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Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Vol.166, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4651 (Print) 

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Self-Generated Coating of LiCoO2 by Washing and Heat Treatment without Coating Precursors
Jeong S, Kim J, Mun J
A5008 - A5013 On the Stability of Nitrate Ion in Rechargeable Li-O-2 Batteries
Rosy, Noked M
A5014 - A5018 Enhanced Rate Performance of Li4Ti5O12 Anode for Advanced Lithium Batteries
Wang Y, Zhang YX, Yang WJ, Jiang S, Hou XW, Guo R, Liu W, Huang P, Lu J, Gu HT, Xie JY
A5019 - A5024 Efficiency Threshold of Carbon Layer Growth in Li4Ti5O12/C Composites
Pelegov DV, Koshkina AA, Pryakhina VI, Gorshkov VS
A5025 - A5032 (De) Lithiation Mechanism of Hierarchically Layered LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 Cathodes during High-Voltage Cycling
Hua WB, Schwarz B, Knapp M, Senyshyn A, Missiul A, Mu XK, Wang SN, Kubel C, Binder JR, Indris S, Ehrenberg H
A5033 - A5037 Effect of Formation Potentials on Gassing of LiMn2O4//Li(4)Ti5O(12)/C Batteries
Wen L, Wu ZY, Zhao P, Liang J, Luo HZ, Liu GQ, Li F
A5045 - A5053 A Transmission Line Model of Electrochemical Cell's Impedance: Case Study on a Li-S System
Adamic M, Talian SD, Sinigoj AR, Humar I, Moskon J, Gaberscek M
A5054 - A5058 The Effect of Cyclic Ethers on Mg Plating/Stripping Reaction in Ionic Liquid Electrolytes
Sagane F, Ogi K, Konno A, Kanamura K
A5059 - A5064 Drop-on-Demand 3D Printing of Lithium Iron Phosphate Cathodes
Ben-Barak I, Kamir Y, Menkin S, Goor M, Shekhtman I, Ripenbein T, Galun E, Golodnitsky D, Peled E
A5065 - A5074 Li-Rich Layered/Spinel Cathode Composite 3/4[Li2MnO3 center dot LiCxO(2)]center dot 1/4[LiCxMnO(4)] (Cx = Cr1-yCoy) for Li-Ion Batteries
Ma ZJ, Li D, Han Y, Shi XX, Zhang HZ, Song DW, Zhang LQ
A5075 - A5080 Na2SeO3: A Na-Ion Battery Positive Electrode Material with High Capacity
Su BZ, Zhang JL, Fujita M, Zhou WC, Sit PHL, Yu DYW
A5081 - A5089 Enhancement of LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 Cathode Materials through Interfacial Modification of Amorphous Al2O3 in Lithium Ion Batteries
Huang XK, Chen K, Liu YZ
A5090 - A5098 The Effect of Electrode-Electrolyte Interface on the Electrochemical Impedance Spectra for Positive Electrode in Li-Ion Battery
Tatara R, Karayaylali P, Yu Y, Zhang YR, Giordano L, Maglia F, Jung R, Schmidt JP, Lund I, Shao-Horn Y
A5099 - A5108 Discrete Hollow Carbon Spheres Derived from Pyrolytic Copolymer Microspheres for Li-S Batteries
Choi Y, Yoon N, Kim N, Oh C, Park H, Lee JK
A5109 - A5116 A Physics-Based Model Capacity Fade Analysis of LiMn2O4/Graphite Cell at Different Temperatures
Appiah WA, Ryou MH, Lee YM
A5117 - A5121 Synergistic Performance of Lithium Difluoro(oxalato)borate and Fluoroethylene Carbonate in Carbonate Electrolytes for Lithium Metal Anodes
Brown ZL, Lucht BL
