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Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Vol.165, No.7 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4651 (Print) 

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X5 - X5 Electrochemical Performance of Lithium Ion Battery Anode Using Phosphorus Encapsulated into Nanoporous Carbon Nanotubes (vol 165, pg A1231, 2018)
Tojo T, Yamaguchi S, Furukawa Y, Aoyanagi K, Umezaki K, Inada R, Sakurai Y
X6 - X6 Development of Potentiometric Method for In Situ Testing of Terbinafine HCl Dissolution Behavior Using Liquid Inner Contact Ion-Selective Electrode Membrane (vol 165, pg B143, 2018)
Abd El-Rahman MK, Sayed RA, El-Masry MS, Hassan WS, Shalaby A
G75 - G79 Facile Synthesis of Polyaniline Hollow Microsphere via Self-Assembly and Its High Electrochemical Performance
Li ZH, Shen YT, Li YB
G80 - G89 Influence of LiClO4 Concentration on 1-D Polypyrrole Nanofibers for Enhanced Performance of Glucose Biosensor
Jakhar P, Shukla M, Singh V
G90 - G95 Significant Effects of Electrode Metal Work Function on Resistive Memory Devices with Gelatin Biodielectric Layer
Liu ST, Dong SR, Jin H, Huang SY, Wang XZ, Luo JK
G96 - G100 Distribution of Cytochrome c in LCST-Type Ionic Liquid/Water Mixtures Controlled by Applied Potential and Temperature
Ikeda K, Ikari R, Nakamura N, Ohno H, Fujita K
B251 - B257 Transmission Line Integrated Metamaterial Based Liquid Sensor
Tamer A, Alkurt FO, Altintas O, Karaaslan M, Unal E, Akgol O, Karadag F, Sabah C
B258 - B267 Review-Electrochemical Detection of Uric Acid, Dopamine and Ascorbic Acid
Tukimin N, Abdullah J, Sulaiman Y
B268 - B274 Charge Based Electrochemical Determination of Sulfide Ions in Water Samples Using Poly-L-Lysine Modified Electrode
Kubendhiran S, Rajkumar C, Chen SM, Yeah QJ, Thirumalraj B
B275 - B280 Determination of Effective Oxygen Adsorption Species for CO Sensing Based on Electric Properties of Indium Oxide
Sun YJ, Suematsu K, Watanabe K, Nishibori M, Hu J, Zhang WD, Shimanoe K
B281 - B288 Synthesis and Characterization of Zirconium Dioxide Anchored Carbon Nanofiber Composite for Enhanced Electrochemical Determination of Chloramphenicol in Food Samples
Kokulnathan T, Sharma TSK, Chen SM, Han-Yu Y
B289 - B295 An Electrochemical Biosensor for Detection of DNA Species Related to Oral Cancer Based on a Particular Host-Guest Recognition-Assisted Strategy for Signal Tag In Situ
Hu YR, Chang YY, Chai YQ, Yuan R
B296 - B301 Carboxyl Terminated Reduced Graphene Oxide (Crbxl-RGO) and Pt Nanoparticles Based Ultra-Sensitive and Selective Electrochemical Biosensor for Glutamate Detection
Barman SC, Hossain MF, Yoon H, Park JY
B302 - B309 Aerosol-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition of Silver Thin Film Electrodes for Electrochemical Detection of 2-Nitrophenol
Ehsan MA, Aziz MA, Rehman A, Hakeem AS, Qasem MAA, Ahmad SHA
B310 - B322 Monodispersed Size-Controlled Gold Nanoparticles from Electrodeposited Aminoferrocenyl Dendrimer-Templates and Their Application as Efficient Hydrogen Peroxide Electrocatalyst
Villena C, Punjabi D, Casado CM, Alonso B, Losada J, Armada MPG
B323 - B327 Screen Printed Ion Selective Electrodes as a Fully Integrated PAT Tool: Application to the Analysis and Impurity Profiling of Diatrizoate Sodium
