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Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Vol.165, No.14 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4651 (Print) 

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Measuring the Coulombic Efficiency of Lithium Metal Cycling in Anode-Free Lithium Metal Batteries
Genovese M, Louli AJ, Weber R, Hames S, Dahn JR
Rotating Ring Disk Electrode for Monitoring the Oxygen Release at High Potentials in Li-Rich Layered Oxides
Yin W, Mariyappan S, Grimaud A, Tarascon JM
X17 - X17 RETRACTION: Hierarchical Porous Engineering of Three-Dimensional Stacked Blocks like NiCo2O4 Assembled from Vertically Aligned Nanoplates for Efficient Alcohols Electrooxidation (Retraction of Vol 165, Pg F1067, 2018)
Khalafallah D, Alothman OY, Fouad H, Khalil KA
B651 - B658 Graphene Oxide/alpha-MnO2 Binary Nanosheets Based Non-Enzymatic Biosensor for Pico-Molar Level Electrochemical Detection of Biomarker (Guanine) in DNA Sample
Boopathy G, Keerthi M, Chen SM, Umapathy MJ, Govindasamy M, Chen TW, Ali MA, Al-Hemaid FMA, Elshikh MS
B659 - B664 Molecular Recognition of Pyruvic Acid and L-Lactate in Early-Diabetic 1-Type Stage
Stefan-van Staden RI, Popa-Tudor I, Ionescu-Tirgoviste C, Stoica RA
B665 - B668 Graphene Supported Platinum Nanoparticles Modified Electrode and Its Enzymatic Biosensing for Lactic Acid
Yang C, Yu SH, Yang QG, Wang Q, Xie SH, Yang HP
B669 - B678 Selective Sensing of the Biotinyl Moiety Using Molecularly Imprinted Polyaniline Nanowires
Mandal S, Suriyanarayanan S, Nicholls IA, Ramanujam K
B679 - B685 An Ultrasensitive "On-Off-On" Photoelectrochemical Thrombin Aptasensor Based on Perylene Tetracarboxylic Acid/Gold Nanoparticles/Cadmium Sulfide Quantum Dots Amplified Matrix
Mo FJ, Han Q, Song JY, Wu JL, Ran PY, Fu YZ
B686 - B693 New Signal Probe Integrated with ABEI as ECL Luminophore and Ag Nanoparticles Decorated CoS Nanoflowers as Bis-Co-Reaction Accelerator to Develop a Ultrasensitive cTnT Immunosensor
Yi TQ, Gong W, Lei YM, Zeng WJ, Chai YQ, Yuan R, Zhuo Y
B694 - B707 Quantification of Chloroxylenol, a Potent Antimicrobial Agent in Various Formulations and Water Samples: Environmental Friendly Electrochemical Sensor Based on Microwave Synthesis of Graphene
El-Badawy FM, El-Desoky HS
B708 - B712 Design and Development of a Renewable Galinstan Silver Based Film Electrode for Stripping Voltammetry
Jedlinska K, Wegiel K, Bas B
B713 - B719 Platinum-3D Graphene Oxide Areogel Nanocomposite for Direct Electrochemistry and Electrocatalysis of Horseradish Peroxidase
Niu XL, Xie H, Luo GL, Men YL, Zhang WL, Sun W
B720 - B726 Poly(para amino benzene sulfonic acid) Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode for the Simultaneous as well as Individual Voltammetric Determination of Guanine, Adenine and Uric Acid
Jesny S, Kumar KG
B727 - B729 Communication-Defect-Free Direct Bonding for High-Performance Glass-On-LiNbO3 Devices
Xu JK, Wang CX, Wu B, Tian YH, Qi XY
