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Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Vol.145, No.10 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4651 (Print) 

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3313 - 3319 Protonic and native conduction in Sr-substituted LaPO4 studied by thermoelectric power measurements
Amezawa K, Kjelstrup S, Norby T, Ito Y
3320 - 3328 Template electropolymerization of polypyrrole nanostructures on highly ordered pyrolytic graphite step and pit defects
Noll JD, Nicholson MA, Van Patten PG, Chung CW, Myrick ML
3328 - 3334 Computational studies of lithium intercalation in model graphite in the presence of tetrahydrofuran
Marquez A, Vargas A, Balbuena PB
3335 - 3339 Electrochemical stability of p-GaInP2 in aqueous electrolytes toward photoelectrochemical water splitting
Khaselev O, Turner JA
3339 - 3346 Pulsed electrodeposition synthesis and hydrogen absorption properties of nanostructured palladium-iron alloy films
Bryden KJ, Ying JY
3346 - 3350 Ion association and solvation studies of LiClO4 ethylene carbonate electrolyte by Raman and infrared spectroscopy
Wang ZX, Huang BY, Xue RJ, Chen LQ, Huang XJ
3351 - 3357 Thermogravimetric mass and infrared spectroscopic properties and humidity sensitivity of polyaniline derivatives polyvinyl alcohol composites
Ogura K, Shiigi H, Nakayama M, Fujii A
3358 - 3365 Optimization of the positive active material capacity in lead-acid cells through control of the basic lead sulfate precursor
Grugeon-Dewaele S, Laruelle S, Torcheux L, Tarascon JM, Delahaye-Vidal A
3366 - 3373 Adsorption of thiourea on copper electrodes monitored by in situ infrared spectroscopy
Papapanayiotou D, Nuzzo RN, Alkire RC
3374 - 3378 Catalytic reduction of diphenyl disulfide by cobalt(I) salen electrogenerated at a carbon cathode in acetonitrile
Samide MJ, Peters DG
3378 - 3382 Formation of catalytic Pd on ZnO thin films for electroless metal deposition
Sun RD, Tryk DA, Hashimoto K, Fujishima A
3383 - 3386 LiCuxMn2-xO4 spinels (0.1 <= x <= 0.5) : A new class of cathode materials for Li batteries - II. In situ measurements
Ein-Eli Y, Lu SH, Rzeznik MA
3387 - 3391 Determination of internal cell pressures in sealed Ni-MH rechargeable batteries using Zr0.9Ti0.1(Mn0.7V0.5Ni1.2)(0.92) hydrogen-storage alloys
Kim DM, Lee H, Jang KJ, Lee JY
3392 - 3400 Synthesis of MnO2 phases from LiMn2O4 in aqueous acidic media -Mechanisms of phase transformations, reactivity, and effect of Bi species
Larcher D, Courjal P, Urbina RH, Gerand B, Blyr A, du Pasquier A, Tarascon JM
3418 - 3427 Micro-macroscopic coupled modeling of batteries and fuel cells - II. Application to nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride cells
Gu WB, Wang CY, Liaw BY
3427 - 3434 Mechanistic aspects of phenol electrochemical degradation by oxidation on a Ta/PbO2 anode
Tahar NB, Savall A
3435 - 3440 14.1% CuIn1-xGaxSe2-based photovoltaic cells from electrodeposited precursors
Bhattacharya RN, Batchelor W, Wiesner H, Hasoon F, Granata JE, Ramanathan K, Alleman J, Keane J, Mason A, Matson RJ, Noufi RN
3440 - 3443 The structure of a 3 V LixMnO cathode and its change upon electrochemical lithiation
Levi E, Zinigrad E, Teller H, Levi MD, Aurbach D
3444 - 3449 Electrogeneration of hydroperoxide ion using an alkaline fuel cell
Alcaide F, Brillas E, Cabot PL
3450 - 3455 An investigation of composite electrolytes by mixing polyethylene oxide- and polytetramethylene glycol-based waterborne polyurethane with the addition of LiClO4 propylene carbonate
Wen TC, Chang JS, Cheng TT
3456 - 3462 Growth and characterization of Eu : Y2O3 thin-film phosphors on silicon and diamond-coated silicon substrates
Cho KG, Kumar D, Jones SL, Lee DG, Holloway PH, Singh RK
3463 - 3471 Methanol tolerant oxygen reduction catalysts based on transition metal sulfides
Reeve RW, Christensen PA, Hamnett A, Haydock SA, Roy SC
3482 - 3486 An advanced tool for the selection of electrolyte components for rechargeable lithium batteries
