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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.142, No.5 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7863 (Print) 

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2087 - 2092 Reductive Electrophotocatalysis: Merging Electricity and Light To Achieve Extreme Reduction Potentials
Kim H, Kim H, Lambert TH, Lin S
2093 - 2099 Potent Reductants via Electron-Primed Photoredox Catalysis: Unlocking Aryl Chlorides for Radical Coupling
Cowper NGW, Chernowsky CP, Williams OP, Wickens ZK
2100 - 2104 A Polymer with "Locked" Degradability: Superior Backbone Stability and Accessible Degradability Enabled by Mechanophore Installation
Hsu TG, Zhou JF, Su HW, Schrage BR, Ziegler CJ, Wang JP
2105 - 2109 Mechanically Gated Degradable Polymers
Lin YJ, Kouznetsova TB, Craig SL
2110 - 2114 Nanopore Sequencing of an Expanded Genetic Alphabet Reveals High-Fidelity Replication of a Predominantly Hydrophobic Unnatural Base Pair
Ledbetter MP, Craig JM, Karadeema RJ, Noakes MT, Kim HC, Abell SJ, Huang JR, Anderson BA, Krishnamurthy R, Gundlach JH, Romesberg FE
2115 - 2119 Observation of the Imidazole-Imidazolium Hydrogen Bonds Responsible for Selective Proton Conductance in the Influenza A M2 Channel
Fu RQ, Miao YM, Qin HJ, Cross TA
2120 - 2124 A Single Point Mutation Converts GH84 O-GIcNAc Hydrolases into Phosphorylases: Experimental and Theoretical Evidence
Teze D, Coines J, Raich L, Kalichuk V, Solleux C, Tellier C, Andre-Miral C, Svensson B, Rovira C
2125 - 2128 Selection of Aptamers with Large Hydrophobic 2 '-Substituents
Shao Q, Chen TJ, Sheng K, Liu ZX, Zhang ZC, Romesberg FE
2129 - 2133 Learning from Artemisinin: Bioinspired Design of a Reaction-Based Fluorescent Probe for the Selective Sensing of Labile Heme in Complex Biosystems
Xu S, Liu HW, Chen LL, Yuan J, Liu YC, Teng LL, Huan SY, Yuan L, Zhang XB, Tan WH
2134 - 2139 Host-Guest-Induced Electron Transfer Triggers Radical-Cation Catalysis
Spicer RL, Stergiou AD, Young TA, Duarte F, Symes MD, Lusby PJ
2140 - 2144 Structure-Guided Improvement of a Dual HPIV3/RSV Fusion Inhibitor
Outlaw VK, Lemke JT, Zhu Y, Gellman SH, Porotto M, Moscona A
2145 - 2149 Lanthanide-Binding Tags for 3D X-ray Imaging of Proteins in Cells at Nanoscale Resolution
Victor TW, O'Toole KH, Easthon LM, Ge MY, Smith RJ, Huang XJ, Yan HF, Chu YS, Chen S, Gursoy D, Ralle M, Imperiali B, Allen KN, Miller LM
2150 - 2154 Heterogeneous Reactions of SO3 on Ice: An Overlooked Sink for SO3 Depletion
Zhong J, Wang CL, Zeng XC, Francisco JS
2155 - 2160 A Two-Dimensional Poly(azatriangulene) Covalent Organic Framework with Semiconducting and Paramagnetic States
Lakshmi V, Liu CH, Rao MR, Chen Y, Fang Y, Dadvand A, Hamzehpoor E, Sakai-Otsuka Y, Stein RS, Perepichka DF
2161 - 2167 Intermolecular Palladium(0)-Catalyzed Atropo-enantioselective C-H Arylation of Heteroarenes
