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Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Vol.146, No.12 Entire volume, number list
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4335 - 4338 Phase separation tendencies of aluminum-doped transition-metal oxides (LiAl1-xMxO2) in the alpha-NaFeO2 crystal structure
Buta S, Morgan D, Van der Ven A, Aydinol MK, Ceder G
4339 - 4347 Electrochemical studies of substituted spinel thin films
Striebel KA, Rougier A, Horne CR, Reade RP, Cairns EJ
4348 - 4353 Investigation of ramsdellite titanates as possible new negative electrode materials for Li batteries
Gover RKB, Tolchard JR, Tukamoto H, Murai T, Irvine JTS
4354 - 4359 Influence of ionomer content in catalyst layers on direct methanol fuel cell performance
Thomas SC, Ren X, Gottesfeld S
4360 - 4365 Double-layer capacitance in a dual lithium ion insertion cell
Ong IJ, Newman J
4366 - 4370 A new activation process for a Zr-based alloy as a negative electrode for Ni/MH electric vehicle batteries
Yu JS, Lee H, Lee SM, Lee JY
4371 - 4374 Synthesis and lithium intercalation properties of nanocrystalline lithium iron oxides
Kim J, Manthiram A
4375 - 4379 Li/beta-VOPO4: A new 4 V system for lithium batteries
Gaubicher J, Le Mercier T, Chabre Y, Angenault J, Quarton M
4380 - 4385 Application of a crystallographic index for improvement of the electrolytic properties of the CeO2-Sm2O3 system
Mori T, Ikegami T, Yamamura H
4386 - 4392 Stability of AB ' B-1/2 '' O-1/2(3)-type mixed perovskite proton conductors
Bhide SV, Virkar AV
4393 - 4400 In situ concentration cartography in the neighborhood of dendrites growing in lithium/polymer-electrolyte/lithium cells
Brissot C, Rosso M, Chazalviel JN, Lascaud S
4401 - 4405 The insertion mechanism of lithium into Mg2Si anode material for Li-ion batteries
Kim H, Choi J, Sohn HJ, Kang T
4406 - 4409 Solar cell module coated with fluorescent coloring agent
Maruyama T, Bandai J
4410 - 4418 Ionic conductivity and electrochemical characterization of novel microporous composite polymer electrolytes
Xu W, Siow KS, Gao ZQ, Lee SY
4419 - 4423 The influence of adsorbed oxo-Cr(VI) species on the zeta potential in the porous oxide of anodized aluminum
Kendig M, Addison R, Jeanjaquet S
4424 - 4428 The electrochemical characteristics of bulk-synthesized Al2CuMg
Buchheit RG, Montes LP, Martinez MA, Michael J, Hlava PF
4429 - 4438 Effects of Nb and Zr alloying additions on the activation behavior of Ti in hydrochloric acid
Yu SY, Brodrick CW, Ryan MP, Scully JR
4439 - 4448 Stress-corrosion cracking of low-dielectric-constant spin-on-glass thin films
Cook RF, Liniger EG
4449 - 4454 Probing coating degradation on AA2024-T3 using local electrochemical and chemical techniques
Mierisch AM, Yuan J, Kelly RG, Taylor SR
4455 - 4460 Atomic force microscopy study of microbiologically influenced corrosion of mild steel
Xu LC, Fang HHP, Chan KY
4461 - 4472 Influence of dichromate ions on corrosion of pure aluminum and AA2024-T3 in NaCl solution studied by AFM scratching
Schmutz P, Frankel GS
4473 - 4476 A kinetic study of direct copper plating via Pd catalyst and S ligand
Yang CH, Wang YY, Wan CC
4477 - 4484 Control of composition and conduction type of CdTe film electrodeposited from ammonia alkaline aqueous solutions
Murase K, Watanabe H, Mori S, Hirato T, Awakura Y
4485 - 4489 Alternatives to hydrogen fluoride for photoelectrochemical etching of silicon
Rieger MM, Flake JC, Kohl PA
4490 - 4498 Nucleation and adhesion of diamond films on Co cemented tungsten carbide
Polini R, Santarelli M, Traversa E
4499 - 4503 Transport phenomena that control electroplated copper filling of submicron vias and trenches
Takahashi KM, Gross ME
4504 - 4513 Investigation of electrocodeposition using a rotating cylinder electrode
Stojak JL, Talbot JB
4514 - 4516 A study of hydrogen evolution at irradiated p-InP electrodes in nitric acid solutions
Quinlan KP
4517 - 4521 Preparation of transparent and conductive zinc oxide films by optimization of the two-step electrolysis technique
Izaki M
4522 - 4525 Preparation of ultrathin layers of polythiophene covalently bonded to silicon
Fikus A, Plieth W, Appelhans D, Ferse D, Adler HJ, Adolphi B, Schmitt FJ