Peled E, Golodnitsky D, Menachem C, Bar-Tow D
3487 - 3492 Gradual internal methane reforming in intermediate-temperature solid-oxide fuel cells
Vernoux P, Guindet J, Kleitz M
3493 - 3499 Heat-treated iron(III) tetramethoxyphenyl porphyrin supported on high-area carbon as an electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction - I. Characterization of the electrocatalyst
Gojkovic SL, Gupta S, Savinell RF
3500 - 3507 Sulfamides and glymes as aprotic solvents for lithium batteries
Choquette Y, Brisard G, Parent M
3507 - 3512 Sputtered cobalt-carbon-nitrogen thin films as oxygen reduction electrocatalysts - I. Physical and electrochemical characterization
Deng CZ, Dignam MJ
3513 - 3520 Sputtered cobalt-carbon-nitrogen thin films as oxygen reduction electrocatalysts - II. Electrochemical stability and proposed mechanism
Deng CZ, Dignam MJ
3521 - 3530 Steady-state modeling of a parallel-plate electrochemical fluorination reactor
Jha K, Bauer GL, Weidner JW
3530 - 3534 Effect of temperature on the voltammetric behavior of poly-o-toluidine
Florit MI, Posadas D
3550 - 3556 Electrical characterization of the semiconducting properties of n-TiO2
Ben Farah M, Lapicque F, Matlosz M
3556 - 3560 Sublimation studies of SiC by using a quadrupole mass spectrometer
Sadowski H, Helbig R
3560 - 3569 Highly purified silane gas for advanced silicon semiconductor devices
Ohki A, Ohmi T, Date J, Kijima T
3569 - 3580 A two-dimensional model of chemical vapor infiltration with radio-frequency heating - II. Strategies to achieve complete densification
Midha V, Economou DJ
3581 - 3585 Method for measuring deep levels in thin silicon-on-insulator layer without any interface effects
Kang HS, Ahn CG, Kang BK, Kwon YK
3585 - 3589 Dopant effects on lateral silicide growth in self-aligned titanium silicide process
Park JS, Byun JS, Sohn DK, Lee BH, Park JW, Kim JJ
3590 - 3594 Effects of CoSi2 on p(+) polysilicon gates fabricated by BF2+ implantation into CoSi amorphous Si bilayers
Cheng HC, Lai WK, Liu HW, Juang MH
3594 - 3602 Optimization of the growth of CdTe thin films formed by electrochemical atomic layer epitaxy in an automated deposition system
Colletti LP, Stickney JL
3602 - 3609 Low thermal budget in situ surface cleaning for selective silicon epitaxy
Celik SM, Ozturk MC
3609 - 3612 Etching of SiC using inductively coupled plasma
Cao LH, Li BH, Zhao JH
3613 - 3615 A 10% Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 based photovoltaic structure formed by electrodeposition and subsequent thermal processing
Sebastian PJ, Calixto ME, Bhattacharya RN, Noufi R
3615 - 3620 Relationship between structural and optical properties in polycrystalline silicon films prepared at low temperature by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Milovzorov D, Inokuma T, Kurata Y, Hasegawa S
3621 - 3627 Elastic bending of semiconductor wafer revisited and comments on Stoney's equation
3628 - 3631 Drastic improvements of gate oxide reliability by argon annealing compared with hydrogen annealing
Yamada N, Yamada-Kaneta H
3632 - 3637 From ZnO colloids to nanocrystalline highly conductive films
Hilgendorff M, Spanhel L, Rothenhausler C, Muller G
3638 - 3646 Experimental methods for investigating the defect properties of SiO2 in metal oxide semiconductor transistors
Weber W, Thewes R
3647 - 3667 Capacity fade mechanisms and side reactions in lithium-ion batteries
Arora P, White RE, Doyle M
3668 - 3696 Report of the electrolytic industries for the year 1997
Vreeke MS, Mah DT, Doyle CM
3697 - 3697 PtRu alloy colloids as precursors for fuel cell catalysts. A combined XPS, AFM, HRTEM, and RDE study (vol 145, pg 925, 1998)
Schmidt TJ, Noeske M, Gasteiger HA, Behm RJ, Britz P, Bonnemann H
3697 - 3697 Mott-Schottky analysis of nanometer-scale thin-film anatase TiO2 (vol 144, pg 1723, 1997)
van de Krol R, Goossens A, Schoonman J
3697 - 3697 Recombination centers created by Ar+-ion implantation into SIMOX substrates (vol 145, pg 1795, 1998)
Takahashi M, Sakakibara Y, Ohno T