Journal of the Electrochemical Society

Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Vol.151, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4651 (Print) 

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A1 - A7 Influences of treatment temperature and water content on capacity and rechargeability of V2O5 xerogel films
Wang JX, Curtis CJ, Schulz DL, Zhang JG
A8 - A16 Conductivity of PBI membranes for high-temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cells
Ma YL, Wainright JS, Litt MH, Savinell RF
B1 - B10 Characterization of oxide films formed on Mg-based WE43 alloy using AC/DC anodization in silicate solutions
Birss V, Xia S, Yue R, Rateick RG
C1 - C7 Electroless deposition of soft magnetic CoNiP thin films
Murthy SK, Vemagiri JK, Gunasekaran RA, Coane P, Varahramyan K
C8 - C14 Nonanomalous Electrodeposition of zinc-iron alloys in an acidic zinc chloride-1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride ionic liquid
Huang JF, Sun IW
D1 - D5 Successive hydrogenation and dechlorination systems using palladized ion exchange membranes
Iwakura C, Tsuchiyama Y, Higashiyama K, Higuchi E, Inoue H
E1 - E6 Use of underpotential deposition for evaluation of overpotential deposition kinetics of reactive metals
Guerra E, Kelsall GH, Bestetti M, Dreisinger D, Wong K, Mitchell KAR, Bizzotto D
E7 - E13 Ruthenium oxide thin film electrodes prepared by electrostatic spray deposition and their charge storage mechanism
Kim IH, Kim KB
F1 - F6 Boron-retarded gate dielectric formed by dry oxidation of thermal nitride
Wu YH, Ku CL, Wang JF
F7 - F9 Development and characterization of a PECVD silicon nitride for damascene applications
Lee AS, Rajagopalan N, Le M, Kim BH, M'Saad H
G1 - G7 A simplified picture for transient enhanced diffusion of boron in silicon
Jung MYL, Gunawan R, Braatz RD, Seebauer EG
G8 - G12 Effect of selected ionic inorganic surface contaminants on thermal oxidation of p-type polished silicon wafers
Scott WDS, Stevenson A
H1 - H6 Li0.3Sr0.6B0.5Ti0.5O3 (B = Nb, Ta) and Li0.3Sr0.6Ta0.5Ti0.5-xFexO3 (0 < x < 0.3): Novel perovskite-type materials for monolithic electrochromic devices
Thangadurai V, Weppner W
H7 - H10 Thermoelectric CO gas sensor using thin-film catalyst of Au and Co3O4
Matsumiya M, Qiu F, Shin W, Izu N, Matsubara I, Murayama N, Kanzaki S
J1 - J7 Grain boundary space charge effect in zirconia - Experimental evidence
Guo X, Ding Y
J8 - J13 Ab initio calculations and structural stability of boron-doped sodium manganese oxide
Velikokhatnyi OI, Chang CC, Kumta PN
A17 - A22 Studies of capacity losses in cycles and storages for a Li1.1Mn1.9O4 positive electrode
Saitoh M, Sano M, Fujita M, Sakata M, Takata M, Nishibori E
A23 - A30 Vinylene carbonate and Li salicylatoborate as additives in LiPF3(CF2CF3)(3) solutions for rechargeable Li-ion batteries
Aurbach D, Gnanaraj JS, Geissler W, Schmidt M
A31 - A39 Toward efficient electrochemical synthesis of Fe(VI) ferrate and super-iron battery compounds
Licht S, Tel-Vered R, Halperin L
A40 - A47 Conductivity and viscosity of PC-DEC and PC-EC solutions of LiBF4
Ding MS
A48 - A52 Catalyst microstructure examination of PEMFC membrane electrode assemblies vs. time
Cheng X, Chen L, Peng C, Chen ZW, Zhang Y, Fan QB
A53 - A58 New LiNiyCo1-2yMn1+yO4 spinel oxide solid solutions as 5 V electrode material for Li-ion batteries
Alcantara R, Jaraba M, Lavela P, Tirado JL
A59 - A63 Electrochemical reduction of oxygen in some hydrophobic room-temperature molten salt systems
Katayama Y, Onodera H, Yamagata M, Miura T
A64 - A68 Influence of Nafion content in electrodes on performance of carbon supercapacitors
Lufrano F, Staiti P, Minutoli M
A69 - A76 Comparative studies of methanol crossover and cell performance for a DMFC