A5131 - A5138 Carbon Coated Si-Metal Silicide Composite Anode Materials Prepared by High-Energy Milling and Carburization for Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries
Choi WJ, Reddyprakash M, Loka C, Jo YW, Lee KS
A5139 - A5145 Experimental and Theoretical Investigation on the Origin of the High Intercalation Voltage of K2Zn3[Fe(CN)(6)](2) Cathode
Islas-Vargas C, Guevara-Garcia A, Oliver-Tolentino M, Ramos-Sanchez G, Gonzalez I, Galvan M
A5146 - A5152 Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet Irradiation of N Doped Carbon Decorated on Li4Ti5O12 Electrode as a High Rate Anode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries
Lin HH, Yang H, Yawu C, Hsu SY, Duh JG
A5153 - A5156 Structural Relaxation of LixNi0.874Co0.090Al0.036O2 after Lithium Extraction down to (x <= 0.12)
Kang J, Takai S, Yabutsuka T, Yao T
A5157 - A5162 Li+ Insertion/Extraction Properties for TiNb2O7 Single Particle Characterized by a Particle-Current Collector Integrated Microelectrode
Inada R, Kumasaka R, Inabe S, Tojo T, Sakurai Y
A5163 - A5167 X-ray Based Visualization of the Electrolyte Filling Process of Lithium Ion Batteries
Schilling A, Gumbel P, Moller M, Kalkan F, Dietrich F, Droder K
A5168 - A5173 Synthesis, Structure and Ionic Conductivity of Garnet Like Lithium Ion Conductor Li6.25+xGa0.25La3-xSrxZr2O12
Mori D, Sugimoto K, Matsuda Y, Ohmori K, Katsumata T, Taminato S, Takeda Y, Yamamoto O, Imanishi N
A5184 - A5186 Fluorinating Interphases
Wang CS, Meng YS, Xu K
A5187 - A5192 Development of Polymer Electrolyte and Cathode Material for Li-Batteries
Gupta H, Singh SK, Singh VK, Tripathi AK, Srivastava N, Tiwari RK, Mishra R, Meghnani D, Singh RK
A5193 - A5200 Application of Rod-Like Li6PS5Cl Directly Synthesized by a Liquid Phase Process to Sheet-Type Electrodes for All-Solid-State Lithium Batteries
Choi S, Ann J, Do J, Lim S, Park C, Shin D
A5201 - A5209 Improvement of Li-Sulfur Cell Cycling Performance by Use of Fe1-xS@NC as a Functional Additive for Chemical Confinement of Lithium Polysulfides
Ahn JH, Veerasubramani GK, Lee SM, You TS, Kim DW
A5215 - A5220 The Stability of Polymers in Liquid Li-S Battery
Pei HJ, Guo WT, Guo R, Li Y, Fang CC, Zhang YL, Liu W, Wang Y, Xie JY
A5221 - A5225 Conjugated Dicarboxylate with Extended Naphthyl Skeleton as an Advanced Organic Anode for Potassium-Ion Battery
Li C, Xue J, Ma J, Li JZ
A5226 - A5230 Improved Performance of Nano-Sized Polyoxometalate as Lithium-Battery Cathode by Conductive Polymer Coating
Ni E, Tsukada T, Wen Q, Sonoyama N
A5237 - A5243 The Role of Cellulose Based Separator in Lithium Sulfur Batteries
Pavlin N, Hribernik S, Kapun G, Talian SD, Njel C, Dedryvere R, Dominko R
A5244 - A5251 Mesopore Channel Length Control in Ordered Mesoporous Carbon Hosts for High Performance Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
Lee BJ, Park HY, Yang DS, Kang TH, Hwang S, Yu JS
