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Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Vol.147, No.7 Entire volume, number list
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2421 - 2426 Lithium imide electrolytes with two-oxygen-atom-containing cycloalkane solvents for 4 V lithium metal rechargeable batteries
Wang XM, Yasukawa E, Kasuya S
2427 - 2431 Dilatometric investigations of graphite electrodes in nonaqueous lithium battery electrolytes
Winter M, Wrodnigg GH, Besenhard JO, Biberacher W, Novak P
2432 - 2436 Entropy changes due to structural transformation in the graphite anode and phase change of the LiCoO2 cathode
Al Hallaj S, Venkatachalapathy R, Prakash J, Selman JR
2437 - 2444 Chemical and electrochemical characterization of a novel nanocomposite formed from V2O5 and Poly(N-propane sulfonic acid aniline), a self-doped polyaniline
Huguenin F, Gambardella MTD, Torresi RM, de Torresi SI, Buttry DA
2445 - 2450 Evaluation of oxygen transport parameters in H2SO4-CH3OH mixtures using electrochemical methods
Itoe RN, Wesson GD, Kalu EE
2451 - 2455 Relationship between equilibrium hydrogen pressure and exchange current for the hydrogen electrode reaction at MmNi(3.9-x)Mn(0.4)Al(x)Co(0.7) alloy electrodes
Senoh H, Morimoto K, Inoue H, Iwakura C, Notten PHL
2456 - 2461 Photoelectrochemical studies of oriented nanorod thin films of hematite
Beermann N, Vayssieres L, Lindquist SE, Hagfeldt A
2462 - 2467 Ferroelectric materials as a ceramic filler in solid composite polyethylene oxide-based electrolytes
Sun HY, Takeda Y, Imanishi N, Yamamoto O, Sohn HJ
2468 - 2477 An analytical solution of a half-cell model for PEM fuel cells
Gurau V, Barbir F, Liu HT
2478 - 2485 O-2-Type Li-2/3[Ni1/3Mn2/3]O-2: A new layered cathode material for rechargeable lithium batteries - II. Structure, composition, and properties
Paulsen JM, Dahn JR
2486 - 2493 Carbon electrodes for double-layer capacitors - I. Relations between ion and pore dimensions
Salitra G, Soffer A, Eliad L, Cohen Y, Aurbach D
2494 - 2497 Effect of Cu powder as an additive material on the properties of Zr-Based pasted alloy electrodes for Ni/MH batteries
Yu JS, Lee H, Lee PS, Lee JY
2498 - 2502 Ih new carbonaceous material with large capacity and nigh efficiency for rechargeable Li-ion batteries
Wang S, Yata S, Nagano J, Okano Y, Kinoshita H, Kikuta H, Yamabe T
2503 - 2506 Electrochemical and structural characterization of Ti-V-Ni hydrogen storage alloys with BCC structure
Iwakura C, Choi WK, Miyauchi R, Inoue H
2507 - 2512 Electric double-layer capacitor performance of a new mesoporous carbon
Yoon S, Lee JW, Hyeon T, Oh SM
2513 - 2516 Energy storage in hybrid organic-inorganic materials hexacyanoferrate-doped polypyrrole as cathode in reversible lithium cells
Torres-Gomez G, Skaarup S, West K, Gomez-Romero P
2517 - 2524 Chemical and electrochemical characterization of polymer gel electrolytes based on a poly(alkylene oxide) macromonomer for application to lithium batteries
Kono M, Hayashi E, Nishiura M, Watanabe M
2525 - 2531 In situ high-resolution microscopy on duplex stainless steels
Garfias LF, Siconolfi DJ
2532 - 2542 In situ Raman spectroscopic investigation of aqueous iron corrosion at elevated temperatures and pressures
Maslar JE, Hurst WS, Bowers WJ, Hendricks JH, Aquino MI
2543 - 2551 In situ studies of the initial atmospheric corrosion of copper influence of humidity, sulfur dioxide, ozone, and nitrogen dioxide
Aastrup T, Wadsak M, Leygraf C, Schreiner M
2552 - 2555 Enhancement of the instantaneous mass-transfer coefficient in large diameter pipeline under water/oil flow