Nguyen QH, Guo SM, Royal T, Baudoin O, Cramer N
2168 - 2174 1,2-Amino Alcohols via Cr/Photoredox Dual-Catalyzed Addition of alpha-Amino Carbanion Equivalents to Carbonyls
Schwarz JL, Kleinmans R, Paulisch TO, Glorius F
2175 - 2179 Capture of the Sulfur Monoxide-Hydroxyl Radical Complex
Chen CY, Lu B, Zhao XF, Qian WY, Liu J, Trabelsi T, Francisco JS, Qin J, Li J, Wang LN, Zeng XQ
2180 - 2186 Nickel/Photo-Cocatalyzed Asymmetric Acyl-Carbamoylation of Alkenes
Fan P, Lan Y, Zhang C, Wang C
2187 - 2192 A Concise, Enantioselective Approach for the Synthesis of Yohimbine Alkaloids
Miller ER, Hovey MT, Scheidt KA
2193 - 2197 Optical Control of Small Molecule-Induced Protein Degradation
Naro Y, Darrah K, Deiters A
2198 - 2203 Catalytic Atroposelective Synthesis of N-Aryl Quinoid Compounds
Vaidya SD, Toenjes ST, Yamamoto N, Maddox SM, Gustafson JL
2204 - 2207 Direct Observation of the Reduction of Aryl Halides by a Photoexcited Perylene Diimide Radical Anion
Zeman CJ, Kim S, Zhang F, Schanze KS
2208 - 2212 A Lateral Salt Bridge for the Specific Assembly of an ABC-Type Collagen Heterotrimer
Hentzen NB, Islami V, Kohler M, Zenobi R, Wennemers H
2213 - 2217 Motor and Rotor in One: Light-Active ZnO/Au Twinned Rods of Tunable Motion Modes
Du SN, Wang HG, Zhou C, Wang W, Zhang ZX
2218 - 2221 A Porous Covalent Organic Framework with Voided Square Grid Topology for Atmospheric Water Harvesting
Nguyen HL, Hanikel N, Lyle SJ, Zhu CH, Proserpio DM, Yaghi OM
2222 - 2227 Pore-Space-Partition-Enabled Exceptional Ethane Uptake and Ethane-Selective Ethane-Ethylene Separation
Yang HJ, Wang YX, Krishna R, Jia XX, Wang Y, Hong AN, Dang C, Castillo HE, Bu XH, Feng PY
2228 - 2232 Separation of Benzene and Cyclohexane by Nonporous Adaptive Crystals of a Hybrid[3]arene
Zhou J, Yu GC, Li Q, Wang MB, Huang FH
2233 - 2237 Metathetical Exchange between Metal-Metal Triple Bonds
Queen JD, Phung AC, Caputo CA, Fettinger JC, Power PP
2238 - 2243 Protecting-Group-Free Syntheses of ent-Kaurane Diterpenoids: [3+2+1] Cycloaddition/Cycloalkenylation Approach
Wang J, Hong BK, Hu DC, Kadonaga Y, Tang RY, Lei XG
2244 - 2252 Molecular Basis for Spirocycle Formation in the Paraherquamide Biosynthetic Pathway
Fraley AE, Haatveit KC, Ye Y, Kelly SP, Newmister SA, Yu FA, Williams RM, Smith JL, Houk KN, Sherman DH
2253 - 2263 Mechanism of Molecular Oxygen Diffusion in a Hypoxia-Sensing Prolyl Hydroxylase Using Multiscale Simulation
Domene C, Jorgensen C, Schofield CJ
2264 - 2276 Electronic Structures and Reactivity Profiles of Aryl Nitrenoid-Bridged Dicopper Complexes
Carsch KM, Lukens JT, DiMucci IM, Iovan DA, Zheng SL, Lancaster KM, Betley TA
2277 - 2284 Per-Residue Program of Multiple Backbone Dihedral Angles of beta-Peptoids via Backbone Substitutions
Morimoto J, Kim J, Kuroda D, Nagatoishi S, Tsumoto K, Sando S
