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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.143, No.7 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7863 (Print) 

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2622 - 2637 Unraveling the Structure and Function of Melanin through Synthesis
Cao W, Zhou XH, McCallum NC, Hu ZY, Ni QZ, Kapoor U, Heil CM, Cay KS, Zand T, Mantanona AJ, Jayaraman A, Dhinojwala A, Deheyn DD, Shawkey MD, Burkart MD, Rinehart JD, Gianneschi NC
2638 - 2643 Hopping Conductance in Molecular Wires Exhibits a Large Heavy-Atom Kinetic Isotope Effect
Nguyen QV, Frisbie CD
2644 - 2648 Surfactant Removal for Colloidal Nanocrystal Catalysts Mediated by N-Heterocyclic Carbenes
Godbold P, Johnson G, Obi AD, Brown R, Hwang S, Gilliard RJ, Zhang S
2649 - 2653 A Spiropentasiladiene Radical Cation: Spin and Positive Charge Delocalization across Two Perpendicular Si=Si Bonds and UV-vis-NIR Absorption in the IR-B Region
Honda S, Sugawara R, Ishida S, Iwamoto T
2654 - 2659 Three-Dimensional Triptycene-Based Covalent Organic Frameworks with ceq or acs Topology
Li H, Chen FQ, Guan XY, Li JL, Li CY, Tang B, Valtchev V, Yan YS, Qiu SL, Fang QR
2660 - 2664 Nickel-Platinum Nanoparticles as Peroxidase Mimics with a Record High Catalytic Efficiency
Xi Z, Wei KC, Wang QX, Kim MJ, Sun SH, Fung V, Xia XH
2665 - 2670 High Efficiency (15.8%) All-Polymer Solar Cells Enabled by a Regioregular Narrow Bandgap Polymer Acceptor
Fu HT, Li YX, Yu JW, Wu ZA, Fan QP, Lin F, Woo HY, Gao F, Zhu ZL, Jen AKY
2671 - 2675 Helicene-Based Ligands Enable Strong Magneto-Chiral Dichroism in a Chiral Ytterbium Complex
Atzori M, Dhbaibi K, Douib H, Grasser M, Dorcet V, Breslavetz I, Paillot K, Cador O, Rikken GLJA, Le Guennic B, Crassous J, Pointillart F, Train C
2676 - 2681 Electronic Relaxation Pathways in Heavy-Atom-Free Photosensitizers Absorbing Near-Infrared Radiation and Exhibiting High Yields of Singlet Oxygen Generation
Ortiz-Rodriguez LA, Hoehn SJ, Loredo A, Wang LS, Xiao H, Crespo-Hernandez CE
2682 - 2687 Electrochemical Synthesis, Deposition, and Doping of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Films
Zeng C, Wang BH, Zhang HH, Sun MX, Huang LB, Gu YW, Qiu ZJ, Mullen K, Gu C, Ma YG
2688 - 2693 Pressure Induced Assembly and Coalescence of Lead Chalcogenide Nanocrystals
Meng LY, Duwal S, Lane JMD, Ao T, Stoltzfus B, Knudson M, Park C, Chow P, Xiao YM, Fan HY, Qin Y
2694 - 2698 Phosphodianion Activation of Enzymes for Catalysis of Central Metabolic Reactions
Fernandez PL, Nagorski RW, Cristobal JR, Amyes TL, Richard JP
2699 - 2704 Enantioselective Total Synthesis of (+)-Stephadiamine through Bioinspired Aza-Benzilic Acid Type Rearrangement
Odagi M, Matoba T, Hosoya K, Nagasawa K
2705 - 2709 Scandium-Terminal Boronylphosphinidene Complex
Feng B, Xiang L, Carpentier A, Maron L, Leng XB, Chen YF
2710 - 2715 Total Synthesis of the Cephalotaxus Norditerpenoids (+/-)-Cephanolides A-D
Haider M, Sennari G, Eggert A, Sarpong R
2716 - 2721 Facile Synthesis of Nitrogen-Doped [(6.)(m)8](n)Cyclacene Carbon Nanobelts by a One-Pot Self-Condensation Reaction
Zhu J, Han Y, Ni Y, Li GW, Wu JS
