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Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Vol.147, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4651 (Print) 

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1 - 8 A Sn-119 Mossbauer spectrometry study of Li-SnO anode materials for Li-ion cells
Hightower A, Delcroix P, Le Caer G, Huang CK, Ratnakumar BV, Ahn CC, Fultz B
9 - 14 Synthesis of cyclic aza-ether compounds and studies of their use as anion receptors in nonaqueous lithium halide salts solution
Lee HS, Sun X, Yang XQ, McBreen J, Callahan JH, Choi LS
15 - 20 Electrochemical properties and thermal stability of LiaNi1-xCoxO2 cathode materials
Cho JP, Jung HS, Park YC, Kim GB, Lim HS
21 - 24 A new class of electrochemically and thermally stable lithium salts for lithium battery electrolytes V. Synthesis and properties of lithium bis[2,3-pyridinediolato(2-)-O,O ']borate
Barthel J, Schmid A, Gores HJ
25 - 33 Evidence for slow droplet formation during cubic-to-tetragonal phase transition in LixMn2O4 spinel
Levi MD, Gamolsky K, Aurbach D, Heider U, Oesten R
34 - 37 High-temperature proton conducting membranes based on perfluorinated ionomer membrane-ionic liquid composites
Doyle M, Choi SK, Proulx G
38 - 42 High-capacity electric double-layer capacitor with high-density-activated carbon fiber electrodes
Nakagawa H, Shudo A, Miura K
43 - 49 Application of Pd-based electrodes as hydrogen diffusion anodes in alkaline fuel cells
Cabot PL, Guezala E, Calpe JC, Garcia MT, Casado J
50 - 58 Electrochemical impedance analysis for lithium ion intercalation into graphitized carbons
Chang YC, Sohn HJ
59 - 70 Preferred orientation of polycrystalline LiCoO2 films
Bates JB, Dudney NJ, Neudecker BJ, Hart FX, Jun HP, Hackney SA
71 - 77 Modeling and simulation of steady-state polarization and impedance response of phosphoric acid fuel-cell cathodes with catalyst-layer microstructure consideration
Yang SC
78 - 86 Characterization of corrosion products of AB(5)-type hydrogen storage alloys for nickel-metal hydride batteries
Maurel F, Knosp B, Backhaus-Ricoult M
87 - 91 La0.6Ba0.4CoO3 as a cathode material for solid oxide fuel cells using a BaCeO3 electrolyte
Koyama M, Wen C, Yamada K
92 - 98 Water and methanol uptakes in nafion membranes and membrane effects on direct methanol cell performance
Ren X, Springer TE, Gottesfeld S
99 - 110 Computer simulations of the impedance response of lithium rechargeable batteries
Doyle M, Meyers JP, Newman J
111 - 118 Preparation of thin cation-exchange membranes using glow discharge plasma polymerization and its reactions
Uchimoto Y, Endo E, Yasuda K, Yamasaki Y, Takehara Z, Ogumi Z, Kitao O
119 - 124 Evidence for Cu ion formation by dissolution and dealloying the Al2CuMg intermetallic compound in rotating ring-disk collection experiments
Buchheit RG, Martinez MA, Montes LP
125 - 131 An eigenvalue analysis of coupled differential equations in regard to corrosion inhibition
McCafferty E
132 - 139 Influence of thermal and surface treatments on distributions of lead in Al-Pb foils
Ashitaka Z, Thompson GE, Skeldon P, Wood GC, Habazaki H, Shimizu K
140 - 148 Pit growth study in Al alloys by the foil penetration technique
Sehgal A, Frankel GS, Zoofan B, Rokhlin S
149 - 154 Electrochemical behavior of aluminum during chemical mechanical polishing in phosphoric acid base slurry
Kuo HS, Tsai WT
155 - 159 Microelectrochemical studies on the influence of Cr and Mo on nucleation events of fitting corrosion
Kobayashi Y, Virtanen S, Bohni H
160 - 163 Microstructural study on the functionally graded magnetic thin films prepared by electroless deposition
Homma T, Kita Y, Osaka T
164 - 175 Modeling of silicon carbide epitaxial growth in hot-wall chemical vapor deposition processes
Lofgren PM, Ji W, Hallin C, Gu CY
176 - 188 Acid-based etching of silicon wafers: Mass-transfer and kinetic effects
Kulkarni MS, Erk HF
189 - 197 Electrodeposition of iron-group metals and binary alloys from sulfate baths II. Modeling
Sasaki KY, Talbot JB
198 - 202 Codeposition of hydrophilic and hydrophobic silica with copper from acid copper sulfate baths
Terzieva V, Fransaer J, Celis JP
203 - 209 Metallorganic chemical vapor deposition of Ru and RuO2 using ruthenocene precursor and oxygen gas
Park SE, Kim HM, Kim KB, Min SH
