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Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Vol.152, No.6 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4651 (Print) 

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D97 - D102 The influence of deposition conditions and dopant ions on the structure, activity, and stability of lead dioxide anode coatings
Mohd Y, Pletcher D
F61 - F65 Polymer penetration and pore sealing in nanoporous silica by CHF3 plasma exposure
Cho WJ, Saxena R, Rodriguez O, Ojha M, Achanta R, Plawsky JL, Gill WN
F66 - F70 Effect of crystallinity on the dielectric properties of Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3 thin films
Chiu MC, Cheng CF, Wu WT, Shieu FS
H69 - H73 Hydrogen gas sensor utilizing a high proton affinity of pyrrolopyrrole derivatives
Takahashi H, Mizuguchi J
H74 - H79 Electrically biased NOx sensing elements with coplanar electrodes
West DL, Montgomery FC, Armstrong TR
H80 - H83 Luminescence of YPO4 : Zr and YPO4 : Zr, Mn under vacuum ultraviolet excitation
Kaneyoshi M, Nakazawa E
H84 - H93 Theoretical investigation of structure and stability of Reidinger defects in barium magnesium aluminate
Mishra KC
J41 - J45 Investigation of the luminescent properties of Tb3+-substituted YAG : Ce, Gd phosphors
Lin YS, Liu RS, Cheng BM
J46 - J51 Voltammetric behavior of a 4-nitroimidazole derivative - Nitro radical anion formation and stability
Yanez C, Pezoa J, Rodriguez M, Nunez-Vergara LJ, Squella JA
J52 - J58 Novel metal-ceramic joining for planar SOFCs
Kim JY, Hardy JS, Weil KS
B187 - B192 Abnormal photocurrent of hydrogen-containing passive films on X70 microalloyed steel
Zeng YM, Pang X, Luo JL, Norton PR
B193 - B197 Voltammetry and impedance studies of Ta in aqueous HF
Sapra S, Li HQ, Wang ZC, Suni II
B198 - B204 Corrosion behavior of cast aluminum matrix composites (A3xx.x/SiCp in chloride media
Pardo A, Merino MC, Viejo F, Feliu S, Carboneras M, Arrabal R
B205 - B211 Effects of 1,5-naphthalenediol on aluminum corrosion as a corrosion inhibitor in 0.50 M NaCl
Sherif EM, Park SM
C341 - C347 Microemulsion-mediated synthesis and electrochemical characterization of nanosized LiNi0.25Co0.5Mn0.25O2 powders
Lu CH, Wang HC
C348 - C355 An in situ ATR-FTIR study on palladium displacement reaction on hydrogen-terminated silicon surface
Oh YJ, Cho SM, Chung CH
C356 - C365 Unsteady numerical simulation of the mass transfer within a reciprocating paddle electroplating cell
Wilson GJ, McHugh PR
C366 - C369 Field emission from hydrogenated amorphous carbon nanotips grown on Cu/Ti/Si(100)
Wei CH, Chen CH, Yeh CM, Chen MY, Hwang J, Lee AP, Kou CS
C370 - C375 Structural evolution and internal stress of nickel-phosphorus electrodeposits
Lin CS, Lee CY, Chen FJ, Li WC
C376 - C381 Atomic layer deposition of Pd on TaN for Cu electroless plating
Kim Y, Ten Eyck GA, Ye DX, Jezewski C, Karabacak T, Shin HS, Senkevich JJ, Lu TM
C382 - C387 A tracer study of oxide growth during spark anodizing of aluminum
Monfort F, Berkani A, Matykina E, Skeldon P, Thompson GE, Habazaki H, Shimizu K
C388 - C391 The inhibition of silver agglomeration by gold activation in silver electroless plating
Cha SH, Koo HC, Kim JJ
C392 - C398 The effect of turbulence on the electrodeposition of composite coatings
Stappers L, Fransaer J
C399 - C402 A CMOS process-compatible wet-etching recipe for the high-k gate dielectrics Pr2O3 and Pr2-xTixO3
Mane AU, Wenger C, Schroeder T, Zaumseil P, Lippert G, Weidner G, Mussig HJ
