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Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Vol.149, No.8 Entire volume, number list
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L5 - L5 On-line measurement of glucose in a rotating wall perfused vessel bioreactor using an amperometric glucose sensor (vol 149, pg H103, 2002)
Xu YH, Vani S, Jeevarajan AS, Fay JM, Taylor TD, Anderson MM
L6 - L6 A mathematical model for initiation of microbiologically influenced corrosion by differential aeration (vol 149, pg B211, 2002)
Picioreanu C, van Loosdrecht MCM
L7 - L7 Sulfone-based electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries (vol 149, pg A920, 2002)
Xu K, Angell CA
L8 - L8 A century of organic electrochemistry (vol 149, pg S21, 2002)
Lund H
F81 - F84 Recovering dielectric loss of low dielectric constant organic siloxane during the photoresist removal process
Chang TC, Mor YS, Liu PT, Tsai TM, Chen CW, Mei YJ, Sze SM
F85 - F91 Silicon oxynitride - A versatile material for integrated optics applications
Worhoff K, Hilderink LTH, Driessen A, Lambeck PV
F92 - F97 Remote plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition of nanoporous low-dielectric constant SiCOH films using vinyltrimethylsilane
Park JM, Rhee SW
F98 - F101 Silicon orientation effects in the initial regime of wet oxidation
Ngau JL, Griffin PB, Plummer JD
J59 - J72 Changes in aging behavior and defect structure of Y2O3 fully stabilized ZrO2 by In2O3 doping
Kondoh J, Shiota H, Kikuchi S, Tomii Y, Ito Y, Kawachi K
A953 - A959 High temperature proton conducting organic-inorganic nanohybrids for polymer electrolyte membrane - Part II
Nakajima H, Nomura S, Sugimoto T, Nishikawa S, Honma I
A960 - A966 Purely hexagonal graphite and the influence of surface modifications on its electrochemical lithium insertion properties
Spahr ME, Wilhelm H, Joho F, Panitz JC, Wambach J, Novak P, Dupont-Pavlovsky N
A967 - A972 All solid-state Li/LixMnO2 polymer battery using ceramic modified polymer electrolytes
Wang CX, Xia YY, Koumoto K, Sakai T
A973 - A977 Poly(3,4-alkylenedioxythiophene)-based supercapacitors using ionic liquids as supporting electrolytes
Stenger-Smith JD, Webber CK, Anderson N, Chafin AP, Zong KK, Reynolds JR
A978 - A982 Precise electrochemical calorimetry of LiCoO2/graphite lithium-ion cell - Understanding thermal behavior and estimation of degradation mechanism
Kobayashi Y, Miyashiro H, Kumai K, Takei K, Iwahori T, Uchida I
A983 - A987 Cyclic voltammetry and AC impedance of MmNi(3.55)Co(0.75)Mn(0.4)Al(0.3) alloy single-particle electrode for rechargeable NiOMH battery
Mohamedi M, Sato T, Itoh T, Umeda M, Uchida I
A988 - A994 Rechargeable lithium battery cells fabricated using poly(methyl methacrylate) gel electrolyte and composite of V2O5 and polypyrrole
Kuwabata S, Tomiyori M
A995 - A1000 Irreversible expansion behavior of Mn3O4+delta spinel and shrinkage behavior of La0.6Sr0.4MnO3 composites with the spinel during thermal cycling in O-2 atmosphere
Mori M
B357 - B365 Characterization of chromate conversion coating formation and breakdown using electrode arrays
Zhang W, Hurley B, Buchheit RG
B366 - B369 Preparation and corrosion resistance of Fe-Cr-Mo-C-B-P bulk glassy alloys
Asami K, Pang SJ, Zhang T, Inoue A
B370 - B377 The dealloying critical potential
Sieradzki K, Dimitrov N, Movrin D, McCall C, Vasiljevic N, Erlebacher J
C375 - C382 Micropattern formation for magnetic recording head using electroless CoFeB deposition
Yokoshima T, Nakamura S, Kaneko D, Osaka T, Takefusa S, Tanaka A
C383 - C389 Effect of nickel coating on the interfacial shear strengths of SiC fiber reinforced 7075 aluminum composites
