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Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Vol.159, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4651 (Print) 

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A1 - A5 Effect of Mn Content in Surface on the Electrochemical Properties of Core-Shell Structured Cathode Materials
Sun YK, Noh HJ, Yoon CS
A6 - A13 Benzoyl Peroxide Oxidation Route to Nano Form Polyaniline Salt Containing Dual Dopants for Pseudocapacitor
Singu BS, Srinivasan P, Pabba S
B1 - B5 Control of the Preferred Orientation of Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 Thin Film by the Surface Modification of Mo Film
Shin DH, Shin YM, Kim JH, Ahn BT, Yoon KH
B6 - B11 Counter Electrode System of Pt on Stainless Steel (SS) for Electron Injection into Iodide Redox Couple
Kim JM, Rhee SW
C1 - C7 Effect of Solution Hydrodynamics on Corrosion Inhibition Performance of Zinc Sulfate in Neutral Solution
Ashassi-Sorkhabi H, Asghari E
C8 - C14 Transpassive Electrochemistry of Chalcopyrite Microparticles
Vasquez BR, Gamboa GV, Dixon DG
D1 - D8 Electrosynthesis of Poly(3-dodecyl thiophene) in Acetonitrile with Boron Trifluoride Diethyl Etherate: The Effect of the Electrolyte on Electrochemical Impedance and Morphology
Dolas H, Sarac AS
D9 - D12 Low-Temperature Crystallization of Sol-Gel Derived PbZr0.52Ti0.48O3 Thin Films with a Vanadium Additive
Kang MG, Oh SM, Cho KH, Do YH, Paik DS, Cho BH, Kang CY, Nahm S, Yoon SJ
E1 - E4 Fabrication of CuIn(Ga)Se-2 Thin Films by Electrochemical Deposition with Additive
Choi C, Lee H, Cha HR, Gwak J, Yun JH, Kim JM, Kim Y, Lee D
E5 - E10 Formation of Sm-Co Intermetallic Compound Nanoparticles Based on Plasma-Induced Cathodic Discharge Electrolysis in Chloride Melt
Tokushige M, Hongo H, Nishikiori T, Ito Y
G1 - G5 Band Engineering of Ru/Rutile-TiO2/Ru Capacitors by Doping Cobalt to Suppress Leakage Current
Tonomura O, Sekiguchi T, Inada N, Hamada T, Miki H, Torii K
G6 - G10 Thermal Stability of ALD-HfO2/GaAs Pretreated with Trimethylaluminium
Byun YC, An CH, Lee SH, Cho MH, Kim H
H1 - H4 Significant Improvement of SiO2/4H-SiC Interface Properties by Electron Cyclotron Resonance Nitrogen Plasma Irradiation
Yang HG, Wang D, Nakashima H
H5 - H10 Temperature and RF Current Sensor Wafers for Plasma Etching
Milenin AP, Demand M, Boullart W, Arleo P
J1 - J4 Scheelite Based Red Phosphors for White LEDs
Naidu SA, Varadaraju UV, Raveau B
J5 - J12 Green-Emitting Ca6Sr4(Si2O7)(3)Cl-2: Eu2+ Phosphors for White Light-Emitting Diodes
Sun JF, Zhang WL, Shi YM, Shen DZ, Sun JY
K1 - K4 Suppressed Screening Effects in Curvilinear Tetrahedral Diamond Field Emitter Arrays Fabricated on Anodic Aluminum Oxide
Tsai HY, Yeh CC
K5 - K9 Facile Fabrication of TiO2 Nanorod Arrays for Gas Sensing using Double-Layered Anodic Oxidation Method
Lin HW, Chang YH, Chen C
P1 - P7 Three-Dimensional Dual-Porous Structure Developed by Preferential/Stain Etching on Grind-Damaged (001) Si: Formation and Optical Properties
Woo TK, Kim SI, Kim SE, Ahn HS
P8 - P13 Facile Synthesis of Mesoporous TiO2 Spheres with Hollow Interiors
Park JY, Jung HC, Raju GS, Moon BK, Jeong JH, Choi BC, Kim JH
S1 - S2 Comment on "Transport and Electrochemical Properties and Spectral Features of Non-Aqueous Electrolytes Containing LiFSI in Linear Carbonate Solvents" [J. Electrochem. Soc., 158, A74 (2011)]
Scheers J, Johansson P
S3 - S3 Facile One-Pot Synthesis of Nanoporous Copper Ribbons with Bimodal Pore Size Distributions by Chemical Dealloying (vol D611, pg 158, 2011)
Liu WB, Zhang SC, Li N, Zheng JW, Xing YL
