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S5 - S5 Coordinate Transformation, Orthogonal Collocation, Model Reformulation and Simulation of Electrochemical-Thermal Behavior of Lithium-Ion Battery Stacks (vol 158, pg A1461, 2011)
Northrop PWC, Ramadesigan V, De S, Subramanian VR
S6 - S6 On the Surface Chemistry of LiMO2 Cathode Materials (M = [MnNi] and [MnNiCo]): Electrochemical, Spectroscopic, and Calorimetric Studies (vol 157, pg A1099, 2010)
Haik O, Leifer N, Sclar H, Samuk-Fromovich Z, Zinigrad E, Markovsky B, Larush L, Goffer Y, Goobes G, Aurbach D
E53 - E58 Cathodic Electrodeposition of ZrO2: Impact of Current Density on the Crystal Structure, Composition and Morphology
Aghazadeh M
F35 - F41 Pt-Ni Nanoparticles for Oxygen Reduction Prepared by a Sonochemical Method
Gumeci C, Li ZR, Casadonte DJ, Korzeniewski C
F42 - F47 Study of the Catalytic Following Reaction by Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SECM)
Calhoun RL, Bard AJ
F48 - F55 Thermodynamic Study of PEG (MW 20,000) Adsorption in the Presence of Cl-Anions onto a Polycrystalline Gold Electrode
Mendez A, Meas Y, Ortega-Borges R, Trejo G
F56 - F61 Dual Color Emissions of Sr2-xCaxP2O7: Eu2+, Mn2+ for near UV Excitation
Yu JY, Hao ZD, Zhang X, Luo YS, Wang XJ, Zhang JH
G23 - G28 The Mechanical Property, Microstructure, and Pore Geometry of a Methyltrimethoxysilane Modified Silica Zeolite (MSZ) Film
Che ML, Chuang S, Leu J
G29 - G32 High Uniformity of Resistive Switching Characteristics in a Cr/ZnO/Pt Device
Chang WY, Huang HW, Wang WT, Hou CH, Chueh YL, He JH
J39 - J42 Effects of Ce3+ and NH4Cl on Structural and Luminescent Properties of Y2Si3O3N4:Ce Phosphors
Ma YY, Xiao F, Ye S, Zhang QY
J43 - J47 Temperature Sensitive Luminescence of Ce3+ in Two Different Sites of Na3LuSi2O7
Ni HY, Liang HB, Xie MB, Chen WP, Su Q, Tao Y, Huang Y, Gao ZH
J48 - J53 Selective Synthesis of Morphology and Species Controlled La2O3:Eu3+ and La2O2CO3:Eu3+ Phosphors by Hydrothermal Method
Mao GJ, Zhang HW, Li HY, Jin J, Niu SY
J54 - J60 Luminescent Properties of Eu3+-Doped Ba2Bi2/3TeO6 and BaBiNaTeO6 Double Perovskite as New Orange-Red Emitting Phosphors
Nguyen HD, Kim SJ, Yeo IH, Mho SI
J61 - J66 Structure Dependence of the Photoluminescence Properties of Eu3+ Ion-Activated R2Mo4O15 (R = Y, La, and Gd)
Li H, Yang HK, Moon BK, Choi BC, Jeong JH, Jang K, Lee HS, Yi SS
J67 - J71 BaSnO3 Thick Film as a Carbon Dioxide Sensor
Cavanagh LM, Smith P, Binions R
J72 - J76 Effects of YVO4:Bi3+,Eu3+ Nanophosphors Spectral Down-Shifter on Properties of Monocrystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Module
Iso Y, Takeshita S, Isobe T
J77 - J82 Chip-Scale Electrochemical Differentiation of SAM-Coated Gold Features Using a Probe Array
Tencer M, Olivieri A, Tezel B, Nie HY, Berini P
J83 - J87 Potential Correction Technique for Ag/AgCl Reference Electrode Using UV/VIS Absorbance of Internal Electrolyte
Yun MH, Yeon JW, Hwang J, Song K
K55 - K60 Electrochemical Behavior of Ascorbic Acid at Copper Germanate Nanowire Modified Electrode
Pei LZ, Xie YK, Cai ZY, Yang Y, Pei YQ, Fan CG, Fu DG
K61 - K65 Binding Study of Ionizable Calix[4]-1,3-Crowns-5,6 Nano-baskets by Differential Pulse Voltammetry
Mokhtari B, Pourabdollah K
K66 - K71 Formation and Characterization of Oriented Micro-and Nanofibers Containing Poly (ethylene oxide) and Pectin