B730 - B736 Green Insight of High Performance UTGE Operation in Nano-Sensitive Electro-Analysis of Meropenem by Adsorptive Stripping Voltammetry
Fayed AS, Youssif RM, Hendawy HAM, Salama NN, Elzanfaly ES
B737 - B745 Toward an In Situ Phosphate Sensor in Natural Waters Using a Microfluidic Flow Loop Analyzer
Chen Y, Guo XL, Yan JC, Zhao YF, Pang Y, Jian JM, Morikado M, Wu XM, Yang Y, Ren TL
B746 - B752 Biopolymer Based Electrochemical Sensor for Ponceau 4R: An Insight into Electrochemical Kinetics
Cyriac ST, Sivasankaran U, Kumar KG
B753 - B761 Polydopamine Decorated Co3O4/Reduced Graphene Oxide Composite for Efficient and Selective Sensing of Histidine: Restructuring alpha-Cobalt Hydroxide to Highly Crystalline Co3O4 Sheets
Mers SVS, Muthurasu A, Ganesh V
B762 - B766 Electrochemical Platform Based on Synergic Effect of Fe3O4/SWCNTs and 1-ethyl-3-methyl Imidazolium Chloride as Sensor for Determination of Xanthine and Theophylline in Food Samples
Emamian R, Ebrahimi M, Karimi-Maleh H
B767 - B772 Electrolyte-Insulator-Semiconductor pH Sensors with Arrayed Patterns Manufactured by Nano Imprint Technology
Lee TN, Chen HJH, Huang YC, Hsieh KC
B773 - B778 Influence of Ag NPs on Silicon Nanocolumns NH3 Gas Sensors
Hashim DA, Alwan AM, Jawad MF
C933 - C938 Electrochemical Behavior of AA5005 Aluminum Alloy in Acidic Chloride-Based Medium Containing CeO2 Nanoparticles
Ecco LG, Rossi S, Deflorian F, Fedel M
C939 - C949 The Critical Pitting Chloride Concentration of Various Stainless Steels Measured by an Electrochemical Method
Wu X, Sun YT, Liu YY, Yang YY, Li J, Jiang YM
C950 - C961 Corrosion of Binary Mg-Al Alloys
Aiello A, Sieradzki K
C962 - C972 Hydroxyapatite/Titania Composite Coatings on Biodegradable Magnesium Alloy for Enhanced Corrosion Resistance, Cytocompatibility and Antibacterial Properties
Guo YT, Su YC, Jia SQ, Sun GX, Gu R, Zhu DH, Li GY, Lian JS
D663 - D669 Electrochemical Sensing Characteristics of 3D TiO2 Nanostructures with Different Crystal Structures and Morphologies
Bai X, Gao K, Huang X, Qin CD, Zhang Y, Han X
D670 - D675 Physicochemical Characterization of PbO2 Coatings Electrosynthesized from a Methanesulfonate Electrolytic Solution
He Z, Hayat MD, Huang SF, Wang XG, Cao P
D676 - D680 Cyanide-Free Silver Electrochemical Deposition on Copper and Nickel
Christophe J, Guilbert G, Rayee Q, Poelman M, Olivier MG, Buess-Herman C
D681 - D686 Insight into the Mechanism of the Fe-Ni Alloys Co-Deposition from Poly-Nuclear Complexes
Zhou Q, He FJ
D687 - D695 Raman and QCM Studies of PPG and PEG Adsorption on Cu Electrode Surfaces
Rooney RT, Schmitt KG, von Horsten HF, Schmidt R, Gewirth AA
D696 - D703 Mechanism Explaining the Onset Time of Dendritic Lithium Electrodeposition via Considerations of the Li+ Transport within the Solid Electrolyte Interphase
Maraschky A, Akolkar R
D704 - D710 Recovery of Terbium from LiCl-KCl-TbCl3 System by Electrodeposition Using Different Electrodes
Li M, Wang J, Han W, Dong YC, Wang W, Zhang ML, Yang XG, Sun Y
D711 - D715 Nanoscale Raman Imaging with Nanogold-Topped AFM Probes Fabricated by Area-Selective Electroless Deposition