2722 - 2728 Palladium-Catalyzed Atroposelective Coupling-Cyclization of 2-Isocyanobenzamides to Construct Axially Chiral 2-Aryl- and 2,3-Diarylquinazolinones
Teng F, Yu T, Peng Y, Hu WM, Hu HAZ, He YM, Luo S, Zhu Q
2729 - 2735 Copper Catalyzed C(sp(3))- H Bond Alkylation via Photoinduced Ligand-to-Metal Charge Transfer
Treacy SM, Rovis T
2736 - 2740 Biosynthetic Functionalization of Nonribosomal Peptides
Niquille DL, Folger IB, Basler S, Hilvert D
2741 - 2750 Dynamically Stable Active Sites from Surface Evolution of Perovskite Materials during the Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Lopes PP, Chung DY, Rui X, Zheng H, He HY, Martins PFBD, Strmcnik D, Stamenkovic VR, Zapol P, Mitchell JF, Klie RF, Markovic NM
2751 - 2756 Screening of DNA-Encoded Small Molecule Libraries inside a Living Cell
Petersen LK, Christensen AB, Andersen J, Folkesson CG, Kristensen O, Andersen C, Alzu A, Slok FA, Blakskjaer P, Madsen D, Azevedo C, Micco I, Hansen NJV
2757 - 2768 Characterization of Light-Induced, Short-Lived Interacting Radicals in the Active Site of Flavoprotein Ferredoxin-NADP(+) Oxidoreductase
Zhuang B, Seo D, Aleksandrov A, Vos MH
2769 - 2776 A Resonance Raman Marker Band Characterizes the Slow and Fast Form of Cytochrome c Oxidase
Kruse F, Nguyen AD, Dragelj J, Heberle J, Hildebrandt P, Mroginski MA, Weidinger IM
2777 - 2783 General Method for the Synthesis of alpha- or beta-Deoxyaminoglycosides Bearing Basic Nitrogen
Hoang KM, Lees NR, Herzon SB
2784 - 2791 Linker Desymmetrization: Access to a Series of Rare-Earth Tetracarboxylate Frameworks with Eight-Connected Hexanuclear Nodes
Lv XL, Feng L, Xie LH, He T, Wu W, Wang KY, Si GR, Wang B, Li JR, Zhou HC
2792 - 2800 Selecting Double Bond Positions with a Single Cation-Responsive Iridium Olefin Isomerization Catalyst
Camp AM, Kita MR, Blackburn PT, Dodge HM, Chen CH, Miller AJM
2801 - 2811 Network-Forming Liquids from Metal-Bis(acetamide) Frameworks with Low Melting Temperatures
Liu MT, McGillicuddy RD, Vuong H, Tao SS, Slavney AH, Gonzalez MI, Billinge SJL, Mason JA
2812 - 2821 alpha-Amino Acids and Peptides as Bifunctional Reagents: Carbocarboxylation of Activated Alkenes via Recycling CO2
Liao LL, Cao GM, Jiang YX, Jin XH, Hu XL, Chruma JJ, Sun GQ, Gui YY, Yu DG
2822 - 2828 Nano- and Microspheres Containing Inorganic and Biological Nanoparticles: Self-Assembly and Electron Tomographic Analysis
Sekine R, Ravat P, Yanagisawa H, Liu C, Kikkawa M, Harano K, Nakamura E
2829 - 2837 Electroless Formation of a Fluorinated Li/Na Hybrid Interphase for Robust Lithium Anodes
Wang YL, Liu FM, Fan GL, Qiu XG, Liu JD, Yan ZH, Zhang K, Cheng FY, Chen J
2838 - 2845 Diastereo- and Enantioselective Ruthenium-Catalyzed C-C Coupling of 1-Arylpropynes and Alcohols: Alkynes as Chiral Allylmetal Precursors in Carbonyl anti-(alpha-Aryl)allylation
Xiang M, Ghosh A, Krische MJ
2846 - 2856 Probing N-Glycan Functions in Human Interleukin-17A Based on Chemically Synthesized Homogeneous Glycoforms
Li HX, Zhang J, An CJ, Dong SW
2857 - 2865 Selective CO2 Electrochemical Reduction Enabled by a Tricomponent Copolymer Modifier on a Copper Surface
Wang JC, Cheng T, Fenwick AQ, Baroud TN, Rosas-Hernandez A, Ko JH, Gan Q, Goddard WA, Grubbs RH