Fawaz EM, Abd El-Rahman MK, Riad SM, Shehata MA
B328 - B334 An Electrochemical Sensor Based on Green gamma-AlOOH-Carbonated Bacterial Cellulose Hybrids for Simultaneous Determination Trace Levels of Cd(II) and Pb(II) in Drinking Water
Qin DF, Hu X, Dong YM, Mamat X, Li YT, Wagberg T, Hu GZ
B335 - B343 Hollow, Spherical, Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-Bearing Methanethiol as a Gold Stabilizer for High-Efficiency Electrochemical Sensors
Ali A, Abdiryim T, Huang XL, Jamal R, Simayi R
C295 - C301 AC-Bipolar Anodization of Aluminum: Effects of Frequency on Thickness of Porous Alumina Films
Asoh H, Ishino M, Hashimoto H
C302 - C309 A Combined Density Functional Theory and Monte Carlo Investigation of the Competitive Adsorption of Atomic Oxygen and Chlorine to the Ni (111) Surface
Samin AJ, Taylor CD
C310 - C316 A Closer Look at the Role of Nanometer Scale Solute-Rich Stacking Faults in the Localized Corrosion of a Magnesium Alloy GZ31K
Zhang X, Kairy SK, Dai J, Birbilis N
C317 - C327 Effect of Micro-Arc Oxidation Coatings Formed at Different Voltages on the In Situ Growth of Layered Double Hydroxides and Their Corrosion Protection
Zhang G, Wu L, Tang AT, Pan HL, Ma YL, Zhan Q, Tan QY, Pan FS, Atrens A
C328 - C333 Modeling of the Critical Pitting Temperature between the Laboratory-Scale Specimen and the Large-Scale Specimen
Liu J, Zhang T, Li HB, Zhao YN, Wang FH, Zhang X, Cheng L, Wu KM
C334 - C342 Cathodic Dealloying of alpha-Phase Al-Zn in Slightly Alkaline Chloride Electrolyte and Its Consequence for Corrosion Resistance
Han J, Ogle K
C343 - C353 Atmospheric Corrosion of Zinc-Aluminum Alloyed Coated Steel in Depleted Carbon Dioxide Environments
LeBozec N, Thierry D, Persson D, Stoulil J
C354 - C361 Effect of Iron Oxidizing Bacteria Biofilm on Corrosion Inhibition of Imidazoline Derivative in CO2-Containing Oilfield Produced Water with Organic Carbon Source Starvation
Liu HW, Cheng YF, Xu DK, Liu HF
C362 - C374 Peridynamic Modeling of Intergranular Corrosion Damage
Jafarzadeh S, Chen ZG, Bobaru F
C375 - C384 Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering and Electrochemical Investigations on the Adsorption of Imidazole: Imidazolium Couple and Its Implications on Copper Corrosion Inhibition
Silva EF, Bandeira MCE, Alves WA, Mattos OR
C385 - C394 Influence of Direct Current Electric Field on Electrode Process of Carbon Steel under Thin Electrolyte Layers
Chen Y, Yang Y, Zhang JX, Zhang X, Dai NW, Zhang LC
C395 - C402 Effect of Thickness on the Structure and Corrosion Performance of Sputtered Ce-Al-O Coatings on Al 2024-T3 Alloy Substrates
Liu YY, Huang JM, Qin LL, Claypool JB, O'Keefe MJ, Jiang YM
C403 - C411 Enhancing Corrosion Resistance of Type 310S Stainless Steel in Carbonate Melt by Hot-Dip Aluminizing
Sah SP, Tada E, Nishikata A
C412 - C421 Self-Healing Coatings Prepared by Loading Interphase Inhibitors into MAO Coating of AM60 Mg Alloy
Liu D, Song YW, Shan DY, Han EH
C422 - C431 Substrate Purity Effect on the Defect Formation and Properties of Amorphous Anodic Barrier Al2O3
Gonzalez-Castano M, Dobeli M, Araullo-Peters V, Jeurgens LPH, Schmutz P, Cancellieri C
D251 - D257 Effects of Impurity Elements on Isothermal Grain Growth of Electroplated Copper
Huang Q
