Journal of the American Chemical Society

Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.143, No.12 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7863 (Print) 

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4467 - 4482 Biosupramolecular Systems: Integrating Cues into Responses
Watson EE, Angerani S, Sabale PM, Winssinger N
4483 - 4499 Insights into the Interfacial Effects in Heterogeneous Metal Nanocatalysts toward Selective Hydrogenation
Liu KL, Qin RX, Zheng NF
4500 - 4518 Perspectives in Dye Chemistry: A Rational Approach toward Functional Materials by Understanding the Aggregate State
Bialas D, Kirchner E, Rohr MIS, Wurthner F
4519 - 4523 Allele-Specific RNA Knockdown with a Biologically Stable and Catalytically Efficient XNAzyme
Nguyen K, Wang YJ, England WE, Chaput JC, Spitale RC
4524 - 4530 Pd-Catalyzed ipso,meta-Dimethylation of ortho-Substituted Iodoarenes via a Base-Controlled C-H Activation Cascade with Dimethyl Carbonate as the Methyl Source
Wu Z, Wei F, Wan B, Zhang YH
4531 - 4535 Ruthenium-Catalyzed, Chemoselective and Regioselective Oxidation of Polyisobutene
Chen LY, Malollari KG, Uliana A, Hartwig JF
4536 - 4542 Regiocontrolled Reductive Vinylation of Aliphatic 1,3-Dienes with Vinyl Triflates by Nickel Catalysis
Pang XB, Zhao ZZ, Wei XX, Qi LL, Xu GL, Duan JC, Liu XY, Shu XZ
4543 - 4549 Iron-Catalyzed Ortho C-H Homoallylation of Aromatic Ketones with Methylenecyclopropanes
Kimura N, Katta S, Kitazawa Y, Kochi T, Kakiuchi F
4550 - 4555 Nanoparticle Shape Determines Dynamics of Targeting Nanoconstructs on Cell Membranes
Choo P, Liu TT, Odom TW
4556 - 4562 Copper(I)-Catalyzed Regioselective Asymmetric Addition of 1,4-Pentadiene to Ketones
Zhong F, Pan ZZ, Zhou SW, Zhang HJ, Yin L
4563 - 4568 Stabilization of NbTe3, VTe3, and TiTe3 via Nanotube Encapsulation
Stonemeyer S, Cain JD, Oh S, Azizi A, Elasha M, Thiel M, Song CY, Ercius P, Cohen ML, Zettl A
4569 - 4584 Effect of 3d/4p Mixing on 1s2p Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering: Electronic Structure of Oxo-Bridged Iron Dimers
Kroll T, Baker ML, Wilson SA, Lundberg M, Juhin A, Arrio MA, Yan JJ, Gee LB, Braun A, Weng TC, Sokaras D, Hedman B, Hodgson KO, Solomon EI
4585 - 4592 DNA-Based Dynamic Mimicry of Membrane Proteins for Programming Adaptive Cellular Interactions
Li J, Xun KY, Zheng LY, Peng XY, Qiu LP, Tan WH
4593 - 4599 Semiconducting and Metallic [5,5] Fullertube Nanowires: Characterization of Pristine D-5h(1)-C-90 and D-5d(1)-C-100
Stevenson S, Liu XY, Jr DMS, Koenig RM, Seeler TL, Tepper KR, Franklin HM, Wang XL, Huang R, Feng X, Cover K, Troya D, Shanaiah N, Bodnar RJ, Dorn HC
4600 - 4606 Selective CRAF Inhibition Elicits Transactivation
Morgan CW, Dale IL, Thomas AP, Hunt J, Chin JW
4607 - 4624 Is Ice Nucleation by Organic Crystals Nonclassical? An Assessment of the Monolayer Hypothesis of Ice Nucleation
Metya AK, Molinero V
4625 - 4632 Interaction of Photogenerated Spin Qubit Pairs with a Third Electron Spin in DNA Hairpins
Lorenzo ER, Olshansky JH, Abia DSD, Krzyaniak MD, Young RM, Wasielewski MR
4633 - 4638 Controlling Magnetic Anisotropy in a Zero-Dimensional S=1 Magnet Using Isotropic Cation Substitution
Manson JL, Curley SPM, Williams RC, Walker D, Goddard PA, Ozarowski A, Johnson RD, Vibhakar AM, Villa DY, Rhodehouse ML, Birnbaum SM, Singleton J
4639 - 4645 Significantly Enhanced Overall Water Splitting Performance by Partial Oxidation of Ir through Au Modification in Core-Shell Alloy Structure
Wang HM, Chen ZN, Wu DS, Cao MN, Sun FF, Zhang H, You HH, Zhuang W, Cao R
4646 - 4652 Long-Lived Triplet Excited State in a Heterogeneous Modified Carbon Nitride Photocatalyst
Rieth AJ, Qin YZ, Martindale BCM, Nocera DG
4653 - 4660 Controlling Reactivity-Real-Space Imaging of a Surface Metal Carbene
Mieres-Perez J, Lucht K, Trosien I, Sander W, Sanchez-Garcia E, Morgenstern K
4661 - 4667 Amplification of Dissymmetry Factors in pi-Extended [7]- and [9]Helicenes
