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Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Vol.164, No.9 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4651 (Print) 

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Printing 3D Gel Polymer Electrolyte in Lithium-Ion Microbattery Using Stereolithography (vol 164, pg A1852, 2017)
Chen QM, Xu R, He ZT, Zhao KJ, Pan L
G87 - G91 Electrochemical Study of 1,5-Diaminonaphthalene in Aqueous Solution: Assessing Electrochemistry as a Green Synthetic Tool for the Synthesis of 4-Imino-4H-dibenzo[a,h]phenoxazin-11-ol
Lang SBH, Nematollahi D, Massah AR, Sharafi-Kolkeshvandi M, Alizadeh H
G92 - G98 CeO2-Assisted Biocatalytic Nanostructures for Laccase-Based Biocathodes and Biofuel Cells
Karimi A, Andreescu S
G99 - G103 Electrochemical Fluorination and Radiofluorination of Methyl(phenylthio) acetate Using Tetrabutylammonium Fluoride (TBAF)
Balandeh M, Waldmann C, Shirazi D, Gomez A, Rios A, Allison N, Khan A, Sadeghi S
X17 - X17 Corrosion of a Carbon Steel Cylindrical Band Exposed to a Concentrated NaCl Solution Flowing through an Annular Flow Cell (vol 162, pg C385, 2015)
Soliz A, Caceres L
X18 - X18 Printing 3D Gel Polymer Electrolyte in Lithium-Ion Microbattery Using Stereolithography (vol 164, pg A1852, 2017)
Chen QM, Xu R, He ZT, Zhao KJ, Pan L
X19 - X19 Modeling Volume Change in Dual Insertion Electrodes (vol 164, pg E3552, 2017)
Garrick TR, Huang XY, Srinivasan V, Weidner JW
B391 - B396 Development of High Performance Electrochemical and Physical Biosensors Based on Chemically Modified Graphene Nanostructured Electrodes
Hossain MF, Das PS, Park JY
B397 - B402 NOx Sensing Characteristics of Semiconductor Gas Sensors under Controlled Oxygen Activity Conditions Using a Proton-Conducting Electrolyte
Nagao M, Kobayashi K, Lv PL, Teranishi S, Hibino T
B403 - B408 Graphene Oxide Nanoribbons Film Modified Screen-Printed Carbon Electrode for Real-Time Detection of Methyl Parathion in Food Samples
Govindasamy M, Umamaheswari R, Chen SM, Mani V, Su C
B409 - B416 Investigation of Mechanisms Involved in the Enhanced Label Free Detection of Prostate Cancer Biomarkers Using Field Effect Devices
Kumar N, Kumar S, Kumar J, Panda S
B417 - B420 Silver-Functionalized AlGaN/GaN Heterostructure Diode for Ethanol Sensing
Jung S, Baik KH, Ren F, Pearton SJ, Jang S
B421 - B426 Faraday Cage-Type Electrochemiluminescence Biosensor Based on Multi-Functionalized Graphene Oxide for Ultrasensitive Detection of MicroRNA-21
Lu J, Wu L, Hu YF, Wang S, Guo ZY
B427 - B434 Fabrication of Highly Sensitive and Selective Electrochemical Sensors for Detection of Paracetamol by Using Piroxicam Stabilized Gold Nanoparticles
Hassan SS, Panhwar S, Nafady A, Al-Enizi AM, Sirajuddin, Sherazi STH, Kalhoro MS, Arain M, Shah MR, Talpurh MY
B435 - B442 Cu-Pt-Bi Nanocomposite Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode for Dual Mode H2O2 and Cholesterol Sensing
Soorya VC, Berchmans S
B443 - B447 Molecular Recognition of Colon Cancer Biomarkers: P53, KRAS and CEA in Whole Blood Samples
Gugoasa LA, Stefan-van Staden RI, Al-Ogaidi AJM, Stanciu-Gavan C, van Staden JF, Rosu MC, Pruneanu S
B448 - B455 Response Characteristics of a Stable Mixed Potential Ammonia Sensor in Simulated Diesel Exhaust
Ramaiyan KP, Pihl JA, Kreller CR, Prikhodko VY, Curran S, Parks JE, Mukundan R, Brosha EL
B456 - B462 Ultrasensitive Electrochemiluminescent Immunosensor Using MoS2/g-C3N4 Nanosheets
Hua XX, Tian D, Xia FQ, Zhou CL, Wu G
B463 - B469 Highly Sensitive and Selective Detection of Phenolic Compound in River and Drinking Water Samples Using One-Pot Synthesized 3D-Cobalt Oxide Polyhedrons
Govindasamy M, Kogularasu S, Chen SM, Cheng YH, Akilarasan M, Mani V
B470 - B475 Phosphorothioated Oligonucleotides as Receptor Layers in Electrochemical Detection of Uranyl Cation
Bala A, Rebis J, Gorski L
B476 - B481 Mercury Nanodroplets Immobilized on the Surface of a Chitosan-Modified Carbon Paste Electrode as a New Thallium Sensor in Aqueous Samples
Mohammadi S, Taher MA, Beitollahi H