Itasaka H, Nishi M, Shimizu M, Okuno Y, Kashiwagi S, Naka N, Hirao K
D716 - D721 Template-Free Electrodeposition of Net-Like Co-Al/Oxide Structures from a Lewis Acidic Chloroaluminate Room Temperature Ionic Liquid Using a Potential Step Method
Fong JD, Chen PY, Sun IW
D722 - D730 Electrochemical and Thermodynamic Properties of Uranium on the Liquid Bismuth Electrode in LiCl-KCl Eutectic
Yin TQ, Liu K, Liu YL, Yan YD, Wang GL, Chai ZF, Shi WQ
D731 - D742 Direct Electrochemical Preparation of Nanostructured Silicon Carbide and Its Nitridation Behavior
Vishnu DSM, Sure J, Kim HK, Kim JY, Kumar RV, Schwandt C
D743 - D752 Epitaxial Growth and Microstructural Evolution of Nickel Electrodeposited on a Polycrystalline Copper Substrate
Yan T, Huang YC, Hou YC, Chang LW
D753 - D760 Hardness and Corrosion Resistance of Ni/NiB Bi-Layer and Ni/NiB/NiB-PTFE Tri-Layer Coatings Prepared by Electrodeposition and Dynamic Chemical Plating (DCP) Techniques
Lopez JR, Mendez PF, Perez-Bueno JJ, Trejo G, Stremsdoerfer G, Meas Y
D761 - D767 Contrasts in Copper Deposition on Pt(111) Modified by 1-Mercaptopropionic and 1-Mercaptoacetic Acids as Probed by Voltammetry and STM
Yau S, Huang YT, Dow WP, Lee YL
D768 - D773 The Effect of Electrolyte Impurities on the Thermoelectric Properties of Electrodeposited Bi2Te3 Films
Manzano CV, Abad B, Martin-Gonzalez M
D774 - D782 The Effect of SiC Nanoparticle Size on the Electrodeposition of Zn-SiC Nanocomposite Coatings from Citrate Bath
Kazimierczak H, Szymkiewicz K, Bobrowski P, Swiatek Z, Rogal L, Gileadi E, Eliaz N
E737 - E743 Model of Stress Generation in Anodic Aluminum Oxide Films: Part I. Origin of Stress at the Film Interfaces
Hebert KR, Mishra P
E744 - E750 Model of Stress Generation in Anodic Aluminum Oxide Films: Part II. Surface Stress Accumulation Preceding Formation of Self-Organized Pore Arrays
Hebert KR, Mishra P
E751 - E758 Electrocatalytic Aspects of the Chlorate Process: A Voltammetric and DEMS Comparison of RuO2 and DSA Anodes
Macounova KM, Simic N, Ahlberg E, Krtil P
E759 - E762 Anodic Gases Generated on a Carbon Electrode in Oxide-Ion Containing Molten CaCl2 for the Electro-Deoxidation Process
Xie HW, Zhao HJ, Song QS, Ning ZQ, Qu JK, Yin HY
E763 - E767 Efficient Preparation Process for TiO2 Through-Hole Membranes with Ordered Hole Arrangements
Yanagishita T, Inada H, Kondo T, Nguyen NT, Schmuki P, Masuda H
E768 - E772 High Current Efficiency of NiO Electro-Reduction in Molten Salt
Shi M, Li S, Zhao HY
E773 - E783 Theoretical and Experimental Investigations into Wire Electrochemical Turning (Wire-ECTrg) Process Using Finite Element Method
Sharma V, Srivastava I, Tyagi A, Jain VK, Ramkumar J
E784 - E792 Ion-Pair Conductivity Theory V: Critical Ion Size and Range of Ion-Pair Existence
Dukhin A, Parlia S, Somasundaran P
E793 - E797 Electrochemical Characterization of Low-Temperature Molten Mixture Systems Suitable as an Innovation in Aluminum Technology
Kubinakova E, Danielik V, Hiveg J