2285 - 2292 Ultrafast Dynamics and Vibrational Relaxation in Six-Coordinate Heme Proteins Revealed by Femtosecond Stimulated Raman Spectroscopy
Ferrante C, Batignani G, Pontecorvo E, Montemiglio LC, Vos MH, Scopigno T
2293 - 2300 Linear and Radial Conjugation in Extended pi-Electron Systems
Peters GM, Grover G, Maust RL, Colwell CE, Bates H, Edgell WA, Jasti R, Kertesz M, Tovar JD
2301 - 2309 Stereochemical Elucidation of Natural Products from Residual Chemical Shift Anisotropies in a Liquid Crystalline Phase
Li XL, Chi LP, Navarro-Vazquez A, Hwang S, Schmieder P, Li XM, Li X, Yang SQ, Lei XX, Wang BG, Sun H
2310 - 2316 Unusual Electrochemical Properties of Low-Doped Boron-Doped Diamond Electrodes Containing sp(2) Carbon
Xu J, Yokota Y, Wong RA, Kim Y, Einaga Y
2317 - 2326 A Model for the Emergence of RNA from a Prebiotically Plausible Mixture of Ribonucleotides, Arabinonucleotides, and 2 '-Deoxynucleotides
Kim SC, Zhou L, Zhang W, O'Flaherty DK, Rondo-Brovetto V, Szostak JW
2327 - 2337 Understanding the Electron-Doping Mechanism in Potassium-Intercalated Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Krockel C, Preciado-Rivas MR, Torres-Sanchez VA, Mowbray DJ, Reich S, Hauke F, Chacon-Torres JC, Hirsch A
2338 - 2345 Abiotic Mimic of Endogenous Tissue Inhibitors of Metalloproteinases: Engineering Synthetic Polymer Nanoparticles for Use as a Broad-Spectrum Metalloproteinase Inhibitor
Nakamoto M, Zhao D, Benice OR, Lee SH, Shea KJ
2346 - 2354 uMBD: A Materials-Ready Dispersion Correction That Uniformly Treats Metallic, Ionic, and van der Waals Bonding
Kim M, Kim WJ, Gould T, Lee EK, Lebegue S, Kim H
2355 - 2363 Sequence-Structure-Binding Relationships Reveal Adhesion Behavior of the Car9 Solid-Binding Peptide: An Integrated Experimental and Simulation Study
Hellner B, Alamdari S, Pyles H, Zhang S, Prakash A, Sprenger KG, De Yoreo JJ, Baker D, Pfaendtner J, Baneyx F
2364 - 2374 The Doping Mechanism of Halide Perovskite Unveiled by Alkaline Earth Metals
Phung N, Felix R, Meggiolaro D, Al-Ashouri A, Silva GSE, Hartmann C, Hidalgo J, Kobler H, Mosconi E, Lai B, Gunder R, Li M, Wang KL, Wang ZK, Nie KQ, Handick E, Wilks RG, Marquez JA, Rech B, Unold T, Correa-Baena JP, Albrecht S, De Angelis F, Bar M, Abate A
2375 - 2385 Buried Liquid Interfaces as a Form of Chemistry in Confinement: The Case of 4-Dimethylaminobenzonitrile at the Silica-Aqueous Interface
Purnell GE, McNally MT, Callis PR, Walker RA
2386 - 2395 Stereoelectronic Effects Impact Glycan Recognition
McMahon CM, Isabella CR, Windsor IW, Kosma P, Raines RT, Kiessling LL
2396 - 2403 Radical Reactions in Cavitands Unveil the Effects of Affinity on Dynamic Supramolecular Systems
Petroselli M, Angamuthu V, Rahman FU, Zhao XL, Yu Y, Rebek J
2404 - 2412 Boosting Oxygen Reduction of Single Iron Active Sites via Geometric and Electronic Engineering: Nitrogen and Phosphorus Dual Coordination
