittent Operation on Lifetime and Performance of a PEM Water Electrolyzer
Weiss A, Siebel A, Bernt M, Shen TH, Tileli V, Gasteiger HA
F498 - F505 Facile Approach to Enhance Oxygen Reduction Activity by Modification of Platinum Nanoparticles by Melamine-Formaldehyde Polymer
Asahi M, Yamazaki S, Taguchi N, Ioroi T
F511 - F518 Effects of Side Chain Length on the Structure, Oxygen Transport and Thermal Conductivity for Perfluorosulfonic Acid Membrane: Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Fan LH, Xi FQ, Wang XY, Xuan J, Jiao K
F534 - F543 Multiscale Modeling of PEMFC Using Co-Simulation Approach
Shimpalee S, Satjaritanun P, Hirano S, Tippayawong N, Weidner JW
F544 - F554 Exploration of Atomic Scale Changes during Oxygen Vacancy Dissociation Mechanism in Nanostructure Co-Doped Ceria: As Electrolytes for IT-SOFC
Shirbhate S, Nayyar RN, Ojha PK, Yadav AK, Acharya S
H263 - H271 Phase Engineering from 2H to 1T-MoS2 for Efficient Ammonia PL Sensor and Electrocatalyst for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
Chacko L, Rastogi PK, Aneesh PM
H272 - H282 Pony-Size Silver-Copper and Silver-Iron Alloy Nanoparticles Confined in N-Free Mesoporous Carbon for Efficient Oxygen Electroreduction
Qiao Y, Ni YY, Chen ZY, Kong FT, Li RJ, Zhang CQ, Kong AG, Shan YK
H283 - H285 Communication-Selenate Reduction Induced by Cadmium Underpotential Deposition on Gold in an Aqueous Acidic Electrolyte
Han Q, Strobl J, Scherson D
H286 - H290 Electrochemical Behavior of Simetryn Herbicide at Water vertical bar 1,2-Dichloroethane Interface
Velazquez-Manzanares M, Martinez HG, Yudi LM, Amador-Hernandez J, Rodriguez IMD, Urbina EMC
H291 - H296 First Voltammetric Method of Phenoxyethanol Determination in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Preparations
Jakubczyk M, Michalkiewicz S
H297 - H303 Poly(ferrocenedimethano) cyclotriphosphazene to Homogenously Fe, N, P, O Doped Carbon Nanotubes: An Efficient and Tremendous Electrocatalyst for Oxygen Reduction Reaction
Abbas Y, Zuhra Z, Wu ZP, Wu DZ, Ali S
H304 - H312 Analysis of Instabilities in Electrochemical Systems Using Nonlinear Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
Pachimatla R, Thomas M, Rahman OCS, Srinivasan R
H313 - H319 Optical and Electrical Properties of Monolacunary Keggin-Type Polyoxometalate/Star-Shaped Polycarbazole Nanocomposite Film
Guzel M, Torlak Y, Karatas E, Ak M
H320 - H330 Mechanistic Investigation of Hydrogen Evolution Reaction from Multiple Proton Donors: The Case of Mildly Acidic Solutions Containing Weak Acids
Kahyarian A, Schumacher A, Nesic S
H331 - H335 Electrochemical Oxidation Pathways of Hydroxycoumarins on Carbon Electrodes Examined by LSCV and LC-MS/MS
Brito RE, Capote FP, Escobar CAL, Montoya MR, Mellado JMR
H336 - H342 In Situ Polymerization of Aniline on Morphology-Controlled Ultrafine Manganese Oxyhydroxide for High-Performance Electrochemical Sensing Applications
Bai WS, Zhang XJ, Zheng JB
H343 - H350 Patterned Flexible Electrochromic Device Based on Monodisperse Silica/Polyaniline Core/Shell Nanospheres
