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Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Vol.150, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4651 (Print) 

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B99 - B110 Influence of dichromate ions on corrosion processes on pure magnesium
Schmutz P, Guillaumin V, Lillard RS, Lillard JA, Frankel GS
D85 - D86 Reaction cascade in the anodic oxidation of benzyl silanes in methanol
Taylor K, Miura K, Akinfaderin F, Fry AJ
F61 - F66 Self-organized nanomolecular films on low-dielectric constant porous methyl silsesquioxane at room temperature
Hu JC, Wu CW, Gau WC, Chen CP, Chen LJ, Li CH, Chang TC, Chu CJ
F67 - F74 HfO2 gate dielectrics deposited via tetrakis diethylamido hafnium
Schaeffer J, Edwards NV, Liu R, Roan D, Hradsky B, Gregory R, Kulik J, Duda E, Contreras L, Christiansen J, Zollner S, Tobin P, Nguyen BY, Nieh R, Ramon M, Rao R, Hegde R, Rai R, Baker J, Voight S
F75 - F77 Control of the interfacial layer thickness in hafnium oxide gate dielectric grown by PECVD
Choi KJ, Park JB, Yoon SG
H67 - H71 Enhancement of luminous intensity of spherical Y2O3 : Eu phosphors using flux during aerosol pyrolysis
Hong GY, Yoo K, Moon SJ, Yoo JS
H72 - H80 NH3 interaction with catalytically modified nano-WO3 powders for gas sensing applications
Jimenez I, Centeno MA, Scotti R, Morazzoni F, Cornet A, Morante JR
H81 - H84 The effect of co-doping by Ca2+,Ta5+,Sn4+, and Ru4+ ions on the X-ray luminescent properties of Gd2O2S : Tb3+ phosphors
Morlotti R, Magro C, Vedda A, Martini M, Croci S, Nikl M
H85 - H92 Functionalized ormosils-based biosensor - Probing a horseradish peroxidase-catalyzed reaction
Pandey PC, Upadhyay S, Sharma S
H93 - H97 Synthesis of nanosize Gd2O3 : Eu phosphor particles with high luminescence efficiency under ultraviolet light
Kang YC, Roh HS, Kim EJ, Park HD
A403 - A413 A comparative in situ X-ray absorption spectroscopy study of nanophase V2O5 aerogel and ambigel cathodes
Mansour AN, Smith PH, Baker WM, Balasubramanian M, McBreen J
A414 - A418 Preparation of cross-sectional samples of proton exchange membrane fuel cells by ultramicrotomy for TEM
Blom DA, Dunlap JR, Nolan TA, Allard LF
A419 - A424 The electrochemical reaction of lithium with tin studied by in situ AFM
Beaulieu LY, Beattie SD, Hatchard TD, Dahn JR
A425 - A429 Kinetic study of Li-ion extraction and insertion at LiMn2O4 single particle electrodes using potential step and impedance methods
Dokko K, Mohamedi M, Umeda M, Uchida I
A430 - A438 Lateral ionic conduction in planar array fuel cells
O'Hayre R, Fabian T, Lee SJ, Prinz FB
A439 - A444 Thermally stable gel polymer electrolytes
Song MK, Kim YT, Kim YT, Cho BW, Popov BN, Rhee HW
A445 - A454 LiPF3(CF2CF3)(3): A salt for rechargeable lithium ion batteries
Gnanaraj JS, Levi MD, Gofer Y, Aurbach D, Schmidt M
A455 - A462 Liquid phase boundaries, dielectric constant, and viscosity of PC-DEC and PC-EC binary carbonates
Ding MS
A463 - A469 Influence of gas flow rate on performance of H2S/air solid oxide fuel cells with MoS2-NiS-Ag anode
Wei GL, Liu M, Luo JL, Sanger AR, Chuang KT
A470 - A476 Role of hydrocarbon deposits in the enhanced performance of direct-oxidation SOFCs
McIntosh S, Vohs JM, Gorte RJ
A477 - A483 Influence of PEG-borate ester as a Lewis acid on ionic conductivity of polymer electrolyte containing Mg-salt
Saito M, Ikuta H, Uchimoto Y, Wakihara M, Yokoyama S, Yabe T, Yamamoto M
A484 - A492 The limitations of energy density of battery/double-layer capacitor asymmetric cells