C403 - C407 In situ ellipsometric study of PEG/Cl- coadsorption on Cu, Ag, and Au
Walker ML, Richter LJ, Moffat TP
C408 - C417 Characterizations of pulsed chemical vapor deposited-tungsten thin films for ultrahigh aspect ratio W-plug process
Kim SH, Hwang ES, Ha SC, Pyi SH, Sun HJ, Lee JW, Kawk N, Kim JK, Sohn H, Kim J
C418 - C424 Fabrication and optimization of porous silicon substrates for diffusion membrane applications
Cruz S, Honig-dOrville A, Muller J
C425 - C434 Influence of convection-dependent adsorption of additives on microvia filling by copper electroplating
Dow WP, Huang HS, Yen MY, Huang HC
C435 - C441 Study on the step coverage of metallorganic chemical vapor deposited TiO2 and SrTiO3 thin films
No SY, Oh JH, Jeon CB, Schindler M, Hwang CS, Kim HJ
C442 - C455 Adhesion strength of the epoxy polymer/copper interface for use in microelectronics
Siau S, Vervaet A, Van Vaeck L, Schacht E, Demeter U, Van Calster A
D103 - D108 SERS investigation of gold dissolution in chloride and cyanide media
Watling K, Hope GA, Woods R
D109 - D112 Electrochemical synthesis of ammonia and coproduction of metal Sulfides from hydrogen sulfide and nitrogen under atmospheric pressure
Murakami T, Nohira T, Ogata YH, Ito Y
D113 - D116 Electrochemical oxidation of 2,4,6-trinitrophenol on boron-doped diamond anodes
Nasr B, Abdellatif G
E193 - E199 Potential shift for OH( ads) formation on the Pt skin on Pt3Co-(111) electrodes in acid
Roques J, Anderson AB, Murthi VS, Mukerjee S
E200 - E205 Infrared study of high-temperature proton-conducting aliovalently doped SrZrO3 and BaZrO3
Omata T, Noguchi Y, Otsuka-Yao-Matsuo S
G417 - G422 A material removal rate model for copper abrasive-free CMP
Haque T, Balakumar S, Kumar AS, Rahman M
G423 - G426 GaN MIS capacitors with Photo-CVD SiNxOy insulating layers
Chang SJ, Wang CK, Su YK, Chang CS, Lin TK, Ko TK, Liu HL
G427 - G431 Electron-hole pair relaxation dynamics in binary copper-based semiconductor quantum dots
Lou YB, Yin M, O'Brien S, Burda C
G432 - G435 Electrical and thermal conductivity of Ge/Si quantum dot superlattices
Bao Y, Liu WL, Shamsa M, Alim K, Balandin AA, Liu JL
G436 - G440 Advanced thermal processing of ultrashallow implanted junctions using flash lamp annealing
Skorupa W, Gebel T, Yankov RA, Paul S, Lerch W, Downey DF, Arevalo EA
G441 - G444 Kinetics of thermal oxidation of 6H silicon carbide in oxygen plus trichloroethylene
Yang BL, Lin LM, Lo HB, Lai PT, Chan CL
G445 - G447 Effect of amorphous Si quantum-dot size on 1.54 mu m luminescence of Er
Park NM, Kim TY, Kim KH, Sung GY, Kim BH, Park SJ, Cho KS, Shin JH, Lee JK, Nastasi M
G448 - G451 High-purity, isotopically enriched bulk silicon
Ager JW, Beeman JW, Hansen WL, Haller EE, Sharp ID, Liao C, Yang A, Thewalt MLW, Riemann H
G452 - G455 Bias-temperature instability on fully silicided-germanided gates/high-k Al2O3CMOSFETs
Liao CC, Yu DS, Cheng CF, Chin A
G456 - G459 Porosity control of 20GeO(2)(2)(: 80SiO) sol-gel derived thin films for low-loss optical waveguide devices
Rajni, Fai CHK, Pita K, Ngo NQ
G460 - G467 Oxygen and nitrogen transport in silicon investigated by dislocation locking experiments
Giannattasio A, Murphy JD, Senkader S, Falster RJ, Wilshaw PR
G468 - G471 Compact 1T RAM cell for system-on-chip application
Lee J, Lim M, Jang Y, Ko K, Choi J
G472 - G476 The structural and electrical properties of CuNi thin-film resistors grown on AlN substrates for II-type attenuator application