Zhang SH, Chen S, Hu F, Ding L, Gu YC, Yan B, Yang F, Jiang MJ, Cao Y
H351 - H358 Fabrication of Electro-Active Pt/IMo6O24/Graphene Oxide Nanohybrid Modified Electrode for the Simultaneous Determination of Ascorbic Acid, Dopamine and Uric Acid
Zhang LH, Khungwa J, Liu Y, Li L, Wang XH, Wang ST
H359 - H369 Selective and Highly Sensitive Voltammetric Determination of Citalopram with Glassy Carbon Electrode
Madej M, Kochana J, Bas B
H370 - H376 The Construction of Biological Computing Platform Based on Multiple-Stimuli Responsive Bienzyme Electrocatalysis
Wu XM, Ma Y, Peng J, Shi KR, Jia LN, Li XW, Gou GJ, Zheng ZX, Yao HQ
P506 - P510 Dual-Phase Cathodes for Metal-Supported Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: Processing, Performance, Durability
Udomsilp D, Thaler F, Menzler NH, Bischof C, de Haart LGJ, Opitz AK, Guillon O, Bram M
A1285 - A1290 Influence of the Active Material on the Electronic Conductivity of the Positive Electrode in Lithium-Ion Batteries
Kondo H, Sawada H, Okuda C, Sasaki T
A1291 - A1299 Exploring the Impact of Mechanical Pressure on the Performance of Anode-Free Lithium Metal Cells
Louli AJ, Genovese M, Weber R, Hames SG, Logan ER, Dahn JR
A1300 - A1309 Ni-Rich Oxide LiNi0.85Co0.05Mn0.1O2 for Lithium Ion Battery: Effect of Microwave Radiation on Its Morphology and Electrochemical Property
Liu Y, Yao WL, Lei C, Zhang Q, Zhong SW, Yan ZQ
A1310 - A1322 Modeling of Ion Crossover in an All-Vanadium Redox Flow Battery with the Interfacial Effect at Membrane/Electrode Interfaces
Hao L, Wang YH, He YS
A1323 - A1329 The Synergic Effects of Zr Doping and Li2TiO3 Coating on the Crystal Structure and Electrochemical Performances of Li-Rich Li1.2Ni0.2Mn0.6O2
Zhai YW, Zhang JC, Zhang H, Liu XZ, Wang CW, Sun LM, Liu XF
A1330 - A1339 A Reformulation of the Pseudo2D Battery Model Coupling Large Electrochemical-Mechanical Deformations at Particle and Electrode Levels
Mai WJ, Colclasure A, Smith K
A1340 - A1354 A Comprehensive Experimental and Modeling Study on Dissolution in Li-Ion Batteries
Lee YK, Park J, Lu W
A1355 - A1362 MnO2-Coated Sulfur-Filled Hollow Carbon Nanosphere-Based Cathode Materials for Enhancing Electrochemical Performance of Li-S Cells
Yue Z, Dunya H, Kucuk K, Aryal S, Ma Q, Antonov S, Ashuri M, Alabbad B, Lin YW, Segre CU, Mandal BK
A1363 - A1369 Electrochemical Performances on Both poly(Phenylenediamine) Derivatives as Anode of Lithium-Ion Batteries
Xu LH, Sun Y, Han B, Su C
A1370 - A1379 Complications When Differentiating Charge Transfer Processes in Electrochemical Capacitor Materials: Assessment of Cyclic Voltammetry Data
Forghani M, Donne SW
A1380 - A1392 Full Homogenized Macroscale Model and Pseudo-2-Dimensional Model for Lithium-Ion Battery Dynamics: Comparative Analysis, Experimental Verification and Sensitivity Analysis
Arunachalam H, Onori S
A1393 - A1399 Electrochemical Behavior of a Nanostructured La1.25Gd0.25Mg0.5Ni7 Hydrogen Storage Material Modified with Magnetron Sputtered Nickel