Zheng JP
A493 - A498 High-peak-power polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Wang CS, Appleby AJ
A499 - A502 Application of low-viscosity ionic liquid to the electrolyte of double-layer capacitors
Ue M, Takeda M, Toriumi A, Kominato A, Hagiwara R, Ito Y
A503 - A507 Texture and microstructure development of RF sputter-deposited polycrystalline lithium transition metal oxide thin films
Chiu KF, Hsu FC, Chen GS, Wu MK
A508 - A519 Mathematical modeling of liquid-feed direct methanol fuel cells
Wang ZH, Wang CY
A520 - A524 The effect of the moisture content on the reversible discharge capacity of nickel hydroxide
Ramesh TN, Jayashree RS, Kamath PV
A525 - A531 Poly(ethylene oxide) LiN(SO2CF2CF3)(2) polymer electrolytes -IV. Raman characterization
Capiglia C, Imanishi N, Takeda Y, Henderson WA, Passerini S
A532 - A537 Surface film formation and lithium underpotential deposition on Au(111) surfaces in propylene carbonate - In situ scanning tunneling microscopy study
Saito T, Uosaki K
A538 - A542 Structural characterization of Li[Li0.1Ni0.35Mn0.55]O-2 cathode material for lithium secondary batteries
Kim JH, Yoon CS, Sun YK
A543 - A550 Pasted Ni(OH)(2) electrodes using Ni powders for high-drain-rate, Ni-based batteries
Yang QM, Ettel VA, Babjak J, Charles DK, Mosoiu MA
B111 - B119 Investigating localized degradation of organic coatings -Comparison of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy with local electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Philippe LVS, Walter GW, Lyon SB
B120 - B130 Effects of temperature and potential on the passive corrosion properties of alloys C22 and C276
Lloyd AC, Shoesmith DW, McIntyre NS, Noel JJ
B131 - B139 Corrosion protection of steel using nonanomalous Ni-Zn-P coatings
Veeraraghavan B, Haran B, Kumaraguru SP, Popov B
B140 - B145 Copper corrosion originated by propionic acid vapors
Echavarria A, Rueda A, Cano E, Echeverria F, Arroyave C, Bastidas JM
B146 - B157 A statistics-based approach to studying aluminum pit initiation - Intrinsic and defect-driven pit initiation phenomena
Wall FD, Martinez MA
B158 - B165 Influence of local heat development on film thickness for anodizing aluminum in sulfuric acid
De Graeve I, Terryn H, Thompson GE
B166 - B175 Long time oxidation study of Ti3SiC2,Ti3SiC2/SiC, and Ti3SiC2/TiC composites in air
Barsoum MW, Ho-Duc LH, Radovic M, El-Raghy T
B176 - B180 Corrosion inhibition of zinc by benzotriazole with an electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance
Wang K, Pickering HW, Weil KG
B181 - B191 Harmonic synthesis: A novel electrochemical method for corrosion rate monitoring
Jankowski J
C189 - C194 Electrochemical copper deposition in etched ion track membranes - Experimental results and a qualitative kinetic model
Schuchert IU, Molares MET, Dobrev D, Vetter J, Neumann R, Martin M
C195 - C201 Wafer-scale profile evolution of electrochemically deposited copper films
Flake J, Solomentsev Y, Cooper J, Cooper K
C202 - C207 Spectroelectrochemical study of the effect of organic additives on the electrodeposition of tin
Zavarine IS, Khaselev O, Zhang Y
C208 - C211 Etch pit observation for 6H-SiC by electrochemical etching using an aqueous KOH solution
Kato M, Ichimura M, Arai E, Ramasamy P
C212 - C218 Heat-treatment on black-passivated ZnNi alloys
Muller C, Sarret M, Garcia E
C219 - C224 NiCoFe ternary alloy deposition - II. Influence of electrolyte concentration at steady state
Zhuang Y, Podlaha EJ