E798 - E807 Design and Modeling of an Innovative Copper Electrolytic Cell
Zeng WZ, Wang SJ, Free ML, Tang CD, Xiao RY, Liang YJ
E808 - E815 Avoiding Pitfalls in the Determination of Reliable Electrochemical Kinetics Parameters for the Cu2+-> Cu1+ Reduction Reaction in Deep Eutectic Solvents
Shen D, Steinberg K, Akolkar R
E816 - E825 Electrochemical Desulfurization of Molten Steel with Molten Slag: Reaction Rate and Current Efficiency
Kim DH, Kim W, Kang YB
E826 - E831 Determination of Diffusion Coefficients Using Impedance Spectroscopy Data
Nguyen TQ, Breitkopf C
G155 - G162 On the Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer of Urazole Derivatives in pH-Unbuffered Protic and Aprotic Solutions: The Substituent Effect
Varmaghani F, Ghafari MT
G163 - G170 Design and Synthesis of Efficient Electrogenerated Chemiluminescent Emitters Derived from Pyrene
Cappellari MV, Mangione MI, Spanevello RA, Marzari G, Morales GM, Fungo F
H881 - H888 Conversion of Waste Tire Rubber into High-Value-Added Carbon Supports for Electrocatalysis
Hood ZD, Yang X, Li YC, Naskar AK, Chi MF, Paranthaman MP
H889 - H896 Study of the Influence of the I-Based Electrolyte Composition on the Photoconversion Properties of p-Type Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Bonomo M, Di Carlo A, Dini D
H897 - H902 Gold Nanoparticles/Two-Dimensional (2D) Hexagonal Boron Nitride Nanosheets Including Diethylstilbestrol Imprinted Polymer: Electrochemical Detection in Urine Samples and Validation
Yola ML, Atar N
H903 - H907 Analytical Evaluation of Optical pH-Sensitivity of Polyaniline Layer Electrochemically Deposited on ITO Electrode
Gicevicius M, Celiesiute R, Kucinski J, Ramanaviciene A, Bagdziunas G, Ramanavicius A
H908 - H915 Size Control through Scan Rate Modulation: Mapping Water Splitting Efficiency of Micro to Nano Size Cuboidal Copper Oxide Particles
Niveditha CV, Fatima MJJ, Ramanarayanan R, Swaminathan S
H916 - H926 Self-Assembled Cauliflower-Like CuS/ZnS@rGO Electrocatalyst with Cuprous Oxide as a Sacrificial Template for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells with Excellent Photoelectric Properties and Electrochemical Stability
Zhang K, Yao JX, Zuo XQ, Yang Q, Tang HB, Li G
H927 - H931 Direct Formic Acid Electro-Oxidation on Pt Doped and Undoped La1-xSrxCoO3: Activity Suppression due to Proton Reduction Reaction
Bisht A, Sharma S
H932 - H940 Electrochemical Identification of DNA Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) Based on Different Redox Probes
Li ZG, Liu YG, Zhou GH, Jia YM, Ye C, Chen WZ, Zhang LL
H941 - H953 Fabrication of Multifunctional 2,5-Di(2-Thienyl) Pyrrole Based Conducting Copolymer for Further Sensor and Optoelectronic Applications
Soganci T, Soyleyici HC, Ak M
H954 - H961 Vapor-Deposited Tungsten Carbide Nano-Dendrites as Sulfur-Tolerant Electrocatalysts for Quantum Dot-Sensitized Solar Cells
Kang JS, Kang J, Chae J, Son YJ, Jeong J, Kim J, Kim JY, Kang SH, Ahn KS, Sung YE
H962 - H968 Study on Electrocatalysis of Environmental Hormone BPA Based on Fluent-Electron-Transfer Ce-Doped ZnO Nanorods