Dymek M, Nowak M, Jurczyk M, Bala H
A1400 - A1407 Lithium-Powder Based Electrodes Modified with ZnI2 for Enhanced Electrochemical Performance of Lithium-Metal Batteries
Kolesnikov A, Zhou D, Kolek M, Jimenez JPB, Bieker P, Winter M, Stan MC
A1408 - A1411 Monitoring the Lithium Concentration across the Thickness of Silicon-Graphite Electrodes during the First (De-)Lithiation
Wetjen M, Trunk M, Werner L, Gasteiger HA, Gernhauser R, Gilles R, Markisch B, Revay Z
A1412 - A1424 Requirements for Enabling Extreme Fast Charging of High Energy Density Li-Ion Cells while Avoiding Lithium Plating
Colclasure AM, Dunlop AR, Trask SE, Polzin BJ, Jansen AN, Smith K
A1425 - A1431 Boron-Doped Diamond Powders for Aqueous Supercapacitors with High Energy and High Power Density
Kondo T, Kato T, Miyashita K, Aikawa T, Tojo T, Yuasa M
A1432 - A1438 Determining Accelerated Charging Procedure from Half Cell Characterization
Yourey W, Fu YB, Li N, Battaglia V, Tong W
A1439 - A1448 Enhanced Electrochemical Properties of LiNi0.8Co0.1Mn0.1O2 at Elevated Temperature by Simultaneous Structure and Interface Regulating
Feng Z, Huang XB, Rajagopalan R, Tang YG, Peng ZG, Wang HY
A1449 - A1455 Sulfonated PBI Gel Membranes for Redox Flow Batteries
Wang LH, Pingitore AT, Xie W, Yang ZW, Perry ML, Benicewicz BC
A1456 - A1462 High-Voltage LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 Cathode Stability of Fluorinated Ether Based on Enhanced Separator Wettability
Zheng H, Zhou X, Cheng S, Xia R, Nie SP, Liang X, Sun Y, Xiang HF
A1463 - A1470 One Law to Rule Them All: Stretched Exponential Master Curve of Capacity Fade for Li-Ion Batteries
Cuervo-Reyes E, Fluckiger R
A1471 - A1480 Polysulfide Reduction and Oxidation at MoS2, WS2 and Cu-Doped MoS2 Thin Film Electrodes
Fan L, Suni II
A1481 - A1489 Unveiling the Effect of Voltage Regulation System on the Structure and Electrochemical Properties of Lithium-Rich Cathode Materials
Yang Z, Zhong JJ, Liu YY, Li ZY, Li JL, Yang K
A1490 - A1500 Effect of Electrolyte-to-Sulfur Ratio in the Cell on the Li-S Battery Performance
Emerce NB, Eroglu D
A1501 - A1509 Concentrated Dual-Salt Electrolyte to Stabilize Li Metal and Increase Cycle Life of Anode Free Li-Metal Batteries
Beyene TT, Bezabh HK, Weret MA, Hagos TM, Huang CJ, Wang CH, Su WN, Dai HJ, Hwang BJ
A1510 - A1519 Widening Electrochemical Window of Mg Salt by Weakly Coordinating Perfluoroalkoxyaluminate Anion for Mg Battery Electrolyte
Lau KC, Seguin TJ, Carino EV, Hahn NT, Connell JG, Ingram BJ, Persson KA, Zavadil KR, Liao C
A1520 - A1534 An Efficient Thermal-Electrochemical Simulation of Lithium-Ion Battery Using Proper Mathematical-Physical CFD Schemes
Esfahanian V, Chaychizadeh F, Dehghandorost H, Shokouhmand H
A1535 - A1542 Dense, Melt Cast Sulfide Glass Electrolyte Separators for Li Metal Batteries
Yersak TA, Salvador JR, Pieczonka NPW, Cai M
A1543 - A1549 Lithium Intercalated-Layered Manganese Oxide and Reduced Graphene Oxide Composite as a Bifunctional Electrocatalyst for ORR and OER
Kosasang S, Ma N, Phattharasupakun N, Sawangphruk M