D258 - D265 The Photocatalytic Properties and Mechanistic Study of ZnO,Ag Multiphase Co-Composited TiO2 Nanotube Arrays Film Prepared by One-Step Anodization Method
Shang FM, Chen SY, Liang J, Liu CS
D266 - D272 One-Step Electrodeposition of Nanosized Cobalt Oxy/Hydroxide Composites Obtained from Deep Eutectic Solvent as Multifunctional Catalysts
Sakita AMP, Della Noce R, Benedetti AV, Garcia-Amoros J, Valles E
D273 - D281 Materials Merging Mechanism of Microfluidic Electroless Interconnection Process
Yang S, Hung HT, Wu PY, Wang YW, Nishikawa H, Kao CR
D282 - D284 Communication-Electrochemical Atomic Layer Etching of Copper
Gong YK, Venkatraman K, Akolkar R
D285 - D290 Electrochemical Synthesis of Cobalt with Different Crystal Structures from a Deep Eutectic Solvent
Manh TL, Aree-Estrada EM, Mejia-Caballero I, Aldana-Gonzalez J, Romero-Romo M, Palomar-Pardave M
D291 - D300 Superconformal Nickel Deposition in Through Silicon Vias: Experiment and Prediction
Braun TM, Kim SH, Lee HJ, Moffat TP, Josell D
D301 - D306 Electrochemical Behavior of UO2F2 and Its Electrodeposition from UO2F2-FLiNaK Melt
Han D, She CF, Peng J, Jiang F, Yang X, Peng H, Yang Y, Zheng HY, Wang XB, Xu QH, Wang CY, Zhu TJ, Luo Y, Huang W, Gong Y, Li QN
E269 - E273 Controlled Electrochemical Nanomachining with Adjustable Capacitance
Zhao CJ, Bai XY, Xu LZ
E274 - E278 Electrical Conductivity of Low-Temperature Potassium Cryolite Electrolytes Suitable for Innovation of Aluminum Preparation
Kubinakova E, Danielik V, Hives J
E279 - E281 Effect of Electrolyte Level during Electro Chemical Discharge Machining of Glass
Gupta PK
E282 - E288 Localization of the Anodic Dissolution of Inconel 718 by Using an Electrodeposited Nickel Film
Wang DY, He B, Zhu ZW, Ge YC, Zhu D
E289 - E293 Effect of Joule Heating on Formation of Porous Structure of Thin Oxalic Acid Anodic Alumina Films
Chernyakova K, Vrublevsky I, Klimas V, Jagminas A
E294 - E302 Maximizing Volumetric Removal Capacity in Capacitive Deionization by Adjusting Electrode Thickness and Charging Mode
Santos C, Lado JJ, Garcia-Quismondo E, Soria J, Palma J, Anderson MA
F409 - F416 The Study of Blocking Effect of Nb2O5 in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells under Low Power Lighting
Chen YC, Chang YC, Chen CM
F417 - F429 A FIB-STEM Study of Strontium Segregation and Interface Formation of Directly Assembled La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3.delta Cathode on Y2O3-ZrO2 Electrolyte of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
He S, Saunders M, Chen KF, Gao HF, Suvorova A, Rickard WDA, Quadir Z, Cui CQ, Jiang SP
F430 - F435 Development of a Press-Type Direct Carbon Fuel Cell for Higher and More Stable Power Output
Watanabe H, Nakanouchi M, Hanamura K
F436 - F440 Improving the Wettability of Thin-Film Rotating Disk Electrodes for Reliable Activity Evaluation of Oxygen Electrocatalysts by Triggering Oxygen Reduction at the Catalyst-Electrolyte-Bubble Triple Phase Boundaries
Wang RZ, Jiang WL, Xia DS, Liu T, Gan L
F441 - F455 Evaluating Hydrogen Evolution and Oxidation in Alkaline Media to Establish Baselines
Alia SM, Pivovar BS
F456 - F462 Alkaline Electrolysis with Overpotential-Reducing Current Profiles
Speckmann FW, Bintz S, Groninger ML, Birke KP
F463 - F467 Pt- -Ru Anode Catalyst to Suppress H2O2 Formation due to Oxygen Crossover
