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Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Vol.165, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4651 (Print) 

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B67 - B73 Sensitive and Selective Detection of Multiple Metal Ions Using Amino Acids Modified Glassy Carbon Electrodes
Nisar A, Shah A, Zahid A, Iftikhar FJ, Hassan A, Shah AH, She Z, Akhter MS, Piro B, Kraatz HB
B74 - B82 Flow Injection Non-Enzymatic Amperometric Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide Based on a Glassy Carbon Electrode Modified with Silver Particles on Glassy Carbon Spherical Powder
Sirisaeng T, Thavarungkul P, Kanatharana P, Limbut W
B83 - B88 Engineering of Au/Ag Nanostructures for Enhanced Electrochemical Performance
Navarreto-Lugo M, Lim JH, Samia ACS
B89 - B95 A Conducting Poly(N-(1-Naphthyl)ethylenediamine dihydrochloride) Nanofibers for the Sensitive and Interference-Free Detection of Dopamine
Rahman MM, Ahmed A, Lee JJ
B96 - B102 Functionalized-Carbon Black as a Conductive Matrix for Nickel Sulfide Nanospheres and Its Application to Non-Enzymatic Glucose Sensor
Kubendhiran S, Sakthivel R, Chen SM, Mutharani B
D91 - D93 Communication-Acceleration of TSV Filling by Adding Thiourea to PEG-PPG-SPS-I-
Kim HC, Kim MJ, Kim JJ
D94 - D97 Removal of Ca and K from Metallic Na in TFSI Ionic Liquids Using an Exchange Reaction
Mizukami S, Matsushima H, Ueda M
D98 - D106 Uranium Dendritic Morphology in the Electrorefining: Influences of Temperature and Current Density
Liu K, Chai ZF, Shi WQ
E89 - E96 Facile and Very Sensitive Electrochemical Method for Evaluating the Release Kinetics of Caffeine from Bioactive Polymeric Scaffolds
Grzybowska A, Marchewka J, Maslanka E, Laska J, Kubiak WW, Bas B
E97 - E107 Electrochemical Reduction of TiO2/Al2O3/C to Ti3AlC2 and Its Derived Two-Dimensional (2D) Carbides
Li SS, Zou XL, Hu Y, Lu XG, Xiong XL, Xu Q, Cheng HW, Zhou ZF
G51 - G55 Non-Membrane Electrolysis Cell for CO2 Reduction to CO in Propylene Carbonate/Tetrabutylammonium Perchlorate
Shi J, Chen TY, Shi F, Shen FX, Dai YN, Yang B, Song N, Li YF, Liu JX, Wang YD
G56 - G65 Preparation of Poly(o-ethylaniline)-SiC/Zinc Bilayer Coatings and Study of Its Corrosion Resistance Properties
Hu CB, Li Y, Zhang N, Zhang JW
H45 - H51 NiS2 Nanosheet Films Supported on Ti Foils: Effective Counter Electrodes for Quantum Dot-Sensitized Solar Cells
Gong C, Hong XD, Xiang SW, Wu Z, Sun L, Ye MD, Lin CJ
H52 - H56 Enhancing the Photovoltaic Performance of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells with Rare-Earth Metal Oxide Nanoparticles
Kharel PL, Zamborini FP, Alphenaar BW
H57 - H66 Graphene Interface for Detection of Resorcinol an Endocrine Disruptor in Solubilized Ionic Liquid System: Electrochemical and COSMO-RS Quantum Studies
Rather JA, Alsubhi Z, Khan I, Khudaish E, Kannan P
H67 - H77 From Cubic Palladium to Concave Core-Shell Platinum Palladium Nanoparticles: Evolution of the Structure and Their Electrochemical Properties
Tymen S, Scheinost AC, Lozano-Rodriguez MJ, Friebe C, Schubert US
H78 - H83 Comproportionation Reaction of Cu(II)/Cu(0) in Ethaline-Water Mixed Solvents
Su Y, Liu JX, Wang R, Aisa S, Cao XW, Li SF, Wang BB, Zhou Q
