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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.143, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7863 (Print) 

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526 - 537 A Future Perspective on Phototriggered Isomerizations of Transition Metal Sulfoxides and Related Complexes
Vittardi SB, Magar RT, Breen DJ, Rack JJ
538 - 559 Chemo-physical Strategies to Advance the in Vivo Functionality of Targeted Nanomedicine: The Next Generation
Li JJ, Kataoka K
560 - 576 Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer Guidelines, Fair and Square
Tyburski R, Liu TF, Glover SD, Hammarstrom L
577 - 587 Quantum Photoinitiators: Toward Emerging Photocuring Applications
Waiskopf N, Magdassi S, Banin U
588 - 592 Oxidation State and Surface Reconstruction of Cu under CO2 Reduction Conditions from In Situ X-ray Characterization
Lee SH, Lin JC, Farmand M, Landers AT, Feaster JT, Acosta JEA, Beeman JW, Ye YF, Yano J, Mehta A, Davis RC, Jaramillo TF, Hahn C, Drisdell WS
593 - 598 Development of Antibody-Based PROTACs for the Degradation of the Cell-Surface Immune Checkpoint Protein PD-L1
Cotton AD, Nguyen DP, Gramespacher JA, Seiple IB, Wells JA
599 - 603 Improving Intramolecular Hopping Charge Transport via Periodical Segmentation of pi-Conjugation in a Molecule
Ie Y, Okamoto Y, Inoue T, Seo T, Ohto T, Yamada R, Tada H, Aso Y
604 - 611 Asymmetric Intramolecular Dearomatization of Nonactivated Arenes with Ynamides for Rapid Assembly of Fused Ring System under Silver Catalysis
Ito T, Harada S, Homma H, Takenaka H, Hirose S, Nemoto T
612 - 616 Caught in Phase Transition: Snapshot of the Metallofullerene Sc3N@C-70 Rotation in the Crystal
Hao YJ, Wang YF, Dubrovin V, Avdoshenko SM, Popov AA, Liu FP
617 - 622 Biocatalytic Cross-Coupling of Aryl Halides with a Genetically Engineered Photosensitizer Artificial Dehalogenase
Fu Y, Huang J, Wu YZ, Liu XH, Zhong FR, Wang JY
623 - 627 Simple Secondary Amines Inhibit Growth of Gram-Negative Bacteria through Highly Selective Binding to Phenylalanyl-tRNA Synthetase
Baidin V, Owens TW, Lazarus MB, Kahne D
628 - 633 Maximizing the Synergistic Effect of CoNi Catalyst on alpha-MoC for Robust Hydrogen Production
Ge YZ, Qin XT, Li AW, Deng YC, Lin LL, Zhang MT, Yu QL, Li SW, Peng M, Xu Y, Zhao XY, Xu MQ, Zhou W, Yao SY, Ma D
634 - 638 Lithium Dicyclohexylamide in Transition-Metal-Free Fischer-Tropsch Chemistry
Xu MT, Qu ZW, Grimme S, Stephan DW
639 - 643 Controlling Kinase Activities by Selective Inhibition of Peptide Substrates
Li XW, Zanela TMP, Underbakke ES, Zhao Y
644 - 648 Peptide-Metal Frameworks with Metal Strings Guided by Dispersion Interactions
Schnitzer T, Paenurk E, Trapp N, Gershoni-Poranne R, Wennemers H
649 - 656 Postsynthetic Modification of a Covalent Organic Framework Achieved via Strain-Promoted Cycloaddition
Li K, Wong NK, Strauss MJ, Evans AM, Matsumoto M, Dichtel WR, Adronov A
657 - 663 Highly Specific Coordination-Driven Self-Assembly of 2D Heterometallic Metal-Organic Frameworks with Unprecedented Johnson-type (J(51)) Nonanuclear Zr-Oxocarboxylate Clusters
Gong W, Arman H, Chen ZJ, Xie Y, Son FA, Cui H, Chen XF, Shi YS, Liu Y, Chen BL, Farha OK, Cui Y
664 - 670 Selective Anion Binding Drives the Formation of (Ag8L6)-L-I and (Ag12L6)-L-I Six-Stranded Helicates
McTernan CT, Ronson TK, Nitschke JR
671 - 674 Reagent Reactivity and Solvent Choice Determine Metal-Organic Framework Microstructure during Postsynthetic Modification
Du Bois DR, Matzger AJ