A1550 - A1557 Development of Durable 3-Electrode Lithium-Ion Pouch Cells with LTO Reference Mesh: Aging and Performance Studies
Epding B, Broda A, Rumberg B, Jahnke H, Kwade A
A1558 - A1567 Electrical Double Layer Capacitors Based on Steam and CO2-Steam Co-Activated Carbon Electrodes and Ionic Liquid Electrolyte
Tee E, Tallo I, Lust E, Janes A, Thomberg T
A1585 - A1590 Lithium/Sodium Storage Behavior of an Amorphous Carbon Derived from the Used Acticarbon for Rechargeable Batteries
Liu W, Wang Y, Li Y, Guo R, Pei HJ, Luo Y, Xie JY
A1591 - A1602 Incorporating Dendrite Growth into Continuum Models of Electrolytes: Insights from NMR Measurements and Inverse Modeling
Sethurajan AK, Foster JM, Richardson G, Krachkovskiy SA, Bazak JD, Goward GR, Protas B
A1603 - A1610 The Inhibition Mechanism of Lithium Dendrite on Nitrogen-Doped Defective Graphite: The First Principles Studies
Huo L, Su FY, Yi ZL, Cui GY, Zhang CL, Dong N, Chen CM, Han PD
A1611 - A1622 Analysis of Thousands of Electrochemical Impedance Spectra of Lithium-Ion Cells through a Machine Learning Inverse Model
Buteau S, Dahn JR
A1623 - A1635 The Mechanism and Characterization of Accelerated Capacity Deterioration for Lithium-Ion Battery with Li(NiMnCo) O-2 Cathode
Gao Y, Yang SJ, Jiang JC, Zhang CP, Zhang WG, Zhou XZ
A1636 - A1643 Highly Flexible and Durable Graphene Hybrid Film Electrode Modified with Aminated beta-Cyclodextrin for Supercapacitor
Xu LS, Cui LL, Cheng C, Gao JM, Jin XJ, Gallop JC, Hao L
A1653 - A1659 Thermal Runaway Propagation Assessment of Different Battery Pack Designs Using the TF5 Draft as Framework
Gao S, Feng XN, Lu LG, Ouyang MG, Kamyab N, White RE, Coman P
A1660 - A1667 Ultrathin VO2(B) Nanosheets as Cathode Material for High-Performance Hybrid Magnesium-Lithium Ion Batteries
Cen Y, Li S, Zhou Y, Cai X, Wang X, Xiang Q, Hu BB, Yu DM, Liu YP, Chen CG
A1668 - A1670 Communication-Introduction of Polyurethane-Polyacrylic Acid as a Binder for Electrochemical Activation of Expanded Mesocarbon Microbeads in Organic Supercapacitors
Yi TY, He ZF, Wang EA, Ma CCM, Hu CC
A1671 - A1676 Cr2O3 Nanoparticle Decorated Carbon Nanofibers Derived from Solid LeatherWastes for High Performance Lithium-Sulfur Battery Separator Coating
Guan YP, Liu XJ, Akhtar N, Wang AB, Wang WK, Zhang H, Suntivich J, Huang YQ
A1677 - A1684 Electrochemical Analysis of Factors Affecting the Kinetic Capabilities of an Ionic Liquid Electrolyte
Heist A, Lee SH
A1685 - A1691 SiO2-Modified Separators: Stability in LiPF6-Containing Electrolyte Solutions and Effect on Cycling Performance of Li Batteries
Markevich E, Salitra G, Afri M, Kulisch J, Hartmann P, Aurbach D
A1692 - A1703 Numerical Prediction of Multiscale Electronic Conductivity of Lithium-Ion Battery Positive Electrodes
Cadiou F, Etiemble A, Douillard T, Willot F, Valentin O, Badot JC, Lestriez B, Maire E
A1704 - A1708 Varying Power Generation in Ultra Low-Frequency Mechanical Energy Harvesting of Piezoelectrochemical Materials
Kang S, Preimesberger JI, Arnold CB