B482 - B487 Simultaneous Voltammetric Determination of Acetaminophen and Its Fatal Counterpart Nimesulide by Gold Nano/L-Cysteine Modified Gold Electrode
Menon S, Kumar KG
B488 - B494 Electromagnetic-Based Microfluidic Sensor Applications
Bakir M
C465 - C473 First-Principle Calculation of Volta Potential of Intermetallic Particles in Aluminum Alloys and Practical Implications
Jin Y, Liu M, Zhang CH, Leygraf C, Wen L, Pan JS
C474 - C480 Nanoporous NiAl Matrix Fabricated through Directional Solidification and Pulsed Electrochemical Dissolution
Gao JJ, Zhao ZL, Wei LF, Cui K
C481 - C487 A Direct Measurement of the Activation Potential of Stainless Steels in Nitric Acid
Laurent B, Gruet N, Gwinner B, Miserque F, Tabarant M, Ogle K
C488 - C497 Unusual Correlation between SKPFM and Corrosion of Nickel Aluminum Bronzes
Iannuzzi M, Vasanth KL, Frankel GS
C498 - C504 Inhibition Ability of Gluconates for Fresh Water Corrosion of Mild Steel Enhanced by Metal Cations
Otani K, Islam MS, Sakairi M
C505 - C515 Inhibition of Bicarbonate-Chloride Corrosion and Passivation of Carbon Steel under Open-Circuit Conditions by Molybdate
Tan YT, Wijesinghe SL, Blackwood DJ
C516 - C525 The Amorphous Semiconductor Schottky Barrier Approach to Study the Electronic Properties of Anodic Films on Ti
Di Quarto F, Di Franco F, Miraghaei S, Santamaria M, La Mantia F
C526 - C531 Effect of CMAS Composition on Hot Corrosion Behavior of Gadolinium Zirconate Thermal Barrier Coating Materials
Deng W, Fergus JW
C532 - C538 Onset of Microbial Influenced Corrosion (MIC) in Stainless Steel Exposed to Mixed Species Biofilms from Equatorial Seawater
Jogdeo P, Chai R, Sun SY, Saballus M, Constancias F, Wijesinghe SL, Thierry D, Blackwood DJ, McDougald D, Rice SA, Marsili E
C539 - C553 Inverse Crevice Corrosion of Carbon Steel: Effect of Solution Volume to Surface Area
Wu LD, Guo D, Li M, Joseph JM, Noel JJ, Keech PG, Wren JC
C554 - C562 Comparing Modeled and Experimental Accelerated Corrosion Tests on Steel
Van den Steen N, Simillion H, Thierry D, Terryn H, Deconinck J
C563 - C573 Application of Impedance Spectroscopy and Surface Analysis to Obtain Oxide Film Thickness
Chen YM, Rudawski NG, Lambers E, Orazem ME
C574 - C580 Characterization of Filiform Corrosion of Mg-3Zn Mg Alloy
Wang HX, Song YW, Yu J, Shan DY, Han H
C581 - C590 Deposition and Characterization of Cerium-Based Conversion Coating on HPDC Low Si Content Aluminum Alloy
Eslami M, Fedel M, Speranza G, Deflorian F, Zanella C
C591 - C597 Effects of Nb on Pitting Corrosion Resistance of Ni-Free FeCrMnCN-Based Stainless Steels
Lee CG, Ha HY, Lee TH, Cho KM
C598 - C601 In-Situ Monitoring of Metal Dissolution during Anodization of Tantalum
Kollender JP, Mardare AI, Hassel AW
C602 - C609 Inhibition Behavior of an Imidazoline Inhibitor for Carbon Steel in a Supercritical CO2/H2O System
Wei LS, Chen ZY, Guo XP
D533 - D542 Direct Electrosynthesis of Fe-TiC Composite from Natural Ilmenite in Molten Calcium Chloride
Li SS, Zou XL, Lu XG, Zheng K, Li GS, Chen CY, Xu Q, Zhou ZF
D543 - D550 The Impact of Organic Additives on Copper Trench Microstructure
Marro JB, Okoro CA, Obeng YS, Richardson KC
D551 - D557 Electrochemical Reduction Behavior of Soluble CaTiO3 in Na3AlF6-AlF3 Melt for the Preparation of Metal Titanium
Weng W, Wang MY, Gong XZ, Wang Z, Wang D, Guo ZC
D558 - D563 Screening of Undesirable Elements Raising the Electrical Resistivity in Very Narrow Cu Wires by Ab Initio Calculation
Nagano T, Tamahashi K, Inami T, Sasajima Y, Onuki J
D564 - D572 Acceleration Kinetic of Copper Damascene by Chloride, SPS, and Cuprous Concentration Computation in TSV Filling
Hoang H, Kondo K
D573 - D580 Electrophoretic Deposition of Two-Dimensional Titanium Carbide (MXene) Thick Films
Collini P, Kota S, Dillon AD, Barsoum MW, Fafarman AT
D581 - D589 Single Step Electrochemical Deposition of p-Type Undoped and Co2+ Doped FeS2 Thin Films and Performance in Heterojunction Solid Solar Cells
Prabukanthan P, Thamaraiselvi S, Harichandranb G
D590 - D596 Fe (III)-Based Ammonia-Free Bath for Electrodeposition of Fe-W Alloys