A14 - A17 Influence of Mechanical Strain on the Electrochemical Lithiation of Aluminum-Based Electrode Materials
Ichitsubo T, Yagi S, Doi T, Yukitani S, Hirai K, Matsubara E
A18 - A25 Study of Solid Electrolyte Interface Formation and Lithium Intercalation in Li-Ion Batteries by Acoustic Emission
Kircheva N, Genies S, Brun-Buisson D, Thivel PX
A26 - A37 Charge-Discharge Asymmetry of Phase Change Electrodes from Isotropic Solid State Diffusion Models
Jagannathan K, Raghunathan K
A38 - A43 Stress Mitigation during the Lithiation of Patterned Amorphous Si Islands
Soni SK, Sheldon BW, Xiao XC, Verbrugge MW, Ahn D, Haftbaradaran H, Gao HJ
A44 - A48 Quantitative Studies on the Influence of LiPF6 on the Thermal Stability of Graphite with Electrolyte
Zhou MJ, Zhao LW, Okada S, Yamaki J
A49 - A54 Improvement of the Reversible Capacity of TiO2(B) High Potential Negative Electrode
Saito M, Murota Y, Takagi M, Tajima M, Asao T, Inoue H, Tasaka A, Inaba M
A55 - A59 The Effect of Particle Size on Phase Stability of the Delithiated LixMnPO4
Kim J, Park KY, Park I, Yoo JK, Seo DH, Kim SW, Kang K
A60 - A67 Effect of Ball-Milling on the Physical and Electrochemical Properties of PbO2 and PbO2/BaSO4 Nanocomposite
Hamel C, Brousse T, Belanger D, Guay D
B12 - B17 Carbonate Selective Ca2Ru2O7-y Pyrochlore Enabling Room Temperature Carbonate Fuel Cells
Vega JA, Shrestha S, Ignatowich M, Mustain WE
B19 - B24 Carbonate Selective Ca2Ru2O7-y Pyrochlore Enabling Room Temperature Carbonate Fuel Cells
Vega JA, Spinner N, Catanese M, Mustain WE
B25 - B34 Activity, Structure and Degradation of Dealloyed PtNi3 Nanoparticle Electrocatalyst for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction in PEMFC
Hasche F, Oezaslan M, Strasser P
B35 - B39 Inkjet-Printing of TiO2 Co-Solvent Ink: From Uniform Ink-Droplet to TiO2 Photoelectrode for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Oh Y, Yoon HG, Lee SN, Kim HK, Kim J
B40 - B53 Microstructural Optimization by Tailoring Particle Sizes for LSM-YSZ Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Composite Cathodes
Duong AT, Mumm DR
B54 - B67 Effect of Electrode Surface Area Distribution on High Current Density Performance of PEM Fuel Cells
Debe MK
B68 - B72 Efficient Cathodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Prepared by Polymeric Precursor Infiltration
Buyukaksoy A, Petrovsky V, Dogan F
B73 - B80 Characterization of the La1-xBaxCoO3-delta (0 <= x <= 1) System as Cathode Material for IT-SOFC
Setevich C, Mogni L, Caneiro A, Prado F
B81 - B86 Anodic Deposition of Ultrathin TiO2 Film with Blocking Layer and Anchoring Layer for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Wu MS, Tsai CH, Wei TC
B87 - B90 Highly Durable Graphene Nanosheet Supported Iron Catalyst for Oxygen Reduction Reaction in PEM Fuel Cells
Choi JY, Higgins D, Chen ZW
C15 - C24 An Approach for Determining Microscale Electrochemical Behavior
Policastro SA, Auyeung RCY, Martin FJ, Rayne RJ, Pique A, Lewis A, Geltmacher A, Natishan PM
C25 - C28 Synthesis and Optical Properties of Iridescent Porous Anodic Alumina Thin Films
Xu Q, Yang YH, Liu LH, Gu JJ, Liu JJ, Li ZY, Sun HY
C29 - C32 Electrochemical Deposition of gamma-Phase Zinc-Nickel Alloys from Alkaline Solution
Conrad H, Corbett J, Goldenz TD
C33 - C39 Characterization of the Solid State Properties of Anodic Oxides on Magnetron Sputtered Ta, Nb and Ta-Nb Alloys
Di Franco F, Zampardi G, Santamaria M, Di Quarto F, Habazaki H
C40 - C57 Bath Conditions Role in Promoting Corrosion Protection on Aluminum Alloy using Rare Earth Conversion Coatings