675 - 680 Strong and Confined Acids Catalyze Asymmetric Intramolecular Hydroarylations of Unactivated Olefins with Indoles
Zhang PL, Tsuji N, Ouyang J, List B
681 - 686 Thermal Cycling of a MOF-Based NO Disproportionation Catalyst
Wright AM, Sun CY, Dinca M
687 - 692 Rapid Construction of Tetralin, Chromane, and Indane Motifs via Cyclative C-H/C-H Coupling: Four-Step Total Synthesis of (+/-)-Russujaponol F
Zhuang Z, Herron AN, Liu S, Yu JQ
693 - 698 Molecular Entrapment of Polymers by Pyrogallol[4]arenes
Shao L, Zhang HW, He XQ, Hua B, Hu XQ, Wan CX, Kelley SP, Atwood JL
699 - 704 Enantioselective Synthesis of Euonyminol
Tomanik M, Xu Z, Herzon SB
705 - 714 Geometrically Diverse Lariat Peptide Scaffolds Reveal an Untapped Chemical Space of High Membrane Permeability
Kelly CN, Townsend CE, Jain AN, Naylor MR, Pye CR, Schwochert J, Lokey RS
715 - 723 Theoretical Description of the Primary Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer Reaction in the Cytochrome bc(1) Complex
Barragan AM, Soudackov AV, Luthey-Schulten Z, Hammes-Schiffer S, Schulten K, Solov'yov IA
724 - 735 Extended Hydrogen Bond Networks for Effective Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer (PCET) Reactions: The Unexpected Role of Thiophenol and Its Acidic Channel in Photocatalytic Hydroamidations
Berg N, Bergwinkl S, Nuernberger P, Horinek D, Gschwind RM
736 - 743 Optical Control of Cannabinoid Receptor 2-Mediated Ca2+ Release Enabled by Synthesis of Photoswitchable Probes
Sarott RC, Viray AEG, Pfaff P, Sadybekov A, Rajic G, Katritch V, Carreira EM, Frank JA
744 - 763 Mechanistic Insights into Co and Fe Quaterpyridine-Based CO2 Reduction Catalysts: Metal-Ligand Orbital Interaction as the Key Driving Force for Distinct Pathways
Loipersberger M, Cabral DGA, Chu DBK, Head-Gordon M
764 - 772 Local Bilayer Hydrophobicity Modulates Membrane Protein Stability
Marx DC, Fleming KG
773 - 784 Salt-Induced Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation: Combined Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Water-Acetonitrile-Salt Mixtures
Li ML, Zhuang BL, Lu YY, An LJ, Wang ZG
785 - 797 Identification of Thermal Conduits That Link the Protein-Water Interface to the Active Site Loop and Catalytic Base in Enolase
Thompson EJ, Paul A, Iavarone AT, Klinman JP
798 - 804 18-Crown-6 Coordinated Metal Halides with Bright Luminescence and Nonlinear Optical Effects
Merzlyakova E, Wolf S, Lebedkin S, Bayarjargal L, Neumeier BL, Bartenbach D, Holzer C, Klopper W, Winkler B, Kappes M, Feldmann C
805 - 816 Accelerating Post-SELEX Aptamer Engineering Using Exonuclease Digestion
Canoura J, Yu HX, Alkhamis O, Roncancio D, Farhana R, Xiao Y
817 - 829 Enantioselective C-H Amination Catalyzed by Nickel Iminyl Complexes Supported by Anionic Bisoxazoline (BOX) Ligands
Dong YY, Lund CJ, Porter GJ, Clarke RM, Zheng SL, Cundari TR, Betley TA
830 - 838 Histidine-Gated Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer to the Cu-A Site of Nitrous Oxide Reductase
Zhang L, Bill E, Kroneck PMH, Einsle O
839 - 848 Micromechanism in All-Solid-State Alloy-Metal Batteries: Regulating Homogeneous Lithium Precipitation and Flexible Solid Electrolyte Interphase Evolution
Wan J, Song YX, Chen WP, Guo HJ, Shi Y, Guo YJ, Shi JL, Guo YG, Jia FF, Wang FY, Wen R, Wan LJ
849 - 867 Ligand Field Inversion as a Mechanism to Gate Bioorganometallic Reactivity: Investigating a Biochemical Model of Acetyl CoA Synthase Using Spectroscopy and Computation
Kisgeropoulos EC, Manesis AC, Shafaat HS