Furlan R, Rosado JAM, Rodriguez GG, Fachini ER, da Silva ANR, da Silva MLP
P29 - P34 Electric Field-Tuned Polymer Amplified Spontaneous Emission
Li S, Zhuang LQ, George TF
P35 - P39 Structures and Development Mechanism of the Anti-Phase Boundaries in Sr2FeMoO6
Yang CW, Fangz TT
P40 - P43 Odd-Even Pattern Observed in Polyaniline/(Au-0 - Au-8) Composites
Jonke AP, Josowicz M, Janata J
R31 - R45 Modeling and Simulation of Lithium-Ion Batteries from a Systems Engineering Perspective
Ramadesigan V, Northrop PWC, De S, Santhanagopalan S, Braatz RD, Subramanian VR
R46 - R51 Mitigating Defects within Silicon Carbide Epitaxy
Caldwell JD, Stahlbush RE, Mahadik NA
A193 - A197 Re-Deposition of Manganese Species on Spinel LiMn2O4 Electrode after Mn Dissolution
Kim D, Park S, Chae OB, Ryu JH, Kim YU, Yin RZ, Oh SM
A198 - A207 In Situ Investigations of SEI Layer Growth on Electrode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries Using Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
McArthur MA, Trussler S, Dahn JR
A208 - A213 Electrochemical Behavior of alpha-Tungsten Carbide-Derived Carbon Based Electric Double-Layer Capacitors
Tallo I, Thomberg T, Janes A, Lust E
A214 - A221 Particles and Polymer Binder Interaction: A Controlling Factor in Lithium-Ion Electrode Performance
Liu G, Zheng H, Song X, Battaglia VS
A222 - A227 Resolution of the Modulus versus Adhesion Dilemma in Solid Polymer Electrolytes for Rechargeable Lithium Metal Batteries
Stone GM, Mullin SA, Teran AA, Hallinan DT, Minor AM, Hexemer A, Balsara NP
A228 - A237 The Effect of ZnO and MgO Coatings by a Sono-Chemical Method, on the Stability of LiMn1.5Ni0.5O4 as a Cathode Material for 5 V Li-Ion Batteries
Sclar H, Haik O, Menachem T, Grinblat J, Leifer N, Meitav A, Luski S, Aurbach D
A238 - A243 Concurrent Reaction and Plasticity during Initial Lithiation of Crystalline Silicon in Lithium-Ion Batteries
Zhao KJ, Pharr M, Wan Q, Wang WL, Kaxiras E, Vlassak JJ, Suo ZG
A244 - A252 In Situ Probing of Solid-Electrolyte Interfaces with Nonlinear Coherent Vibrational Spectroscopy
Mukherjee P, Lagutchev A, Dlott DD
A253 - A258 In Situ XRD Investigation and Thermal Properties of Mg Doped LiCoO2 for Lithium Ion Batteries
Yin RZ, Kim YS, Shin SJ, Jung I, Kim JS, Jeong SK
A259 - A263 Lithium Phosphate Thin Films Grown by Atomic Layer Deposition
Hamalainen J, Holopainen J, Munnik F, Hatanpaa T, Heikkila M, Ritala M, Leskela M
A264 - A268 Fabrication and Characterization of Nano-Crystalline TiO2 Thin Film Electrodes for Lithium Ion Batteries
Chiu KF, Lin KM, Leu HJ, Chen CL, Lin CC
A269 - A272 Insertion of an Insulating Layer between Cathode and Separator for Improving Storage Characteristics of Li-Ion Batteries
Imachi N, Nakamura H, Fujitani S, Yamaki J
A273 - A280 Electrochemical Lithium Insertion Behavior of Combustion Synthesized V2O5 Cathodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Cheah YL, Aravindan V, Madhavi S
A281 - A289 Transient Characterization of Solid-Electrolyte-Interphase Using Ferrocene
Tang M, Newman J
A290 - A293 Delta Differential Capacity Analysis
Smith AJ, Dahn JR
A294 - A299 In Situ XRD of Thin Film Tin Electrodes for Lithium Ion Batteries
Rhodes KJ, Meisner R, Kirkham M, Dudney N, Daniel C
