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Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Vol.159, No.5 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4651 (Print) 

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S7 - S7 Transport and Electrochemical Properties and Spectral Features of Non-Aqueous Electrolytes Containing LiFSI in Linear Carbonate Solvents (vol 159, pg S1, 2012)
Scheers J, Johansson P
S8 - S8 Effect of Monomer Modifications on the Physical Properties of Electropolymerised PEDOT Films (vol 159, pg F1, 2012)
Sulaiman Y, Kataky R
S9 - S9 Long-Term Oxidation of Ti2AlC in Air and Water Vapor at 1000-1300 degrees C Temperature Range (vol 159, pg C90, 2012)
Basu S, Obando N, Gowdy A, Karaman I, Radovic M
E99 - E102 Size-Dependent Surface Properties of Low-Reflectivity Nanoporous Alumina Thin-Film on Glass Substrate
Pai YH, Tseng CW, Lin GR
G49 - G55 Dielectric Constant of Porous Ultra Low-kappa Thin Films
Jousseaume V, Gourhant O, Gonon P, Zenasni A, Favennec L
G56 - G61 Low-k SiCxNy Films Prepared by Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition Using 1,3,5-trimethyl-1,3,5-trivinylcyclotrisilazane Precursor
Tu HE, Chen YH, Leu J
G62 - G66 Enhanced Dielectric Permittivity of the Bi2Mg2/3Nb4/3O7-Bi Nano-Composite Amorphous Films Grown at Room Temperature
Jung HJ, Song HA, Yoon SG, Kim CS, Lee JY
G67 - G73 Mechanisms of Difficulty to Correlate the Leakage Current of High-k Capacitor Structures with Defect States Detected Spectroscopically by the Thermally Stimulated Current Technique
Lau WS
S10 - S10 Electrochemical Characterization of La0.58Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-delta Thin Films Electrodes Prepared by Pulsed Laser Deposition (vol 159, pg B471, 2012)
Plonczak P, Sogaard M, Bieberle-Hutter A, Hendriksen PV, Gauckler LJ
S11 - S11 Dielectric Constant of Porous Ultra Low-kappa Thin Films (vol 159, pg G49, 2012)
Jousseaume V, Gourhant O, Gonon P, Zenasni A, Favennec L
S12 - S12 Modeling and Simulation of Lithium-Ion Batteries from a Systems Engineering Perspective (vol 159, pg R31, 2012)
Ramadesigan V, Northrop PWC, De S, Santhanagopalan S, Braatz RD, Subramanian VR
S13 - S13 Size Influence on the Oxygen Reduction Reaction Activity and Instability of Supported Pt Nanoparticles (vol 159, pg B96, 2012)
Sheng WC, Chen S, Vescovo E, Shao-Horn Y
S14 - S14 A Study of the Colloidal Stability of Mixed Abrasive Slurries and Their Role in CMP (vol 159, pg H482, 2012)
Lin F, Nolan L, Xu Z, Cadien K
S15 - S15 ALD Applied to Conformal Coating of Nanoporous gamma-Alumina: Spinel Formation and Luminescence Induced by Europium Doping (vol 159, pg P45, 2012)
Rauwel E, Galeckas A, Rauwel P, Nilsen O, Walmsley JC, Rytter E, Fjellvag H
A515 - A519 Study of the Reactivity of Na/Hard Carbon with Different Solvents and Electrolytes
Xia X, Dahn JR
A520 - A524 Comparison of Cycling Performance of Lithium Ion Cell Anode Graphites
Ridgway P, Zheng HH, Bello AF, Song XY, Xun SD, Chong J, Battaglia V
A525 - A531 Structural Analysis during Charge-Discharge Process of Li2FeSiO4 Synthesized by Molten Carbonate Flux Method
Kojima A, Kojima T, Sakai T
A532 - A537 Synthesis of Li2MnSiO4 Cathode Material Using Molten Carbonate Flux Method with High Capacity and Initial Efficiency
Kojima A, Kojima T, Tabuchi M, Sakai T
A538 - A547 Computer Modeling of Crystalline Electrolytes: Lithium Thiophosphates and Phosphates
Lepley ND, Holzwarth NAW