Yuan K, Lutzenkirchen-Hecht D, Li LB, Shuai L, Li YZ, Cao R, Qiu M, Zhuang XD, Leung MKH, Chen YW, Scherf U
2413 - 2428 Unexpected Roles of Triethanolamine in the Photochemical Reduction of CO2 to Formate by Ruthenium Complexes
Sampaio RN, Grills DC, Polyansky DE, Szalda DJ, Fujita E
2429 - 2437 Ketone Synthesis from Benzyldiboronates and Esters: Leveraging alpha-Boryl Carbanions for Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation
Lee B, Chirik PJ
2438 - 2447 High Interfacial-Energy Interphase Promoting Safe Lithium Metal Batteries
Liu SF, Ji X, Yue J, Hou S, Wang PF, Cui CY, Chen J, Shao BW, Li JR, Han FD, Tu JP, Wang CS
2448 - 2459 Thermally Stimulated Delayed Phosphorescence (TSDP)-Based Gold(III) Complexes of Tridentate Pyrazine-Containing Pincer Ligand with Wide Emission Color Tunability and Their Application in Organic Light-Emitting Devices
Leung MY, Tang MC, Cheung WL, Lai SL, Ng M, Chan MY, Yam VWW
2460 - 2470 Rational Functionalization of a C-70 Buckybowl To Enable a C-70:Buckybowl Cocrystal for Organic Semiconductor Applications
Gao GP, Chen M, Roberts J, Feng M, Xiao CY, Zhang GW, Parkin S, Risko C, Zhang L
2471 - 2489 NMR Experiments for Studies of Dilute and Condensed Protein Phases: Application to the Phase-Separating Protein CAPRIN1
Wong LE, Kim TH, Muhandiram DR, Forman-Kay JD, Kay LE
2490 - 2496 Modularly Designed Peptide Nanoprodrug Augments Antitumor Immunity of PD-L1 Checkpoint Blockade by Targeting Indoleamine 2,3-Dioxygenase
Han XX, Cheng KM, Xu Y, Wang YZ, Mm H, Zhang YL, Zhao X, Zhao RF, Anderson GJ, Ren L, Nie GJ, Li YY
2497 - 2505 Fast Li+ Conduction Mechanism and Interfacial Chemistry of a NASICON/Polymer Composite Electrolyte
Wu N, Chien PH, Li YT, Dolocan A, Xu HH, Xu BY, Grundish NS, Jin HB, Hu YY, Goodenough JB
2506 - 2513 Redox Cycling Driven Transformation of Layered Manganese Oxides to Tunnel Structures
Jung H, Taillefert M, Sun JY, Wang Q, Borkiewicz OJ, Liu P, Yang LF, Chen S, Chen HL, Tang YZ
2514 - 2523 Chemo- and Regioselective Synthesis of Acyl-Cyclohexenes by a Tandem Acceptorless Dehydrogenation-[1,5]-Hydride Shift Cascade
Smith LB, Armstrong RJ, Matheau-Raven D, Donohoe TJ
2524 - 2531 Self-Assembly, Structural Transformation, and Guest-Binding Properties of Supramolecular Assemblies with Triangular Metal-Metal Bonded Units
Wang LJ, Li X, Bai S, Wang YY, Han YF
2532 - 2540 Conjugating Aptamer and Mitomycin C with Reductant-Responsive Linker Leading to Synergistically Enhanced Anticancer Effect
Yang QX, Deng ZY, Wang D, He JX, Zhang DL, Tan Y, Peng TH, Wang XQ, Tan WH
2541 - 2548 Redox-Active Phenanthrenequinone Triangles in Aqueous Rechargeable Zinc Batteries
Nam KW, Kim H, Beldjoudi Y, Kwon TW, Kim DJ, Stoddart JF
2549 - 2561 Total Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Tiancimycins A and B, Yangpumicin A, and Related Anthraquinone-Fused Enediyne Antitumor Antibiotics