A300 - A304 Electrochemical Characteristics of Layered Li1.95Mn0.9Co0.15O3 (C2/m) as a Lithium-Battery Cathode
Ozawa K, Nakao Y, Mochiku T, Cheng ZX, Wang LZ, Iwai H, Tsuchiya Y, Fujii H, Igawa N
A305 - A309 Preparation of LiFePO4/Carbon/PANI-CSA Composite and Its Properties as High-Capacity Cathodes for Lithium Ion Batteries
Su C, Lu GQ, Xu LH, Zhang C
A310 - A314 Preparation, Characterization and Electrochemical Catalytic Properties of Hollandite Ag2Mn8O16 for Li-Air Batteries
Zhang GQ, Hendrickson M, Plichta EJ, Au M, Zheng JP
A315 - A320 The Electrochemical Performance of Phenol-Formaldehyde Based Activated Carbon Electrodes for Lithium/Oxygen Batteries
Shitta-Bey GO, Mirzaeian M, Halla PJ
A321 - A324 Electrochemical Behavior of a Graphite Electrode Prepared by Anodic Electrophoretic Deposition
Lu YH, Zhang DW, Wang L, Xu MW, Song J, Goodenough JB
A325 - A329 Fe-Fe3O4 Composite Electrode for Lithium Secondary Batteries
Kim HS, Baek SH, Jang MW, Sun YK, Yoon CS
B247 - B250 Effect of TiO2 Mesoporous Layer and Surface Treatments in Determining Efficiencies in Antimony Sulfide-(Sb2S3) Sensitized Solar Cells
Gui EL, Kang AM, Pramana SS, Yantara N, Mathews N, Mhaisalkar S
B251 - B258 Process Based Large Scale Molecular Dynamic Simulation of a Fuel Cell Catalyst Layer
Xiao Y, Yuan JL, Sunden B
B259 - B264 Effect of Electric Current on Growth of Oxide Scale on Fe-25Cr Alloy for SOFC Interconnect at 1073 K
Kawamura K, Nitobe T, Kurokawa H, Ueda M, Maruyama T
B265 - B269 Ionic Transport and Water Vapor Uptake of Ammonium Exchanged Perfluorosulfonic Acid Membranes
Lopes T, Kim DS, Kim YS, Garzon FH
B270 - B276 Strain Effect of Core-Shell Co@Pt/C Nanoparticle Catalyst with Enhanced Electrocatalytic Activity for Methanol Oxidation
Zhang XT, Wang H, Key JL, Linkov V, Ji S, Wang XL, Lei ZQ, Wang RF
B277 - B284 Thermodynamic Stability of Yttrium Alkaline Earth Borosilicate Glasses and Their Compatibility with Crofer for SOFC
Kaur G, Kumar V, Pandey OP, Singh K
B285 - B291 Quantitative Characterization of SOFC Nickel-YSZ Anode Microstructure Degradation Based on Focused-Ion-Beam 3D-Reconstruction Technique
Jiao ZJ, Shikazono N, Kasagi N
B292 - B298 Combining Structural and Electrochemical Analysis of Electrodes Using Micro-Computed Tomography and a Microfluidic Fuel Cell
Jhong HR, Brushett FR, Yin LL, Stevenson DM, Kenis PJA
B299 - B307 3-D Microstructure Analysis of Fuel Cell Materials: Spatial Distributions of Tortuosity, Void Size and Diffusivity
Cecen A, Wargo EA, Hanna AC, Turner DM, Kalidindi SR, Kumbur EC
B308 - B314 Fabrication Process Simulation of a PEM Fuel Cell Catalyst Layer and Its Microscopic Structure Characteristics
Xiao Y, Dou ML, Yuan JL, Hou M, Song W, Sunden B
B315 - B323 Three-Dimensional Simulation of SOFC Anode Polarization Characteristics Based on Sub-Grid Scale Modeling of Microstructure
Kishimoto M, Iwai H, Saito M, Yoshida H
B324 - B330 Dynamic Behavior of Segmented-in-Series Tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cell upon Discharge
Liu B, Muroyama H, Matsui T, Tomida K, Kabata T, Eguchi K
B331 - B339 Binderless Nanothin Catalyst Layers for Next Generation of Micro-Fuel Cells: Concept, Fabrication, Results and Prospective
Hamoudi Z, El Khakani MA, Mohamedi M
B340 - B346 Analysis of EIS Technique and Nafion 117 Conductivity as a Function of Temperature and Relative Humidity
