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Journal of the Electrochemical Society, Vol.142, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0013-4651 (Print) 

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683 - 687 Polymer Electrolytes Reinforced by Celgard(R) Membranes
Abraham KM, Alamgir M, Hoffman DK
687 - 696 Studies of Li Anodes in the Electrolyte System 2Me-THF/THF/Me-Furan/Liasf6
Aurbach D, Zaban A, Gofer Y, Abramson O, Benzion M
696 - 702 Binding of Ether and Carbonyl Oxygens to Lithium Ion
Blint RJ
702 - 707 Kinetic-Properties of a Pt/Lambda-MnO2 Electrode for the Electroinsertion of Lithium Ions in an Aqueous-Phase
Kanoh H, Feng Q, Miyai Y, Ooi K
707 - 712 Electrochemical Oxidation of 1,2-Dimethoxybenzene - Characteristics and Morphology of Deposited Product
Marquez OP, Fontal B, Marquez J, Ortiz R, Castillo R, Choy M, Larez C
713 - 715 Quantitative Electrochemical Reduction of 1-Adamantanecarbonyl Chloride to 1-Adamantanecarboxaldehyde at Carbon and Mercury Cathodes in Acetonitrile
Mubarak MS, Peters DG
716 - 720 The Influence of the Graphitic Structure on the Electrochemical Characteristics for the Anode of Secondary Lithium Batteries
Tatsumi K, Iwashita N, Sakaebe H, Shioyama H, Higuchi S, Mabuchi A, Fujimoto H
721 - 724 In-Situ XANES Study of Galvanostatic Reduction of the Passive Film on Iron
Davenport AJ, Bardwell JA, Vitus CM
725 - 730 High-Resolution in-Situ XANES Investigation of the Nature of the Passive Film on Iron in a pH 8.4 Borate Buffer
Davenport AJ, Sansone M
731 - 737 Determination of the Critical Potentials for Pitting, Protection, and Stress-Corrosion Cracking of 67-33-Brass in Fluoride Solutions
Lee CK, Shih HC
737 - 743 Mathematical-Models for the Anodization Conditions and Structural Features of Porous Anodic Al2O3 Films on Aluminum
Patermarakis G, Moussoutzanis K
744 - 748 A Comparative-Study of the Corrosion of Tin-Free Steel and Iron in Sodium Bisulfite
Seshadri G, Bower KA, Brooks RW, Kelber JA
749 - 756 Atmospheric Corrosion Effects of SO2 and NO2 - A Comparison of Laboratory and Field-Exposed Copper
Tidblad J, Leygraf C
757 - 760 Atmospheric Corrosion Effects of SO2 and O-3 on Laboratory-Exposed Copper
Zakipour S, Tidblad J, Leygraf C
761 - 764 The Electrical-Conductivity of Sodium Polysulfide Melts
Wang MH, Newman J
764 - 770 Chemical-Bath Deposition of ZnSe Thin-Films - Process and Material Characterization
Dona JM, Herrero J
771 - 774 Visual Observations of Early Shape Changes in a Zinc Nickel-Oxide Cell
Jorne J, Adler TC, Cairns EJ
775 - 782 Electrodeposition of Binary Iron-Group Alloys
Sasaki KY, Talbot JB
782 - 787 Selective Electrochemical Oxidation of Coal in Aqueous Alkaline Electrolyte
Ahn S, Tatarchuk BJ, Kerby MC, Davis SM
787 - 797 Investigation of Porous-Electrodes by Current Interruption - Application to Molten-Carbonate Fuel-Cell Cathodes
Lagergren C, Lindbergh G, Simonsson D
798 - 805 Preparation and Characterization of Polyaniline-Palladium Composite Films
Li HS, Josowicz M, Baer DR, Engelhard MH, Janata J
806 - 810 The Role of Reducing Agent in Oxidation Reactions of Water on Illuminated TiO2 Electrodes
Salama SB, Natarajan C, Nogami G, Kennedy JH
810 - 816 Electrochemical Reduction of Nitrobenzaldehydes from Molten Acetamide - Evidence for Gem-Diol Formation