Nakamori Y, Suzuki N, Tanaka K, Aoki T, Nohira T, Hagiwara R
F468 - F478 The Effects of Catalyst Layer Microstructure and Water Saturation on the Effective Diffusivity in PEMFC
Zheng WB, Kim SH
F479 - F483 Determination of the Stoichiometry of Ethanol Oxidation from the Flow Rate Dependence of the Current in a Proton Exchange Membrane Electrolysis Cell
Altarawneh RM, Pickup PG
F484 - F491 Analysis of Water Transport inside Hydrophilic Carbon Fiber Micro-Porous Layers with High-Performance Operation in PEFC
Aoyama Y, Tabe Y, Nozaki R, Suzuki K, Chikahisa T, Tanuma T
F492 - F501 Recent Advances in Catalyst Accelerated Stress Tests for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells
Stariha S, Macauley N, Sneed BT, Langlois D, More KL, Mukundan R, Borup RL
F502 - F513 Hydrogen Crossover in PEM and Alkaline Water Electrolysis: Mechanisms, Direct Comparison and Mitigation Strategies
Trinke P, Haug P, Brauns J, Bensmann B, Hanke-Rauschenbach R, Turek T
F514 - F525 Thermal Conductivity and Compaction of GDL-MPL Interfacial Composite Material
Bock R, Shum AD, Xiao X, Karoliussen H, Seland F, Zenyuk IV, Burheim OS
F526 - F532 Thermal Evolution of the Structure and Activity of Non-Doped Graphene as Metal-Free Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalysts
Zhang HJ, Zhang X, Yao SW, Hu H, Ma ZF, Yang JH
F533 - F542 Assessment of the Effect of Transition Metal Oxide Addition on the Conductivity of Commercial Gd-Doped Ceria
Neuhaus K, Dolle R, Wiemhofer HD
F543 - F552 Analysis of Inkjet Printed Catalyst Coated Membranes for Polymer Electrolyte Electrolyzers
Mandal M, Valls A, Gangnus N, Secanell M
F553 - F563 Virtual Liquid Water Intrusion in Fuel Cell Gas Diffusion Media
Sabharwal M, Gostick JT, Secanell M
F564 - F570 Degradation Mechanisms of Porous La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-delta Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Cathodes
Wang HQ, Barnett SA
H291 - H299 Synthesis and Supercapacitive Properties of Carboxylated Graphene Oxide -Polyaniline/Polypyrrole Nanocomposites
Xie AJ, Tao F, Chen PW, Pan F, Luo SP, Yao C
H300 - H309 Low-Symmetry Mesoporous Titanium Dioxide (lsm-TiO2) Electrocatalyst for Efficient and Durable Oxygen Evolution in Aqueous Alkali
Amer MS, Ghanem MA, Al-Mayouf AM, Arunachalam P
H310 - H315 A Use of Polymer Inclusion Membrane as Anion Exchange Membrane for Recovery of Cu(II) Ions Based on an Electrogenerative System
Suah FBM, Roslan NA, Dahlan NF, Mohamed N
H316 - H323 Donor-Acceptor Type Super-Structural Triazine Cored Conducting Polymer Containing Carbazole and Quinoline for High-Contrast Electrochromic Device
Guzel M, Soganci T, Karatas E, Ak M
H324 - H332 The Dependence of Oxidation Parameters and Dyes' Molecular Structures on Microstructure of Boron-Doped Diamond in Electrochemical Oxidation Process of Dye Wastewater
Mei RQ, Zhu CW, Wei QP, Ma L, Li W, Zhou B, Deng ZJ, Tong Z, Ouyang GQ, Jiang CQ
H333 - H341 Highly Sensitive Carbon Based Sensors Using Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Immobilized Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes for Simultaneous Determination of Desvenlafaxine Succinate and Clonazepam
Rizk M, Taha EA, Abou El-Alamin MM, Hendawy HAM, Sayed YM
