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Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Vol.154, No.5 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4651 (Print) 

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F83 - F89 Reactively sputtered iridium oxide - Influence of plasma excitation and substrate temperature on morphology, composition, and electrochemical characteristics
Wessling B, Besmehn A, Mokwa W, Schnakenberg U
F90 - F93 Observation of the electrochemical oxidation of Au(110) by reflection anisotropy spectroscopy
Smith CI, Almond NJ, Weightman P
P63 - P68 Phase transformations of metallorganic chemical vapor deposition processed alumina coatings investigated by in situ deflection
Huntz AM, Andrieux M, Vahlas C, Sovar MM, Samelor D, Gleizes AN
S11 - S11 In situ characterization of the catalyst layer in a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell (vol 154, pg B446, 2007)
Zhang FY, Spernjak D, Prasad AK, Advani SG
S12 - S12 On the existence of our metals-based civilization: I. Phase-space analysis (vol 153, pg B213, 2006)
Macdonald DD
A389 - A395 Factors influencing the quality of carbon coatings on LiFePO4
Wilcox JD, Doeff MM, Marcinek M, Kostecki R
A396 - A406 CO coverage/oxidation correlated with PtRu electrocatalyst particle morphology in 0.3 M methanol by in situ XAS
Scott FJ, Mukerjee S, Ramaker DE
A407 - A411 Photocatalytic oxidation of methanol using titanium dioxide/single-walled carbon nanotube composite
Dechakiatkrai C, Chen J, Lynam C, Phanichphant S, Wallace GG
A412 - A416 Layered cathode for improving safety of Li-ion batteries
Imachi N, Takano Y, Fujimoto H, Kida Y, Fujitani S
A417 - A420 Study of Mg2+-intercalated Nb2O5 thin films for electrochromic applications
Agarwal G, Reddy GB
A421 - A426 A two-dimensional model and numerical treatment for mixed conducting thin films
Mebane DS, Liu YJ, Liu ML
A427 - A432 Studies on storage characteristics of LiNi0.4Co0.2Mn0.4O2 as cathode materials in lithium-ion batteries
Li J, Zheng JM, Yang Y
A433 - A437 Structural evolution and electrochemical performance of sputter-deposited Cu6Sn5 thin-film anodes
Chiu KF, Lin KM, Lin HC, Chen WY, Shieh DT
A438 - A443 Lithium intercalation properties of reassembled titanate/carbon composites
Suzuki S, Miyayama M
A444 - A448 Isotropic volume expansion of particles of amorphous metallic alloys in composite negative electrodes for Li-ion batteries
Timmons A, Dahn JR
A449 - A454 CO2 gas evolution on cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Wuersig A, Scheifele W, Novak P
A455 - A461 Photovoltaic performance of plastic dye-sensitized electrodes prepared by low-temperature binder-free coating of mesoscopic titania
Miyasaka T, Ikegami M, Kijitori Y
A462 - A466 Synthesis and morphological, electrochemical characterization of Sn92Co8 nanoalloys for anode materials in Li secondary batteries
Kim H, Cho JP
A467 - A476 Physical and electrochemical properties of iodine-modified activated carbons
Barpanda P, Fanchini G, Amatucci GG
A477 - A480 Simulation of the Li-CFx system
Davis S, Takeuchi ES, Tiedemann W, Newman J
A481 - A494 Nonwovens as separators for alkaline batteries - An overview
Kritzer P, Cook JA
B439 - B445 The stability of LSF-YSZ electrodes prepared by infiltration
Wang WS, Gross MD, Vohs JM, Gorte RJ