Wang HW, Hong T, Cai JY, Dewald HD, Jepson WP
2556 - 2562 Storage and release of soluble hexavalent chromium from chromate conversion coatings - Equilibrium aspects of Cr-VI concentration
Xia L, Akiyama E, Frankel G, McCreery R
2563 - 2571 Electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance studies of the passive behavior of Cr in a sulfuric acid solution
Olsson COA, Hamm D, Landolt D
2572 - 2575 Particle codeposition in nanocomposite films
Vereecken PM, Shao I, Searson PC
2576 - 2580 Growth kinetics for copper deposition on Si(100) from pyrophosphate solution
Hoffmann PM, Radisic A, Searson PC
2581 - 2588 Chemical reaction kinetics and growth rate of (Ba, Sr) TiO3 films prepared by liquid source chemical vapor deposition
Fujimoto T, Itoh Y, Okuyama K, Yamada S, Murakami T, Shi FG
2589 - 2596 Kinetics of the iodide titanium process by the thermal decomposition of titanium tetraiodide
Cuevas F, Fernandez JF, Sanchez C
2597 - 2603 Study of redox active C-60/Pd films by simultaneous cyclic voltammetry and piezoelectric microgravimetry at an electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance
Winkler K, Noworyta K, Kutner W, Balch AL
2604 - 2606 Intermittent electroless nickel deposition in a fine trench flip chip bump pad
Lin KL, Chen CL
2607 - 2610 Patterned metallization of diamond and alumina substrates
Chen MS, Dulcey CS, Brandow SL, Leonard DN, Dressick WJ, Calvert JM, Sims CW
2611 - 2613 Electrodeposition of zinc-SiO2 composite
Kondo K, Ohgishi A, Tanaka Z
2614 - 2619 Chlorine evolution at highly boron-doped diamond electrodes
Ferro S, De Battisti A, Duo I, Comninellis C, Haenni W, Perret A
2620 - 2624 Oxygen reduction on Ru1.92Mo0.08SeO4, Ru/carbon, and Pt/carbon in pure and methanol-containing electrolytes
Schmidt TJ, Paulus UA, Gasteiger HA, Alonso-Vante N, Behm RJ
2625 - 2628 The diffusion coefficient of the 1 : 1 gamma-cyclodextrin inclusion complex of C-60 via hydrodynamic modulation at a rotating disk electrode
Feng WJ, Miller B
2629 - 2635 Potential oscillations related to proton concentration in formaldehyde oxidation
Okamoto H, Tanaka N, Naito M
2636 - 2643 Electrochemically modified glassy carbon for capacitor electrodes characterization of thick anodic layers by cyclic voltammetry, differential electrochemical mass spectrometry, spectroscopic ellipsometry, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, FTIR, and AFM
Sullivan MG, Schnyder B, Bartsch M, Alliata D, Barbero C, Imhof R, Kotz R
2644 - 2646 Impedance spectroscopic studies of the electric conduction in polycrystalline beta-Ga2O3
Kiss G, Kovacs K, Perczel IV, Josepovits VK, Fleischer M, Meixner H, Reti F
2647 - 2652 Electrochemistry of solutions as well as simultaneous cyclic voltammetry and piezoelectric microgravimetry of conducting films of 2-(n-alkyl)fulleropyrrolidines
Kutner W, Noworyta K, Deviprasad GR, D'Souza F
2653 - 2657 X-ray diffraction and vibrational spectroscopic studies on PAN-LiTFSI polymer electrolytes
Li JZ, Huang XJ, Chen LQ
2658 - 2664 SiO2 chemical vapor deposition at room temperature using SiCl4 and H2O with an NH3 catalyst
Klaus JW, George SM
2665 - 2670 Thermal stability of fluorocarbon films deposited from pentafluoroethane/argon plasmas
Agraharam S, Hess DW, Kohl PA, Allen SAB
2671 - 2678 Effect of CeO2 addition on the performance of a Ta barrier for high-density memory device applications
Yoon DS, Lee SM, Baik HK
2679 - 2684 Thick SiO2 films obtained by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition using hexamethyldisilazane, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen
Kuo DH, Yang DG