Zhou YZ, Hao CT, Dang Y, Chen SL
H969 - H978 Exploring the Electrocatalytic Edge Plane Activity of Screen Printed Carbon Electrode and Various Carbonaceous Materials towards the Catecholic Derivatives
Karikalan N, Sundaresan P, Chen SM, Karthik R
H979 - H990 Design, Fabrication, and Optimization of Polypyrrole/Bismuth Oxide Nanocomposite as Voltammetric Sensor for the Electroanalysis of Clofazimine
Khan A, Sinha A, Jain R
H991 - H998 Thermodynamic Properties of Strontium-Lead Alloys Determined by Electromotive Force Measurements
Nigl TP, Lichtenstein T, Smith ND, Gesualdi J, Kong YR, Kim H
H999 - H1003 Double-Dip Approach: Simultaneous Dissolution Profiling of Pseudoephedrine and Ibuprofen in a Combined Dosage Form by Ion Selective Electrodes
Ahmed DA, Abd El-Rahman MK, Lotfy HM, Weshahy SA
A3215 - A3220 Development of a Redox Flow Battery with Multiple Redox Couples at Both Positive and Negative Electrolytes for High Energy Density
Park S, Lee J, Lee H, Kim H
A3221 - A3229 Kinetics and Stability of Li-Ion Transfer at the LiCoO2 (104) Plane and Electrolyte Interface
Yano A, Hikima K, Hata J, Suzuki K, Hirayama M, Kanno R
A3230 - A3239 Understanding the Origin of Magnetic Field Dependent Specific Capacitance in Mn3O4 Nanoparticle Based Supercapacitors
Haldar P, Biswas S, Sharma V, Chandra A
A3240 - A3248 Testing Lithium-Ion Battery with the Internal Reference Electrode: An Insight into the Blocking Effect
Chu ZY, Feng XN, Liaw B, Li YL, Lu LG, Li JQ, Han XB, Ouyang MG
A3249 - A3256 Introduction to Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy as a Measurement Method for the Wetting Degree of Lithium-Ion Cells
Gunter FJ, Habedank JB, Schreiner D, Neuwirth T, Gilles R, Reinhart G
A3257 - A3262 Method for Creation of Fine Sulfur Particles with Graphene Oxide for Lithium/Sulfur Cells
Kawase A, Cairns EJ
A3263 - A3274 Measurement and Computer Simulation of Catholyte Stability in Vanadium Flow Batteries (VFBs)
Buckley DN, Oboroceanu D, Quill N, Lenihan C, Eidhin DN, Albu SP, Lynch RP
A3275 - A3283 Tailoring Alumina Based Interphases on Lithium Ion Cathodes
Han BH, Dunlop AR, Trask SE, Key B, Vaughey JT, Dogan F
A3284 - A3291 Energy Density of Cylindrical Li-Ion Cells: A Comparison of Commercial 18650 to the 21700 Cells
Quinn JB, Waldmann T, Richter K, Kasper M, Wohlfahrt-Mehrens M
A3292 - A3298 Sustainable Selective Extraction of Lithium Chloride from Natural Brine Using a Li1-xMn2O4 Ion Pump
Marchini F, Williams FJ, Calvo EJ
A3299 - A3303 Origin of the Electrochemical Stability of Aqueous Concentrated Electrolyte Solutions
Yokoyama Y, Fukutsuka T, Miyazaki K, Abe T
A3304 - A3312 Electrolyte and SEI Decomposition Reactions of Transition Metal Ions Investigated by On-Line Electrochemical Mass Spectrometry
Solchenbach S, Hong G, Freiberg ATS, Jung R, Gasteiger HA
A3313 - A3320 High-Performance Supercapacitor Based on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Co-Doped Nonporous Polybenzoxazine-Based Carbon Electrodes
