Journal of the Electrochemical Society

Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Vol.154, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4651 (Print) 

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K1 - K10 Two-component films of fullerene and palladium as materials for electrochemical capacitors
Winkler K, Grodzka E, D'Souza F, Balch AL
S3 - S3 ZnO metal-semiconductor-metal ultraviolet photodiodes with au contacts (vol 154, pg H26, 2007)
Young SJ, Ji LW, Chang SJ, Du XL
S4 - S4 Electrodeposition of Zn-Fe alloys using electrolytes of the system ZnO-(ferrous gluconate)-KOH (vol 154, pg D30, 2007)
Lan CJ, Liu WY, Chin TS
S5 - S5 ALD and characterization of aluminum oxide deposited on Si(100) using tris(diethylamino) aluminum and water vapor (vol 153, pg C701, 2006)
Katamreddy R, Inman R, Jursich G, Soulet A, Takoudis C
S6 - S6 The apparent constant-phase-element behavior of an ideally polarized blocking electrode. A global and local impedance analysis (vol 154, pg c81, 2007)
Huang VMW, Vivier V, Orazem ME, Pebere N, Tribollet B
S7 - S7 The global and local impedance response of a blocking disk electrode with local constant-phase-element behavior (vol 154, pg C89, 2007)
Huang VMW, Vivier V, Frateur I, Orazem ME, Tribollet B
S8 - S8 The apparent constant-phase-element behavior of a disk electrode with faradaic reactions. A global and local impedance analysis (vol 154, pg C99, 2007)
Huang VMW, Vivier V, Orazem ME, Pebere N, Tribollet B
S9 - S9 "Charge-Transfer" process at graphite/electrolyte interface and the solvation sheath structure of Li+ in nonaqueous electrolytes (vol 154, pg A162, 2007)
Xu K
E63 - E67 Eectrochiroptical effect of an optically active polybithiophene prepared by electrochemical polymerization in a cholesteric electrolyte
Goto H
E68 - E70 Optimal parameters for synthesis of magnetic nanowires in porous alumina templates - Electrodeposition study
Friedman AL, Menon L
E71 - E75 Electrochemical production of high-concentration ozone-water using freestanding perforated diamond electrodes
Arihara K, Terashima C, Fujishima A
F65 - F69 Catalytic reduction of 1,1,1-trichloro-2,2,2-trifluoroethane (CFC-113a) by cobalt(I) salen electrogenerated at vitreous carbon cathodes in dimethylformamide
Bishop GW, Karty JA, Peters DG
F70 - F76 Interaction of aqueous iodine species with Ag2O/Ag surfaces
Zhang X, Stewart S, Shoesmith DW, Wren JC
F77 - F81 Electrochemical reduction of 2-nitroimidazole in aqueous mixed medium
Squella JA, Nunez-Vergara LJ, Campero A, Maraver J, Jara-Ulloa P, Carbajo J
G85 - G94 Pore sealing by NH3 plasma treatment of porous low dielectric constant films
Peng HG, Chi DZ, Wang WD, Li JH, Zeng KY, Vallery RS, Frieze WE, Skalsey MA, Gidley DW, Yee AF
G95 - G98 Electrochemical deposition of a new n-doping polymer based on bis(thienyl)isopyrazole
Witker DL, Clancy SO, Irvin DJ, Stenger-Smith JD, Irvin JA
G99 - G102 Effect of Al incorporation in the thermal stability of atomic-layer-deposited HfO2 for gate dielectric applications
Chiou YK, Chang CH, Wang CC, Lee KY, Wu TB, Kwo R, Hong MH
P49 - P51 High photocatalytic activity of nanoscaled heterojunction of ZnS grown on fluorine and nitrogen co-doped TiO2
Lee MK, Shih TH
P52 - P61 Investigation of corrosion and cathodic protection in reinforced concrete I. Application of electrochemical techniques
Koleva DA, de Wit JHW, van Breugel K, Lodhi ZF, van Westing E