Chen LG, Lin SJ
C390 - C395 Nucleation and growth of electrochemically deposited copper on TiN and copper from a Cu-NH3 bath
Graham L, Steinbruchel C, Duquette DJ
C396 - C405 Monte Carlo simulation of the electrodeposition of copper - I. Additive-free acidic sulfate solution
Pricer TJ, Kushner MJ, Alkire RC
C406 - C412 Monte Carlo simulation of the Electrodeposition of copper - II. Acid sulfate solution with blocking additive
Pricer TJ, Kushner MJ, Alkire RC
C413 - C422 Calculation of the optimal geometry of electrochemical cells -Application to the plating on curved electrodes
de Maubeuge HL
C423 - C428 Superconformal electrodeposition of silver in submicrometer features
Moffat TP, Baker B, Wheeler D, Bonevich JE, Edelstein M, Kelly DR, Gan L, Stafford GR, Chen PJ, Egelhoff WF, Josell D
C429 - C431 DC and periodic reverse electroplating of semiconductor surfaces having adjacent p-type and n-type areas
Karmalkar S, Venkatasubramanian N, Oak S
C432 - C437 Selective electrodeposition of Cu nanostructures on focused ion beam sensitized p-Si
Spiegel A, Staemmler L, Dobeli M, Schmuki P
D113 - D117 Electrochemical synthesis of cyanoacetic acid from chloroacetonitrile and carbon dioxide
Isse AA, Gennaro A
D118 - D124 Electrochemical oxidation of aqueous phenol wastes using active and nonactive electrodes
Canizares P, Martinez F, Diaz M, Garcia-Gomez J, Rodrigo MA
E273 - E280 Electrode behavior of hydride ion in molten alkali chlorides
Ito H, Hasegawa Y, Ito Y
E281 - E285 In situ electrochemical strain gage monitoring of actuation in conducting polymers
Bohn C, Sadki S, Brennan AB, Reynolds JR
E286 - E291 In situ study of ultrathin film formation on Au(111) surface in propylene carbonate by scanning tunneling microscopy under potential control
Saito T, Uosaki K
E292 - E297 Sol-gel derived porous silica gels impregnated with sulfuric acid - Pore structure and proton conductivities at medium temperatures
Matsuda A, Kanzaki T, Tadanaga K, Kogure T, Tatsumisago M, Minami T
E298 - E305 Electrochemical and spectroelectrochemical studies on copolymerization of diphenylamine with 2,5-diaminobenzenesulfonic acid
Chang CF, Chen WC, Wen TC, Gopalan A
E306 - E310 A contribution to the study of the electroreduction of 2,4-diamino-1,3,5-triazine on mercury electrodes
Perez R, Galvin RM, Mellado JMR, Montoya MR
G441 - G445 Boron transport through surface channel pMOS using W-poly metal gate electrode - Poly Si doping condition and nitric oxide treatment effects
Park SW, Kim DJ, Lee CH, Lee SC, Kwak NY, Shin SW, Park JH, Suh MS, Kong YT, Dong CD, Yang HS
G446 - G450 Interface hardening with deuterium implantation
Misra D, Jarwal RK
G451 - G454 A process for photoresist removal after aluminum etching using plasma treatment in a gas containing hydrogen
Makoto S, Touno I, Omiya K, Homma T, Nagatomo T
G455 - G460 Interdiffusions and reactions in Cu/TiN/Ti/thermal SiO2 and Cu/TiN/Ti/hydrogen silsesquioxane multilayer structures
Jeng JS, Chen JS
G461 - G473 Transient adsorption and desorption in micrometer scale features
Gobbert MK, Webster SG, Cale TS
G474 - G476 Transient enhanced diffusion of B in Si implanted with decaborane cluster ions
Sosnowski M, Albano MA, Li C, Gossmann HJL, Jacobson DC
G477 - G481 Effects of nonionic surfactants on oxide-to-polysilicon selectivity during chemical mechanical polishing
Lee JD, Park YR, Yoon BU, Han YP, Hah S, Moon JT
G482 - G484 Electrical characterization of GaN metal oxide semiconductor diodes using MgO as the gate oxide
Kim J, Gila B, Mehandru R, Johnson JW, Shin JH, Lee KP, Luo B, Onstine A, Abernathy CR, Pearton SJ, Ren F