Qiu ZJ, Ju CW, Frederic L, Hu YB, Schollmeyer D, Pieters G, Mullen K, Narita A
4668 - 4679 Atomic Resolution Map of Hierarchical Self-Assembly for an Amyloidogenic Protein Probed through Thermal N-15-R-2 Correlation Matrices
Ahmed R, Huang JF, Akimoto M, Shi TY, Melacini G
4680 - 4693 Molecular Rationale for Partitioning between C-H and C-F Bond Activation in Heme-Dependent Tyrosine Hydroxylase
Wang YF, Davis I, Shin I, Xu H, Liu AM
4694 - 4704 Structure and Functionality of an Alkylated LixSiyOz Interphase for High-Energy Cathodes from DNP-ssNMR Spectroscopy
Haber S, Rosy, Saha A, Brontvein O, Carmieli R, Zohar A, Noked M, Leskes M
4705 - 4713 Compartmentalization and Photoregulating Pathways for Incompatible Tandem Catalysis
Qu P, Kuepfert M, Hashmi M, Weck M
4714 - 4724 Design of BET Inhibitor Bottlebrush Prodrugs with Superior Efficacy and Devoid of Systemic Toxicities
Vohidov F, Andersen JN, Economides KD, Shipitsin MV, Burenkova O, Ackley JC, Vangamudi B, Nguyen HVT, Gallagher NM, Shieh P, Golder MR, Liu J, Dahlberg WK, Ehrlich DJC, Kim J, Kristufek SL, Huh SJ, Neenan AM, Baddour J, Paramasivan S, de Stanchina E, Kc G, Turnquist DJ, Saucier-Sawyer JK, Kopesky PW, Brady SW, Jessel MJ, Reiter LA, Chickering DE, Johnson JA, Blume-Jensen P
4725 - 4731 Auger-Assisted Electron Transfer between Adjacent Quantum Wells in Two-Dimensional Layered Perovskites
Yin ZX, Leng J, Wang SP, Liang GJ, Tian WM, Wu KF, Jin SY
4732 - 4740 Bioinspired Diversification Approach Toward the Total Synthesis of Lycodine-Type Alkaloids
Haley HMS, Payer SE, Papidocha SM, Clemens S, Nyenhuis J, Sarpong R
4741 - 4750 One-Pot In Vitro Ribosomal Synthesis of Macrocyclic Depsipeptides
Nagano M, Huang YC, Obexer R, Suga H
4751 - 4757 Redox Modifications in the Biosynthesis of Alchivemycin A Enable the Formation of Its Key Pharmacophore
Zhu HJ, Zhang B, Wang L, Wang W, Liu SH, Igarashi Y, Bashiri G, Tan RX, Ge HM
4758 - 4765 Regulation of Proteins to the Cytosol Using Delivery Systems with Engineered Polymer Architecture
Kretzmann JA, Luther DC, Evans CW, Jeon T, Jerome W, Gopalakrishnan S, Lee YW, Norret M, Iyer KS, Rotello VM
4766 - 4774 Enhanced Suppression of a Protein-Protein Interaction in Cells Using Small-Molecule Covalent Inhibitors Based on an N-Acyl-N-alkyl Sulfonamide Warhead
Ueda T, Tamura T, Kawano M, Shiono K, Hobor F, Wilson AJ, Hamachi I
4775 - 4781 Enantioselective Conjugate Addition of Catalytically Generated Zinc Homoenolate
Sekiguchi Y, Yoshikai N
4782 - 4789 Molecular Design of Chemically Fueled Peptide-Polyelectrolyte Coacervate-Based Assemblies
Spath F, Donau C, Bergmann AM, Kranzlein M, Synatschke CV, Rieger B, Boekhoven J
4790 - 4800 Improving the Efficiency of Quantum Dot Sensitized Solar Cells beyond 15% via Secondary Deposition
Song H, Lin Y, Zhang ZY, Rao HS, Wang WR, Fang YP, Pan ZX, Zhong XH
4801 - 4808 Ligand Conformational Flexibility Enables Enantioselective Tertiary C-B Bond Formation in the Phosphonate-Directed Catalytic Asymmetric Alkene Hydroboration
Shao HL, Chakrabarty S, Qi XT, Takacs JM, Liu P
4809 - 4816 A Palladium Complex as an Asymmetric pi-Lewis Base Catalyst for Activating 1,3-Dienes
Xiao BX, Jiang B, Yan RJ, Zhu JX, Xie K, Gao XY, Ouyang Q, Du W, Chen YC
4817 - 4823 Late-Stage Carbon Isotope Exchange of Aryl Nitriles through Ni-Catalyzed C-CN Bond Activation
Reilly SW, Lam YH, Ren SM, Strotman NA
4824 - 4836 An Amine-Assisted Ionic Monohydride Mechanism Enables Selective Alkyne cis-Semihydrogenation with Ethanol: From Elementary Steps to Catalysis
Huang ZD, Wang YL, Leng XB, Huang Z
4837 - 4843 Two Copper-Carbenes from One Diazo Compound
Alvarez M, Besora M, Molina F, Maseras F, Belderrain TR, Perez PJ
4844 - 4856 Strongly Polarized Iridium(delta-)-Aluminum(delta+) Pairs: Unconventional Reactivity Patterns Including CO2 Cooperative Reductive Cleavage
Escomel L, Del Rosal I, Maron L, Jeanneau E, Veyre L, Thieuleux C, Camp C