Brachetti-Sibaja SB, Dominguez-Crespo MA, Torres-Huerta AM, de la Cruz-Hernandez W, Onofre-Bustamante E
D13 - D18 An Electrochemical Approach for Deposition of Polyfullerene Films on ITO Substrates
Veerender P, Koiry SP, Jha P, Saxena V, Chauhan AK, Bhattacharya S, Tewari R, Aswal DK, Gupta SK
D19 - D25 Formation of Cu Substrates with W Addition for Vertical Structure Light Emitting Diodes using Electroplating Method
Lee L, Kim S
D26 - D30 The Dry Etching Characteristics of HfAlO3 Thin Films in CF4/Cl-2/Ar Inductively Coupled Plasma
Woo JC, Ha TK, Kim CI
D31 - D35 Growth Mechanism and Structural Correlations of Hydroxyapatites on Surface Functionalized Carbon Fibers
Chang SY, Chen JY, Wen SY, Jian TY
E11 - E17 Photoluminescence and Raman Scattering Spectra in (NH4)(2)XF6:Mn4+ (X = Si, Ge, Sn, and Ti) Red Phosphors
Xu YK, Adachi S
E18 - E22 Preparation of Nickel Zinc Ferrite by Electrophoretic Deposition
Hee AC, Metselaar IHSC, Johan MR, Mehrali M
H11 - H15 Optical Property and Energy Transfer in the ZnO-LiYbO2 Hybrid Phosphors under the Indirect Near-UV Excitation
Ye S, Jiang N, Zhou JJ, Wang DP, Qiu JR
H16 - H21 Selective Wet Etching Process for Ni-InGaAs Contact Formation in InGaAs N-MOSFETs with Self-Aligned Source and Drain
Subramanian S, Ivana, Zhou Q, Zhang XG, Balakrishnan M, Yeo YC
H22 - H28 In Situ Measurement of Fluid Pressure at the Wafer-Pad Interface during Chemical Mechanical Polishing of 12-inch Wafer
Zhao DW, He YY, Lu XC
H29 - H32 High-Quality Polycrystalline Silicon Film Crystallized from Amorphous Silicon Film using NiCl2 Vapor
Kang SM, Ahn KM, Ahn BT
H33 - H37 Electrical Properties of Pt/n-Ge Schottky Contact Modified Using Copper Phthalocyanine (CuPc) Interlayer
Kumar AA, Reddy VR, Janardhanam V, Seo MW, Hong H, Shin KS, Choi CJ
H38 - H43 Dependence of Electrical, Optical, and Structural Properties on the Thickness of GZO Films Prepared by CRMS
Kim HK, Ahn KJ, Jang H, Lee H
H44 - H51 p-Type Ion Implantation in Tensile Si/Compressive Si0.5Ge0.5/Tensile Strained Si Heterostructures
Minamisawa RA, Buca D, Hollander B, Hartmann JM, Bourdelle KK, Mantl S
H52 - H56 Improvement in Photovoltaic Performance of Thin Film beta-FeSi2/Si Heterojunction Solar Cells with Al Interlayer
Liew SL, Chai Y, Tan HR, Hui HK, Wong ASW, Dalapati GK, Chi DZ
H57 - H60 Effect of Sample Thickness on SiO2/Si Interface Roughness Characterization through Transmission Electron Microscope Measurements in Strained-Si MOSFETs
Zhao Y, Matsumoto H, Koyama S, Takenaka M, Takagi S
J13 - J16 Room Temperature Ozone Detection using ZnO based Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator (FBAR)
Wang Z, Qiu X, Shi J, Yu H
K10 - K14 Highly Sensible ZnO Nanowire Ultraviolet Photodetectors Based on Mechanical Schottky Contact
Kim DC, Jung BO, Kwon YH, Cho HK
K15 - K20 Growth Mechanism of Single Crystal Nanowires of fcc Metals (Ag, Cu, Ni) and hcp Metal (Co) Electrodeposited
Tan M, Chen XQ
K21 - K26 Optical and Structural Properties of Silicon Nanocrystals and Laser-Induced Thermal Effects
Khriachtchev L
K27 - K33 Valence Evaluation of Cerium in Nanocrystalline CeO2 Films Electrodeposited on Si Substrates
Fernandes V, Graff IL, Varalda J, Amaral L, Fichtner P, Demaille D, Zheng Y, Schreiner WH, Mosca DH
P14 - P17 A Stable Ag/Ceramic-Membrane/Ag2O Electroosmotic Pump Built with a Mesoporous Phosphosilicate-on-Silica Frit Membrane
Nagarale RK, Heller A, Shin W
P18 - P21 Luminescence and Energy Transfer of SrMgB6O11:Eu2+,Mn2+ for White Light Emitting Diodes
Pan ZF, Zhu CJ, Duan CK, Xu J, Liu WH, Wang LL