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Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Vol.144, No.5 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4651 (Print) 

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L95 - L97 Acid-Doped Polybenzimidazole as the Membrane of Electrochemical Hydrogen Sensors
Bouchet R, Siebert E, Vitter G
L97 - L99 Ultrathin N2O-Oxide with Atomically Flat Interfaces
Chin A, Chen WJ, Lin BC, Kao JH, Tsai C, Huang JC
1529 - 1536 Confocal Microscopy for Simultaneous Imaging of Cu Electrodeposit Morphology and Adsorbate Fluorescence
Chung DS, Alkire RC
1537 - 1543 A Study of the Electrochemical Redox Behavior of Electrochemically Precipitated Nickel Hydroxides Using Electrochemical Quartz-Crystal Microbalance
Kim MS, Hwang TS, Kim KB
1543 - 1548 Methanol Oxidation on Single-Phase Pt-Ru-Os Ternary Alloys
Ley KL, Liu RX, Pu C, Fan QB, Leyarovska N, Segre C, Smotkin ES
1549 - 1553 Electrochromic 1,1’-Dialkyl-4,4’-Bipyridilium-Incorporated Nafion Electrodes
Mortimer RJ, Dillingham JL
1553 - 1559 Lithiated MnO2 Phases as Cathodes for 3-V Li and Li-Ion Cells
Pistoia G, Antonini A
1560 - 1566 Potentiostatic Deposition Model of Iron-Nickel Alloys on the Rotating-Disk Electrode in the Presence of Organic Additive
Yin KM
1566 - 1574 In-Situ Electrochemical and Electron-Spin-Resonance Studies of Microcrystals Mechanically Attached to an Electrode Surface
Bond AM, Fiedler DA
1574 - 1581 Theoretical Prediction of the Scan Rate Dependencies of the Fitting Potential and the Probability-Distribution in the Induction Time
Haruna T, Macdonald DD
1581 - 1585 Early Stages of Passive Film Formation on Chromium Studied by 3-Parameter Ellipsometry
Kim C, Paik WK
1586 - 1590 Potential-pH Diagrams for Sulfur and Oxygen Adsorbed on Chromium in Water
Marcus P, Protopopoff E
1591 - 1597 Kinetics of Oxygen Reduction on Pt(Hkl) Electrodes - Implications for the Crystallite Size Effect with Supported Pt Electrocatalysts
Markovic N, Gasteiger H, Ross PN
1598 - 1603 In Site X-Ray-Absorption Fine-Structure Studies of a Manganese-Dioxide Electrode in a Rechargeable MnO2/Zn Alkaline Battery Environment
Mo YB, Hu YN, Bae IT, Miller B, Antonio MR, Scherson DA
1604 - 1609 Surface-Enhanced Raman-Spectroscopy of Iron-Oxide Thin-Films - Comparison with the Passive Film on Iron
Oblonsky LJ, Virtanen S, Schroeder V, Devine TM
1609 - 1613 Effect of Structure on the Fe3+/Fe2+ Redox Couple in Iron Phosphates
Padhi AK, Nanjundaswamy KS, Masquelier C, Okada S, Goodenough JB
1614 - 1620 Cooperative Stochastic-Behavior in Localized Corrosion .1. Model
Wu B, Scully JR, Hudson JL, Mikhailov AS
1620 - 1629 Cooperative Stochastic-Behavior in Localized Corrosion .2. Experiments
Lunt TT, Pride ST, Scully JR, Hudson JL, Mikhailov AS
1630 - 1634 Charging Capacity and Cycling Stability of Vox Films Prepared by Pulsed-Laser Deposition
Zhang JG, Mcgraw JM, Turner J, Ginley D
1635 - 1646 Electrochemical Characteristics of Cathodes in Solid Oxide Fuel-Cells Based on Ceria Electrolytes
Godickemeier M, Sasaki K, Gauckler LJ, Riess I
1646 - 1651 Kinetics and Mechanism of the Magnesium Electrode-Reaction in Molten Mgcl2-NaCl Binary-Mixtures
Kisza A, Kazmierczak J, Borresen B, Haarberg GM, Tunold R
1652 - 1659 Resistance to Silver Electrolytic Migration for Thick-Film Conductors Prepared from Mixed and Alloyed Powders of Ag-15Pd and Ag-30Pd
Lin JC, Chuang JY
1659 - 1663 Displacement Deposition of Sn from Fluoride Solutions on Pd Predeposited (100)Si Substrate
Longo C, Sumodjo PT, Sanz F
1664 - 1671 Mechanism of WO3 Electrodeposition from Peroxy-Tungstate Solution
Meulenkamp EA
1672 - 1680 Induced Codeposition .3. Molybdenum Alloys with Nickel, Cobalt, and Iron
Podlaha EJ, Landolt D
1680 - 1685 Novel Nanodisperse Composite Cathode for Rechargeable Lithium/Polymer Batteries