Nicolenco A, Tsyntsaru N, Cesiulis H
D597 - D612 Review-Electrodeposition of Nanostructured Materials from Aqueous, Organic and Ionic Liquid Electrolytes for Li-Ion and Na-Ion Batteries: A Comparative Review
Lahiri A, Endres F
D613 - D620 Electrochemical Synthesis of Nanocrystalline Ni-Pd Alloys in Alkaline Ni2+ - Pd2+ - Cl- - NH3 - H2O System and Their Catalytic Activity towards Water Splitting Process
Mech K, Chopart JP, Wrobel M, Zabinski P, Szacilowski K
D621 - D625 Electrodeposition of Lead-Cobalt Anodes: The Effect of Electrolyte pH on Film Properties
Tobosque P, Maril M, Maril Y, Camurri C, Delplancke JL, Delplancke MP, Rodriguez CA, Carrasco C
D626 - D630 Preparation of Zn-TiO2-ZnO Nanocomposites by Pulse Electrodeposition from Non-Suspended Solutions
Arakawa T, Chokki K, Nemoto Y, Watanabe N, Yabe K, Koiwa I
D631 - D639 Electrosynthesis of Polyaniline on Carbon Fiber Felt: Influence of Voltammetric Cycles on Electroactivity
Poli AKD, Caetano GMD, Vargas LR, Gama AM, Baldan MR, Goncalves ES
D640 - D644 Key Anodization Factors for Determining the Formation of TiO2 Microcones vs Nanotubes
Park J, Lee G, Choi J
D645 - D651 Microvia Filling by Copper Electroplating Using a Modified Safranine T as a Leveler
Zhu HP, Zhu QS, Zhang X, Liu CZ, Wang JJ
D652 - D659 Preparation of Cu-Graphene Composite Thin Foils via DC Electro-Deposition and Its Optimal Conditions for Highest Properties
Song GS, Yang YP, Fu Q, Pan CX
D660 - D665 Effects of Additives and Convection on Cu Foil Fabrication with a Low Surface Roughness
Chan PF, Ren RH, Wen SI, Chang HC, Dow WP
D666 - D673 Electrodeposition of Zinc from Zinc Oxide in 2:1 Urea/1-Butyl-3-methylimidazolium Chloride Ionic Liquid
Liu AM, Shi ZN, Reddy RG
D674 - D679 Electrodeposition of Cu-Doped MoS2 for Charge Storage in Electrochemical Supercapacitors
Falola BD, Fan L, Wiltowski T, Suni II
E173 - E179 In Situ Synthesis of Mesoporous NiMoO4 on Ball Milled Graphene for High Performance Supercapacitors
Qian H, Lv JL, Liang TX, Chen W
E180 - E186 Electro-Peroxone Treatment of Phenol: Process Comparison, the Effect of Operational Parameters and Degradation Mechanism
Turkay O, Barisci S, Ozturk B, Ozturk H, Dimoglo A
E187 - E193 Derivation of a Mathematical Model for the Growth of Anodic TiO2 Nanotubes under Constant Current Conditions
Zhao SW, Xing J, Fan HW, Zhang SY, Li DD, Zhu XF
E194 - E202 Through-Mask Electrochemical Micromachining of Aluminum in Phosphoric Acid
Baldhoff T, Nock V, Marshall AT
E203 - E212 Evaluation of the Process Parameters for Electro Fenton and Electro Chlorination Treatment of Reactive Black 5 (RB5) Dye
Singh A, Verma A, Bansal P, Singla J
E213 - E216 Electrochemical Degradation of Vanillic Acid on a BDD Anode
Ennouri R, Kchaw M, Panizza M, Elaoud SC
E217 - E225 Electrochemical and Thermodynamic Properties of UCl3 in LiCl-KCl Eutectic Salt System and LiCl-KCl-GdCl3 System
Yoon D, Phongikaroon S
E226 - E232 Electrolyte-Plasma Modification of Surface of Ti-Based Alloy during Electrohydrodynamic Mode of Anodic Process
Duradji VN, Kaputkin DE, Duradji AY
E233 - E241 Two-Phase Flow Modeling of Copper Electrorefining Involving Impurity Particles
Zeng WZ, Wang SJ, Free ML
E242 - E247 Anion Exchange Membrane Capacitive Deionization Cells
Omosebi A, Gao X, Holubowitch N, Li Z, Landon J, Liu KL
E248 - E259 Improvement of Hydrogen Bubbles Detaching from the Tool Surface in Micro Wire Electrochemical Machining by Applying Surface Microstructures
He HD, Qu NS, Zeng YB, Tong PZ
E260 - E264 Fabrication of Pr-PVP-Co-Doped NanoTiO(2) Film on Titanium Matrix with Outstanding Electrocatalytic Reduction Activity for Oxalic Acid
Song W, Zhang Y, Jin H, Kim MR, Kim S, Kim I
E265 - E269 Electrical Conductivity of Low-Temperature Cryolite Electrolytes with High Addition of Aluminum Fluoride
Kubinakova E, Danielik V, Hives J
E270 - E275 Size-Based Ion Selectivity of Micropore Electric Double Layers in Capacitive Deionization Electrodes
Sussz ME
E276 - E282 Measurement of Non-Effective Electric Current in Electrodialysis Stacks
Dolezel M, Keslerova K