A548 - A552 An Analytical Method to Determine Tortuosity in Rechargeable Battery Electrodes
Vijayaraghavan B, Ely DR, Chiang YM, Garcia-Garcia R, Garcia RE
A553 - A565 Electrolyte Solvation and Ionic Association I. Acetonitrile-Lithium Salt Mixtures: Intermediate and Highly Associated Salts
Seo DM, Borodin O, Han SD, Ly Q, Boyle PD, Henderson WA
A566 - A570 Overcharge Effect on Morphology and Structure of Carbon Electrodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Lu WQ, Lopez CM, Liu N, Vaughey JT, Jansen A, Dees DW
A571 - A578 Synthesis and Electrochemical Characterization of LiNi0.8Co0.2O2 as Cathode Material for Aqueous Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
Mahesh KC, Suresh GS, Bhattacharyya AJ, Venkatesha TV
A579 - A583 Ball-Milled Graphite as an Electrode Material for High Voltage Supercapacitor in Neutral Aqueous Electrolyte
Wang YM, Cao JY, Zhou Y, Ouyang JH, Jia DC, Guo LX
A584 - A591 Pressure-Gradient Dependent Diffusion and Crack Propagation in Lithiated Silicon Nanowires
Grantab R, Shenoy VB
A592 - A597 Anion Effects on Solid Polymer Electrolytes Containing Sulfur Based Ionic Liquid for Lithium Batteries
Fisher AS, Khalid MB, Widstrom M, Kofinas P
A598 - A603 Microstructural Effects on Electronic Charge Transfer in Li-Ion Battery Cathodes
Nelson GJ, Cassenti BN, Peracchio AA, Chiu WKS
A604 - A612 Distinguishing Li+ Charge Transfer Kinetics at NCA/Electrolyte and Graphite/Electrolyte Interfaces, and NCA/Electrolyte and LFP/Electrolyte Interfaces in Li-Ion Cells
Jow TR, Marx MB, Allen JL
A613 - A617 Observations in the H-Pd{111} System via Stress and EQCM Measurements
Engstrom EL, Heaton T, Kennedy JK, Friesen C
A618 - A621 V2O5 Hollow Nanospheres: A Lithium Intercalation Host with Good Rate Capability and Capacity Retention
Sasidharan M, Gunawardhana N, Yoshio M, Nakashima K
A622 - A633 A Computational Investigation of Li9M3(P2O7)(3)(PO4)(2) (M = V, Mo) as Cathodes for Li Ion Batteries
Jain A, Hautier G, Moore C, Kang B, Lee J, Chen HL, Twu N, Ceder G
A634 - A641 Effect of Graphite Orientation and Lithium Salt on Electronic Passivation of Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite
Tang M, Miyazaki K, Abe T, Newman J
A642 - A646 Performance Enhancing Electrolyte Additives for Lithium Ion Batteries with Silicon Anodes
Dalavi S, Guduru P, Lucht BL
A647 - A650 A Study of the Reactivity of De-Intercalated P2-NaxCoO2 with Non-Aqueous Solvent and Electrolyte by Accelerating Rate Calorimetry
Xia X, Dahn JR
A651 - A656 Hierarchically Porous Ni-Co Oxide for High Reversibility Asymmetric Full-Cell Supercapacitors
Tang CH, Tang Z, Gong H
A657 - A663 Thermally Induced Reactions between Lithiated Nano-Silicon Electrode and Electrolyte for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Profatilova IA, Langer T, Badillo JP, Schmitz A, Orthner H, Wiggers H, Passerini S, Winter M
A664 - A668 Nitrogen-Plasma Treatment of Carbon Nanotubes and Chemical Liquid Phase Deposition of Alumina for Electrodes of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
Lin CC, Wei RC
A669 - A672 Li Reaction Mechanism of MnP Nanoparticles
Sim S, Cho J
A673 - A677 Average and Local Structure Analyses of Li(Mn1/3Ni1/3Co1/3-xAlx)O-2 Using Neutron and Synchrotron X-ray Sources
Idemoto Y, Kitamura N, Ueki K, Vogel SC, Uchimoto Y
A678 - A687 Failure Investigation of LiFePO4 Cells under Overcharge Conditions
Xu F, He H, Liu YD, Dun C, Ren Y, Liu Q, Wang MX, Xie J