Zhang MY, Yang C, Wang Y, Gao F, Cheng J, Zhang JY
A3334 - A3341 Hierarchical Micro-/Mesoporous Carbon Derived from Rice Husk by Hydrothermal Pre-Treatment for High Performance Supercapacitor
Li CL, He D, Huang ZH, Wang MX
A3342 - A3349 Improving the Capacity of Electrochemical Capacitor Electrode by Grafting 2-Aminoanthraquinone over Kynol Carbon Cloth Using Diazonium Chemistry
Malka D, Hanna O, Hauser T, Hayne S, Luski S, Elias Y, Attias R, Brousse T, Aurbach D
A3350 - A3359 A Critical Evaluation of the Advanced Electrolyte Model
Logan ER, Tonita EM, Gering KL, Dahn JR
A3360 - A3368 Preformed Anodes for High-Voltage Lithium-Ion Battery Performance: Fluorinated Electrolytes, Crosstalk, and the Origins of Impedance Rise
Tornheim A, Sahore R, He M, Croy JR, Zhang ZC
A3369 - A3379 Facile Synthesis of Corn Silk Derived Nanoporous Carbon for an Improved Supercapacitor Performance
Mitravinda T, Nanaji K, Anandan S, Jyothirmayi A, Chakravadhanula VSK, Sharma CS, Rao TN
A3380 - A3388 A Framework for Optimization on Battery Cycle Life
Lin XK, Lu W
A3389 - A3396 Thermodynamic Analysis of AB(2) Hydrides: ZrCr1-xTixNiMo0.3 Alloys
Teliz E, Diaz V, Piganelli F, Faccio R, Zinola CF
A3397 - A3402 Symmetrical Sandwich-Structured SiN/Si/SiN Composite for Lithium-Ion Battery Anode with Improved Cyclability and Rate Capacity
Huang XD, Zhang F, Cao YZ, Huang QA
A3403 - A3426 Resolving the Discrepancy in Tortuosity Factor Estimation for Li-Ion Battery Electrodes through Micro-Macro Modeling and Experiment
Usseglio-Viretta FLE, Colclasure A, Mistry AN, Claver KPY, Pouraghajan F, Finegan DP, Heenan TMM, Abraham D, Mukherjee PP, Wheeler D, Shearing P, Cooper SJ, Smith K
A3427 - A3448 Quasi-Isothermal External Short Circuit Tests Applied to Lithium-Ion Cells: Part I. Measurements
Rheinfeld A, Noel A, Wilhelm J, Kriston A, Pfrang A, Jossen A
A3449 - A3458 Determining Parasitic Reaction Enthalpies in Lithium-Ion Cells Using Isothermal Microcalorimetry
Glazier SL, Odom SA, Kaur AP, Dahn JR
A3459 - A3467 Detection of Binder Gradients Using Impedance Spectroscopy and Their Influence on the Tortuosity of Li-Ion Battery Graphite Electrodes
Morasch R, Landesfeind J, Suthar B, Gasteiger HA
A3468 - A3480 End-of-Life Prediction of a Lithium-Ion Battery Cell Based on Mechanistic Aging Models of the Graphite Electrode
Kupper C, Weisshar B, Rissmann S, Bessler WG
A3481 - A3486 Fabrication of a Graphene-Based Paper-Like Electrode for Flexible Solid-State Supercapacitor Devices
He DX, Marsden AJ, Li ZL, Zhao R, Xue WD, Bissett MA
A3487 - A3495 Rate Constants of Electrochemical Reactions in a Lithium-Sulfur Cell Determined by Operando X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
Wang DR, Shah DB, Maslyn JA, Loo WS, Wujcik KH, Nelson EJ, Latimer MJ, Feng J, Prendergast D, Pascal TA, Balsara NP
A3496 - A3503 Study on the Stability of CoxMn3-xO4 (M = Ni, Mn and Ce) Nanowire Array Electrodes for Electrochemical Oxygen Evolution at Large Current Densities
Qin CL, Ye ZG, Ma G, Li DS
A3504 - A3509 NiCo2S4 Nanosheet with Hexagonal Architectures as an Advanced Cathode for Al-Ion Batteries