H342 - H347 Swivel-Cruciform Configuration Induced Electrochromic Fast Switching Property of Donor-Acceptor Conjugated Polymer Containing 5,5 '-Bibenzothiadiazole
Yan SM, Li WJ, Dai YY, Ouyang M, Zhang YJ, Zhang C
H348 - H352 Atomically Dispersed Fe, N Co-Doped Ordered Mesoporous Carbon for Non-Enzymatic Hydrogen Peroxide Sensing
Wang L, Shen HJ, Gao SS, Mamat X, Hu GZ
H353 - H359 Photocatalytic Activity of ZnV2O6/Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite: From Theory to Experiment
Sameie H, Alvani AAS, Naseri N, Rosei F, Mul G, Mei BT
H360 - H364 pH-Dependent Catalytic Behavior in Cathodic Application of Hydrogen Peroxide with Cobalt Oxide Modified Electrode and Its Application in Electrochemical Fenton Process in Alkaline Media
Lin YT, Chen CH, Lin MS
H365 - H373 Core-Shell Pd9Ru@Pt on Functionalized Graphene for Methanol Electrooxidation
Kuo CC, Chou SC, Chang YC, Hsieh YC, Wu PW, Wu WW
H374 - H384 Unidirectional Negative Coupling Induced Dynamical Patterns in an Epoxy-Based Dual-Electrode Microchip Flow Cell
Jia YX, Kiss IZ
H385 - H392 Tuning the Products of CO2 Electroreduction on a Ni3Ga Catalyst Using Carbon Solid Supports
Paris AR, Chu AT, O'Brien CB, Frick JJ, Francis SA, Bocarsly AB
H393 - H398 Voltammetric Characteristics and Determination of Riboflavin at the Different Metallic Bulk Annular Band Electrodes
Wegiel K, Bas B
H399 - H406 Poly(aniline) Decorated with Nanocactus Platinum on Carbon Fiber Paper and Its Electrocatalytic Behavior toward Toluene Oxidation
Joice EK, Varghese A, Sudhakar YN, Ganesh B, Selvaraj J
H407 - H416 Revealing Indirect Electro-Reduction of Quaternary Ammonium Polybromide Droplets in Acidic Aqueous Solutions
Hwang J, Chang J
H417 - H424 Amorphous Cu2-delta O as Passivation Layer for Ultra Long Stability of Copper Oxide Nanowires in Photoelectrochemical Environments
Banerjee S, Wu F, Myung Y, Chatman S, Niedzwiedzki DM, Banerjee P
A1169 - A1183 Efficient Global Sensitivity Analysis of 3D Multiphysics Model for Li-Ion Batteries
Lin N, Xie XZ, Schenkendorf R, Krewer U
A1184 - A1192 The Interaction between Cu and Fe in P2-Type NaxTMO2 Cathodes for Advanced Battery Performance
Zhang YN, Kim S, Feng GY, Wang Y, Liu L, Ceder G, Li X
A1193 - A1203 Understanding and Mitigating Capacity Fade in Aqueous Organic Redox Flow Batteries
Murali A, Nirmalchandar A, Krishnamoorthy S, Hoober-Burkhardt L, Yang B, Soloveichik G, Prakash GKS, Narayanan SR
A1204 - A1221 Thermal Stability of Pyrrolidinium-FSI Ionic Liquid Electrolyte and Lithium-Ion Electrodes at Elevated Temperatures
Francis C, Louey R, Sammut K, Best AS
A1222 - A1230 Assessment of the Electrochemical Stability of Carbonate-Based Electrolytes in Na-Ion Batteries
Yan GC, Alves-Dalla-Corte D, Yin W, Madern N, Gachot G, Tarascon JM
A1231 - A1237 Electrochemical Performance of Lithium Ion Battery Anode Using Phosphorus Encapsulated into Nanoporous Carbon Nanotubes
Tojo T, Yamaguchi S, Furukawa Y, Aoyanagi K, Umezaki K, Inada R, Sakurai Y
A1238 - A1246 PVDF/BCT-BZT Nanocomposite Film for a Piezo-Driven Self-Charging Power Cell
Wei G, Wang ZM, Zhu RJ, Kimura H
A1247 - A1253 Exceptional Effect of Benzene in Uniform Carbon Coating of SiOx Nanocomposite for High-Performance Li-Ion Batteries
Yang HW, Kang N, Myung ST, Kim J, Kim SJ