A688 - A695 Size Effects in the Electrochemical Alloying and Cycling of Electrodeposited Aluminum with Lithium
Hudak NS, Huber DL
B455 - B646 Catalyst Durability in PEM Fuel Cells with Low Platinum Loading
Arisetty S, Wang X, Ahluwalia RK, Mukundan R, Borup R, Davey J, Langlois D, Gambini F, Polevaya O, Blanchet S
B463 - B470 A Durable RuO2-Carbon-Supported Pt Catalyst for PEFCs: A Cause and Effect Study
Selvaganesh SV, Selvarani G, Sridhar P, Pitchumani S, Shukla AK
B471 - B482 Electrochemical Characterization of La0.58Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-delta Thin Film Electrodes Prepared by Pulsed Laser Deposition
Plonczak P, Sogaard M, Bieberle-Hutter A, Hendriksen PV, Gauckler LJ
B483 - B488 Nitrogen- and Boron-Doped Carbon Nanotube Electrodes in a Thermo-Electrochemical Cell
Salazar PF, Kumar S, Cola BA
B489 - B496 Liquid-Water-Droplet Adhesion-Force Measurements on Fresh and Aged Fuel-Cell Gas-Diffusion Layers
Das PK, Grippin A, Kwong A, Weber AZ
B497 - B501 Polyaniline Nanofiber/Carbon Black Composite as Oxygen Reduction Catalyst for Air Cathode Microbial Fuel Cells
Ahmed J, Kim HJ, Kim S
B502 - B513 Current-Voltage Characteristics of Platinum Model Electrodes on Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia
Opitz AK, Horlein MP, Huber T, Fleig J
B514 - B523 Characterization of the PEM Fuel Cell Catalyst Layer Microstructure by Nonlinear Least-Squares Parameter Estimation
Dobson P, Lei C, Navessin T, Secanell M
B524 - B530 Analysis of the SO2 Contamination Effect on the Oxygen Reduction Reaction in PEMFCs by Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
Zhai Y, Bethune K, Bender G, Rocheleau R
B531 - B540 Pt-Oxide Coverage-Dependent Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ORR) Kinetics
Subramanian NP, Greszler TA, Zhang J, Gu W, Makharia R
B541 - B545 Patterned Silver Nanomesh Cathode for Low-Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Shim JH, Kim YB, Park JS, An J, Gur TM, Prinz FB
B546 - B553 Diagnosing Degradation within PEM Fuel Cell Catalyst Layers Using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
Saleh FS, Easton EB
B554 - B563 Analysis of Surface Oxidation on Pt and Pt Core-Shell Electrocatalysts for PEFCs
Mathew P, Meyers JP, Srivastava R, Strasser P
B564 - B569 Accelerated Testing of Polymer Electrolyte Membranes in Fuel Cells Containing Pt/C and PtCo/C Catalysts
Rodgers MP, Mohajeri N, Bonville LJ, Slattery DK
B570 - B577 Performance of the Vapor Fed Direct Alcohol Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell
Fan S, Wilkinson DP, Wang HJ
B578 - B591 Application of Pt Nanoparticle Dissolution and Oxidation Modeling to Understanding Degradation in PEM Fuel Cells
Holby EF, Morgan D
B592 - B596 In Situ Investigations of the Chromium-Induced Degradation of the Oxygen Surface Exchange Kinetics of IT-SOFC Cathode Materials La0.6Sr0.4CoO3-delta and La0.58Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-delta
Bucher E, Yang M, Sitte W
B597 - B601 Electrochemical Analysis of Sulfur-Poisoning in Anode Supported SOFCs Fuelled with a Model Reformate
Kromp A, Dierickx S, Leonide A, Weber A, Ivers-Tiffee E
B602 - B610 Green Preparation of TiO2-ZnO Nanocomposite Photoanodes by Aqueous Electrophoretic Deposition
Benehkohalz NP, Demopoulos GP
B611 - B618 Investigation of Titanium Supported Nanostructured Au-Ni and Pt-Ni Thin Layers as Electrocatalysts for DBFC
Tamasauskaite-Tamasiunaite L, Balciunaite A, Cekaviciute R, Selskis A