A253 - A257 Study of LiFePO4 by cyclic voltammetry
Yu DYW, Fietzek C, Weydanz W, Donoue K, Inoue T, Kurokawa H, Fujitani S
A258 - A262 Nanoparticles and nanograin-sized Y-doped CeO2 ceramics
Ruiz-Trejo E, Benitez-Rico A, Gomez-Reynoso S, Angeles-Rosas M
A263 - A267 Thermal stability of delithiated LiMn2O4 with electrolyte for lithium-ion batteries
Wang QS, Sun JH, Chen CH
A268 - A274 Effects of li content on structure and electrochemical properties of Li1+x(Ni0.5Mn0.5)(1-x)O-2 (0 <= x <= 0.15) electrodes in lithium cells (1.0-4.8 V)
Kang SH, Park SH, Johnson CS, Amine K
A275 - A282 Co-C-N oxygen reduction catalysts prepared by combinatorial magnetron sputter deposition
Yang RZ, Bonakdarpour A, Easton EB, Stoffyn-Egli P, Dahn JR
A283 - A289 Surface chemistry of LiFePO4 studied by mossbauer and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and its effect on electrochemical properties
Rho YH, Nazar LF, Perry L, Ryan D
A290 - A294 Anhydrous proton-conducting properties of Nafion-1,2,4-triazole and Nafion-benzimidazole membranes for polymer electrolyte fuel cells
Kim JD, Mori T, Hayashi S, Honma I
A295 - A306 Chromium vaporization from high-temperature alloys I. Chromia-forming steels and the influence of outer oxide layers
Stanislowski M, Wessel E, Hilpert K, Markus T, Singheiser L
A307 - A313 The effect of Al substitution on the electrochemical insertion properties of the lithium vanadium phosphate, Li3V2(PO4)(3)
Barker J, Gover RKB, Burns P, Bryan A
A314 - A321 Solid-state chemistry and electrochemistry of LiCo1/3Ni1/3Mn1/3O2 for advanced lithium-ion batteries III. Rechargeable capacity and cycleability
Yabuuchi N, Makimura Y, Ohzuku T
A322 - A330 Electrochemistry of graphite in Li and Na salt codissolving electrolyte for rechargeable batteries
Komaba S, Itabashi T, Watanabe M, Groult H, Kumagai N
A331 - A336 Water durable lithium ion conducting composite membranes from the Li2O-Al2O3-TiO2-P2O5 glass-ceramic
Thokchom JS, Kumar B
A337 - A342 Phase transitions and high-voltage electrochemical behavior of LiCoO2 thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition
Xia H, Lu L, Meng YS, Ceder G
A343 - A346 Synthesis and optimization of nanoparticle Ge confined in a carbon matrix for lithium battery anode material
Lee H, Kim H, Doo SG, Cho J
A347 - A352 Surface-structure change and charge/discharge behavior of petroleum cokes surface-modified by thermally activated ClF3 and NF3
Naga K, Nakajima T, Ohzawa Y, Mazej Z, Zemva B, Groult H
A353 - A358 Surface-sensitive X-ray absorption study on LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2 cathode material for lithium-ion batteries
Nonaka T, Okuda C, Seno Y, Kondo Y, Koumoto K, Ukyo Y
A359 - A363 Synthesis and characterization of Li[Li0.27Cr0.15Al0.05Mn0.53]O-2 cathode for lithium-ion batteries
Mangani IR, Park CW, Yoon YK, Beom JH, Kim J
A364 - A368 High conductivity LiFePO4/C composite thin films with Ti underlayers deposited by radio frequency sputtering
Chiu KF, Tang HY, Lin BS
A369 - A375 Electrocatalytic properties of PtCo/C and PtNi/C alloys for the oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline solution
Lima FHB, Salgado JRC, Gonzalez ER, Ticianelli EA
A376 - A380 Electrochemical properties and chemical structures of metal-doped SiO anodes for Li-ion rechargeable batteries
Miyachi M, Yamamoto H, Kawai H