868 - 878 Cascade Reactions by Nitric Oxide and Hydrogen Radical for Anti-Hypoxia Photodynamic Therapy Using an Activatable Photosensitizer
Sun J, Cai XT, Wang CJ, Du K, Chen WJ, Feng FD, Wang S
879 - 890 Cold-Trap-Mediated Broad Dynamic Photodetection in Graphene-Organic Hybrid Photonic Barristors
Lim DU, Jo SB, Cho JH
891 - 901 Targeting the APP-Mint2 Protein-Protein Interaction with a Peptide-Based Inhibitor Reduces Amyloid-beta Formation
Bartling CRO, Jensen TMT, Henry SM, Colliander AL, Sereikaite V, Wenzler M, Jain P, Maric HM, Harpsoe K, Pedersen SW, Clemmensen LS, Haugaard-Kedstrom LM, Gloriam DE, Ho A, Stromgaard K
902 - 911 Muscle-Mimetic Synergistic Covalent and Supramolecular Polymers: Phototriggered Formation Leads to Mechanical Performance Boost
Zhang ZM, Cheng L, Zhao J, Zhang H, Zhao XY, Liu YH, Bai RX, Pan H, Yu W, Yan XZ
912 - 924 Targeted Solvatochromic Fluorescent Probes for Imaging Lipid Order in Organelles under Oxidative and Mechanical Stress
Danylchuk DI, Jouard PH, Klymchenko AS
925 - 933 Identification of Single-Atom Ni Site Active toward Electrochemical CO2 Conversion to CO
Kim H, Shin D, Yang W, Won DH, Oh HS, Chung MW, Jeong D, Kim SH, Chae KH, Ryu JY, Lee J, Cho SJ, Seo J, Kim H, Choi CH
934 - 944 [8+2] vs [4+2] Cycloadditions of Cyclohexadienamines to Tropone and Heptafulvenes-Mechanisms and Selectivities
Chen XY, Thogersen MK, Yang LM, Lauridsen RF, Xue XS, Jorgensen KA, Houk KN
945 - 954 Temperature and Solvent Effects on H-2 Splitting and Hydricity: Ramifications on CO2 Hydrogenation by a Rhenium Pincer Catalyst
Hu J, Bruch QJ, Miller AJM
955 - 963 Self-Assembly-Driven Nanomechanics in Porous Covalent Organic Framework Thin Films
Dey K, Bhunia S, Sasmal HS, Reddy CM, Banerjee R
964 - 972 4CzIPN-Bu-t-Catalyzed Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer for Photosynthesis of Phosphorylated N-Heteroaromatics
Liu Y, Chen XL, Li XY, Zhu SS, Li SJ, Song Y, Qu LB, Yu B
973 - 982 Platinum(II)-Based Host-Guest Coordination-Driven Supramolecular Co-Assembly Assisted by Pt center dot center dot center dot Pt and pi-pi Stacking Interactions: A Dual-Selective Luminescence Sensor for Cations and Anions
Wong YS, Ng M, Yeung MCL, Yam VWW
983 - 991 Chirality Amplified: Long, Discrete Helicene Nanoribbons
Xiao X, Pedersen SK, Aranda D, Yang JJ, Wiscons RA, Pittelkow M, Steigerwald ML, Santoro F, Schuster NJ, Nuckolls C
992 - 1004 Interrogation of 2,2 '-Bipyrimidines as Low-Potential Two-Electron Electrolytes
Griffin JD, Pancoast AR, Sigman MS
1005 - 1016 Conformational Motion of Ferredoxin Enables Efficient Electron Transfer to Heme in the Full-Length P450(TT)
Wang ZF, Shaik S, Wang BJ
1017 - 1023 Simultaneous Multication Exchange Pathway to High-Entropy Metal Sulfide Nanoparticles
McCormick CR, Schaak RE
1024 - 1037 Probing Atomistic Behavior To Unravel Dielectric Phenomena in Charge Transfer Cocrystals
Bhowal R, Balaraman AA, Ghosh M, Dutta S, Dey KK, Chopra D
1038 - 1045 Enantioselective Inverse Electron Demand (3+2) Cycloaddition of Palladium-Oxyallyl Enabled by a Hydrogen-Bond-Donating Ligand
Zheng Y, Qin TZ, Zi WW
1046 - 1060 Crystal Lattice Design of H2O-Tolerant n-Type Semiconducting Dianionic Naphthalenediimide Derivatives
Abe H, Kawasaki A, Takeda T, Hoshino N, Matsuda W, Seki S, Akutagawa T
1061 - 1068 Conjugation- and Aggregation-Directed Design of Covalent Organic Frameworks as White-Light-Emitting Diodes
Yang SZ, Streater D, Fiankor C, Zhang J, Huang JE
1069 - 1077 Copper-Catalyzed Enantiotopic-Group-Selective Allylation of gem-Diborylalkanes