G485 - G489 Impact of indium and boron interaction on device performance for short and narrow channel n-metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors
Ong SY, Chor EF, Lee J, See A, Chan L
G490 - G493 Characterization of silicon-on-insulator structures by high-resolution X-ray diffraction
Antonova IV, Popov VP, Bak-Misiuk J, Domagala JZ
G494 - G496 Nondestructive observation of depths and dimensions of subsurface microdefects in Czochralski-grown and epitaxial silicon wafers
Saito H, Goto H, Isogai M, Shirai H, Aiba Y
G497 - G503 Electrical effects of anodic bonding on silicon dioxide situated in pyrex cavities
Schjolberg-Henriksen K, Hanneborg AB, Jensen GU, Lapadatu AC, Jakobsen H
H139 - H145 Electrostatic actuators with intrinsic stress gradient - I. Materials and structures
Chinthakindi AK, Bhusari D, Dusch BP, Musolf J, Willemsen BA, Prophet E, Roberson M, Kohl PA
H146 - H152 Electrostatic actuators with intrinsic stress gradient - II. Performance and modeling
Chinthakindi AK, Kohl PA
H153 - H158 Pt doping of SnO2 thin films - A transmission electron microscopy analysis of the porosity evolution
Matko I, Gaidi M, Chenevier B, Charai A, Saikaly W, Labeau M
A1001 - A1007 Nanostructured lithium manganese oxide cathodes obtained by reducing lithium permanganate with methanol
Im D, Manthiram A
A1008 - A1014 Nitric acid modification of activated carbon electrodes for improvement of electrochemical capacitance
Nian YR, Teng HS
A1015 - A1019 Concentration polarization of a polymer electrolyte
Georen P, Adebahr J, Jacobsson P, Lindbergh G
A1020 - A1024 Safety aspects of graphite negative electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Joho F, Novak P, Spahr ME
A1025 - A1029 Analysis of transient voltage response on a 4 x 4 cm molten carbonate fuel cell by a current pulse method
Xu XZ, Tanimoto K, Kimihiko S
A1030 - A1036 Li-to-network interaction in electrochemically lithiated tin hydrogen phosphate - X-ray diffraction, Li-7 and P-31 magic-angle spinning nuclear magnetic resonance study
Moubtassim MLE, Corredor JI, Lloris JM, Vicente CP, Tirado JL
A1037 - A1044 Hydrated iron phosphates FePO4 center dot nH(2)O and Fe-4(P2O7)(3)center dot nH(2)O as 3 V positive electrodes in rechargeable lithium batteries
Masquelier C, Reale P, Wurm C, Morcrette M, Dupont L, Larcher D
A1045 - A1048 Solvation of lithium ions in mixed organic electrolyte solutions by electrospray ionization mass spectroscopy
Matsuda Y, Fukushima T, Hashimoto H, Arakawa R
A1049 - A1057 Ideally capacitive behavior and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy characterization of polypyrrole - Effects of polymerization temperatures and thickness/coverage
Hu CC, Lin XX
A1058 - A1062 High-capacitance supercapacitor using a nanocomposite electrode of single-walled carbon nanotube and polypyrrole
An KH, Jeon KK, Heo JK, Lim SC, Bae DJ, Lee YH
A1063 - A1068 Thermodynamic analysis of phase diagrams of binary carbonates based on a regular solution model
Ding MS
A1069 - A1078 Performance analysis of polymer-electrolyte water electrolysis cell at a small-unit test cell and performance prediction of large stacked cell
Onda K, Murakami T, Hikosaka T, Kobayashi M, Notu R, Ito K
A1079 - A1082 Nonflammable electrolytes for Li-ion batteries based on a fluorinated phosphate
Xu K, Zhang SS, Allen JL, Jow TR
A1083 - A1091 T-2 and O2Li2/3[CoxNi1/3-x/2Mn2/3-x/2]O-2 electrode materials
Lu ZH, Donaberger RA, Thomas CL, Dahn JR
A1092 - A1099 Development of supported bifunctional electrocatalysts for unitized regenerative fuel cells
Chen GY, Bare SR, Mallouk TE
A1100 - A1105 In situ, real-time Raman microscopy of embedded single particle graphite electrodes
Luo Y, Cai WB, Scherson DA