A381 - A388 CuxCo3-xO4 used as bifunctional electrocatalyst II. Electrochemical characterization for the oxygen reduction reaction
De Koninck M, Poirier SC, Marsan B
B371 - B378 Detailed characterization of anode-supported SOFCs by impedance spectroscopy
Barfod R, Mogensen M, Klemenso T, Hagen A, Liu YL, Hendriksen PV
B379 - B382 Long-term chemical stability of LaNi(Fe)O-3 as a cathode material in solid oxide fuel cells
Komatsu T, Arai H, Chiba R, Nozawa K, Arakawa M, Sato K
B383 - B388 Oscillations in gas channels Part I. The forgotten player in impedance spectroscopy in PEFCs
Schneider IA, Freunberger SA, Kramer D, Wokaun A, Scherer GG
B389 - B395 Electrochemical performance of solid oxide fuel cells manufactured by single step Co-firing process
Yoon KJ, Huang WH, Ye GS, Gopalan S, Pal UB, Seccombe DA
B396 - B404 Electrode reaction characteristics under pressurized conditions in a molten carbonate fuel cell
Lee CG, Kim DH, Lim HC
B405 - B412 Effects of membrane- and catalyst-layer-thickness nonuniformities in polymer-electrolyte fuel cells
Weber AZ, Newman J
B413 - B418 Nanocomposite platinum-yttria stabilized zirconia electrode and implications for Micro-SOFC operation
Hertz JL, Tuller HL
B419 - B426 Modeling of two-phase behavior in the gas diffusion medium of PEFCs via full morphology approach
Schulz VP, Becker J, Wiegmann A, Mukherjee PP, Wang CY
B427 - B438 Probing oxygen reduction reaction kinetics of Sr-doped LaMnO3 supported on Y2O3-stabilized ZrO2
la O' GJ, Yildiz B, McEuen S, Shao-Horn Y
C189 - C194 Pinhole defect density of CrNx thin films formed by ion-beam-enhanced deposition on stainless steel substrates
Goto H, Akao N, Hara N, Sugimoto K
C195 - C201 Demonstration of galvanically stimulated release of a corrosion inhibitor - Basis for "smart" corrosion inhibiting materials
Kendig M, Kinlen P
C202 - C208 Oxidation of the Cu(100) surface induced by local alkalization
Vasiljevic N, Viyannalage LT, Dimitrov N, Missert NA, Copeland RG
C209 - C214 Microstructural development of copper sulfide on copper exposed to humid H2S
Reid M, Punch J, Ryan C, Garfias LF, Belochapkine S, Franey JP, Derkits GE, Reents WD
C215 - C229 Effect of oxygen on the corrosion behavior of alloy 625 from 25 to 200 degrees C
Asselin E, Alfantazi A, Rogak S
D195 - D200 Morphology control of copper growth on TiN and TaN diffusion barriers in seedless copper electrodeposition
Kim S, Duquette DJ
D201 - D207 Influence of chloride anions on the mechanism of copper electrodeposition from acidic sulfate electrolytes
Shao W, Pattanaik G, Zangari G
D208 - D214 Superfilling when adsorbed accelerators are mobile
Josell D, Moffat TP, Wheeler D
D215 - D219 Amorphous carbon coated silicon nanotips fabricated by MPCVD using anodic aluminum oxide as the template
Chen TM, Pan FM, Hung JY, Chang L, Wu SC, Chen CF
D220 - D226 Effect of copper pretreatment on the double zincate process of aluminum alloy films
Azumi K, Egoshi S, Kawashima S, Koyama Y
D227 - D229 Fabrication of low-stress SiNxHy membranes deposited by PECVD
Chen JY, Liao YM, Lee CC, Chi GC
D230 - D240 Effect of additives on shape evolution during electrodeposition I. Multiscale simulation with dynamically coupled kinetic Monte Carlo and moving-boundry finite-volume codes
Li XH, Drews TO, Rusli E, Xue F, He Y, Braatz R, Alkire R
D241 - D248 Effect of plasma treatments on the interface chemistry and adhesion strength between cu metallization and SiCN etch stop layer