B619 - B626 Sr2Fe1.5Mo0.5O6-delta - Sm0.2Ce0.8O1.9 Composite Anodes for Intermediate-Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
He BB, Zhao L, Song SX, Liu T, Chen FL, Xia CR
B627 - B628 Low Voltage Electrochemical Process for Direct Carbon Dioxide Sequestration
Gilliam RJ, Boggs BK, Decker V, Kostowskyj MA, Gorer S, Albrecht TA, Way JD, Kirk DW, Bardd AJ
B629 - B634 Comparison of the Electrochemical Properties of Infiltrated and Functionally Gradient Sm0.5Sr0.5CoO3-delta-Ce0.8Sm0.2O1.9 Composite Cathodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Fu YP, Li CH, Hu SH
B635 - B640 Ternary PtMnX/C (X=Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Mo and, Sn) Alloy Catalysts for Ethanol Electrooxidation
Ammam M, Easton EB
B641 - B646 The Effect of Vanadium Deficiency on the Stability of Pd and Pt Catalysts in Lanthanum Strontium Vanadate Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Anodes
Vo NM, Gross MD
C211 - C218 Activation of Aluminum by Small Alloying Additions of Bismuth
Anawati, Halvorsen MP, Nisancioglu K
C219 - C225 Effect of Acid Pickling Pretreatment on the Properties of Cerium Conversion Coating on AZ31 Magnesium Alloy
Su HY, Li WJ, Lin CS
C226 - C232 Formation Mechanism and Properties of Titanate Conversion Coating on AZ31 Magnesium Alloy
Yang YC, Tsai CY, Huang YH, Lin CS
C233 - C243 Passivation of a CoCrMo PVD Alloy with Biomedical Composition under Simulated Physiological Conditions Studied by EQCM and XPS
Vidal CV, Munoz AI, Olsson COA, Mischler S
C244 - C251 The Role of Chloride, Nitrite and Carbonate Ions on Carbon Steel Passivity Studied in Simulating Concrete Pore Solutions
Valcarce MB, Lopez C, Vazquez M
D265 - D269 Improvement of the Current Efficiency of the Ti/Sn-Sb-Ni Oxide Electrode via Carbon Nanotubes for Ozone Generation
Parsa JB, Abbasi M, Cornell A
D270 - D275 Development of GaN Growth Reaction Model Using Ab Initio Molecular Orbital Calculation and Computational Fluid Dynamics of Metalorganic Vapor-Phase Epitaxy
Tokoi H, Ohtake A, Tago K, Watanabe K, Mishima T
D276 - D281 Oxidation Effects on Graded Porous Silicon Anti-Reflection Coatings
Thogersen A, Selj JH, Marstein ES
D282 - D286 Chronopotentiometric Investigation of the Formation of Nanoporous Bimetallic Pd-Ag by Galvanic Replacement of Nanoporous Ag with Pd
Lo WC, Hsieh YT, Sun IW
D287 - D295 Towards Fully Aqueous Ozone Wet Strip of 193 nm Photoresist Stack Using UV Pre-Treatments in Low-k Patterning Applications
Kesters E, Le QT, Lux M, Pittevils J, Vereecke G, Struyf H, De Gendt S
D296 - D302 Surfactant Effects in Cu-Sn Alloy Deposition
Survila A, Mockus Z, Kanapeckaite S, Brazinskiene D, Juskenas R
D303 - D309 Comparison of UO2 and SIMFUEL Electrodes in Carbonate and NaCl Solutions at Several pHs
Kim KW, Hyun JT, Lee KY, Lee EH, Moon JK
D310 - D318 Electrodeposition of Ni, Sn and Ni-Sn Alloy Coatings from Pyrophosphate-Glycine Bath
Lacnjevac U, Jovic BM, Jovic VD
D319 - D322 Electroless Copper Bonding with Local Suppression for Void-Free Chip-to-Package Connections
Koo HC, Saha R, Kohl PA
D323 - D327 Fabrication of TiO2/CuSCN Bulk Heterojunctions by Profile-Controlled Electrodeposition
Sun LD, Huang Y, Hossain MA, Li KL, Adams S, Wang Q
D328 - D332 Morphological Control of Periodic GaAs Hole Arrays by Simple Au-Mediated Wet Etching
Yasukawa Y, Asoh H, Ono S
D333 - D339 Lateral Distribution of Anodic Oxides and Strain on Self-Organized Fractal Silicon Photoelectrodes
Lublow M, Bremsteller W, Pettenkofer C