2866 - 2874 Giant Coacervate Vesicles As an Integrated Approach to Cytomimetic Modeling
Zhang YW, Chen YF, Yang XH, He XX, Li M, Liu SY, Wang KM, Liu JB, Mann S
2875 - 2885 Panchromatic Ternary Polymer Dots Involving Sub-Picosecond Energy and Charge Transfer for Efficient and Stable Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution
Liu AJ, Gedda L, Axelsson M, Pavliuk M, Edwards K, Hammarstrom L, Tian HN
2886 - 2895 Single-Molecule Charge Transport through Positively Charged Electrostatic Anchors
Chen HL, Brasiliense V, Mo JS, Zhang L, Jiao Y, Chen Z, Jones LO, He G, Guo QH, Chen XY, Song B, Schatz GC, Stoddart JF
2896 - 2907 Nanoparticle O-H Bond Dissociation Free Energies from Equilibrium Measurements of Cerium Oxide Colloids
Agarwal RG, Kim HJ, Mayer JM
2908 - 2919 Anthracene-Triphenylamine-Based Platinum(II) Metallacages as Synthetic Light-Harvesting Assembly
Li YR, Rajasree SS, Lee GY, Yu JR, Tang JH, Ni RD, Li GG, Houk KN, Deria P, Stang PJ
2920 - 2929 Transient Imine as a Directing Group for the Metal-Free o-C-H Borylation of Benzaldehydes
Rej S, Chatani N
2930 - 2937 The Asymmetric Synthesis of Amines via Nickel-Catalyzed Enantioconvergent Substitution Reactions
Yang ZP, Freas DJ, Fu GC
2938 - 2943 Photocatalytic Oxidative Coupling of Arylamines for the Synthesis of Azoaromatics and the Role of O-2 in the Mechanism
Sitter JD, Vannucci AK
2944 - 2952 Stereocontrolled Radical Bicyclizations of Oxygenated Precursors Enable Short Syntheses of Oxidized Abietane Diterpenoids
Vrubliauskas D, Gross BM, Vanderwal CD
2953 - 2961 Dual Trapping of a Metastable Planarized Triarylborane pi-System Based on Folding and Lewis Acid-Base Complexation for Seeded Polymerization
Choi H, Ogi S, Ando N, Yamaguchi S
2962 - 2969 Reconstitution of a Highly Reducing Type II PKS System Reveals 6 pi-Electrocyclization Is Required for o-Dialkylbenzene Biosynthesis
Zhang J, Yuzawa S, Thong WL, Shinada T, Nishiyama M, Kuzuyama T
2970 - 2983 Evolution of a Synthetic Strategy for Complex Polypyrrole Alkaloids: Total Syntheses of Curvulamine and Curindolizine
Xuan J, Haelsig KT, Sheremet M, Machicao PA, Maimone TJ
2984 - 2993 Photocatalytic C-C Coupling from Carbon Dioxide Reduction on Copper Oxide with Mixed-Valence Copper(I)/Copper(II)
Wang W, Deng CY, Xie SJ, Li YF, Zhang WY, Sheng H, Chen CC, Zhao JC
2994 - 3002 Desymmetric Enantioselective Reduction of Cyclic 1,3-Diketones Catalyzed by a Recyclable P-Chiral Phosphinamide Organocatalyst
Qin XL, Li A, Han FS
3003 - 3012 Site-Selective Direct C-H Pyridylation of Unactivated Alkanes by Triplet Excited Anthraquinone
Lee W, Jung S, Kim M, Hong S
3013 - 3014 Hydrogen-Deuterium Exchange within Adenosine Deaminase, a TIM Barrel Hydrolase, Identifies Networks for Thermal Activation of Catalysis (vol 142, pg 19936, 2020)
Gao SH, Thompson EJ, Barrow SL, Zhang WJ, Iavarone AT, Klinman JP
3015 - 3015 Y DNA 5-Methylcytosine-Specific Amplification and Sequencing (vol 142, pg 4539, 2020)
Liu C, Cui XL, Zhao BS, Narkhede P, Gao YW, Liu J, Dou XY, Dai Q, Zhang LS, He C
3016 - 3016 Ruthenium-Catalyzed C-H Hydroxylation in Aqueous Acid Enables Selective Functionalization of Amine Derivatives (vol 139, pg 9503, 2017)
Mack JBC, Gipson JD, Du Bois J, Sigman MS