H84 - H90 Nanostructured NiTiO3 as a Catalytic Material for Methanol Electrochemical Oxidation in Alkaline Conditions
Ruiz-Preciado MA, Caballero AAF, Robledo AM, Morales-Acevedo A
H91 - H98 Irregular Micro-Island Arrays of CdO/CdS Composites Derived from Electrodeposited Cd for High Photoelectrochemical Performances
Lai Y, Wang YQ, Zhu YS, Guo RK, Xia Y, Huang W, Li ZL
H99 - H101 Communication-Effect of Free-Carrier Absorption on an Anodized Silicon Surface for Producing Dense and Uniform Nanocrystals
Lee BTH, Chiang CC
A425 - A433 Synthesis of Li and Mn-Rich Layered Oxides as Concentration-Gradients for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Pajot S, Feydi P, Weill F, Menetrier M, Yildirim G, Simonin L, Croguennec L
A434 - A438 Synthesis of Conjugated Carbonyl Containing Polymer Negative Electrodes for Sodium Ion Batteries
Yamamoto R, Yabuuchi N, Miyasaka M
A439 - A447 Rate Behavior of MoO2/Graphene Oxide Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes from Electrochemical Contributions
Fu H, Xu ZW, Wang T, Li K, Shen XT, Li JY, Huang JF
A448 - A455 A Few Atoms Thick Nickel-Cobalt Oxides Mesoporous Nanosheets and Their Arrays on Ni Foam for Supercapacitors with Ultra-Long Cycling Lifespan
Chen HC, Huang CH, Jiang JJ
A456 - A462 A Comparison of NMC/Graphite Pouch Cells and Commercially Available LiCoO2/Graphite Pouch Cells Tested to High Potential
Nelson KJ, Harlow JE, Dahn JR
A463 - A468 Li1.2Mn0.55Ni0.15Co0.1O2 (LMR-NMC)-Carbon Coated-LiMnPO4 Blended Electrodes for High Performance Lithium Ion Batteries
Kumar SK, Martha SK
A469 - A476 Tortuosity of Battery Electrodes: Validation of Impedance-Derived Values and Critical Comparison with 3D Tomography
Landesfeind J, Ebner M, Eldiven A, Wood V, Gasteiger HA
A477 - A486 Tailoring of Morphology and Crystalline Structure of Nanoporous TiO2-TiO-TiN Composite Films for Enhanced Capacity as Anode Materials of Lithium-Ion Batteries
Kure-Chu SZ, Sakuyama H, Suzuki EI, Yashiro H, Sasaki K, Segawa H, Hihara T
A487 - A492 Coaxial MnO2 Nanoshell/CNFs Composite Film Anode for High-Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries
Qu EL, Chen T, Xiao QZ, Lei GT, Li ZH
A493 - A500 Reduction of Charge-Transfer Resistance via Artificial SEI Formation Using Electropolymerization of Borylated Thiophene Monomer on Graphite Anodes
Joshi P, Iwai K, Patnaik SG, Vedarajan R, Matsumi N
A501 - A511 High-Voltage Symmetric Supercapacitor Based on 2D Titanium Carbide (MXene, Ti2CTx)/Carbon Nanosphere Composites in a Neutral Aqueous Electrolyte
Melchior SA, Raju K, Ike IS, Erasmus RM, Kabongo G, Sigalas I, Iyuke SE, Ozoemena KI
A512 - A524 Lithium Oxalate as Capacity and Cycle-Life Enhancer in LNMO/Graphite and LNMO/SiG Full Cells
Solchenbach S, Wetjen M, Pritzl D, Schwenke KU, Gasteiger HA
A525 - A533 Analysis of Rate-Limiting Factors in Thick Electrodes for Electric Vehicle Applications
Lee BS, Wu ZH, Petrova V, Xing X, Lim HD, Liu HD, Liu P
A534 - A541 Bamboo-Shaped Zn2+-Doped Li4Ti5O12 Nanofibers: One-Step Controllable Synthesis and High-Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries
Ji XY, Lu QF, Guo EY, Li D, Yao LB, Liu H, Li XL