E103 - E107 Effects of Surface Functionalization on the Nanostructure and Biomechanical Properties of Binary Titanium-Niobium Alloys
Kuo PCH, Chou HH, Lin YH, Peng PW, Ou KL, Lee WR
E108 - E114 Electrodeposition of Supported Gadolinium-Doped Ceria Solid Solution Nanowires
Bocchetta P, Santamaria M, Di Quarto F
F103 - F109 A Facile Electrochemical Analysis to Determine Antioxidant Activity of Flavonoids against DPPH Radical
Ahmed S, Tabassum S, Shakeel F, Khan AY
F110 - F118 Methylene Blue-Induced Stabilization Effect of Adsorbed Glucose Oxidase on a Carbon-Felt Surface for Bioelectrocatalytic Activity
Wang Y, Hasebe Y
F119 - F124 Cyanide-Coordinated Fe(III) Meso-Tetra(4-carboxyphenyl) Porphyrin as a Possible Electrocatalytic Material for Selective H2S Oxidation
Bennett JA, Neiswonger MA, Wheeler CD, Pander JE, McKinney SE
F125 - F133 Heterogeneous Electron Transfer Kinetics and Diffusion of Ferrocene/Ferrocenium in Bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide-Based Ionic Liquids
Pan YF, Cleland WE, Hussey CL
F134 - F139 A Non-Enzymatic Glucose Sensor Based on the Use of Gold Micropillar Array Electrodes
Prehn R, Cortina-Puig M, Munoz FX
H473 - H477 Effects of an Asymmetric Barrier Layer on the Structural and Optical Properties of InGaN LEDs
Tsai CL, Xu ZF, Huang WJ, Yen CT
H478 - H481 Kinetic Modeling of Low Temperature Epitaxy Growth of SiGe Using Disilane and Digermane
Kolahdouz M, Salemi A, Moeen M, Ostling M, Radamson HH
H482 - H489 A Study of the Colloidal Stability of Mixed Abrasive Slurries and Their Role in CMP
Lin F, Nolan L, Xu Z, Cadien K
H490 - H496 Thermal Stability of Thin Compressively Strained Ge Surface Channels Grown on Relaxed Si0.2Ge0.8 Reverse-Graded Buffers
Dobbie A, Nguyen VH, Morris RJH, Liu XC, Myronov M, Leadley DR
H497 - H501 Metallic Zinc Nanowires Effect in High-Performance Photoresponsive and Photocatalytic Properties of Composite Zinc Stannate Nanowires
Wu JM, Hsu GK, Yeh HH, Lin HC
H502 - H506 Role of Rare Earth Ions in Anodic Gate Dielectrics for Indium-Zinc-Oxide Thin-Film Transistors
Luo DX, Lan LF, Xu M, Xu H, Li M, Wang L, Peng JB
H507 - H510 Low Temperature Direct Bonding of InP and Si3N4-Coated Silicon Wafers for Photonic Device Integration
Wang YD, Ng DKT, Wang Q, Pu J, Liu CY, Ho ST
H511 - H515 A Self-Aligned Ni-InGaAs Contact Technology for InGaAs Channel n-MOSFETs
Zhang XG, Ivana, Guo HX, Gong X, Zhou Q, Yeo YC
H516 - H521 Effect of the Growth Conditions on the Properties of Nitrided Oxides Grown by RTP for 4H-SiC p-Channel MOSFETs Fabrication
Constant A, Berthou M, Florentin M, Millan J, Godignon P
H522 - H524 Photoluminescence Enhancement in GaN/InGaN Multi-Quantum Well Structures as a Function of Quantum Well Numbers: Coupling Behaviors of Localized Surface Plasmon
Jang LW, Jeon DW, Jeon JW, Kim M, Kim MK, Polyakov AY, Ju JW, Lee SJ, Baek JH, Jeong MS, Kim YH, Lee IH
H525 - H528 Increasing Solar Efficiency of InGaN/GaN Multiple Quantum Well Solar Cells with a Reflective Aluminum Layer or a Flip-Chip Structure
Jeng MJ, Lee YL
H529 - H535 Dielectric Breakdown In Ultra-Thin Hf Based Gate Stacks: A Resistive Switching Phenomenon
Rodriguez R, Martin-Martinez J, Crespo-Yepes A, Porti M, Nafria M, Aymerich X
H536 - H544 Investigation of Structural, Electrical, and Optical Properties for Al-Doped ZnO Films Deposited at Different Substrate Temperatures and H-2 Ratios
Zhu BL, Wang J, Zhu SJ, Wu J, Zeng DW, Xie CS