Yadav R, Fedkiw PS
B347 - B354 Experimental and Modeling Study of Biomass Conversion in a Solid Carbon Fuel Cell
Alexander BR, Mitchell RE, Gur TM
B355 - B359 Chemical Selectivity during the Electro-Oxidation of Ethanol on Unsupported Pt Nanoparticles
Cantane DA, Gonzalez ER
C101 - C108 EIS Characterization of the Barrier Layer Formed over Ti during its Potentiostatic Anodization in 0.1 M HClO4/x mM HF (1 mM <= x <= 500 mM)
Acevedo-Pena P, Gonzalez I
C109 - C113 Oxidation of Alloys 430 and 441 in SOFC Dual Atmospheres: Effects of Flow Rate and Humidity
Zhao Y, Fergus JW
C114 - C122 Effects of Thiocyanate on Anodic Dissolution of Iron, Chromium and Type 430 Stainless Steel
Li W, Pistorius PC
C123 - C128 GILDES Model Simulations of the Atmospheric Corrosion of Zinc Induced by Low Concentrations of Carboxylic Acids
Gil H, Leygraf C, Tidblad J
C129 - C132 Preserving Anti-Corrosion Properties of Epoxy Based Coatings Simultaneously Exposed to Humidity and UV-Radiation Using Nano Zinc Oxide
Rashvand M, Ranjbar Z, Rastegar S
C133 - C136 The Ti to TiO and TiO to Anatase Transformations Induced by Anodizing and Annealing Treatments of Ti Thin Film
Chung YL, Gan DS, Ou KL
C137 - C145 Surface Segregation of Trace Element Bismuth during Heat Treatment of Aluminum
Anawati, Nordmark H, Diplas S, Walmsley JC, Nisancioglu K
D135 - D141 Effect of Convection-Dependent Adsorption of Additives on Microvia Filling in an Acidic Copper Plating Solution
Huang SM, Liu CW, Dow WP
D142 - D147 Optimization of Catalyzing Process on Ta Substrate for Copper Electroless Deposition Using Electrochemical Method
Lim T, Koo HC, Park KJ, Kim MJ, Kim SK, Kim JJ
D148 - D154 Monte Carlo Simulation of Ion-Exchange Response of Copper Sulfide Ion Selective Electrode for Metal Pollutant Detection
Boudouh H, Guessasma S, Essehli R, Aissat A
D155 - D158 Electrorefining of Metallurgical Grade Silicon in Molten CaCl2 Based Salts
Cai J, Luo XT, Haarberg GM, Kongstein OE, Wang SL
D159 - D161 Electro-Deposition of Carbon Structures at Mid Voltage and Room Temperature Using Ethanol/Aqueous Solutions
Tsukada J, Zanin H, Barbosa LCA, da Silva GA, Ceragioli HJ, Peterlevitz AC, Teofilo RF, Baranauskas V
D162 - D171 Magnetoresistance and Structural Study of Electrodeposited Ni-Cu/Cu Multilayers
Fesharaki MJ, Peter L, Schucknecht T, Rafaja D, Degi J, Pogany L, Neurohr K, Szeles E, Nabiyouni G, Bakonyi I
D172 - D180 Anisotropy Effects in Electrochemical Etching of p(+)-Si
Astrova EV, Ulin VP, Zharova YA, Shul'pina IL, Nashchekin AV
H201 - H207 Simulation of STM Images on a Flat Si (110)-(8x2) Surface Using Density Functional Theory
Nagasawa T, Sueokaz K
H208 - H213 Effect of UV Irradiation on Modification and Subsequent Wet Removal of Model and Post-Etch Fluorocarbon Residues
Le QT, de Marneffe JF, Conard T, Vaesen I, Struyf H, Vereecke G
H214 - H219 Charge Trapping and Detrapping in nc-RuO Embedded ZrHfO High-k Thin Film for Nonvolatile Memory Applications
Lin CH, Kuo Y
H220 - H224 Atomic Layer Deposition of Al-Doped ZrO2 Thin Films as Gate Dielectric for In0.53Ga0.47As
Lamagna L, Molle A, Wiemer C, Spiga S, Grazianetti C, Congedo G, Fanciulli M
H225 - H229 Carrier Transport Study of TMIn-Treated InGaN LEDs by Using Quantum Efficiency and Time-Resolved Electro-Luminescence Measurements
Feng SW, Chyi JI