A5252 - A5258 Engineering the Direct Deposition of Si Nanoparticles for Improved Performance in Li-Ion Batteries
Xu YL, Borsa DM, Mulder FM
A5259 - A5264 GO@Se@Ni Cathode Materials for Lithium-Selenium Battery
Liu J, Lan DY, Huang XY, Zhang FT, Huang AQ, Xiao YX, Zhao ZZ, Liu LY, Ke X, Shi ZC, Guo ZP
A5265 - A5274 New Insights Related to Rechargeable Lithium Batteries: Li Metal Anodes, Ni Rich LiNixCoyMnzO2 Cathodes and Beyond Them
Markevich E, Salitra G, Hartmann P, Kulisch J, Aurbach D, Park KJ, Yoon CS, Sun YK
A5275 - A5286 An Efficient Two-Polymer Binder for High-Performance Silicon Nanoparticle-Based Lithium-Ion Batteries: A Systematic Case Study with Commercial Polyacrylic Acid and Polyvinyl Butyral Polymers
Urbanski A, Omar A, Guo J, Janke A, Reuter U, Malanin M, Schmidt F, Jehnichen D, Holzschuh M, Simon F, Eichhorn KJ, Giebeler L, Uhlmann P
A5287 - A5294 Self-Discharge Behavior of Lithium-Sulfur Batteries at Different Electrolyte/Sulfur Ratios
Shen C, Xie JX, Zhang M, Andrei P, Hendrickson M, Plichta EJ, Zheng JP
A5295 - A5300 Ag Embedded Li3VO4 as Superior Anode for Li-Ion Batteries
Kang T, Ni SB, Chen QC, Li T, Chao DL, Yang XL, Zhao JB
A5301 - A5307 Electrochemical Properties of Titanium Oxides with Disordered Layer Stacking through Flocculation of Exfoliated Titania Nanosheets
Kijima N, Sakao M, Manabe T, Akimoto J
A5308 - A5312 Performance of Li-Ion Batteries: Contribution of Electronic Factors to the Battery Voltage
Cherkashinin G, Hausbrand R, Jaegermann W
A5313 - A5317 Achievement of the High-Capacity Retention Rate for the Li[Ni0.8Co0.15Al0.05]O-2 (NCA) Cathode Containing an Aqueous Binder with CO2 Gas Treatment Using the Cavitation Effect (CTCE)
Kimura K, Onishi K, Sakamoto T, Asami K, Yanagida M
A5318 - A5322 Electrochemical Properties of Composite Cathode Using Bimodal Sized Electrolyte for All-Solid-State Batteries
Park C, Lee S, Kim K, Kim M, Choi S, Shin D
A5323 - A5327 Investigation of Electrochemical Sodium-Ion Intercalation Behavior into Graphite-Based Electrodes
Kondo Y, Fukutsuka T, Miyazaki K, Miyahara Y, Abe T
A5328 - A5332 Electrochemical Performance of All-Solid-State Sodium-Ion Model Cells with Crystalline NaxCoO2 Thin-Film Cathodes
Kehne P, Guhl C, Ma Q, Tietz F, Alff L, Hausbrand R, Komissinskiy P
A5333 - A5342 High-Performance Li-Rich Layered Transition Metal Oxide Cathode Materials for Li-Ion Batteries
Redel K, Kulka A, Plewa A, Molenda J
A5343 - A5348 Oxygen Redox Promoted by Na Excess and Covalency in Hexagonal and Monoclinic Na2-xRuO3 Polymorphs
Assadi MHN, Okubo M, Yamada A, Tateyama Y
A5349 - A5353 Enhanced Electrochemical Performance of Lithium-Sulfur Batteries with Surface Copolymerization of Cathode
Zhang J, Huang H, Xia Y, Liang C, Gan YP, Tao XY, Zhang WK
A5354 - A5361 Aqueous Binder for Nanostructured Carbon Anode Materials for Li-Ion Batteries
Lis M, Chudzik K, Bakierska M, Swietoslawski M, Gajewska M, Rutkowska M, Molenda M