C225 - C233 NiCoFe ternary alloy deposition - III. A mathematical model
Zhuang Y, Podlaha EJ
C234 - C243 Electrochemistry of titanium and the electrodeposition of Al-Ti alloys in the Lewis acidic aluminum chloride-1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride melt
Tsuda T, Hussey CL, Stafford GR, Bonevich JE
C244 - C250 The decomposition of the sulfonate additive sulfopropyl sulfonate in acid copper electroplating chemistries
Frank A, Bard AJ
C251 - C259 Effects of resin blend and solvent on film formation mechanism of cationic electropaint system
Suzuki Y, Fukui H, Tsuchiya K, Arita S, Ogata YH
C260 - C265 Fabrication of copper film on aluminum nitride by novel electroless plating
Yanagimoto H, Akamatsu K, Deki S, Gotoh K
E197 - E201 Selective penetration of liquid-phase organic probe molecules into SAM of 2-mercapto-3-n-octylthiophene
Peng ZQ, Wang JG, Wang EK, Dong SJ
E202 - E206 Electrochemically controlled preparation of platinum-poly (amidoamine) dendrimer hybrid nanowires and their characterization
Kim JW, Choi EA, Park SM
E207 - E217 Langmuir adsorption isotherms of overpotentially deposited hydrogen at poly-Au and Rh/H2SO4 aqueous electrolyte interfaces - Qualitative analysis using the phase-shift method
Chun JH, Ra KH, Kim NY
E218 - E221 Defect formation induced by PAMAM dendrimers on Pt-supported bilayer lipid membranes investigated by electrochemistry
Huang WM, Han XJ, Wang EK
E222 - E226 Electrochemical behavior of ethanol oxidation on a Ti/Ru0.3Ti(0.7-x)SnxO2 electrode - The role of experimental parameters in the selectivity of the products
Forti JC, Olivi P, de Andrade AR
E227 - E232 Calcium ruthenates: Determination of Gibbs energies of formation using electrochemical cells
Jacob KT, Lwin KT, Waseda Y
E233 - E236 Adsorption of pyridine on Au(110) as measured by reflection anisotropy spectroscopy
Smith CI, Maunder AJ, Lucas CA, Nichols RJ, Weightman P
E237 - E243 Homogeneity and activity characterization of iron sulfide films after immersion in different electrolytic media
Sosa E, Hernandez F, Casillas N, Cabrera-Sierra R, Oropeza T, Gonzalez I
E244 - E250 Electrode kinetics of hydrogen reduction in molten alkali chlorides
Ito H, Hasegawa Y, Ito Y
E251 - E254 Determination of the crystal structure of spherical particles of SrAl2O4 : Eu prepared by the spray method
Yamada H, Shi WS, Nishikubo K, Xu CN
G233 - G239 A model for effect of colloidal forces on chemical mechanical polishing
Mazaheri AR, Ahmadi G
G240 - G243 Characterization of SiGe quantum dots on SiO2 and HfO2 grown by rapid thermal chemical deposition for nanoelectronic devices
Kim DW, Hwang SB, Edgar TF, Banerjee S
G244 - G252 Modeling of competitive gettering of iron in silicon integrated circuit technology
Istratov AA, Huber W, Weber ER
G253 - G257 Selective epitaxy of Si1-xGex layers for complementary metal oxide semiconductor applications
Menon C, Lindgren AC, Persson POA, Hultman L, Radamson HH
G258 - G265 Electromigration-induced morphology of 70 nm Al-Cu and Al lines
Pang X, Kriman AM, Bernstein GH
G266 - G270 Defective crystal recovered from the crystallization of potassium-doped amorphous silicon films
Liu ACY, McCallum JC, Deenapanray PNK
G271 - G278 Characterization and modeling of dynamic thermal behavior in CMP
White D, Melvin J, Boning D
G279 - G283 Method for measuring feature-scale planarization in copper chemical mechanical polishing processing
Laursen T, Runnels SR, Basak S, Grief M, Murella K
G284 - G291 Removal of resist materials using acetic acid
Chavez KL, Hess DW