B452 - B459 Electrode performance in reversible solid oxide fuel cells
Marina OA, Pederson LR, Williams MC, Coffey GW, Meinhardt KD, Nguyen CD, Thomsen EC
B460 - B465 Direct internal steam reforming at SOFC anodes composed of NiO-SDC composite particles
Kawano M, Matsui T, Kikuchi R, Yoshida H, Inagaki T, Eguchi K
B466 - B473 NMR characterization of composite polymer membranes for low-humidity PEM fuel cells
Nicotera I, Zhang T, Bocarsly A, Greenbaum S
B474 - B479 Influence of particle size on the properties of Pt-Ru/C catalysts prepared by a microemulsion method
Godoi DRM, Perez J, Villullas HM
B480 - B485 SOFCs with Sc-doped zirconia electrolyte and Co-containing perovskite cathodes
Jung HY, Hong KS, Jung HG, Kim H, Kim HR, Son JW, Kim J, Lee HW, Lee JH
B486 - B493 Guidelines for stable operation of a polymer electrolyte fuel cell with self-humidifying membrane electrolyte assembly
Chan SH, Han M, Jiang SP
B494 - B499 The stability of PEMFC electrodes - Platinum dissolution vs potential and temperature investigated by quartz crystal microbalance
Dam VAT, de Bruijn FA
C231 - C240 Metal dusting corrosion of nickel-based alloys
Chun CM, Bhargava G, Ramanarayanan TA
C241 - C248 XPS characterization of porous and sealed anodic films on aluminum alloys
Feliu S, Bartolome MJ, Gonzalez JA, Feliu S
C249 - C254 Atmospheric corrosion effects of HNO3 - A comparison of laboratory and field exposed copper, zinc, and carbon steel
Samie F, Tidblad J, Kucera V, Leygraf C
C255 - C260 Corrosion studies of Fe3Al-Fe3AlC intermetallics in 0.25 n H2SO4 using microelectrochemical method and SAES analysis
Rao VS, Kwon HS
C261 - C271 Investigation of corrosion and cathodic protection in reinforced concrete - II. Properties of steel surface layers
Koleva DA, de Wit JHW, van Breugel K, Lodhi ZF, Ye G
C272 - C278 Quantitative in situ analysis of initial atmospheric corrosion of copper induced by acetic acid
Gil H, Leygraf C
D277 - D282 Potential dependence of competitive adsorption of PEG, Cl-, and SPS/MPS on Cu - An in situ ellipsometric study
Walker ML, Richter LJ, Moffat TP
D283 - D291 Characterization of micrometer-sized thin films of electrocoated carbazole with p-tolylsulfonyl pyrrole on carbon fiber microelectrodes
Sarac AS, Ates M, Parlak EA, Turcu EF
G103 - G109 Comparison between e-beam and ultraviolet curing to perform porous a-SiOC : H
Jousseaume V, Zenasni A, Favennec L, Gerbaud G, Bardet M, Simon JP, Humbert A
G110 - G116 Effects of N-2-based annealing on the reliability characteristics of tungsten/La2O3/silicon capacitors
Molina J, Tachi K, Kakushima K, Ahmet P, Tsutsui K, Sugii N, Hattori T, Iwai H
G117 - G121 Electrical characteristics of liquid-phase-deposited titanium oxide films on (NH4)(2)S-x-treated InP substrate
Lee MK, Huang JJ, Yen CF
G122 - G126 Influence of RF bias on hydrogenated amorphous silicon by high-density plasma chemical vapor deposition
Hsiao WC, Liu CP, Wang YL
H331 - H335 Polymer/AlOx bilayer dielectrics for low-voltage organic thin-film transistors
Choi JM, Hwang DK, Jeong SH, Park JH, Kim E, Kim JH, Ima S
H336 - H339 Comparison of e-beam and sputter-deposited ITO films for 1.55 mu m metal-semiconductor-metal photodetector applications
Jang S, Kang BS, Ren F, Emanetoglu NW, Shen H, Chang WH, Gila BP, Hlad M, Pearton SJ