Li SJ, Tu JG, Zhang GH, Wang MY, Jiao SQ
A3510 - A3516 Transition Metal Chlorides NiCl2, KNiCl3, Li6VCl8 and Li2MnCl4 as Alternative Cathode Materials in Primary Li Thermal Batteries
Giagloglou K, Payne JL, Crouch C, Gover RKB, Connor PA, Irvine JTS
A3517 - A3524 Ab Initio Studies of Hydrogen Ion Insertion into beta-, R-, and gamma-MnO2 Polymorphs and the Implications for Shallow-Cycled Rechargeable Zn/MnO2 Batteries
Vasiliev I, Magar BA, Duay J, Lambert TN, Chalamala B
A3525 - A3530 Fluorinated Electrolyte Compound as a Bi-Functional Interphase Additive for Both, Anodes and Cathodes in Lithium-Ion Batteries
Janssen P, Kasnatscheew J, Streipert B, Wendt C, Murmann P, Ponomarenko M, Stubbmann-Kazakova O, Roschenthaler GV, Winter M, Cekic-Laskovic I
A3531 - A3536 Electrochemistry of the NaI-AlCl3 Molten Salt System for Use as Catholyte in Sodium Metal Batteries
Percival SJ, Small LJ, Spoerke ED
A3537 - A3543 Effect of Synthetic Parameters on Defects, Structure, and Electrochemical Properties of Layered Oxide LiNi0.80Co0.15Al0.05O2
May BM, Serrano-Sevillano J, Dauphin AL, Nazib A, Lima N, Casas-Cabanas M, Cabana J
A3544 - A3557 Impact of the Synthesis Conditions on the Performance of LiNixCoyAlzO2 with High Ni and Low Co Content
Li J, Zhang N, Li HY, Liu AR, Wang YQ, Yin S, Wu HH, Dahn JR
A3558 - A3565 All-Solid-State Lithium Battery Fitted with Polymer Electrolyte Enhanced by Solid Plasticizer and Conductive Ceramic Filler
Chen F, Zha WP, Yang DJ, Cao SY, Shen Q, Zhang LM, Sadoway DR
A3566 - A3573 Enhanced Battery Performance through Three-Dimensional Structured Electrodes: Experimental and Modeling Study
Li J, Liang XH, Panat R, Park J
A3574 - A3581 Functionalized Double Side Coated Separator for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries with Enhanced Cycle Life
Kiai MS, Kizil H
A3582 - A3585 Electrochemical Performance of Layered FeSe for Sodium Ion Batteries Using Ether-Based Solvents
Kajita T, Noji T, Imai Y, Kawamata T, Kato M, Koike Y
A3586 - A3594 A Computational Study on P2-Type Na-x[Ni1/3Ti2/3]O-2 as Bi-Functional Electrode Material for Na-Ion Batteries
Chen Q, Lai W
F1127 - F1132 A Porous FeCuNi-Based Electrocatalyst Supported by Nickel Foam for Oxygen Evolution Reaction in Alkaline Conditions
Dong YZ, Sun FK, Li X, Chu M, Li N, Li XZ, Wang L, Qu DY, Dong YL, Xie ZZ, Lin YW, Zhang CC
F1133 - F1138 Chemical and Thermal Stability of Poly(phenylene oxide)-Based Anion Exchange Membranes Containing Alkyl Side Chains
Amel A, Yitzhack N, Beylin A, Pan J, Hickner MA, Ein-Eli Y
F1139 - F1146 Synthesis and Evaluation of RhxSy Catalyst with Functionalized Carbon for HOR/HER in H-2-Br-2 Reversible Fuel Cell
Li Y, Nguyen TV
F1147 - F1153 Evidence of the Strong Metal Support Interaction in a Palladium-Ceria Hybrid Electrocatalyst for Enhancement of the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
Gao TY, Yang J, Nishijima M, Miller HA, Vizza F, Gu HY, Chen HQ, Hu YF, Jiang Z, Wang L, Shuai L, Qiu M, Lei CJ, Zhang AY, Hou Y, He QG