Saraswathi R, Narayan R
816 - 823 Kinetics for Electrooxidation of Ethanol on Thermally Prepared Ruthenium Oxide in Alkaline-Solution
Shieh DT, Hwang BJ
824 - 828 In-Situ X-Ray-Absorption Fine-Structure Measurements of Lani5 Electrodes in Alkaline Electrolytes
Tryk DA, Bae IT, Hu YN, Kim SH, Antonio MR, Scherson DA
829 - 834 Electrochemical and Quantum-Chemical Study of Dibenzylsulfoxide Adsorption on Iron
Kutej P, Vosta J, Pancir J, Macak J, Hackerman N
835 - 839 Electrochemically Active Nanocrystalline SnO2 Surface Modification with Thiazine and Oxazine Dye Aggregates
Liu D, Kamat PV
840 - 844 Cation Electrolytic Modification of N-WSe2/Aqueous Polyiodide Photoelectrochemistry
Licht S, Myung N, Tenne R, Hodes G
845 - 849 Aqueous Polyiodide Spectroscopy and Equilibria and Its Effect on N-WSe2 Photoelectrochemistry
Licht S, Myung N
850 - 862 Charge-Transfer at Photoelectrochemical Solar-Cells - Conclusions from the Open-Circuit Impedance of P-InP in V-3+/2+
Schefold J
862 - 867 An ESR-Electrochemical Cell Which Can Be Used in High and Low Dielectric Solvents over Wide Ranges of Temperature and Time-Domain
Fiedler DA, Koppenol M, Bond AM
868 - 874 Characterization of Xf(2)/(1-X)Agpo3 and Xagf/(1-X)Agpo3 Glasses
Chowdari BV, Mok KF, Xie JM, Gopalakrishnan R
874 - 879 Electrical-Transport in RbCl-Al2O3 Composite Solid Electrolytes
Kumar A, Shahi K
879 - 882 Evidence for an Ideal Transparent Anodic Oxide Film on Zirconium
Ord JL, Desmet DJ
883 - 887 Abnormal High-Rate Deposition of Tin Films by the Radio-Frequency Plasma-Jet System
Barankova H, Bardos L, Berg S
888 - 897 Application of Ion Mobility Spectrometry to Semiconductor Technology - Outgassings of Advanced Polymers Under Thermal-Stress
Budde KJ, Holzapfel WJ, Beyer MM
898 - 902 Microstructure, Electrical-Properties and Passivation of Defects at the Silicon-Silicon-Dioxide Interface
Correia A, Ballutaud D, Maurice JL
902 - 907 A Less Critical Cleaning Procedure for Silicon-Wafer Using Diluted HF Dip and Boiling in Isopropyl-Alcohol as Final Steps
Filho SG, Hasenack CM, Salay LC, Mertens P
907 - 913 Spin-Coating on Substrate with Topography
Gu J, Bullwinkel MD, Campbell GA
913 - 917 Effects of Cobalt Silicidation on the Electrical Characteristics of Shallow P(+)N Junctions Formed by Bf2+ Implantation into Thin Polycrystalline Si Films
Lin CT, Chao CH, Juang MH, Jan ST, Chou PF, Cheng HC
918 - 925 Relationship Between Chemical-Composition and Film Properties of Organic Spin-on Glass
Nakano T, Ohta T
925 - 930 A Comparison of the Oxidation-Kinetics of SiC and Si3N4
Ogbuji LU, Opila EJ
930 - 934 Voltage and Fluence Dependence of Stress-Generated Traps Inside Thin Silicon-Oxide
Scott RS, Subramonium R, Dumin DJ
934 - 938 Decomposition Property of Methylhydrazine with Titanium Nitridation at Low-Temperature
Ohba T, Suzuki T, Yagi H, Furumura Y, Hatano T
939 - 944 Enhanced Chemical-Vapor-Deposition of Copper from (Hfac)Cu(Tmvs) Using Liquid Coinjection of Tmvs
Petersen GA, Parmeter JE, Apblett CA, Gonzales MF, Smith PM, Omstead TR, Norman JA
944 - 949 Laser-Assisted Seeding for Electroless Plating on Polyimide Surfaces
Schrott AG, Braren B, Osullivan EJ, Saraf RF, Bailey P, Roldan J