Nicolaou KC, Das D, Lu Y, Rout S, Pitsinos EN, Lyssikatos J, Schammel A, Sandoval J, Hammond M, Aujay M, Gavrilyuk J
2562 - 2571 Reduced Recombination and Capacitor-like Charge Buildup in an Organic Heterojunction
Schwarz KN, Geraghty PB, Mitchell VD, Khan SUZ, Sandberg OJ, Zarrabi N, Kudisch B, Subbiah J, Smith TA, Rand BP, Armin A, Scholes GD, Jones DJ, Ghiggino KP
2572 - 2578 Frustrated Lewis-Pair-Meditated Selective Single Fluoride Substitution in Trifluoromethyl Groups
Mandal D, Gupta R, Jaiswal AK, Young RD
2579 - 2591 Tunable Adhesion from Stoichiometry-Controlled and Sequence-Defined Supramolecular Polymers Emerges Hierarchically from Cyanostar-Stabilized Anion-Anion Linkages
Zhao W, Tropp J, Qiao B, Pink M, Azoulay JD, Flood AH
2592 - 2600 Emissive Platinum(II) Cages with Reverse Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer for Multiple Sensing
Zhang ZY, Zhao ZQ, Wu LW, Lu S, Ling SL, Li GP, Xu LT, Ma LZ, Hou YL, Wang XC, Li XP, He G, Wang K, Zou B, Zhang MM
2601 - 2608 Capture and Release of Singlet Oxygen in Coordination-Driven Self-Assembled Organoplatinum(II) Metallacycles
He YQ, Fudickar W, Tang JH, Wang H, Li XP, Han J, Wang ZP, Liu M, Zhong YW, Linker T, Stang PJ
2609 - 2616 Base-Promoted C-C Bond Activation Enables Radical Allylation with Homoallylic Alcohols
Lubesmeyer M, Mackay EG, Raycroft MAR, Elfert J, Pratt DA, Studer A
2617 - 2627 Controlling the Nucleation and Growth Orientation of Nanocrystalline Carbon Films during Plasma-Assisted Deposition: A Reactive Molecular Dynamics/Monte Carlo Study
Zhang D, Peng LF, Li XB, Yi PY, Lai XM
2628 - 2639 Ir-Catalyzed Atroposelective Desymmetrization of Heterobiaryls: Hydroarylation of Vinyl Ethers and Bicycloalkenes
Romero-Arenas A, Hornillos V, Iglesias-Siguenza J, Fernandez R, Lopez-Serrano J, Ros A, Lassaletta JM
2640 - 2652 Stereoelectronic and Resonance Effects on the Rate of Ring Opening of N-Cyclopropyl-Based Single Electron Transfer Probes
Grimm ML, Suleman NK, Hancock AN, Spencer JN, Dudding T, Rowshanpour R, Castagnoli N, Tanko JM
2653 - 2664 Effects of Covalency on Anionic Redox Chemistry in Semiquinoid-Based Metal-Organic Frameworks
Ziebel ME, Gaggioli CA, Turkiewicz AB, Ryu W, Gagliardi L, Long JR
2665 - 2671 Elucidating Surface Structure with Action Spectroscopy
Liu Y, Wu ZF, Naschitzki M, Gewinner S, Schollkopf W, Li XK, Paier J, Sauer J, Kuhlenbeck H, Freund HJ
2672 - 2681 Establishing the Golden Range of Seebeck Coefficient for Maximizing Thermoelectric Performance
Hong M, Lyu WY, Wang Y, Zou J, Chen ZG
2682 - 2689 Manipulating On/Off Single-Molecule Magnet Behavior in a Dy(III)-Based Photochromic Complex
Ma YJ, Hu JX, Han SD, Pan J, Li JH, Wang GM
2690 - 2696 N-Heterocyclic Carbenes as Reversible Exciton-Delocalizing Ligands for Photoluminescent Quantum Dots
Westmoreland DE, Lopez-Arteaga R, Weiss EA