Striebel KA, Wen SJ, Ghantous DI, Cairns EJ
1686 - 1690 Electrochemical Study of the Gold Thiosulfate Reduction
Sullivan AM, Kohl PA
1690 - 1696 Further Investigation of the Reduction of Alkyl Bromides at P-InP Photocathodes - Hot or Thermalized Electrons
Groner MD, Watts DK, Koval CA
1696 - 1698 A Novel Activation Process for Autocatalytic Electroless Deposition on Silicon Substrates
Karmalkar S, Sridhar D, Banerjee J
1698 - 1703 Interfacial Electrical-Properties of Electroless Ni Contacts Formed Using Self-Assembling Monolayers on Silicon
Lynch JE, Pehrsson PE, Leonard DN, Calvert JM
1704 - 1708 Synthesis and Electrochemical Characteristics of Ni1-Xmn2O4 Cathodes for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
Hernan L, Morales J, Sanchez L, Santos J
1709 - 1713 Surface Characterization of Electrodeposited Lithium Anode with Enhanced Cycleability Obtained by CO2 Addition
Osaka T, Momma T, Matsumoto Y, Uchida Y
1713 - 1717 Visualization of the Active Zone of an Irregular Electrode by Optical-Absorption
Rosso M, Huttel Y, Chassaing E, Sapoval B, Gutfraind R
1717 - 1723 Mathematical-Modeling of Proton-Exchange-Membrane Fuel-Cell Stacks
Thirumalai D, White RE
1723 - 1727 Mott-Schottky Analysis of Nanometer-Scale Thin-Film Anatase TiO2
Vandekrol R, Goossens A, Schoonman J
1728 - 1733 Study on the Electrochemical Properties of Fe2O3-TiO2 Films Prepared by Sol-Gel Process
Wu Y, Hu LL, Jiang ZH, Ke Q
1734 - 1738 Fractal Dimension of Platinum Particles Dispersed in Highly Porous Carbonized Polyacrylonitrile Microcellular Foam
Ye SY, Vijh AK, Dao LH
1739 - 1743 Effect of Ionic-Conductivity of Zirconia Electrolytes on the Polarization Behavior of Ceria-Based Anodes in Solid Oxide Fuel-Cells
Watanabe M, Uchida H, Yoshida M
1744 - 1750 Local-Structure and Vibrational Spectroscopy of Disordered Carbons for Li Batteries - Neutron-Scattering Studies
Zhou P, Papanek P, Lee R, Fischer JE, Kamitakahara WA
1750 - 1753 Sensing Mechanism of a Carbon-Monoxide Sensor-Based on Anatase Titania
Akbar SA, Younkman LB
1754 - 1759 Leakage Performance and Breakdown Mechanism of Silicon-Rich Oxide and Fluorinated Oxide Prepared by Electron-Cyclotron-Resonance Chemical-Vapor-Deposition
Chang KM, Wang SW, Yeh TH, Li CH, Luo JJ
1760 - 1764 Optimized Grating Formation for Optoelectronic Devices
Han SK, Choi BH
1765 - 1773 Numerical-Simulation of Metallorganic Chemical-Vapor-Deposition of Copper in a Single-Wafer Reactor
Kim BM, Lee HH
1774 - 1776 Effect of Fluorocarbon Polymer Buildup an Etching in O-2/Ar and CF4/Chf3/Ar Plasma
Lee DD, Lee HS, Kim SW, Baik KH
1777 - 1780 Deposition of Copper-Films on Silicon from Cupric Sulfate and Hydrofluoric-Acid
Lee MK, Wang JJ, Wang HD
1780 - 1784 Characterization of Titanium Etching in Cl-2/N-2 Plasmas
Muthukrishnan AM, Amberiadis K, Elshabiniriad A
1785 - 1789 Diffusion-Induced Precipitation Model of Arsenic in Arsenosilicate Glass
Nguyen T, Hsu ST, Nguyen TD
1789 - 1796 GaN Growth by Metallorganic Vapor-Phase Epitaxy - A Comparison of Modeling and Experimental Measurements
Safvi SA, Redwing JM, Tischler MA, Kuech TF
1797 - 1802 Plasma-Enhanced Chemical-Vapor-Deposition of Fluorocarbon Films with High Thermal-Resistance and Low Dielectric-Constants
Takeishi S, Kudo H, Shinohara R, Hoshino M, Fukuyama S, Yamaguchi J, Yamada M
1803 - 1807 Simplified Simulation of Step Coverage in Chemical-Vapor-Deposition with a Hemispherical Vapor Source Model
Yun JH, Rhee SW
1807 - 1812 The Effectiveness of Ta Prepared by Ion-Assisted Deposition as a Diffusion Barrier Between Copper and Silicon
Kang BS, Lee SM, Kwak JS, Yoon DS, Baik HK
1813 - 1834 Distributions of Charged Defects in Mixed Ionic-Electronic Conductors .1. General Equations for Homogeneous Mixed Ionic-Electronic Conductors
Liu ML