Hur SG, Kim DJ, Kang BD, Yoon SG
G477 - G481 In situ measurement of pressure and friction during CMP of contoured wafers
Scarfo AM, Manno VP, Rogers CB, Anjur SP, Moinpour M
G482 - G486 Cross-linked PMMA on porous silicon: An effective nanomask for selective silicon etching
Borini S
G487 - G490 Two-step annealing for nickel-induced crystallization of amorphous silicon films
Hwang JD, Chang JY, Chen GJ
G491 - G493 Effect of interlayers on the indium oxide-doped ZnO ohmic contact to p-type GaN
Lim JH, Hwang DK, Kim HS, Yang JH, Navamathavan R, Park SJ
G494 - G499 Analysis of organic contamination adsorbed on a silicon surface in a vacuum chamber in electron beam lithography
Saga K, Hattori T
G500 - G505 Boron segregation in single-crystal Si1-x-yGexCy and Si1-yCy alloys
Stewart EJ, Carroll MS, Sturm JC
G506 - G510 Stress corrosion cracking of Cu interconnects during CMP with a Cu/porous low-k structure
Kodera M, Uekusa S, Nagano H, Tokushige K, Shima S, Fukunaga A, Mochizuki Y, Fukuda A, Hiyama H, Tsujimura M, Nagai H, Maekawa K
A1035 - A1040 Nafion/TiO2 proton conductive composite membranes for PEMFCs operating at elevated temperature and reduced relative humidity
Chalkova E, Pague MB, Fedkin MV, Wesolowski DJ, Lvov SN
A1041 - A1046 Electrochemical investigations on capacity fading of advanced lithium-ion batteries after storing at elevated temperature
Wu MS, Chiang PCJ, Lin JC
A1047 - A1053 Disordered carbon anode for lithium-ion battery I. An interfacial reversible redox action and anomalous topology changes
Naoi K, Ogihara N, Igarashi Y, Kamakura A, Kusachi Y, Utsugi K
A1054 - A1059 Sol-gel synthesis and surface morphology of epitaxial Li1+delta Mn2-delta O4 films on MgAl2O4(100)
Lee WG, Smith RL
A1060 - A1067 Electrical and mechanical properties of Sr-doped LaPO4 prepared by spark plasma sintering
Amezawa K, Nishikawa Y, Tomii Y, Yamamoto N
A1068 - A1072 Formation and thermal stability of hydrate-like compounds of Ba-2(In1-xMxIII)(2)O-5 center dot nH(2)O (M-III = Ga, Sc, Lu, and Y)
Omata T, Kita M, Goto Y, Okura T, Otsuka-Yao-Matsuo S
A1073 - A1080 Effect of relative humidity on oxygen reduction kinetics in a PEMFC
Neyerlin KC, Gasteiger HA, Mittelsteadt CK, Jorne J, Gu WB
A1081 - A1088 Fabrication and performance of polymer electrolyte fuel cells by self-assembly of Pt nanoparticles
Pan M, Tang HL, Jiang SP, Liu ZC
A1089 - A1095 Degradation mechanism of the La-Mg-Ni-based metal hydride electrode La0.7Mg0.3Ni3.4Mn0.1
Liu YF, Pan HG, Gao MX, Lei YQ, Wang QD
A1096 - A1104 Effect of electrolyte type upon the high-temperature resilience of lithium-ion cells
Smart MC, Ratnakumar BV, Whitacre JF, Whitcanack LD, Chin KB, Rodriguez MD, Zhao D, Greenbaum SG, Surampudi S
A1105 - A1108 Additives for increased photoenergy conversion efficiencies of quasi-solid, dye-sensitized solar cells
Kato T, Fujimoto M, Kado T, Sakaguchi S, Kosugi D, Shiratuchi R, Takashima W, Kaneto K, Hayase S
A1109 - A1115 Electrochemistry of uranium in molten LiCl-KCl eutectic
Masset P, Bottomley D, Konings R, Malmbeck R, Rodrigues A, Serp J, Glatz JP
A1116 - A1120 Effects of rare-earth additives in Li/Na eutectic carbonate for decreasing the solubility of NiO
Matsuzawa K, Tatezawa G, Matsuda Y, Mitsushima S, Kamiya N, Ota K
A1121 - A1127 On the nature of mixed potential in a DMFC
Kulikovsky AA
A1128 - A1135 Thermal behavior of small nickel/metal hydride battery during rapid charge and discharge cycles
Araki T, Nakayama M, Fukuda K, Onda K