4526 - 4534 Electrolytic preparation of isotopically enriched hard chromium layers on gold backings for nuclear reaction studies
Klein ATJ, Rosch F, Qaim SM
4535 - 4538 Comparison of chemically and electrochemically synthesized polyaniline films
Hatchett DW, Josowicz M, Janata J
4539 - 4543 Use of an acidic Fe/O-2 cell for wastewater treatment: Degradation of aniline
Brillas E, Sauleda R, Casado J
4544 - 4550 In situ optoelectrochemical approach for the dynamic property study of polypyrrole thin film by quartz crystal combined with UV-visible advanced design
Kim JM, Chang SM, Muramatsu H
4551 - 4558 The influence of surface interactions on the reversibility of ferri/ferrocyanide at boron-doped diamond thin-film electrodes
Granger MC, Swain GM
4559 - 4564 The adsorption behavior of a rutheninm-based sensitizing dye to nanocrystalline TiO2 - Coverage effects on the external and internal sensitization quantum yields
Fillinger A, Parkinson BA
4565 - 4568 Compatibility of the low-dielectric-constant poly(arylether) with the electroless copper deposition solution
Hsu DT, Iskandar M, Shi FG, Lopatin S, Shacham-Diamand Y, Tong HY, Zhao B, Brongo M, Vasudev PK
4569 - 4579 Differential thermal analysis of glass mixtures containing SiO2, GeO2, B2O3, and P2O5
Croswell RT, Reisman A, Simpson DL, Temple D, Williams CK
4580 - 4585 Reactions in the system O-2-NO-SiO2 in a conventional furnace -I. Oxygen exchange reactions
Akermark T, Ganem JJ, Trimaille I, Rigo S
4586 - 4589 Reactions in the system O-2-NO-SiO2 in a conventional furnace -II. Chemical reactions between O-2 and NO
Akermark T, Ganem JJ, Trimaille I, Rigo S
4590 - 4596 Thermal decomposition of low dielectric constant pulsed plasma fluorocarbon films - I. Effect of precursors and substrate temperature
Cruden B, Chu K, Gleason K, Sawin H
4597 - 4604 Thermal decomposition of low dielectric constant pulsed plasma fluorocarbon films - II. Effect of postdeposition annealing and ambients
Cruden B, Chu K, Gleason K, Sawin H
4605 - 4610 Selective area excimer-laser crystallization of amorphous silicon thin films
Viatella J, Lee SM, Singh RK
4611 - 4618 Properties of Si1-x-yGexCy epitaxial films grown by ultrahigh vacuum chemical vapor deposition
John S, Quinones EJ, Ferguson B, Ray SK, Anantharam B, Middlebrooks S, Mullins CB, Ekerdt J, Rawlings J, Banerjee SK
4619 - 4625 Validation of a large area three-dimensional erosion simulator for chemical mechanical polishing
Runnels SR, Miceli F, Kim I
4626 - 4629 Fluorine incorporation effects in Cl-2 plasma etching of silicon: Quadrupole mass spectrometer analysis
Kang SY, Lee SK, Lee HJ, Kwon KH, Choi BG, Song YH, Lee JH, Cho KI
4630 - 4633 Oxidation behavior of nitrogen implanted dichlorosilane-based W-polycide gate
Kim HS, Yeo IS, Lee SM, Lee SD, Lee SK
4634 - 4639 The effect of the nucleation temperature on the variation of the microstructure of Czochralski silicon after two- and three-step anneals
Kung CY, Tsuy FC, Lee HM
4640 - 4646 Surface recombination velocity from photocurrent measurements -Validation and applications
Polignano ML, Bellafiore N, Caputo D, Caricato AP, Modelli A, Zonca R
4647 - 4653 Chemical mechanical polishing of Al and SiO2 thin films: The role of consumables
Hernandez J, Wrschka P, Hsu Y, Kuan TS, Oehrlein GS, Sun HJ, Hansen DA, King J, Fury MA
4654 - 4658 Control of Y2O3 : Eu spherical particle phosphor size, assembly properties, and performance for FED and HDTV
Jing X, Ireland T, Gibbons C, Barber DJ, Silver J, Vecht A, Fern G, Trowga P, Morton DC
4659 - 4665 Bifurcation analysis of thermal runaway in microwave heating of ceramics
Gupta N, Midha V, Balakotaiah V, Economou DJ
4666 - 4671 Influence of the composition on the copper diffusion in copper sulfides - Study by impedance spectroscopy
Cassaignon S, Sanchez S, Guillemoles JF, Vedel J, Meier HG
4672 - 4675 Oxygen self-diffusion in cylindrical single-crystal mullite
Ikuma Y, Shimada E, Sakano S, Oishi M, Yokoyama M, Nakagawa ZE
4676 - 4676 Report on the electrolytic industries for the year 1998 (vol 146, pg 3924, 1999)
Mah DT, Weidner JW, Motupally S
4676 - 4676 Transport phenomena in chemical mechanical polishing (vol 146, pg 4263, 1999)
Subramanian RS, Zhang L, Babu SV