E283 - E285 Removal of Cr (VI) from Industrial Waste Water by Iron Nanowires Synthesized via Porous Anodic Aluminum Oxide Template
Kaur P, Sharma S, Kushwaha MK
F889 - F894 Effect of Microstructure on Performance of Double-Layer Hydrogen Electrodes for Reversible SOEC/SOFC
Puengjinda P, Nishino H, Kakinuma K, Brito ME, Uchida H
F895 - F900 Calcination Temperature Dependent Catalytic Activity and Stability of IrO2 -Ta2O5 Anodes for Oxygen Evolution Reaction in Aqueous Sulfate Electrolytes
Xu W, Haarberg GM, Sunde S, Seland F, Ratvik AP, Zimmerman E, Shimamune T, Gustavsson J, Akre T
F901 - F907 FIB-SEM Tomography Connects Microstructure to Corrosion-Induced Performance Loss in PEMFC Cathodes
Star AG, Fuller TF
F908 - F910 Communication-Electrochemical Stability of Pt/Pd(111) Model Core-Shell Structure in 80 degrees C Perchloric Acid
Todoroki N, Bando Y, Tani Y, Kaneko S, Watanabe H, Takahashi S, Wadayama T
F911 - F915 A Fast Low-Current Model for Impedance of a PEM Fuel Cell Cathode at Low Air Stoichiometry
Kulikovsky A
F916 - F922 Effect of Samaria Doped Ceria Impregnation on the Electrochemical Performance of Strontium Doped Lanthanum Chromium Manganite Anode for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Zhu SY, Ding D, Li M, Xia CR
F923 - F927 Effect of KHCO3 Concentration on Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 on Copper Electrode
Zhong H, Fujii K, Nakano Y
F928 - F934 Correlating Cathode Microstructure with PEFC Performance Using FIB-SEM and TEM
Okumura M, Noda Z, Matsuda J, Tachikawa Y, Nishihara M, Lyth SM, Hayashi A, Sasaki K
F935 - F943 Characterization of Degradation in Nickel Impregnated Scandia-Stabilize Zirconia Electrodes during Isothermal Annealing
Chen JY, Bertei A, Ruiz-Trejo E, Atkinson A, Brandon NP
F944 - F947 Remarkable Mass Activities for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction at Iridium Oxide Nanocatalysts Dispersed on Tin Oxides for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Water Electrolysis
Ohno H, Nohara S, Kakinuma K, Uchida M, Miyake A, Deki S, Uchida H
F958 - F965 A Highly Efficient Pt-NiO/C Electrocatalyst for Ammonia Electro-Oxidation
Kang YM, Wang W, Li JM, Li QL, Liu SJ, Lei ZQ
F966 - F972 Oxygen Reduction Activity and Durability of Ordered and Disordered Pt3Co Alloy Nanoparticle Catalysts at Practical Temperatures of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells
Yano H, Arima I, Watanabe M, Iiyama A, Uchida H
F973 - F980 Influence of Operating Conditions and Material Properties on the Mass Transport Losses of Polymer Electrolyte Water Electrolysis
Suermann M, Takanohashi K, Lamibrac A, Schmidt TJ, Buchi FN
F981 - F987 Study on the ORR Mechanism and CO2-Poisoning Resistance of La0.8Sr0.2MnO3-delta-Coated Ba0.5Sr0.5Co0.8Fe0.2O3-delta Cathode for Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Qiu P, Li J, Liu B, Jia LC, Chi B, Pu J, Li J
F988 - F994 Advanced Proton Conducting Ceramic Cell as Energy Storage Device
Marrony M, Dailly J
F995 - F1004 Stability of Pt Nanoparticles on Alternative Carbon Supports for Oxygen Reduction Reaction
Schonvogel D, Hulstede J, Wagner P, Kruusenberg I, Tammeveski K, Dyck A, Agert C, Wark M
H551 - H560 Recovery of Active Surface Sites of Shape-Controlled Platinum Nanoparticles Contaminated with Halide Ions and Its Effect on Surface-Structure
Devivaraprasad R, Kar T, Leuaa P, Neergat M
H561 - H571 Biosensing of Cholesterol and Glucose Facilitated by Cationic Polymer Overlayers on Ni(OH)(2)/NiOOH at Physiological pH
Selvarani K, Berchmans S
H572 - H578 Nanogold/Bi2S3 Nanorods Catalyzed Silver Deposition for Carbon Nanohorns-Enhanced Electrochemical Immunosensing of Escherichia coli O157:H7
Zhang J, Song XH, Xiong ZB, Dong HF, Wang WC, Chen ZD
H579 - H583 One-Step Electrochemical Synthesis of Cobalt-Doped Fe2O2CO3-Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites and Their Application for H2O2 Electro-Catalytic Reduction
Wang YC, Han HT, Pan DW, Zhang PQ
H584 - H586 Communication-Visualization of Magnetohydrodynamic Micro-Vortices with Guanine Micro-Crystals
Mogi I, Iwasaka M, Aogaki R, Takahashi K