H340 - H350 Growth of anodic oxides on n-InP studied by electrochemical methods and surface analyses - Correlation between oxidation methods and oxide growth
Simon N, Quach NC, Goncalves AM, Etcheberry A
H351 - H353 Single-mode InGaAs photonic crystal vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers emitting at 1170 nm
Wang TB, Hsu WC, Chen IL, Lee TD, Su KH, Yang HPD, Chiou CH
H354 - H360 Study of electric field modulation in organic field-effect transistors
Chen H, Rambhatla A, Janata J, Potje-Kamloth K
H361 - H364 Probing the ErSi1.7 phase formation by micro-Raman spectroscopy
Lee RTP, Tan KM, Liow TY, Ho CS, Tripathy S, Samudra GS, Chi DZ, Yeo YC
H365 - H369 The influence of ambient temperature on the forward-bias electrical characteristics of p-n heterojunction and homojunction interface
Tan SW
H370 - H373 Effects of mechanical stress on the growth behaviors of metal-induced lateral crystallization
Song NK, Kim MS, Han SH, Kim YS, Joo SK
H374 - H379 Comparative studies on double delta-doped Al0.3Ga0.7As/InxGa1-xAs/GaAs symmetrically graded doped-channel field-effect transistors
Lee CS, Chen CH, Huang JC, Su KH
H380 - H383 High-temperature and high-frequency operation of 1.3 mu m AlGaInAs/InP laser diodes using silicon oxide planarization
Peng TC, Yang CC, Huang YH, Wu MC
H384 - H388 Plasma-induced damage influence on the n-contact properties and device performance of ultraviolet InGaN/AlGaN light-emitting diodes
Kim SM, Yu YM, Baek JH, Jeon SR, Ahn HJ, Jang JS
H389 - H392 Comparative studies on low-resistance Pd-based ohmic contacts on p-GaAsSb
Jang JH, Cho HK, Bae JW, Adesida I, Pan N
H393 - H399 Copper dendrite growth on a microcircuit in oxalic acid
Gabrielli C, Beitone L, Mace C, Ostermann E, Perrot H
H400 - H405 Recovery processes of CMP-induced damages for copper/porous silica damascene interconnects
Ishikawa A, Shishida Y, Yamanishi T, Hata N, Nakayama T, Fujii N, Tanaka H, Matsuo H, Kikkawa T
H406 - H411 Performance of AlGaAs/InGaAs/GaAs pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor as a function of temperature
Lin YS, Chen BY
H412 - H415 Investigation on the electrical properties of the Ba2Ti9O20 thin films for metal-insulator-metal capacitor application
Lim JB, Jeong YH, Hong KP, Nahm S, Sun HJ, Lee HJ
J141 - J149 Highly selective NO2 gas sensors made of MWCNTs and WO3 hybrid layers
Espinosa EH, Ionescu R, Llobet E, Felten A, Bittencourt C, Sotter E, Topalian Z, Heszler P, Granqvist CG, Pireaux JJ, Correig X
J150 - J154 pH-sensitive Gd2O3/SiO2 stacked capacitors prepared by pure water anodic oxidation
Chang LB, Ko HH, Jeng MJ, Lee YL, Lai CS
J155 - J158 Temperature effect on the optoelectronic properties of GaN-based light-emitting diodes with ITO p-contacts
Su SH, Hou CC, Yokoyama M, Shieh RS, Chen SM
J159 - J162 Effects of thermal annealing on performance of organic light-emitting diodes
Chen GT, Su SH, Hou CC, Yokoyama M
J163 - J166 Eu-doped CaAl2Si2O8 nanocrystalline phosphors crystallized from the CaO-Al2O3-SiO2 glass system
Ohgaki T, Higashida A, Soga K, Yasumori A
J167 - J171 Ce3+-> Eu2+ energy transfer studies on BaMgSiO4 - A green phosphor for three band white LEDs
Sivakumar V, Varadaraju UV
J172 - J176 Room-temperature hydrogen sensors based on an In3+-doped SnP2O7 proton conductor
Tomita A, Namekata Y, Nagao M, Hibino T