A542 - A546 Density, Viscosity, Ionic Conductivity, and Self-Diffusion Coefficient of Organic Liquid Electrolytes: Part I. Propylene Carbonate plus Li, Na, Mg and Ca Cation Salts
Seki S, Hayamizu K, Tsuzuki S, Takahashi K, Ishino Y, Kato M, Nozaki E, Watanabe H, Umebayashi Y
A547 - A556 Connection between Phase Diagram, Structure and Ion Transport in Liquid, Aqueous Electrolyte Solutions of Lithium Chloride
Yim CH, Abu-Lebdeh YA
A557 - A564 Synergistic Effect between Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-poly(styrene sulfonate) Coated Sulfur Nano-Composites and Poly(vinylidene difluoride) on Lithium-Sulfur Battery
Liu JC, Li RH, Chen TR, Wan WH, Wei JH, Dai CS
A565 - A574 Reversible Multi-Electron Transfer of Cr2.8+/Cr4.4+ in O3-Type Layered Na0.66Fe1/3Cr1/3Ti1/3O2 for Sodium-Ion Batteries
Cao MH, Wang T, Shadike Z, Nam K, Zhou YN, Fu ZW
A575 - A583 Solid Permeable Interface (SPI) on a High-Voltage Positive Electrode of Lithium-Ion Batteries
Lee TJ, Kim HS, Hwang HS, Soon J, Jung J, Ryu JH, Oh SM
A584 - A592 Laser Sintering of Printed Anodes for Al-Air Batteries
Yu YC, Chen M, Wang ST, Hill C, Joshi P, Kuruganti T, Hu AM
A593 - A602 Duty Cycle Effects on the Step Potential Electrochemical Spectroscopy (SPECS) Analysis of the Aqueous Manganese Dioxide Electrode
Forghani M, Donne SW
A603 - A608 Optimization of Heat Treatment Conditions for Fabricating Pre-Lithiated Silicon Monoxide as an Anode Material for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Yom JH, Seong IW, Cho SM, Yoon WY
A609 - A617 Enhancing the Charge Storage Capacity of Lithium-Ion Capacitors Using Nitrogen-Doped Reduced Graphene Oxide Aerogel as a Negative Electrode: A Hydrodynamic Rotating Disk Electrode Investigation
Phattharasupakun N, Wutthiprom J, Suktha P, Ma N, Sawangphruk M
A618 - A625 Pop-Up Delamination of Electrodes in Solid-State Batteries
Guo K, Tamirisa PA, Sheldon BW, Xiao XC, Gao HJ
A626 - A635 Development of Electrolytes for Single Crystal NMC532/Artificial Graphite Cells with Long Lifetime
Li J, Li HY, Stone W, Glazier S, Dahn JR
A636 - A649 Insights into Charge-Redistribution in Double Layer Capacitors
Madabattula G, Kumar S
A650 - A656 Kinetic Study of the Initial Lithiation of Amorphous Silicon Thin Film Anodes
Miao JH, Thompson CV
A657 - A663 "Water-in-Salt" for Supercapacitors: A Compromise between Voltage, Power Density, Energy Density and Stability
Lannelongue P, Bouchal R, Mourad E, Bodin C, Olarte M, le Vot S, Favier F, Fontaine O
A664 - A673 Method Comparison for Deconvoluting Capacitive and Pseudo-Capacitive Contributions to Electrochemical Capacitor Electrode Behavior
Forghani M, Donne SW
A674 - A679 Temperature Effect on "Ragone Plots" of Lithium-Ion Batteries
Kumar SK, Abduh AABM, Sabih O, Yazami R
A680 - A687 Effect of Lewis Acids on Graphite-Electrode Properties in EC-Based Electrolyte Solutions with Organophosphorus Compounds
Tsubouchi S, Suzuki S, Nishimura K, Okumura T, Abe T
A688 - A695 All-Solid Flexible Fiber-Shaped Lithium Ion Batteries
Qu H, Lu X, Skorobogatiy M
A696 - A704 Depth-Dependent Redox Behavior of LiNi0.6Mn0.2Co0.2O2
Tian CX, Nordlund D, Xin HLL, Xu YH, Liu YJ, Sokaras D, Lin F, Doeff MM
A705 - A716 A Study of the Transport Properties of Ethylene Carbonate-Free Li Electrolytes