H587 - H592 Electrodeposition of Cobalt Nickel Hydroxide Composite as a High-Efficiency Catalyst for Hydrogen Evolution Reactions
Bai JJ, Sun QQ, Wang ZL, Zhao C
H593 - H602 Ageing Effect on the Electrochemical Properties in Poly(Azure A) Films
Agrisuelas J, Cuenca A, Frau A, Ferrus D, Garcia-Jareno JJ, Sanchis-Gual R, Vicente F
H608 - H614 Electrochemical Oxidation of Smooth and Nanoscale Rough Pt(111): An In Situ Surface X-ray Scattering Study
Ruge M, Drnec J, Rahn B, Reikowski F, Harrington DA, Carla F, Felici R, Stettner J, Magnussen OM
H615 - H620 Deposition of Nickel on Electrodeposited Cu2O Films at Potentials More Positive than the Nernst Potential of Ni2+/Ni-0
DeHority K, Budin N, Hilston SS, Zhang YQ, Fillinger A
H621 - H627 In-Situ Raman Spectroscopy of alpha- and gamma-FeOOH during Cathodic Load
Hedenstedt K, Backstrom J, Ahlberg E
H628 - H634 Green Ion Selective Electrode Potentiometric Application for the Determination of Cinchocaine Hydrochloride in Presence of Its Degradation Products and Betamethasone Valerate: A Comparative Study of Liquid and Solid Inner Contact Ion-Selective Electrode Membranes
Rezk MR, Fayed AS, Marzouk HM, Abbas SS
H635 - H638 Confirmation of Cathodic Silence in an Anodic Oxide on Gold
Giron RGP, Ferguson GS
H639 - H646 Amperometric Response Characteristics of Rabeprazole at N-Doped CNTs-Chitosan Nanosensor in Solubilized System
Dhanjai, Sinha A
H647 - H650 Spectrometric Evidence of the Synergy between Formic Acid and Hydrazine on Their Electro-Oxidation
Machado EG, Delmonde MVF, Varela H
H651 - H656 Large Scaled Synthesis of Heterostructured Electrospun TiO2/SnO2 Nanofibers with an Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity
Zhang L, Yu W, Han C, Guo J, Zhang QH, Xie HY, Shao Q, Sun ZG, Guo ZH
H657 - H666 Quantification of Zn2+ Ion in Environmental Samples by Fabrication of Pyrolytic Graphite Electrode Based on Schiff Bases of Hydrazinecarbothioamide Derivatives
Sahani MK, Singh AK, Jain AK
H667 - H669 Communication-Continuous Monitoring of Activity of Plasmonic Gold Nanoparticles over Photooxidation Reactions Carried-Out on Au/TiO2 Photocatalysts
Krysiak OA, Barczuk PJ, Bienkowski K, Wojciechowski T, Augustynski J
H670 - H674 Adsorption of Hydroquinone to Polycrystalline Gold Electrode and Its Effect on the Electrochemical Properties
Naito K, Maeda Y, Yasui T, Takada K, Yuchi A
H675 - H684 Appearance of New Oscillations (Named Oscillations I and J) during Reduction of H2O2 on Platinum Electrode
Mukouyama Y, Kawasaki H, Hara D, Yamada Y, Nakanishi S
H685 - H690 Effect of CuI Layer on Photoelectrochemistry of Cu2O Films
Lu KD, Lu QY, Zhang LJ, Gong JY, Liu R
H691 - H695 Theory of Hydrogen Deposition and Evolution on Cu(111) Electrodes
Zhao M, Anderson AB
H696 - H700 Electrocatalytic Activity Enhancement of Pd Nanoparticles Supported on Reduced Graphene Oxide by Surface Modification with Au
Jin CC, Wan CC, Dong RL
P948 - P957 Thermodynamic Stability in Acid Media of FeN4-Based Catalytic Sites Used for the Reaction of Oxygen Reduction in PEM Fuel Cells
Glibin VP, Dodelet JP
A1785 - A1791 Ultra-Thin Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries on Flexible Polymer: Design, Low Temperature Fabrication and Characterization
Oukassi S, Giroud-Garampon C, Poncet S, Salot R
A1792 - A1801 A New Time Constant Approach to Online Capacity Monitoring and Lifetime Prediction of Lithium Ion Batteries for Electric Vehicles (EV)
Attidekou PS, Wang C, Armstrong M, Lambert SM, Christensen PA
A1802 - A1811 Sensitivity and Limitations of Structures from X-ray and Neutron-Based Diffraction Analyses of Transition Metal Oxide Lithium-Battery Electrodes
Liu H, Liu HD, Lapidus SH, Meng YS, Chupas PJ, Chapman KW
A1812 - A1819 Radical Decomposition of Ether-Based Electrolytes for Li-S Batteries
Lodovico L, Varzi A, Passerini S
A1820 - A1825 Interfacial Synthesis of Free-Standing Asymmetrical PPY-PEDOT Copolymer Film with 3D Network Structure for Supercapacitors
Zhu H, Li M, Wang DH, Zhou SB, Peng C
A1826 - A1833 A Model of Concurrent Lithium Dendrite Growth, SEI Growth, SEI Penetration and Regrowth