A1136 - A1141 Investigation of active mass utilization of positive plate in automotive lead-acid batteries
Guo YL
A1142 - A1148 Controlled nanoparticle metal phosphates (metal = Al, Fe, Ce, and Sr) coatings on LiCoO2 cathode materials
Kim J, Noh M, Cho J, Kim H, Kim KB
A1149 - A1157 Absorption, desorption, and transport of water in polymer electrolyte membranes for fuel cells
Ge SH, Li XG, Yi BL, Hsing IM
A1158 - A1164 Enhanced inhibition of zinc corrosion in alkaline solutions containing carboxylic acid modified PEG
Auinat M, Ein-Eli Y
A1165 - A1170 In situ detection of hydrogen peroxide in PEM fuel cells
Liu W, Zuckerbrod D
A1171 - A1179 Functionally graded cathode catalyst layers for polymer electrolyte fuel cells - II. Experimental study of the effect of Nafion distribution
Xie Z, Navessin T, Shi K, Chow R, Wang QP, Song DT, Andreaus B, Eikerling M, Liu ZS, Holdcroft S
A1180 - A1187 Electrochemical preferential oxidation of CO in reformate
Zhang JX, Datta R
A1188 - A1192 The electrochemical performance of bias-sputter-deposited nanocrystalline nickel oxide thin films toward lithium
Chiu KF, Chang CY, Lin CM
A1193 - A1198 Comparison of voltammetric responses over the cathodic region in LiPF6 and LiBETI with and without HF
Lee H, Cho JJ, Kim J, Kim HJ
A1199 - A1207 Properties of PC-EA solvent and its solution of LiBOB comparison of linear esters to linear carbonates for use in lithium batteries
Ding MS, Jow TR
A1208 - A1216 Effect of copolymer composition on the oxygen transport properties of sulfonated poly(arylene ether sulfone) and sulfonated poly(sulfide sulfone) PEMs
Zhang L, Hampel C, Mukerjee S
A1217 - A1220 Optimization of sonochemical synthesis condition of manganese oxide/acetylene black nanocomposite for high power lithium-ion batteries
Kawaoka H, Hibino M, Zhou HS, Honma I
A1221 - A1225 Electrical conductivity and crystal structure of Ba-2(2)5(In)O at high temperatures under various oxygen partial pressures
Yoshinaga M, Fumoto T, Hashimoto T
A1226 - A1232 Electrochemical preparation of a Au crystal with peculiar morphology and unique growth orientation and its catalysis for oxygen reduction
Gao FF, El-Deab MS, Okajima T, Ohsaka T
A1233 - A1240 Electrochemical, spectroscopic, and thermal investigations of LiSn2(PO4)(3) and Sn-3(PO4)(2) anodes during the first discharge
Burba CM, Frech R
A1241 - A1247 Characterization of n-Si/RbAg4I5 interfaces by photocurrent measurements and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Ohta N, Takada K, Sasaki T, Watanabe M
A1248 - A1264 A conductive additive for positive electrodes of alkaline batteries -Structural, physicochemical, and electrochemical evaluation of LiCoO2
Tessier C, Audry C, Bernard P
A1265 - A1271 Effect of flow field design and voltage change range on the dynamic behavior of PEMFCs
Kim S, Shimpalee S, Van Zee JW
A1272 - A1278 Electrochemical and capacitance properties of rod-shaped MnO2 for supercapacitor
Ye C, Lin ZM, Hui SZ
A1279 - A1282 Spectroelectrochemical studies of redox shuttle overcharge additive for LiFePO4-based Li-ion batteries
Moshurchak LM, Buhrmester C, Dahn JR
A1283 - A1289 High-rate overcharge protection of LiFePO4-based Li-ion cells using the redox shuttle additive 2,5-ditertbutyl-1,4-dimethoxybenzene
Dahn JR, Jiang JW, Moshurchak LM, Fleischauer MD, Buhrmester C, Krause LJ
A1290 - A1300 Analytical and numerical analysis of PEM fuel cell performance curves
Kulikovsky AA, Wuster T, Egmen A, Stolten D