210 - 213 Characterization of boron-incorporated zinc oxide film chemically prepared from an aqueous solution
Izaki M, Katayama J
214 - 218 Structural, compositional, optical, and electrical properties of solution-grown ZnxCd1-xS films
Al Kuhaimi SA, Tulbah Z
219 - 226 Organic additives in the electrochemical preparation of soft magnetic CoNiFe films
Tabakovic I, Riemer S, Inturi V, Jallen P, Thayer A
227 - 232 Theory of filling of high-aspect ratio trenches and vias in presence of additives
West AC
233 - 237 Electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide at Cu electrode under ultrasonic irradiation
Ohta K, Suda K, Kaneco S, Mizuno T
238 - 241 Electrocatalytic and analytical responses of 10-methylphenothiazine toward reduced glutathione
Gong X, Li HL
242 - 247 Electroactive polymer films formed from the Schiff base product of 1,8-diaminonaphthalene and dehydroacetic acid I. Preparation and characterization
El-Rahman HAA, Hathoot AA, El-Bagoury M, Abdel-Azzem M
248 - 255 Mediated approach for the electrochemical reduction of chlorobenzenes in nonaqueous media
Guena T, Wang L, Gattrell M, MacDougall B
256 - 259 Electrochemical synthesis of aliphatic 1,3-dinitro compounds
Niazimbetova ZI, Evans DH, Liable-Sands LM, Rheingold AL
260 - 265 Production of ethylene oxide via catalytic reduction of 2-bromo- and 2-iodoethanol by cobalt(I) cyclam and nickel(I) cyclam electrogenerated at carbon cathodes
Semones MA, Peters DG
266 - 271 An electrochemical and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopic study of the aqueous oxidation of quadricyclane and nortricyclanol
White K, Buttry DA
272 - 276 Conductivity relaxation study of the cubic and tetragonal Zn2-x/2Ti1-xTaxO4
Takai S, Asahi Y, Esaka T
277 - 282 Photoresist-derived carbon for microelectromechanical systems and electrochemical applications
Ranganathan S, McCreery R, Majji SM, Madou M
283 - 288 Internal and external oxidation of Pt(Al) solid solution at elevated temperatures
Nanko M, Ozawa M, Maruyama T
289 - 295 Electrode behavior of hydrogen reduction in LiCl-KCl melt -Voltammetric analysis
Ito H, Hasegawa Y
296 - 307 O-2 mass-transfer function for polymer-filmed metal electrodes - Application to the linear sweep voltammetry method
Diard JP, Le Gorrec B, Montella C
308 - 317 Thick active layers of electrochemically modified glassy carbon - Electrochemical impedance studies
Sullivan MG, Kotz R, Haas O
318 - 325 Design and characterization of a rotating electrochemical quartz-crystal-microbalance electrode
Kern P, Landolt D
326 - 329 Thickness-dependent electrical properties of Pb(Zr, Ti)O-3 thin film capacitors for memory device applications
Kundu TK, Lee JYM
330 - 334 Comprehensive investigation on fluorosilicate glass prepared by temperature-difference-based liquid-phase deposition
Yeh CF, Lee YC, Wu KH, Su YC, Lee SC
335 - 339 Thermal curing of hydrogen silsesquioxane
Siew YK, Sarkar G, Hu X, Hui J, See A, Chua CT
340 - 344 Growth mechanism of silicon deposited by atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition on different ceramic substrates
von Ehrenwall B, Braun A, Wagemann HG
345 - 349 Phosphorus concentration limitation in Czochralski silicon crystals
Chiou HD
350 - 353 Reduction of grown-in defects by high temperature annealing
Adachi N, Hisatomi T, Sano M, Tsuya H
354 - 362 Double SIMOX structures formed by sequential high energy oxygen implantation into silicon
Hatzopoulos N, Skorupa W, Siapkas DI
363 - 367 Thin films of amorphous silicon-germanium alloys prepared by radio-frequency magnetron sputtering
Maruyama T, Fujii H
368 - 372 Reliability of multistacked chemical vapor deposited Ti/TiN structure as the diffusion barrier in ultralarge scale integrated metallization
Liu PT, Chang TC, Hu JC, Yang YL, Sze SM
373 - 380 Effects of Ti-capping on formation and stability of Co silicide I. Solid phase reaction of Ti to Co/Si system
Sohn DK, Park JS, Park JW
381 - 385 Humidity sensor using chemically synthesized poly(1,5-diaminonaphthalene) doped with carbon
Shim YB, Park JH
386 - 389 Trapping centers in CaS : Bi3+ and CaS : En(2+),Tm3+
Jia DD, Zhu J, Wu BQ
390 - 393 Room temperature hydrogen sensor based on SnO2 : La2O3
Reddy CVG, Manorama SV
394 - 394 Reactions in the system O-2-NO-N2O in a conventional furnace. II. Chemical reactions between O-2 and NO (vol 146, pg 4586, 1999)
Akermark T, Ganem JJ, Trimaille I, Rigo S