Liu GY, Lu W
A1834 - A1840 Enhanced Interface Stability of Polymer Electrolytes Using Organic Cage-Type Cucurbit[6]uril for Lithium Metal Batteries
Chen L, Liu YC, Fan LZ
A1841 - A1844 Aluminum Bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide as a Chloride-Free Electrolyte for Rechargeable Aluminum Batteries
Chiku M, Matsumura S, Takeda H, Higuchi E, Inoue H
A1845 - A1851 CVD-Synthesis of MCMB/CNTs Hybrids with Low Specific Surface Area for Supercapacitors
Cheng YL, Zhang QL, Fang CQ, Guo SH
A1852 - A1857 Printing 3D Gel Polymer Electrolyte in Lithium-Ion Microbattery Using Stereolithography
Chen QM, Xu R, He ZT, Zhao KJ, Panz L
A1858 - A1865 Modeling Vaporization, Gas Generation and Venting in Li-Ion Battery Cells with a Dimethyl Carbonate Electrolyte
Coman PT, Matefi-Tempfli S, Veje CT, White RE
A1866 - A1872 Carbon for Energy Storage Derived from Granulated White Sugar by Hydrothermal Carbonization and Subsequent Zinc Chloride Activation
Harmas M, Thomberg T, Romann T, Janes A, Lust E
A1873 - A1880 Mixed Salts of Lithium Difluoro 9Oxalate) Borate and Lithium Tetrafluorobotate Electrolyte on Low-Temperature Performance for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Zhao QP, Zhang Y, Tang FJ, Zhao JC, Li SY
A1881 - A1886 Autocombustion Synthesis of Nanostructured Na2Ti6O13 Negative Insertion Material for Na-Ion Batteries: Electrochemical and Diffusion Mechanism
Ghosh S, Mani AD, Kishore B, Munichandraiah N, Rao RP, Wong LL, Adams S, Barpanda P
A1887 - A1892 Tris(pentafluorophenyl)silane as a Solid Electrolyte Interphase (SEI)-Forming Agent for Graphite Electrodes
Lee TJ, Lee JB, Yoon T, Park H, Jurng S, Kim D, Jung J, Soon J, Ryu JH, Lee KT, Oh SM
A1893 - A1906 Current Distribution Measurements in Parallel-Connected Lithium-Ion Cylindrical Cells under Non-Uniform Temperature Conditions
Klein MP, Park JW
A1907 - A1917 Thermal and Hydrolytic Decomposition Mechanisms of Organosilicon Electrolytes with Enhanced Thermal Stability for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Guillot SL, Pena-Hueso A, Usrey ML, Hamers RJ
A1918 - A1923 Silica-Assisted Assembly for Synthesis of Nitrogen-Doped Hollow Mesoporous Carbon Spheres as Supercapacitors
Wang YY, Du J, Zhang HL, Liu L, Yu YF, Zhang Y, Lv HJ, Chen AB
A1924 - A1932 Interface Modifications by Tris( 2,2,2-trifluoroethyl) Borate for Improving the High-Voltage Performance of LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 Cathode
Wang L, Ma YL, Wang PP, Lou SF, Cheng XQ, Zuo PJ, Du CY, Gao YZ, Yin GP
A1933 - A1938 Anion-Exclusion Carbon Electrodes for Energy Storage and Conversion by Capacitive Mixing
Shapira B, Cohen I, Avraham E, Aurbach D
A1939 - A1945 Nitrogen and Sulfur Co-Doped 2D Titanium Carbides for Enhanced Electrochemical Performance
Yang CH, Que WX, Tang Y, Tian YP, Yin XT
A1946 - A1951 Hybrid Organic Electrodes: The Rational Design and Synthesis of High-Energy Redox-Active Pendant Functionalized Polypyrroles for Electrochemical Energy Storage
Shen LX, Mizutani M, Rodriguez-Calero GG, Hernandez-Burgos K, Truong TT, Coates GW, Abruna HD
A1952 - A1957 Flexible Supercapacitors Based on Solid Ion Conducting Polymer with High Mechanical Strength
Qin QQ, Du XD, Xu CX, Huang SG, Wang WJ, Zhang Y, Yan J, Liu JQ, Wu YC
A1958 - A1964 High Specific Energy Density Aqueous Lithium-Metal Chloride Rechargeable Batteries
Morita Y, Watanabe S, Zhang P, Wang H, Mori D, Matsuda Y, Yamamoto O, Takeda Y, Imanishi N
A1965 - A1969 Tailored Metal Oxide Thin Film on Polyethylene Separators for Sodium-Ion Batteries
Il Kim J, Heo J, Park JH
A1970 - A1982 Study on Channel Geometry of All-Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries
Al-Yasiri M, Park J
A1983 - A1990 Tunnel Structured alpha-MnO2 with Different Tunnel Cations (H+, K+, Ag+) as Cathode Materials in Rechargeable Lithium Batteries: The Role of Tunnel Cation on Electrochemistry
Poyraz AS, Huang JP, Cheng SB, Wu LJ, Tong X, Zhu YM, Marschilok AC, Takeuchi KJ, Takeuchia ES