A1254 - A1262 A Comparison of Pd/C, Perovskite, and Ni-Fe Hexacyanoferrate Bifunctional Oxygen Catalysts, at Different Loadings and Catalyst Layer Thicknesses on an Oxygen Gas Diffusion Electrode
McKerracher RD, Figueredo-Rodriguez HA, Avila-Alejo JO, Kwasnicki K, de Leon CP, Alegre C, Baglio V, Arico AS, Walsh FC
A1263 - A1268 Influence of Metal Impurities or Additives in the Electrolyte of a Vanadium Redox Flow Battery
Park JH, Park JJ, Lee HJ, Mi BS, Yang JH
A1269 - A1274 All-Solid-State Supercapacitors Based on a Carbon-Filled Porous/Dense/Porous Layered Ceramic Electrolyte
Hu X, Chen YL, Hu ZC, Li Y, Ling ZY
A1275 - A1287 Experimental and Modeling Analysis of Graphite Electrodes with Various Thicknesses and Porosities for High-Energy-Density Li-Ion Batteries
Malifarge S, Delobel B, Delacourt C
A1288 - A1296 The Importance of Chemical Reactions in the Charging Process of Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
Berger A, Freiberg ATS, Siebel A, Thomas R, Patel MUM, Tromp M, Gasteiger HA, Gorlin Y
A1297 - A1302 A Hyperbranched Disulfide Polymer as Cathode Material for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Liu X, Wang AL, Wang S, Liu XP, Chen J, Xu H, Zeng QH, Zhang LY
A1303 - A1308 Mechanism of Thermal Runaway in Lithium-Ion Cells
Galushkin NE, Yazvinskaya NN, Galushkin DN
A1309 - A1323 Optimal Experimental Design for Parameterization of an Electrochemical Lithium-Ion Battery Model
Park S, Kato D, Gima Z, Klein R, Moura S
A1324 - A1337 Fast Impedance Simulation of Lithium-Ion Batteries with Pseudo-Two Dimensional Electrochemical Models
Pathak M, Murbach MD, Pathak C, Jang TJ, Qi YB, Schwartz DT, Subramanian VR
A1338 - A1347 In Situ Scanning Electron Microscope Observations of Li Plating/Stripping Reactions with Pt Current Collectors on LiPON Electrolyte
Motoyama M, Ejiri M, Yamamoto T, Iriyama Y
A1348 - A1356 Pressure Characteristics and Chemical Potentials of Constrained LiFePO4/C-6 Cells
Singer JP, Kropp T, Kuehnemund M, Birke KP
A1357 - A1362 Li4/3Ni1/3Mo1/3O2 - LiNi1/2Mn1/2O2 Binary System as High Capacity Positive Electrode Materials for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
Zhao WW, Yamaguchi K, Sato T, Yabuuchi N
A1363 - A1371 Development of a Wire Reference Electrode for Lithium All-Solid-State Batteries with Polymer Electrolyte: FEM Simulation and Experiment
Simon FJ, Blume L, Hanauer M, Sauter U, Janek J
A1372 - A1376 Grafting Nitrophenyl Groups on Carbon Surfaces by Diazonium Chemistry to Suppress Irreversible Reactions in High-Voltage LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 Positive Electrodes
Soon J, Chae S, Lee TJ, Jung J, Ryu JH, Oh SM
A1377 - A1387 Probing Surface Chemistry Changes Using LiCoO2-only Electrodes in Li-Ion Batteries
Gauthier M, Karayaylali P, Giordano L, Feng ST, Lux SF, Maglia F, Lamp P, Shao-Horn Y
A1388 - A1399 Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Using Electrocatalyst Decorated with Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Nanotubes Derived from Metal-Organic Frameworks
Noh C, Lee CS, Chi WS, Chung Y, Kim JH, Kwon Y
A1400 - A1408 Biowaste Lignin-Based Carbonaceous Materials as Anodes for Na-Ion Batteries
Marino C, Cabanero J, Povia M, Villevieille C
A1409 - A1421 A Pade Approximate Model of Lithium Ion Batteries
Tran NT, Vilathgamuwa M, Farrell T, Choi SS, Li Y, Teague J