A5362 - A5368 Soft X-ray Li-K and Si-L-2,L-3 Emission from Crystalline and Amorphous Lithium Silicides in Lithium-Ion Batteries Anode
Lyalin A, Kuznetsov VG, Nakayama A, Abarenkov IV, Tupitsyn II, Gabis IE, Uosaki K, Taketsugu T
A5369 - A5377 Review-Multifunctional Separators: A Promising Approach for Improving the Durability and Performance of Li-Ion Batteries
Banerjee A, Ziv B, Shilina Y, Ziegelbauer JM, Liu HS, Harris KJ, Botton G, Goward GR, Luski S, Aurbach D, Halalay IC
A5378 - A5385 In Situ Raman Spectroscopy on Silicon Nanowire Anodes Integrated in Lithium Ion Batteries
Krause A, Tkacheva O, Omar A, Langklotz U, Giebeler L, Dorfler S, Fauth F, Mikolajick T, Weber WM
A5386 - A5395 Two Dimensional WS2/C Nanosheets as a Polysulfides Immobilizer for High Performance Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
Majumder S, Shao MH, Deng YF, Chen GH
A5396 - A5402 Flexible S/DPAN/KB Nanofiber Composite as Binder-Free Cathodes for Li-S Batteries
Kalybekkyzy S, Mentbayeva A, Kahraman MV, Zhang YG, Bakenov Z
A5403 - A5409 Sol Gel vs Solid State Synthesis of the Fast Lithium-Ion Conducting Solid State Electrolyte Li7La3Zr2O12 Substituted with Iron
Paulus A, Kammler S, Heuer S, Paulus MC, Jakes P, Granwehr J, Eichel RA
A5410 - A5420 Characterization of the Interfaces in LiFePO4/PEO-LiTFSI Composite Cathodes and to the Adjacent Layers
Wurster V, Engel C, Graebe H, Ferber T, Jaegermann W, Hausbrand R
A5421 - A5429 Solid Electrolyte Interphase Film on Lithium Metal Anode in Mixed-Salt System
Eijima S, Sonoki H, Matsumoto M, Taminato S, Mori D, Imanishi N
A5430 - A5436 Lithium Magnesium Tungstate Solid as an Additive into Li(Ni1/3Mn1/3Co1/3)O-2 Electrodes for Li-Ion Batteries
Yoshinaga N, Kumakura S, Kubota K, Horiba T, Komaba S
A5437 - A5444 LiFePO4-Coated LiNi0.5Co0.2Mn0.3O2 Cathode Materials with Improved High Voltage Electrochemical Performance and Enhanced Safety for Lithium Ion Pouch Cells
Zhu L, Yan TF, Jia D, Wang Y, Wu Q, Gu HT, Wu YM, Tang WP
A5445 - A5461 Analysis of the Thermo-Mechanical-Chemical Coupled Response of a Lithium-Ion Battery Particle during a Charge-Discharge Cycle
Masmoudi M, Moumni Z, Bidault F
A5462 - A5469 Electrochemically Controlled Deposition of Ultrathin Polymer Electrolyte on Complex Microbattery Electrode Architectures
Abdelhamid ME, Ruther T, Veder JP, Rodopoulos T, Bhatt AI, Lee J, Hollenkamp AF, Horne MD, Huynh T, Ong A, Putman KJ, Rowe G, de Souza P
A5470 - A5473 Lithium Dissolution/Deposition Behavior of Al-Doped Li7La3Zr2O12 Ceramics with Different Grain Sizes
Matsuki Y, Noi K, Deguchi M, Sakuda A, Hayashi A, Tatsumisagoz M
A5489 - A5495 Influence of Current Density on Graphite Anode Failure in Lithium-Ion Batteries
Zhang PC, Yuan T, Pang YP, Peng CX, Yang JH, Ma ZF, Zheng SY
A5496 - A5502 Visualization of Local Ionic Concentration and Diffusion Constants Using a Tailored Electrochemical Strain Microscopy Method
Simolka M, Heim C, Friedrich KA, Hiesgen R