Jiang RZ, Chu DR
A77 - A84 Wetting characteristics of carbonate melts under MCFC operating conditions
Hong SG, Selman JR
A85 - A100 Study of charge kinetics in valve-regulated lead-acid cells
Bernardi DM, Ying RY, Watson P
B11 - B15 Inhibition effect of AC-treated, mixed self-assembled film of phenylthiourea and 1-dodecanethiol on copper corrosion
Wang CT, Chen SH, Zhao SY
B16 - B21 Effect of copper enrichment on the electrochemical potential of binary Al-Cu alloys
Garcia-Vergara S, Colin F, Skeldon P, Thompson GE, Bailey P, Noakes TCQ, Habazaki H, Shimizu K
B22 - B26 Positron annihilation spectroscopy study of interfacial defects formed by anodic oxidation of aluminum
Hebert KR, Gessmann T, Lynn KG, Asoka-Kumar P
B27 - B32 Purity effect on oxidation kinetics of copper at 800-1050 degrees C
Zhu Y, Mimura K, Isshiki M
C15 - C18 Effect of S on passivation of Ni plating
Arai S, Hasegawa T, Kaneko N
C19 - C24 An exact algebraic solution for the incubation period of superfill
Josell D, Moffat TP, Wheeler D
C25 - C31 Effects of organic additives on initial stages of zinc electroplating on iron
Lee JY, Kim JW, Lee MK, Shin HJ, Kim HT, Park SM
C32 - C37 Porous silicon formation under constant anodization conditions: Homogeneous regime or transition?
Hamm D, Sakka T, Ogata YH
C38 - C44 Fabrication of TiO2-Ru-(O-2)/Al2O3 composite nanostructures on glass by Al anodization and electrodeposition
Chu SZ, Inoue S, Wada K, Hishita S
C45 - C51 Interpretation of quantitative crystallographic texture in copper electrodeposits on amorphous substrates
Pantleon K, Jensen JAD, Somers MAJ
C52 - C55 Photo-induced atomic layer deposition of tantalum oxide thin films from Ta(OC2H5)(5) and O-2
Lee YH, Kwak JC, Gang BS, Kim HC, Choi BH, Jeong BK, Park SH, Lee KH
C56 - C61 Copper barrier properties of low dielectric constant SiOCNH film deposited by plasma-enhanced CVD
Shioya Y, Ishimaru T, Ikakura H, Nishimoto Y, Ohdaira T, Suzuki R, Maeda K
C62 - C68 Electrochemical self-assembly of ZnO/SO3EtPTCDI hybrid photoelectrodes
Oekermann T, Karuppuchamy S, Yoshida T, Schlettwein D, Wohrle D, Minoura H
C69 - C80 Morphology and formation mechanisms of porous silicon
Zhang XG
C81 - C88 Integrated electrochemical deposition of copper metallization for ultralarge-scale integrated circuits
Chang SY, Lin CW, Hsu HH, Fang JH, Lin SJ
C89 - C96 Influence of the surface properties of SiC particles on their codeposition with nickel
Kaisheva M, Fransaer J
C97 - C101 Direct plating of low resistivity bright Cu film onto TiN barrier layer via Pd activation
Kim JJ, Kim SK, Kim YS
E14 - E19 Electrochemical and transport properties of templated gold/polypyrrole-composite microtube membranes
Yamada K, Gasparac R, Martin CR
E20 - E31 Kramers-kronig transforms as validation of electrochemical immittance data near discontinuity
Sadkowski A, Dolata M, Diard JP
E32 - E39 Experimental and theoretical study of the activity of substituted metallophthalocyanines for nitrite electro-oxidation
Caro CA, Bedioui F, Paez MA, Cardenas-Jiron GI, Zagal JH
G13 - G17 Physical and electrical properties of polycrystalline Si1-xGex deposited using single-wafer-type low pressure CVD
Kang SK, Kim JJ, Min BG, Ko DH, Yang CW, Lim KY
G18 - G23 Characterization of microstructure, interfacial reaction and diffusion of immiscible Cu-(Ta) alloy thin film on SiO2 at elevated temperature
Liu CJ, Chen JS, Lin YK
G24 - G32 Gas-phase mixing and dispersion in a diffusion furnace
Biernacki JJ, Subramanian R, Islam MR, Schewe C, Rogersb MC
G33 - G39 Hydrogenation behavior of yttrium thin-film electrode in 1 M NAOH electrolyte after removal of palladium cap
Matveeva E, Parkhutik V
G40 - G46 Transport considerations in the plasma-assisted oxidation of copper films