F1154 - F1163 PEFC Electrocatalysts Supported on Nb-SnO2 for MEAs with High Activity and Durability: Part I. Application of Different Carbon Fillers
Nakazato Y, Kawachino D, Noda Z, Matsuda J, Lyth SM, Hayashi A, Sasaki K
F1164 - F1175 PEFC Electrocatalysts Supported on Nb-SnO2 for MEAs with High Activity and Durability: Part II. Application of Bimetallic Pt-Alloy Catalysts
Matsumoto S, Nagamine M, Znoda Z, Matsuda J, Lyth SM, Hayashi A, Sasaki K
F1176 - F1183 Breaking through the Cracks: On the Mechanism of Phosphoric Acid Migration in High Temperature Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells
Halter J, Marone F, Schmidt TJ, Buchi FN
F1184 - F1191 Interdiffusion across Electrode-Electrolyte Interface in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Incorporating the Finite Size Effect of the Ions
Kumar M, Chakraborty J, Das PK
F1192 - F1198 Effects of Calcination Temperature on the Surface Morphology and Electrocatalytic Properties of Ti/IrO2-ZrO2 Anodes in an Oxygen Evolution Application
Liu B, Wang CY, Chen YQ, Ma BZ, Zhang JL
F1199 - F1205 Oxygen Reduction on Silver Nanoparticles Supported on Carbide-Derived Carbons
Linge JM, Erikson H, Merisalu M, Matisen L, Kaarik M, Leis J, Sammelselg V, Aruvali J, Kaljuvee T, Tammeveski K
F1206 - F1216 Time-Dependence of Surface Composition, Transport Properties Degradation, and Thermodynamic Consideration of La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-delta under Chromium Poisoning
Budiman RA, Bagarinao KD, Liu SS, Cho DH, Ishiyama T, Kishimoto H, Yamaji K, Horita T, Yokokawa H
F1217 - F1223 ORR Activity and Stability of Co-N/C Catalysts Based on Silicon Carbide Derived Carbon and the Impact of Loading in Acidic Media
Teppor P, Jager R, Hark E, Tallo I, Joost U, Kook M, Paiste P, Smits K, Kirsimae K, Lust E
F1224 - F1231 Thermal Stress Analysis of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells with Chromium Poisoning Cathodes
Zhang XQ, Parbey J, Yu GS, Li TS, Andersson M
F1232 - F1241 A Multiscale Model for Electrochemical Reactions in LSCF Based Solid Oxide Cells
Ma LJ, Priya P, Aluru NR
F1242 - F1248 Ultra-Low Loading of Highly Active Pt and PtSn Catalysts on Hierarchical Tin as Anodes in Direct Methanol Fuel Cells
Teller H, Kashyap D, Danino SO, Schechter A
F1249 - F1253 Employment of Fiber-Shaped Co Modified with Au Nanoparticles as Anode in Direct NaBH4-H2O2 and N2H4-H2O2 Fuel Cells
Balciunaite A, Zabielaite A, Tamasauskaite-Tamasiunaite L, Norkus E
F1254 - F1263 Ink Solvent Dependence of the Ionomer Distribution in the Catalyst Layer of a PEMFC
Orfanidi A, Rheinlander PJ, Schulte N, Gasteiger HA
F1264 - F1269 Chemical Stability via Radical Decomposition Using Silicotungstic Acid Moieties for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells
Motz AR, Kuo MC, Bender G, Pivovar BS, Herring AM
H1004 - H1011 Electrochemical Oxidation of Tannic Acid at ZIF-8 Induced Nitrogen Doped Porous Carbon Nanoframework Modified Electrode
Sinha A, Huang YJ, Dhanjai, Ma KX, Zhao HM