A1422 - A1429 Multi-Electron Fused Redox Centers in Conjugated Aromatic Organic Compound as a Cathode for Rechargeable Batteries
Yang SY, Chen YJ, Zhou G, Fu ZW
A1430 - A1439 High-Performance Supercapacitors of N-Doped Graphene Aerogel and Its Nanocomposites with Manganese Oxide and Polyaniline
Phattharasupakun N, Wutthiprom J, Ma N, Suktha P, Sawangphruk M
A1440 - A1446 Stability of Charged Phase and Cell Properties of LiMn2-xAlxO4
Nishijima M, Matsui N, Hata J, Saito T, Nitta Y, Suzuki K, Hirayama M, Kanno R
A1447 - A1454 The Non-Ignorable Impact of Surface Oxygen Groups on the Electrochemical Performance of N/O Dual-Doped Carbon Anodes for Sodium Ion Batteries
Zhou CL, Li A, Cao B, Chen XH, Jia MQ, Song HH
A1455 - A1459 Porous SnSbNPs@3D-C Anode with Improved Stability for Sodium-Ion Battery
Wang WH, Shi L, Li Q
A1460 - A1465 Na3V2(PO4)(3)/C Composite Prepared by Sol-Gel Method as Cathode for Sodium Ion Batteries
Luo SH, Li JY, Bao S, Liu YY, Wang ZY
A1466 - A1477 Flow Battery Molecular Reactant Stability Determined by Symmetric Cell Cycling Methods
Goulet MA, Aziz MJ
A1478 - A1485 Synthesis and Characterization of Electrospun Nickel-Carbon Nanofibers as Electrodes for Vanadium Redox Flow Battery
Di Blasi A, Busacca C, Di Blasi O, Briguglio N, Antonucci V
A1486 - A1491 Improved Cycling Performance of Intermetallic Anode by Minimized SEI Layer Formation
Kuwata H, Matsui M, Sonoki H, Manabe Y, Imanishi N, Mizuhata M
A1492 - A1502 Investigations on the Potential Fluctuation of Al-Sn Alloys during Galvanostatic Discharge Process in Alkaline Solution
Meng X, Wang YC, Zhang LJ, Jin FM, Wang W
A1503 - A1514 Morphological Changes of Silicon Nanoparticles and the Influence of Cutoff Potentials in Silicon-Graphite Electrodes
Wetjen M, Solchenbach S, Pritzl D, Hou J, Tileli V, Gasteiger HA
A1515 - A1522 A Flexible and Knittable Fiber Supercapacitor for Wearable Energy Storage with High Energy Density and Mechanical Robustness
Liu QF, Zang LM, Yang C, Wei C, Qiu JH, Liu CJ, Xu X
A1523 - A1528 Design of Porous Solid Electrolytes for Rechargeable Metal Batteries
Thomas-Alyea KE
A1529 - A1536 High-Precision Coulometry Studies of the Impact of Temperature and Time on SEI Formation in Li-Ion Cells
Ellis LD, Allen JP, Hill IG, Dahn JR
A1537 - A1546 State-of-Charge Dependence of Mechanical Response of Lithium-Ion Batteries: A Result of Internal Stress
Li W, Xia Y, Zhu JE, Luo HL
A1547 - A1557 Effects of Constituent Materials on Heat Generation in Individual EDLC Electrodes
Munteshari O, Lau J, Ashby DS, Dunn B, Pilon L
A1558 - A1562 Electrochemical Na-Migration into Delithiated Phase LizNi1/3Mn1/3Co1/3O2: Structure and Electrochemical Properties
Man TV, Nguyen HLT, Nam LPP, Linh ND, An PLB, Phung LML
A1563 - A1573 Increasing the Discharge Rate Capability of Lithium-Ion Cells with Laser-Structured Graphite Anodes: Modeling and Simulation
Habedank JB, Kraft L, Rheinfeld A, Krezdorn C, Jossen A, Zaeh MF
A1574 - A1577 Two Phenanthrenequinone-Based Compound Cathode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries
Tao WQ, Zhang HC, Jia T, Luo SL, Hou Q, Wang YH, Shi G, Xu BJ
A1578 - 1585 Simultaneous Operando Measurements of the Local Temperature, State of Charge, and Strain inside a Commercial Lithium-Ion Battery Pouch Cell
Yu XH, Feng ZL, Ren Y, Henn D, Wu ZG, An K, Wu B, Fau C, Li C, Harris SJ