H230 - H234 Evolution of Etch Profile of Magnetic Tunnel Junction Stacks Etched in a CH3OH/Ar Plasma
Kim EH, Lee TY, Chung CW
H235 - H238 Preparation of SnS Film by Sulfurization and SnS/a-Si Heterojunction Solar Cells
Jiang F, Shen HL, Wang W, Zhang L
H239 - H242 Synthesis of Porous Single Crystalline ZnO Nanowires and the Derivation of Surface Free Energy from Equilibrium Nanopore
Ghatak J, Huang JH, Huang PC, Shih YI, Liu CP
H243 - H249 The Strained-SiGe Relaxation Induced Underlying Si Defects Following the Millisecond Annealing for the 32 nm PMOSFETs
Yu MH, Wang LT, Huang TC, Lee TL, Cheng HC
H250 - H254 Electrochemical Deposition of CuxS and CuxZnyS Thin Films with p-Type Conduction and Photosensitivity
Yang K, Nakashima Y, Ichimura M
H255 - H259 Tribological, Thermal and Kinetic Attributes of 300 vs. 450 mm Chemical Mechanical Planarization Processes
Jiao YB, Liao XY, Wu CH, Theng S, Zhuang Y, Sampurno Y, Goldstein M, Philipossian A
H260 - H265 Selective Area Growth of InP on On-Axis Si(001) Substrates with Low Antiphase Boundary Formation
Loo R, Wang G, Orzali T, Waldron N, Merckling C, Leys MR, Richard O, Bender H, Eyben P, Vandervorst W, Caymax M
H266 - H276 An Analytical Model of Contact Pressure Distribution Caused by 3-D Wafer Topography in Chemical-Mechanical Polishing Processes
H277 - H285 Plasma-Assisted ALD for the Conformal Deposition of SiO2: Process, Material and Electronic Properties
Dingemans G, van Helvoirt CAA, Pierreux D, Keuning W, Kessels WMM
H286 - H289 Oxygen-Adsorption-Induced Anomalous Capacitance Degradation in Amorphous Indium-Gallium-Zinc-Oxide Thin-Film-Transistors under Hot-Carrier Stress
Chung WF, Chang TC, Lin CS, Tu KJ, Li HW, Tseng TY, Chen YC, Tai YH
H290 - H292 Growth and Characteristics of a-Plane GaN on ZnO Heterostructure
Huang HM, Kuo CC, Chang CY, Lin YT, Lu TC, Tu LW, Hsieh WF
H293 - H299 Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Characteristics of Zr-Oxynitride Thin Film on 4H-SiC Substrate
Wong YH, Cheong KY
H300 - H306 Thermal Oxidation of a Densely Packed Array of Vertical Si Nanowires
Kurstjens R, Vos I, Dross F, Poortmans J, Mertens R
H307 - H311 Energy Transfer between Activators at Different Crystallographic Sites in Sr3La(PO4)(3)
Li PL, Wang ZJ, Yang ZP, Guo QL
H312 - H316 Efficiency Enhancement of GaAs Photovoltaics Due to Sol-Gel Derived Anti-Reflective AZO Films
Su BY, Chu SY, Juang YD, Lin MC, Chang CC, Wu CJ
H317 - H322 Patterning Surfaces for High Resolution Self Alignment
Shea-Rohwerz LE, Martin JE
H323 - H328 Interface Properties of Mixed (TiO2)(1-x)(Y2O3)(x) and (Ta2O5)(1-x)(Y2O3)(x) (0 <= x <= 1) Gate Dielectrics on Sulfur-Passivated GaAs
Das T, Mahata C, Mallik S, Varma S, Sutradhar G, Bose PK, Maiti CK
H329 - H334 The Role of Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (HEC) in the Chemical Mechanical Planarization of Copper
Pan Y, Liu YH, Lu XC, Pan GS, Luo JB
H335 - H341 Study of Ruthenium Oxides Species on Ruthenium Chemical Mechanical Planarization Using Periodate-Based Slurry
Cui H, Park JH, Park JG
H342 - H348 Effects of the Polishing Variables on the Wafer-Pad Interfacial Fluid Pressure in Chemical Mechanical Polishing of 12-Inch Wafer
Zhao DW, He YY, Wang TQ, Lu XC, Luo JB
H349 - H352 Effect of CMP on the Te Segregation in Ge2Sb2Te5 Films
Shin DH, Lee DH, Jeong MG, Park HS, Lim DS