Logan ER, Tonita EM, Gering KL, Ma L, Bauer MKG, Li J, Beaulieu LY, Dahn JR
A717 - A730 Simulations of a LiF Solid Electrolyte Interphase Cracking on Silicon Anodes Using Molecular Dynamics
Galvez-Aranda DE, Seminario JM
B103 - B117 Review-Covalent Functionalization of Carbon Nanomaterials for Biosensor Applications: An Update
Cardenas-Benitez B, Djordjevic I, Hosseini S, Madou MJ, Martinez-Chapa SO
B118 - B126 A Facile Construction of Porous g-C3N4/poly (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) Composite Modified Electrode for Ascorbic Acid Determination
Wu YT, Yang Y, Lei W, Li CW, Hao QL, Zhang C, Zhang YH, Su J
B127 - B134 Electrochemical Characterization of Nanogap Interdigitated Electrode Arrays for Lab-on-a-Chip Applications
Matylitskaya V, Kasemann S, Urban G, Dincer C, Partel S
B135 - B142 Nickel-Encapsulated Carbon Nanotubes Modified Boron Doped Diamond Hybrid Electrode for Non-Enzymatic Glucose Sensing
Long HY, Li C, Deng ZJ, Wang YJ, Hu NX, Meng LC, Xie YN, Wei QP, Yu ZM, Zhang SG
B143 - B149 Development of Potentiometric Method for In Situ Testing of Terbinafine HCl Dissolution Behavior Using Liquid Inner Contact Ion-Selective Electrode Membrane
Abd El-Rahman MK, Sayed RA, El-Masry MS, Hassan WS, Shalaby A
B150 - B159 A Non-Enzymatic Biosensor Based on Pd Decorated Reduced Graphene Oxide Poly (2-anilinoethanol) Nanocomposite and Its Application for the Determination of Dopamine
Tootoonchi A, Davarani SSH, Sedghi R, Shaabani A, Moazami HR
B160 - B166 An Amperometric Sensor for Low Level Detection of Antidepressant Drug Carbamazepine Based on Graphene Oxide-g-C3N4 Composite Film Modified Electrode
Balasubramanian P, Balamurugan TST, Chen SM, Chen TW, Ali MA, Al-Hemaid FMA, Elshikh MS
C107 - C115 Hydrogen Diffusivity and Trapping in Custom 465 Stainless Steel
Ifergane S, Ben David R, Sabatani E, Carmeli B, Beeri O, Eliaz N
C116 - C126 Corrosion Inhibition of Aluminum Alloy AA6063-T5 by Vanadates: Microstructure Characterization and Corrosion Analysis
Kharitonov DS, Ornek C, Claesson PM, Sommertune J, Zharskii IM, Kurilo II, Pan JS
C127 - C144 Review-Conversion Coatings Based on Zirconium and/or Titanium
Milosev I, Frankel GS
C145 - C154 pH-Responsive Containers Based on Modified Hollow TiO2 for Active and Passive Protection of Carbon Steel
Liu XH, Gu CJ, Ma Z, Ma XM, Hou BR
C155 - C161 Improving the Degradation Resistance and Surface Biomineralization Ability of Calcium Phosphate Coatings on a Biodegradable Magnesium Alloy via a Sol-Gel Spin Coating Method
Su YC, Lu CJ, Hu XL, Guo YT, Xun XC, Zhang ZH, Li GY, Lian JS, Ren LQ
C162 - C170 Mechanistic Analysis of Anodic Dissolution of Zr in Acidic Fluoride Media
Amrutha MS, Rao MT, Ramanathan S
C171 - C179 Formation Mechanisms of Iron Oxide and Iron Sulfide at High Temperature in Aqueous H2S Corrosion Environment
Gao SJ, Brown B, Young D, Nesic S, Singer M
C180 - C194 SVET and SIET Study of Galvanic Corrosion of Al/MgZn2 in Aqueous Solutions at Different pH
Ikeuba AI, Zhang B, Wang JQ, Han EH, Ke W, Okafor PC
D107 - D109 Communication-A Cyanide-Free Electrolyte for Hard Gold (Au-Co) Electrodepositing Utilizing DMH as Complexing Agent
Luo G, Li DY, Yuan GH, Li N