1835 - 1838 Intrinsic Stress in Porous Silicon Layers Formed by Anodization in HF Solution
Unagami T
1838 - 1841 A One-Step Shallow Trench Global Planarization Process Using Chemical-Mechanical Polishing
Boyd JM, Ellul JP
1842 - 1849 Rapid Thermal-Processing - Fixing Problems with the Concept of Thermal Budget
Ditchfield R, Seebauer EG
1849 - 1854 A Low-Temperature Collimated Titanium Deposition Process
Hegde RI, Fiordalice RW, Kolar D
1854 - 1861 Polysilicon Gate Etching in High-Density Plasmas - Comparison Between Oxide Hard Mask and Resist Mask
Joubert O, Bell FH
1861 - 1866 Melt-Motion During the Czochralski Growth of Silicon-Crystals with a Cusp Magnetic-Field
Khine YY, Walker JS
1866 - 1869 Oxide Thickness-Dependence and Bias-Dependence of Postmetallization Annealing of Interface States in Metal-Oxide-Silicon Diodes
Ragnarsson LA, Lundgren P, Ovuka Z, Andersson MO
1870 - 1874 The Structure Change of Liquid-Phase Deposited Silicon-Oxide by Water Dilution
Wei JH, Lee SC
1875 - 1880 Selective Epitaxial-Growth of SiC - Thermodynamic Analysis of the Si-C-Cl-H and Si-C-Cl-H-O Systems
Gao Y, Edgar JH
1881 - 1884 Electrode-Kinetics of Porous Mixed-Conducting Oxygen Electrodes
Liu M, Winnick J
1884 - 1890 Fundamental Issues in Modeling of Mixed-Conductors (A Rebuttal to Comments on Electrode-Kinetics of Porous Mixed-Conducting Oxygen Electrodes)
Adler SB, Lane JA, Steele BC
1890 - 1890 Deformation of Porous Silicon Lattice Caused by Absorption/Desorption Processes (Vol 144, Pg 1463, 1997)
Chelyadinsky AR, Dorofeev AM, Kazuchits NM, Lamonica S, Lazarouk SK, Maiello G, Masini G, Penina NM, Stelmakh VF, Bondarenko VP, Ferrari A
1890 - 1890 Vibrational Spectroscopic Investigation of Polyacrylonitrile-Based Electrolytes with a Dimethylformamide Plasticizer (Vol 144, Pg 44, 1997)
Wang ZX, Huang BY, Wang SM, Huang XJ, Xue RJ, Chen LQ
1890 - 1890 Quantitative Study of Charge-to-Breakdown of Thin Gate Oxide for a P(+)-Poly-Si Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Capacitor (Vol 144, Pg 698, 1997)
Wang LS, Huang FS, Lin MS
L100 - L102 A Comment on the Structure of Thin-Film Limn2O4 Electrodes
Thackeray MM
L103 - L105 The Effect of Ultraviolet-Irradiation on the Minority-Carrier Recombination Lifetime of Oxidized Silicon-Wafers
Lee WP, Khong YL, Muhamad MR, Tou TY
L106 - L108 Electrochemical Evidence of a Copper-Induced Etching of N-Type Si in Dilute Hydrofluoric-Acid Solutions
Martins LF, Seligman L, Santos SG, Dajello PC, Hasenack CM, Pasa AA
L108 - L110 Nondestructive Anodic Bonding Test
Plaza JA, Esteve J, Loratamayo E
L111 - L113 Fabrication of Single-Crystalline SiC Layer on High-Temperature Glass
Tong QY, Lee TH, Werner P, Gosele U, Bergmann RB, Werner JH
L113 - L116 In-Situ STM Study of (100)Cu Electrodes in Sulfuric-Acid-Solution in the Presence of Benzotriazole - Adsorption, Cu Corrosion, and Cu Deposition
Vogt MR, Polewska W, Magnussen OM, Behm RJ
L117 - L119 Subatmospheric Chemical-Vapor-Deposited Boron-Doped Silicate Glass-Films for Solid-Phase Diffusion Applications
Xia LQ, Yieh E, Venkataraman S, Nguyen BC
L120 - L122 Crystal-Chemical Characterization of the Mixed Conductor Sr(Fe, Co)(1.5)O-Y Exhibiting Unusually High Oxygen Permeability
Guggilla S, Manthiram A
L122 - L125 Potentiometric Oxygen Sensor Operable in Low-Temperature by Applying Lagao3-Based Oxide for Electrolyte
Ishihara T, Higuchi M, Furutani H, Fukushima T, Nishiguchi H, Takita Y
L125 - L127 Potentiometric Determination of Effective Complex-Formation Constants of Lipophilic Ion Carriers Within Ion-Selective Electrode Membranes
Bakker E, Pretsch E
L127 - L130 Self-Ordering of Cell Arrangement of Anodic Porous Alumina Formed in Sulfuric-Acid-Solution
Masuda H, Hasegwa F, Ono S
L130 - L132 Low-Temperature Solid-Oxide Fuel-Cells Utilizing Thin Bilayer Electrolytes
Tsai TP, Perry E, Barnett S