Li YM, Hess DW
G47 - G56 Ultrathin strained Si-on-insulator and SiGe-on-insulator created using low temperature wafer bonding and metastable stop layers
Taraschi G, Pitera AJ, McGill LM, Cheng ZY, Lee MJL, Langdo TA, Fitzgerald EA
G57 - G66 Advanced wet cleanings Post-CMP - Application to reclaim wafers
Abbadie A, Crescente F, Semeria MN
G67 - G70 Effect of boron dose and post-thermal budget on electrical properties of MOS-capacitors with a W/WNx/poly-Si1-xGex gate stack
Kang SK, Min BG, Kim JJ, Ko DH, Kang HB, Yang CW, Ahn TH
G71 - G75 Physical and electrical properties of W/WNx/poly-Si1-xGex (x = 0, 0.2, 0.6) gates stack with post-thermal process
Kang SK, Min BG, Kim JJ, Ko DH, Kang HB, Yang CW, Lim KY, Ahn TH
G76 - G79 Etching of silicon native oxide using ultraslow multicharged Arq+ ions
Le Roux V, Machicoane G, Kerdiles S, Laffitte R, Bechu N, Vallier L, Borsoni G, Korwin-Pawlowski ML, Roman P, Wu CT, Ruzyllob J
G80 - G83 Boron profile narrowing in laser-processed silicon after rapid thermal anneal
Poon CH, Tan LS, Cho BJ, See A, Bhat M
H11 - H15 Effects of chemical and physical agents on the emission properties of Alq(3) films
Baldacchini G, Baldacchini T, Pace A, Pode RB
H16 - H20 Luminescence from sol-gel-derived europium-doped films confined in mesoporous anodic alumina
Molchan IS, Gaponenko NV, Kudrawiec R, Misiewicz J, Thompson GE, Skeldon P
H21 - H26 Structural changes in electrochromic WO3 thin films induced by the first electrochemical cycles
Pauporte T, Bernard MC, Soldo-Olivier Y, Faure R
A101 - A105 Study of PEFCs by AC impedance, current interrupt, and dew point measurements - I. Effect of humidity in oxygen gas
Abe T, Shima H, Watanabe K, Ito Y
A106 - A110 Preparation of Li4/3Ti5/3O4 thin film electrodes by a PVP sol-gel coating method and their electrochemical properties
Rho YH, Kanamura K
A111 - A118 Investigation of lithium electrodeposits formed in practical rechargeable Li-LixMnO2 batteries based on LiAsF6/1,3-dioxolane solutions
Zinigrad E, Levi E, Teller H, Salitra G, Aurbach D, Dan P
A119 - A122 Ion transport properties of six lithium salts dissolved in gamma-butyrolactone studied by self-diffusion and ionic conductivity measurements
Aihara Y, Bando T, Nakagawa H, Yoshida H, Hayamizu K, Akiba E, Price WS
A123 - A130 Study of the mechanism of the vanadium 4+/5+redox reaction in acidic solutions
Gattrell M, Park J, MacDougall B, Apte J, McCarthy S, Wu CW
A131 - A136 Kinetic study of electro-oxidation of formic acid on spontaneously-deposited Pt/Pd nanoparticles - CO tolerant fuel cell chemistry
Zhao MC, Rice C, Masel RI, Waszczuk P, Wieckowski A
A137 - A143 Self-discharge and charge retention in AB(2)-based nickel metal hydride batteries
Yang XG, Liaw BY
A144 - A150 Direct dimethyl ether polymer electrolyte fuel cells for portable applications
Mench MM, Chance HM, Wang CY
A151 - A157 Synthesis, characterization, and electrochemical properties of nanocrystalline silver thin films obtained by spray pyrolysis
Morales J, Sanchez L, Martin F, Ramos-Barrado JR, Sanchez M
A158 - A163 Reverse micelle assisted dispersion of lanthanum manganite on carbon support for oxygen reduction cathode
Hayashi M, Uemura H, Shimanoe K, Miura N, Yamazoe N
A164 - A172 Cathode micromodel of solid oxide fuel cell
Chan SH, Chen XJ, Khor KA
A173 - A177 Electrochemical and structural properties of a 4.7 V-class LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 positive electrode material prepared with a self-reaction method
Takahashi K, Saitoh M, Sano M, Fujita M, Kifune K
A178 - A183 Reduction mechanisms of ethylene, propylene, and vinylethylene carbonates - A quantum chemical study
Vollmer JM, Curtiss LA, Vissers DR, Amine K