D110 - D115 One-Step Electrodeposition of Layer by Layer Architectural Si-Graphene Nanocomposite Anode of Lithium Ion Battery with Enhanced Cycle Performance
Shen QX, Wang Q, Guo QJ, Guan SY, Li B
D116 - D128 Electrophoretic Deposition, Microstructure and Selected Properties of Composite Alumina/Polyetheretherketone Coatings on the Ti-13Nb-13Zr Alloy
Moskalewicz T, Zimowski S, Zych A, Lukaszczyk A, Reczynska K, Pamula E
D129 - D134 Revisiting Metal Electrodeposition in Porous Anodic Alumina: Toward Tailored Preparation of Metal Nanotube Arrays
Zhang AQ, Zhou JJ, Das P, Xiao YH, Gong FL, Li F, Wang LZ, Zhang LS, Wang LX, Cao Y, Duan HW
D135 - D141 Thin-Layer Electrodeposition of Uranium Metal from Molten LiCl-KCl
Stika M, Padilla S, Jarrell J, Blue T, Cao LR, Simpson M
D142 - D146 Thermodynamics of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Nucleation in the Context of Electrocrystallization
Abyaneh MY
D147 - D151 Potentiostatic Current Transient for Multiple Nucleation: A Limited-Diffusion Process Description
Luo G, Li DY, Yuan GH, Li N
D152 - D159 Complexation Behavior and Co-Electrodeposition Mechanism of Au-Sn Alloy in Highly Stable Non-Cyanide Bath
Huang FF, Huang ML
D160 - D166 Electrodeposition of CdSe/TiO2 Coaxial Nanocables for Enhanced Photocatalytic Performance and H-2 Evolution in Visible Light
Wang HZ, Zhou HB, Lu J, Yao SW, Zhang WG
E108 - E114 Formation Mechanisms of Self-Organized Needles in Porous Silicon Based Needle-Like Surfaces
Keshavarzi S, Mescheder U, Reinecke H
E115 - E120 Simulations of Potential Distribution and Efficiency Optimization in Carbon Fiber Electrochemical Oxidation
Sun Y, Lu YG, Zhang WS, Yao LL, Liu LG, Yang CL
E121 - E128 A Central Composite Design to Optimize In-Situ Electrochemically Produced Ozone for Removal of Reactive Red 198
Rahmani AR, Nematollahi D, Samarghandi MR, Samadi MT, Azarian G
E129 - E137 Micro Dimple Array Fabrication by Through Mask Electrochemical Micromachining Utilizing Low-Aspect Ratio Mask
Mahata S, Kunar S, Bhattacharyya B
F123 - F131 Photoelectrochemical Oxidation of Ethanol under Visible Light Irradiation on TaON-Based Catalysts
Queiroz AC, Ticianelli EA
F132 - F141 The Electrochemical Properties of Nanocrystalline Gd0.1Ce0.9O1.95 Infiltrated Solid Oxide Co-Electrolysis Cells
Hong J, Balamurugan C, Im HN, Jeon SY, Yoo YS, Song SJ
F142 - F144 Communication-Investigation of Catalyst Ink Degradation by X-ray CT
Uemura S, Kameya Y, Iriguchi N, Yoshida T, Shinohara K, Hirai S
F145 - F151 The Oxygen Reduction Reaction Mechanism on FeN3 Doped Divacancy Graphene: A Theoretical Perspective
Meng YN, Li K, Yang YW, Wang Y, Wu ZJ
F152 - F157 Operando Studies of Redox Resilience in ALT Enhanced NiO-YSZ SOFC Anodes
Welander MM, Zachariasen MS, Hunt CD, Sofie SW, Walker RA
F158 - F165 Effective Oxygen Reduction and Evolution Catalysts Derived from Metal Organic Frameworks by Optimizing Active Sites
Li YQ, Xu HB, Huang HY, Gao LG, Ma TL
F166 - F172 Modeling of Oxygen Diffusion Resistance in Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells in the Intermediate Potential Region
Suzuki T, Yamada H, Tsusaka K, Morimoto Y
F173 - F180 Connecting Fuel Cell Catalyst Nanostructure and Accessibility Using Quantitative Cryo-STEM Tomography