H545 - H553 Experimental and Computational Studies of the Homogeneous Thermal Decomposition of the Tungsten Dimethylhydrazido Complexes Cl-4(RCN)W(NNMe2)
Lee J, Kim D, Kim OH, Anderson T, Koller J, Denomme DR, Habibi SZ, Ehsan M, Eyler JR, McElwee-White L
J143 - J147 Yellow Photoluminescence Properties of Copper Ion Doped Phase-Separated Glasses in Alkali Borosilicate System
Yasumori A, Tada F, Yanagida S, Kishi T
J148 - J152 Synthesis and Photoluminescence Properties of Green-Emitting Ba3Si6O12N2 Oxynitride Phosphor Using Boron-Coated Eu2O3 for White LED Applications
Song YH, Kim BS, Jung MK, Senthil K, Masaki T, Toda K, Yoon DH
J153 - J157 Field-Emission and Photoelectrical Characteristics of ZnO Nanorods Photodetectors Prepared on Flexible Substrate
Chen TP, Young SJ, Chang SJ, Hsiao CH, Huang CS
J158 - J162 A Ni Screen-Printed Sensor for Determination of Propylamine
Weng YC, Lee YG, Yuan WL, Hsu ZX, Hsu CH, Chang CS
J163 - J167 Synthesis and Luminescent Properties of (Sr,M)(2)Si(O1-xNx)(4):Eu2+ (M: Mg2+, Ca2+, Ba2+)
Lee SJ, Hong SH, Kim YJ
J168 - J175 Noble Metal Oxides Electrodes and Analytical Application Thereof for Acid-Base Titrations in Non-Aqueous Solvents
Stanic Z, Dimic T, Simic Z
J176 - J181 Partial Nitridation of Sr3Al10SiO20:Eu and Its Effect on Photoluminescence Properties
Mikami M, Matsuo H, Imura H, Uheda K, Kijima N, Yamamoto H
J182 - J187 Fluorescence-Signaling Aptasensor for ATP and PDGF Detection on Functionalized Diamond Surface
Ruslinda AR, Ishiyama Y, Wang X, Kobayashi T, Kawarada H
J188 - J192 Photoluminescence Properties of Green-Emitting ZnGa2S4:Eu2+ Phosphor
Yu R, Luan RX, Wang CF, Chen JT, Wang ZX, Moon BK, Jeong JH
J193 - J199 Color-Tunable, Single Phased MgY4Si3O13: Ce3+, Mn2+ Phosphors with Efficient Energy Transfer for White-Light-Emitting Diodes
Hsu CH, Das S, Lu CH
J200 - J203 The Deterioration of a-IGZO TFTs Owing to the Copper Diffusion after the Process of the Source/Drain Metal Formation
Tai YH, Chiu HL, Chou LS
K111 - K115 Crystallized Indium-Tin Oxide Composites Grown onto Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes at a Low Temperature by Nanocluster Deposition
Pammi SVN, Duong TT, Choi HJ, Yoon SG
K116 - K121 Quantum Analysis on the Platinum/Nitrogen Doped Carbon Nanotubes for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction at the Air Cathode of Lithium-Air Batteries and Fuel Cells
San CH, Hong CW
K122 - K126 Microstructural Properties and Formation Mechanisms of Zn Nanocrystal Embedded Polydimethylsiloxane Nanofibers
Shin JW, Yang DJ, Jang YW, Lee BC, Song WS, Kim JG, Yoo SJ, Lee JY, Kim ID, Lee DU, Lee SH, Kim TW
K127 - K135 Ionic and Electronic Conductivity of Nanostructured, Samaria-Doped Ceria
Souza ECC, Chueh WC, Jung W, Muccillo ENS, Haile SM
K136 - K140 The Differences in Optical Characteristics of TiO2 and TiO2/AAO Nanotube Arrays Fabricated by Atomic Layer Deposition
Chang YH, Liu CM, Chen C, Cheng HE, Lu TC
K141 - K145 Electrochemical Determination of Melamine with a Glassy Carbon Electrode Coated with a Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotube/Chitosan Composite
Zhao TK, Liu LH, Li GM, Dang AL, Li TH
K146 - K151 Silicidation of Co/Si Core Shell Nanowires
Lee HBR, Gu GH, Park CG, Kim H
K152 - K155 VLS Growth of Cubic Structure Al-Doped SnO2 Nanowire Using Al/Pd/Au Catalyst Diffusion
Hsu CL, Lin YR, Hsueh TJ
K156 - K160 Synthesis of Mesoporous Fullerene and its Platinum Composite: A Catalyst for PEMFc
Mondal SK