Kim M, Park B, Shin M, Kim S, Kim J, Baik MH, Cho SH
1078 - 1087 Chiral Primary Amine/Ketone Cooperative Catalysis for Asymmetric alpha-Hydroxylation with Hydrogen Peroxide
Cai M, Xu KN, Li YZ, Nie ZX, Zhang L, Luo SZ
1088 - 1097 Dynamic Effects on Migratory Aptitudes in Carbocation Reactions
Feng ZT, Tantillo DJ
1098 - 1106 Tuning the Reactivity of Cofacial Porphyrin Prisms for Oxygen Reduction Using Modular Building Blocks
Crawley MR, Zhang DY, Oldacre AN, Beavers CM, Friedman AE, Cook TR
1107 - 1118 Rational Construction of an Artificial Binuclear Copper Monooxygenase in a Metal-Organic Framework
Feng XY, Song Y, Chen JS, Xu ZW, Dunn SJ, Lin WB
1119 - 1125 Selective Construction of Very Large Stacking-Interaction-Induced Molecular 8(18) Metalla-knots and Borromean Ring Using Curved Dipyridyl Ligands
Zhang HN, Lin YJ, Jin GX
1126 - 1132 Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of (2S,2 ' S)-Lomaiviticin A
Kaneko M, Li ZW, Burk M, Colis L, Herzon SB
1133 - 1143 Genetic Encoding of N-6-(((Trimethylsilyl)methoxy)carbonyl)-L-lysine for NMR Studies of Protein-Protein and Protein-Ligand Interactions
Abdelkader EH, Qianzhu HC, Tan YJ, Adams LA, Huber T, Otting G
1144 - 1153 Encapsulating N-Heterocyclic Carbene Binuclear Transition-Metal Complexes as a New Platform for Molecular Rotation in Crystalline Solid-State
Jin M, Ando R, Jellen MJ, Garcia-Garibay MA, Ito H
1154 - 1161 A Chiral Cyclometalated Iridium Star of David [2]Catenane
August DP, Jaramillo-Garcia J, Leigh DA, Valero A, Vitorica-Yrezabal IJ
1162 - 1170 Biomimetic Impact Protective Supramolecular Polymeric Materials Enabled by Quadruple H-Bonding
Liu K, Cheng L, Zhang NB, Pan H, Fan XW, Li GF, Zhang ZM, Zhao D, Zhao J, Yang X, Wang YM, Bai RX, Liu YH, Liu ZY, Wang S, Gong XL, Bao ZN, Gu GY, Yu W, Yan XZ
1171 - 1178 Mechanism for Rapid Conversion of Amines to Ammonium Salts at the Air-Particle Interface
Zhang WN, Zhong J, Shi QJ, Gao L, Ji YM, Li GY, An TC, Francisco JS
1179 - 1194 High-Throughput Screening and Automated Data-Driven Analysis of the Triplet Photophysical Properties of Structurally Diverse, Heteroleptic Iridium(III) Complexes
DiLuzio S, Mdluli V, Connell TU, Lewis J, VanBenschoten V, Bernhard S
1195 - 1202 Enantioselective Alkylamination of Unactivated Alkenes under Copper Catalysis
Bai ZB, Zhang H, Wang H, Yu HR, Chen G, He G
1203 - 1215 Tuning the Intermolecular Electron Transfer of Low-Dimensional and Metal-Free BCN/C-60 Electrocatalysts via Interfacial Defects for Efficient Hydrogen and Oxygen Electrochemistry
Ahsan MA, He TW, Eid K, Abdullah AM, Curry ML, Du AJ, Santiago ARP, Echegoyen L, Noveron JC
1216 - 1223 Rapid Assembly of Tetrasubstituted Furans via Pummerer-Type Rearrangement
Haut FL, Habiger C, Wein LA, Wurst K, Podewitz M, Magauer T
1224 - 1234 Self-Assembly of Metallo-Supramolecules with Dissymmetrical Ligands and Characterization by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Shi JJ, Li YM, Jiang X, Yu H, Li JQ, Zhang HY, Trainer DJ, Hla SW, Wang H, Wang M, Li XP
1235 - 1246 Tethered Tungsten-Alkylidenes for the Synthesis of Cyclic Polynorbornene via Ring Expansion Metathesis: Unprecedented Stereoselectivity and Trapping of Key Catalytic Intermediates
Jakhar V, Pal D, Ghiviriga I, Abboud KA, Lester DW, Sumerlin BS, Veige AS
1247 - 1247 Observation of Exceptionally Strong Binding of Molecular Hydrogen in a Porous Material: Formation of an eta(2)-H-2 Complex in a Cu-Exchanged ZSM-5 Zeolite (vol 129, pg 8086, 2007)
Georgiev PA, Albinati A, Mojet BL, Ollivier J, Eckert J