Padgett E, Andrejevic N, Liu ZY, Kongkanand A, Gu WB, Moriyama K, Jiang Y, Kumaraguru S, Moylan TE, Kukreja R, Muller DA
F181 - F188 Durability of LSCF-Coated Fe-Cr-Al Alloy for SOFC Applications
Pham HC, Taniguchi S, Inoue Y, Matsuda J, Chou JT, Matsuoka K, Sasaki K
F189 - F197 Ammonia Contamination of a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell
Gomez YA, Oyarce A, Lindbergh G, Lagergren C
F198 - F206 Mass-Transfer Measurements at Porous 3D Pt-Ir/Ti Electrodes in a Direct Borohydride Fuel Cell
Abahussain AA, de Leon CP, Walsh FC
F207 - F214 Homogeneous Nanoporous Ni Particles Produced by Dealloying Mg-Based Metallic Glass as Efficient Hydrogen Evolution Electrocatalyst
Zuo L, Li R, Jin Y, Zhang T
F215 - F219 Ruthenium-Tin Oxide/Carbon Supported Platinum Catalysts for Electrochemical Oxidation of Ethanol in Direct Ethanol Fuel Cells
James DD, Moghaddam RB, Chen BY, Pickup PG
F220 - F231 Oxygen Exchange and Transport in (La0.6Sr0.4)(0.98)FeO3-d-Ce0.9Gd0.1O1.95 Dual-Phase Composites
Ovtar S, Sogaard M, Norrman K, Hendriksen PV
F232 - F237 A Study of of CO Adsorption/Desorption on a Thin Platinum Film by the Measurement of Electrical Resistance
Zhu LZ, Zhang L, Virkar AV
F238 - F245 Fuel Cell Performance Implications of Membrane Electrode Assembly Fabrication with Platinum-Nickel Nanowire Catalysts
Mauger SA, Neyerlin KC, Alia SM, Ngo C, Babu SK, Hurst KE, Pylypenko S, Litster S, Pivovar BS
H102 - H108 Urchin-Like Nanorods of Binary NiCoS Supported on Nickel Foam for Electrocatalytic OverallWater Splitting
Dong B, Yan KL, Liu ZZ, Chi JQ, Gao WK, Lin JH, Dai FN, Chai YM, Liu CG
H109 - H113 Molybdenum-Dependent Formate Dehydrogenase for Formate Bioelectrocatalysis in a Formate/O-2 Enzymatic Fuel Cell
Sahin S, Cai R, Milton RD, Abdellaoui S, Macazo FC, Minteer SD
H114 - H120 Diverging Effects of NaCl and CsCl on the Mechanical Properties of Nanoconfined Water
Khan SH, Hoffmann PM
H121 - H127 A Hydronium Solvate Ionic Liquid: Facile Synthesis of Air-Stable Ionic Liquid with Strong Bronsted Acidity
Kitada A, Takeoka S, Kintsu K, Fukami K, Saimura M, Nagata T, Katahira M, Murase K
H128 - H140 Graphene-Based Sensor for Voltammetric Quantification of Dapoxetine Hydrochloride: A Drug for Premature Ejaculation in Formulation and Human Plasma
Khalifa A, El-Desoky H, Abdel-Galeil M
H141 - H146 Nickel-Incorporated, Nitrogen-Doped Graphene Nanoribbons as Efficient Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Joy J, Sekar A, Vijayaraghavan S, Kumar TP, Pillai VK, Alwarappan S
H147 - H154 Photoelectrocatalytic Degradation of 4-Chlorophenol by Using Decahedron BiVO4 as Catalyst and Pd and MnOx as Cocatalysts on Designed Facets
Xu J, Bian ZY, Li TQ, Xin X, Wang H
H155 - H162 Effects of Triphenylamine Units on the Electrochemical and Electrochromic Properties of Polymers Based on Carbazole-Thiophene Derivatives
Hu B, Li CY, Liu ZC, Zhang XL, Mo MH, Jin L
H163 - H169 Controlling the Specific CO2 Adsorption on Electrochemically Formed Metallic Copper Surfaces
Grimaud A, Yin W, Lepoivre F, Tarascon JM
H170 - H175 Ion-Pair Conductivity Theory IV: SPAN Surfactants in Toluene and the Role of Viscosity
Parlia S, Somasundaran P, Dukhin A