A1991 - A1999 A Safe Electrolyte Based on Propylene Carbonate and Non-Flammable Hydrofluoroether for High-Performance Lithium Ion Batteries
Shi P, Fang SH, Luo D, Yang L, Hirano SI
A2000 - A2006 Capacity Enhancement of Porous Carbon Electrodes during Long-Term Cycling in Lithium-Ion Batteries
Chen YX, Shi LL, Li A, Zhang S, Guo MY, Chen XH, Zhou JS, Song HH
A2007 - A2011 Influence of Hydrated PbO2 Content on the Cycling Performance of Lead-Acid Batteries
Yang SQ, Li RH, Cai XY, Xue KW, Yang BF, Hu XG, Dai CS
A2012 - A2016 Spontaneous Formation of Interwoven Porous Channels in Hard-Wood- Based Hard-Carbon for High-Performance Anodes in Potassium-Ion Batteries
Prabakar SJR, Han SC, Park C, Bhairuba IA, Reece MJ, Sohn KS, Pyo M
A2017 - A2030 A Physically-Based Equivalent Circuit Model for the Impedance of a LiFePO4/Graphite 26650 Cylindrical Cell
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A2031 - A2037 A Lithiated Perfluorinated Sulfonic Acid Polymer Electrolyte for Lithium-Oxygen Batteries
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A2038 - A2048 Evaluation of Electrospun Fibrous Mats Targeted for Use as Flow Battery Electrodes
Liu S, Kok M, Kim Y, Barton JL, Brushett FR, Gostick J
A2049 - A2055 Electrochemical Performance of Sintered Porous Negative Electrodes Fabricated with Atomized Powders for Iron-Based Alkaline Rechargeable Batteries
Hayashi K, Wada Y, Maeda Y, Suzuki T, Sakamoto H, Tan WK, Kawamura G, Muto H, Matsuda A
A2056 - A2064 Highly Reversible Na-Ion Reaction in Nanostructured Sb2Te3-C Composites as Na-Ion Battery Anodes
Nam KH, Choi JH, Park CM
A2065 - A2074 Effects of Electrolyte Composition and Voltage Scan Rate on Cyclic Performance of Silicon-Aluminum Anodes for Lithium-Ion Cells
Bhattacharya S, Alpas AT
A2075 - A2081 Selection of Binder and Solvent for Solution-Processed All-Solid-State Battery
Lee K, Kim S, Park J, Park SH, Coskun A, Jung DS, Cho W, Choi JW
A2082 - A2088 Lithium Salt Effects on Silicon Electrode Performance and Solid Electrolyte Interphase (SEI) Structure, Role of Solution Structure on SEI Formation
Yoon T, Chapman N, Seo DM, Lucht BL
A2089 - A2100 Dramatic Effects of Low Salt Concentrations on Li-Ion Cells Containing EC-Free Electrolytes
Xiong DJ, Hynes T, Dahn JR
A2101 - A2109 Effects of Temperature and Composition on Catholyte Stability in Vanadium Flow Batteries: Measurement and Modeling
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A2110 - A2123 Review-Promises and Challenges of In Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy Electrochemical Techniques in the Studies of Lithium Ion Batteries
Xie ZH, Jiang ZM, Zhang XY
A2124 - A2130 Electrochemical Characterization of Na-Ion Charge-Storage Properties for Nanostructured NaTi2(PO4)(3) as a Function of Crystalline Order
Ko JS, Choi CS, Dunn B, Long JW
A2131 - A2137 Derived Quantities Uncertainty Propagation in High Precision Battery Testing
Wold J, Marcicki J, Masias A
A2138 - A2150 Review-Recent Research Progress in Surface Modification of LiFePO4 Cathode Materials
Li L, Wu L, Wu F, Song SP, Zhang XQ, Fu C, Yuan DD, Xiang Y
A2151 - A2158 Zerovalent Copper Intercalated Birnessite as a Cathode for Lithium Ion Batteries: Extending Cycle Life
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A2159 - A2163 Synthesis and Electrochemical Study of CoNi2S4 as a Novel Cathode Material in a Primary Li Thermal Battery
Giagloglou K, Payne JL, Crouch C, Gover RKB, Connor PA, Irvine JTS
A2164 - A2170 Constructing High Energy and Power Densities Li-Ion Capacitors Using Li Thin Film for Pre-Lithiation
Yan J, Cao WJ, Zheng JP
A2171 - A2175 F-19 and P-31 Solid-State NMR Characterization of a Pyridine Pentafluorophosphate-Derived Solid-Electrolyte Interphase
Hall DS, Werner-Zwanziger U, Dahn JR
A2176 - A2182 P2-Type Na-0.Mn-67(0).Fe-65(0).Ni-20(0).O-15(2) Microspheres as a Positive Electrode Material with a Promising Electrochemical Performance for Na-Ion Batteries
Venkatesh G, Kishore B, Viswanatha R, Aurbach D, Munichandraiah N
A2183 - A2185 High-Temperature Conductivity Measurements of Magnesium-Ion-Conducting Solid Oxide Mg0.5-x(Zr1-xNbx)(2)(PO4)(3) (x=0.15) Using Mg Metal Electrodes