2685 - 2692 A comprehensive model for the gettering of lifetime-killing impurities in silicon
del Canizo C, Luque A
2693 - 2698 Formation of silicon structures by plasma-activated wafer bonding
Amirfeiz P, Bengtsson S, Bergh M, Zanghellini E, Borjesson L
2699 - 2703 Oxidation and induced damage in oxygen plasma in situ wafer bonding
Pasquariello D, Hedlund C, Hjort K
2704 - 2710 Gettering of copper and nickel in p/p(+) epitaxial wafers
Hoelzl R, Huber D, Range KJ, Fabry L, Hage J, Wahlich R
2711 - 2717 Effect of ion bombardment during chemical vapor deposition of TiN films
Park KC, Kim SH, Kim KB
2718 - 2726 Computational algorithm for dynamic optimization of chemical vapor deposition processes in stagnation flow reactors
Raja LL, Kee RJ, Serban R, Petzold LR
2727 - 2733 Influence of tin impurities on the generation and annealing of thermal oxygen donors in Czochralski silicon at 450 degrees C
Neimash VB, Kraitchinskii A, Kras'ko M, Puzenko O, Claeys C, Simoen E, Svensson B, Kuznetsov A
2734 - 2740 Time-dependent surface properties and wafer bonding of O-2-plasma-treated sillicon (100) surfaces
Wiegand M, Reiche M, Gosele U
2741 - 2743 In situ technique for dynamic fluid film pressure measurement during chemical mechanical polishing
Bullen D, Scarfo A, Koch A, Bramono DPY, Coppeta J, Racz L
2744 - 2748 Crystal quality evaluation by electrochemical preferential etching of p-type SiC crystals
Kayambaki M, Tsagaraki K, Cimalla V, Zekentes K, Yakimova R
2749 - 2753 Photoresist removal using low molecular weight alcohols
Kamal T, Hess DW
2754 - 2756 The buried oxide properties in oxygen plasma-enhanced low-temperature wafer bonding
Wu YH, Huang CH, Chen WJ, Lin CN, Chin A
2757 - 2761 Etching of deep macropores in 6 in. Si wafers
van den Meerakker JEAM, Elfrink RJG, Roozeboom F, Verhoeven JFCM
2762 - 2765 Thermal oxidation of high dose aluminum implanted silicon
Iacona F, Raineri V, La Via F, Privitera V, Gasparotto A, Rimini E
2766 - 2772 Characterization of sputtered tantalum carbide barrier layer for copper metallization
Tsai HY, Sun SC, Wang SJ
2773 - 2779 Eu3+ luminescence, Ce4+ -> Eu3+ energy transfer, and white-red light generation in Sr2CeO4
Sankar R, Rao GVS
2780 - 2783 Mechanical and electrochemical characteristics of composites of wired glucose oxidase and hydrophilic graphite
Binyamin G, Cole J, Heller A
2784 - 2795 Adsorption and electrodeposition on SnO2 and WO3 electrodes in 1 M LiClO4/PC - In situ light scattering and in situ atomic force microscopy studies
Isidorsson J, Lindstrom T, Granqvist CG, Herranen M
2796 - 2799 Drift phenomenon of capacitive-type relative humidity sensors in a hot and humid atmosphere
Matsuguchi M, Hirota E, Kuroiwa T, Obara S, Ogura T, Sakai Y
2800 - 2804 Luminescent properties of YNbO4 : Bi phosphors
Han CH, Kim HJ, Chang H, Lee SK, Park JD
2805 - 2813 Selective external oxidation of the intermetallic compound, BaAg5
Vilayannur S, Sandhage KH, Dregia S
2814 - 2821 Oxygen permeability of Ce0.8Gd0.2O2-delta-La0.7Sr0.3MnO3-delta composite membranes
Kharton VV, Kovalevsky AV, Viskup AP, Figueiredo FM, Yaremchenko AA, Naumovich EN, Marques FMB
2822 - 2829 Improvement of grain-boundary conductivity of 8 mol % yttria-stabilized zirconia by precursor scavenging of siliceous phase
Lee JH, Mori T, Li JG, Ikegami T, Komatsu M, Haneda H
2830 - 2834 Formation, sinterability, and characteristics of La(Cr1-xMgx)O-3 prepared by a sol-gel technique using hydrazine
Azegami K, Yoshinaka M, Hirota K, Yamaguchi O
2835 - 2843 Electrochemical determination of the oxygen permeability of La1-xCaxCrO3-delta (x=0.27)
Lee DK, Yoo HI