949 - 952 Preparation and Characterization of Zinc-Sulfide Phosphors Coated with Barium-Titanate Using Sol-Gel Method
Nakamura T, Kamiya M, Watanabe H, Nakanishi Y
952 - 957 Potentiometric Sensor for Monitoring the State of Oxide Catalysts
Petrolekas PD, Metcalfe IS
958 - 960 Positron Lifetime Spectroscopy and Cathodoluminescence of Polycrystalline Terbium-Doped Yttria
Brown J, Mascher P, Kitai AH
961 - 965 Reaction of 1,1,1,5,5,5-Hexafluoro-2,4-Pentanedione (H(+)Hfac) with CuO, Cu2O, and Cu Films
George MA, Hess DW, Beck SE, Ivankovits JC, Bohling DA, Lane AP
966 - 970 Behavior of Ultrafine Metallic Particles on Silicon-Wafer Surface
Morinaga H, Futatsuki T, Ohmi T, Fuchita E, Oda M, Hayashi C
971 - 978 Minimization of Particle Contamination During Wet-Processing of Si Wafers
Itano M, Kezuka T, Ishii M, Unemoto T, Kubo M, Ohmi T
979 - 985 Intrinsic and Extrinsic Threshold Voltage Shift Dependence on the Oxide Field-Induced During Optically Assisted Electron Injection
Kim HS, Williams CK, Reisman A
985 - 989 Area-Selective Diffusion of Zn in InP/In0.53Ga0.47As/InP for Lateral PN Photodiodes
Klockenbrink R, Peiner E, Wehmann HH, Schlachetzki A
990 - 996 Charge-Transport in Ultrathin Silicon Nitrides
Kobayashi K, Teramoto A, Hirayama M
996 - 1001 Observation of Ring-Osf Nuclei in Cz-Si Using Short-Time Annealing and Infrared Light-Scattering Tomography
Marsden K, Sadamitsu S, Hourai M, Sumita S, Shigematsu T
L31 - L33 Novel Microelectromechanical System Force Transducer to Quantify Contractile Characteristics from Isolated Cardiac-Muscle-Cells
Lin G, Pister KS, Roos KP
L34 - L35 Crossover Phenomenon in Oxidation Rates of the (110) and (111) Orientations of Silicon in N2O
Chao TS, Lei TF
L36 - L37 Dry-Etching Technique for Subquarter-Micron Copper Interconnects
Igarashi Y, Yamanobe T, Ito T
L38 - L41 Origin of New Bands in the Raman-Spectra of Dye Monolayers Adsorbed on Nanocrystalline TiO2
Hugotlegoff A, Falaras P
L42 - L45 Electrodeposition of Metal Adlayers on Boron-Doped Diamond Thin-Film Electrodes
Awada H, Strojek JW, Swain GM
L46 - L46 Anisotropic Etching of Silicon in Rubidium Hydroxide (Vol 141, Pg 2493, 1994)
Wang T, Surve S, Hesketh PJ
L46 - L46 Steady-State Characterization of the Uniform-Injection Cell .2. Experimental-Analysis (Vol 142, Pg 457, 1995)
Medina JA, Sexton DL, Schwartz DT
1002 - 1006 Low-Temperature P-Doped SiC Growth by Chemical-Vapor-Deposition Using Ch3Sih3/PH3 Gas
Ohshita Y
1007 - 1014 Silicon Floating-Zone Process - Numerical Modeling of RF Field, Heat-Transfer, Thermal-Stress, and Experimental Proof for 4-Inch Crystals
Riemann H, Ludge A, Bottcher K, Rost HJ, Hallmann B, Schroder W, Hensel W, Schleusener B
1015 - 1020 Analysis of Charge Components Induced by Fowler-Nordheim Tunnel Injection in Silicon-Oxides Prepared by Rapid Thermal-Oxidation
Roh Y, Trombetta L, Han J
1021 - 1024 Charge Trapping and Interface State Generation in Rapid Thermal Processed Oxide and Nitrided-Oxide MOS Capacitors by Electron Photoinjection from Al Gate and Si Substrate
Yuan XJ, Marsland JS, Eccleston W, Bouvet D, Mi J, Dutoit M
1024 - 1030 Photoelectrochemical Diffusion Length Measurements on P-Type Multicrystalline Silicon for Photovoltaic Applications
Bastide S, Vedel J, Lincot D, Le QN, Sarti D