Kajihara K, Nagano H, Tsujita T, Munakata H, Kanamura K
A2186 - A2189 Investigation of the Lithium Solid Electrolyte Interphase in Vinylene Carbonate Electrolytes Using Cu parallel to LiFePO4 Cells
Brown ZL, Jurng S, Lucht BL
A2190 - A2198 Al2O3, SiO2 and TiO2 as Coatings for Safer LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2 Cathodes: Electrochemical Performance and Thermal Analysis by Accelerating Rate Calorimetry
Hildebrand S, Vollmer C, Winter M, Schappacher FM
A2199 - A2212 Intercalation Driven Porosity Effects in Coupled Continuum Models for the Electrical, Chemical, Thermal and Mechanical Response of Battery Electrode Materials
Wang Z, Siegel J, Garikipati K
A2213 - A2224 Review-Gassing Mechanism and Suppressing Solutions in Li4Ti5O12-Based Lithium-Ion Batteries
Lv WQ, Gu JM, Niu YH, Wen KC, He WD
A2225 - A2230 A Comparative Study of LiNO3 and LiTFSI for the Cycling Performance of sigma-MnO2 Cathode in Lithium- Oxygen Batteries
Togasaki N, Gobara T, Momma T, Osaka T, Numata T
A2231 - A2237 Asymmetric Supercapacitors Using Chemically Prepared MnO2 as Positive Electrode Materials
Attias R, Sharon D, Borenstein A, Malka D, Hana O, Luski S, Aurbach D
A2238 - A2250 Shoring Up the Lithium Ion Batteries with Multi-Component Silicon Yolk-Shell Anodes for Grid-Scale Storage Systems: Experimental and Computational Mechanical Studies
Tokur M, Aydin A, Cetinkaya T, Akbulut H
A2251 - A2255 Examining Inhomogeneous Degradation of Graphite/Carbon Black Composite Electrodes in Li-Ion Batteries by Lock-In Thermography
Michalowski P, Grafenstein A, Knipper M, Plaggenborg T, Schwenzel J, Parisi J
A2256 - A2261 Electrochemical Enhancement of Carbon Paper by Indium Modification for the Positive Side of Vanadium Redox Flow Battery
Xiang Y, Daoud WA
A2262 - A2267 Intercalation Behavior of Hexafluorophosphate into Graphite Electrode from Propylene/Ethylmethyl Carbonates
Fan H, Qi L, Wang HY
A2268 - A2276 Morphological Structure Characterizations in Lithium-Ion Battery (LIB) Slurry under Shear Rotational Conditions by On-Line Dynamic Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy ( EIS) Method
Wang ZL, Zhao T, Takei M
A2277 - A2282 Surface Area Increase of Silicon Alloys in Li-Ion Full Cells Measured by Isothermal Heat Flow Calorimetry
Krause LJ, Brandt T, Chevrier VL, Jensen LD
A2283 - A2289 Discharge Precipitate's Impact in Li-Air Battery: Comparison of Experiment and Model Predictions
Wang Y, Yuan H
A2290 - A2294 Verification of Delayed Permanent Lithium Intercalation into Graphite Interlayers by Surface Treatment of Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes
Kim SH, Heo S, Mun J, Kim G, Baek WJ, Kim YS, Han S, Jung H
F1005 - F1010 Modeling of Ni Diffusion Induced Austenite Formation in Ferritic Stainless Steel Interconnects
Chen M, Alimadadi H, Molin S, Zhang L, Ta N, Hendriksen PV, Kiebach R, Du Y
F1011 - F1013 Communication-Appropriate Arrangement of Rh for Selective CO2 Formation in Ethanol Oxidation Reaction with Pt/Rh/SnO2 Catalyst
Mai PT, Chiku M, Higuchi E, Inoue H
F1014 - F1021 Platinum Particles Electrochemically Deposited on Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes for Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Acid Media
Hussain S, Erikson H, Kongi N, Merisalu M, Rahn M, Sammelselg V, Maia G, Tammeveski K
F1022 - F1029 Metal-Organic Complexes, [Co(bpy)(3)](NO3)(2) and[Co(bpy)(2)NO3]NO3 center dot 5H(2)O, for Oxygen Reduction Reaction
Sheelam A, Ramanujamz K
F1030 - F1036 La and Ca-Doped A-Site Deficient Strontium Titanates Anode for Electrolyte Supported Direct Methane Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
Tiwari PK, Yue XL, Irvine JTS, Basu S
F1037 - F1049 Modeling Electrochemical Performance of the Hierarchical Morphology of Precious Group Metal-Free Cathode for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell
Babu SK, Chung HT, Zelenay P, Litster S
H1603 - H1607 Complex Oscillatory Kinetics in the Electro-Oxidation of Glucose on Gold
Ferreira GCA, Napporn TW, Kokoh KB, Varela H