Chang SY, Lee YS, Lu CL
D249 - D259 The effect of rf-irradiation on electrochemical deposition and its stabilization by nanoparticle doping
Katsir Y, Miller L, Aharonov Y, Ben Jacob E
D260 - D266 Copper nanofilm formation by electrochemical atomic layer deposition -Ultrahigh-vacuum electrochemical and in situ STM studies
Kim JY, Kim YG, Stickney JL
D267 - D272 Large etch rate enhancement by NO-induced surface chemical reaction during chemical dry etching of silicon oxide in F-2 remote plasmas
Yun YB, Kim DJ, Park SM, Lee NE, Kim KS, Bae GH
D273 - D276 Density functional theory study on the reaction mechanism of reductants for electroless Ag deposition process
Shimada T, Nakai H, Homma T
H259 - H262 Electrical and reliability improvement in polyoxide by fluorine implantation
Kao CH, Lai CS, Lee CL
H263 - H267 High performance 1.55 mu m InGaAsP buried-heterostructure laser diodes fabricated by single-step MOCVD regrowth and self-aligned technique
Hu CW, Lee FM, Huang KF, Tsai CL, Wu MC
H268 - H270 Fabrication of SONOS-type flash memory with the binary high-k dielectrics by the sol-gel spin coating method
Ko FH, You HC, Chang CM, Yang WL, Lei TF
H271 - H274 Effect of N-2/Ar gas mixture composition on the chemistry of SiCBN thin films prepared by RF reactive sputtering
Vijayakumar A, Todi RM, Sundaram KB
H275 - H282 Mechanism of germanium-induced perimeter crystallization of amorphous silicon
Hakim MMA, Ashburn P
H283 - H288 Investigation of amplifying and switching characteristics in double heterostructure-emitter bipolar transistors
Guo DF, Yen CH, Tsai JH, Lour WS, Liu WC
H289 - H292 Influence of emitter-edge-thinning thickness on the heterojunction bipolar transistor performance
Fu SI, Chen TP, Liu RC, Cheng SY, Lai PH, Tsai YY, Hung CW, Liu WC
H293 - H296 The surface morphology of hydrogen-exfoliated InP and exfoliation parameters
Hayashi S, Sandhu R, Goorsky MS
H297 - H303 Improved luminescence of Zn2SiO4 : Mn green phosphor prepared by gel combustion synthesis of ZnO : Mn-SiO2
Thiyagarajan P, Kottaisamy M, Rao MSR
H304 - H308 Oscillatory transport properties of thermally annealed Bi/Te multilayer thin films
Liao CN, She TH, Liao PJ, Chu HS
H309 - H313 Metal-gate work function modulation using hafnium alloys obtained by the interdiffusion of thin metallic layers
Lim AEJ, Hwang WS, Wang XP, Lai DMY, Samudra GS, Kwong DL, Yeo YC
H314 - H317 Spectroscopic ellipsometry investigation of nickel germanide formation
Zhang QC, Han CW, Zhu CX
H318 - H324 Cyclic PECVD of Ge2Sb2Te5 films using metallorganic sources
Choi BJ, Choi S, Shin YC, Hwang CS, Lee JW, Jeong J, Kim YJ, Hwang SY, Hong SK
H325 - H330 Hydrogen-free SiCN films obtained by electron cyclotron resonance plasma - A study of composition, optical, and luminescent properties
Hernandez MJ, Cervera M, Piqueras J, Gonzalez MA, Avella M, del Cano T, Jimenez J
J121 - J128 Photoluminescence optimization of luminescent nanocomposites fabricated by spray pyrolysis of a colloid-solution precursor
Wang WN, Widiyastuti W, Lenggoro IW, Kim TO, Okuyama K
J129 - J135 Impedance characterization of a model Au/yttria-stabilized zirconia/Au electrochemical cell in varying oxygen and NOx concentrations
Woo LY, Martin LP, Glass RS, Gorte RJ
J136 - J140 Glycothermal synthesis of ZnGa2O4 : Mn2+ nanophosphor and change in its photoluminescence intensity by heat-treatment
Takesada M, Isobe T, Takahashi H, Itoh S