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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.142, No.23 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7863 (Print) 

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10235 - 10239 Singlet Fission in a Pyrrole-Fused Cross-Conjugated Skeleton with Adaptive Aromaticity
Wang L, Lin L, Yang JJ, Wu YS, Wang H, Zhu J, Yao JN, Fu HB
10240 - 10243 Molecular Identification of a High-Spin Deprotonated Intermediate during the S(2 )to S-3 Transition of Nature's Water-Oxidizing Complex
Corry TA, O'Malley PJ
10244 - 10249 Chiral Metallacycles as Catalysts for Asymmetric Conjugate Addition of Styrylboronic Acids to alpha,beta-Enones
Hong T, Zhang ZB, Sun Y, Tao JJ, Tang JD, Xie CS, Wang M, Chen F, Xie SS, Li SJ, Stang PJ
10250 - 10254 Engineered Artificial Carboligases Facilitate Regioselective Preparation of Enantioenriched Aldol Adducts
Macdonald DS, Garrabou X, Klaus C, Verez R, Mori T, Hilvert D
10255 - 10260 A Manganese(IV)-Hydroperoxo Intermediate Generated by Protonation of the Corresponding Manganese(III)-Superoxo Complex
Lin YH, Kutin Y, van Gastel M, Bill E, Schnegg A, Ye SF, Lee WZ
10261 - 10266 Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction Using a Robust Multifunctional Iridium Complex toward the Selective Formation of Formic Acid
Kamada K, Jung J, Wakabayashi T, Sekizawa K, Sato S, Morikawa T, Fukuzumi S, Saito S
10267 - 10272 An S-10-Symmetric 5-Fold Interlocked [2]Catenane
Ronson TK, Wang YJ, Baldridge K, Siegel JS, Nitschke JR
10273 - 10278 Suit[4]ane
Liu WQ, Stern CL, Stoddart JF
10279 - 10283 Enzymatic Primary Amination of Benzylic and Allylic C(sp(3))-H Bonds
Jia ZJ, Gao SL, Arnold FH
10284 - 10290 Radical Substitution Provides a Unique Route to Disulfides
Wu ZJ, Pratt DA
10291 - 10296 On-Surface Synthesis of Unsaturated Carbon Nanostructures with Regularly Fused Pentagon-Heptagon Pairs
Hou ICY, Sun Q, Eimre K, Di Giovannantonio M, Urgel JI, Ruffieux P, Narita A, Fasel R, Mullen K
10297 - 10301 DNA-Mediated Step-Growth Polymerization of Bottlebrush Macromonomers
Lu XG, Fu HL, Shih KC, Jia F, Sun YH, Wang DL, Wang YY, Ekatan S, Nieh MP, Lin Y, Zhang K
10302 - 10307 Metal-Organic Frameworks Integrate Cu Photosensitizers and Secondary Building Unit-Supported Fe Catalysts for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution
Pi YH, Feng XY, Song Y, Xu ZW, Li Z, Lin WB
10308 - 10313 Molecular-Pump-Enabled Synthesis of a Daisy Chain Polymer
Cai K, Shi Y, Zhuang GW, Zhang L, Qiu YY, Shen DK, Chen HL, Jiao Y, Wu H, Cheng CY, Stoddart JF
10314 - 10318 New Insights into the Stability of Anhydrous 2H-Imidazolium Fluoride and its High Dissolution Capability toward a Strongly Hydrogen-Bonded Compound
Huang HS, Zhong J, Tan XP, Guo XG, Yuan BF, Lin YH, Francisco JS, Zeng XC
10319 - 10324 A Smart Phosphine-Diyne Polymer Displays "Turn-On" Emission with a High Selectivity for Gold(I/III) Ions
Mackenzie HK, Rawe BW, Samedov K, Walsgrove HTG, Uva A, Han ZY, Gates DP
10325 - 10330 Homobenzylic Oxygenation Enabled by Dual Organic Photoredox and Cobalt Catalysis
McManus JB, Griffin JD, White AR, Nicewicz DA
10331 - 10336 Micron-Sized Ultrathin Metal-Organic Framework Sheet
Zhao YW, Wang JN, Pei RJ
10337 - 10342 Enantioselective Reductive Coupling of Imines Templated by Chiral Diboron
Zhou MK, Li KD, Chen DP, Xu RH, Xu GQ, Tang WJ
10343 - 10357 Mechanism-Guided Design and Discovery of Efficient Cytochrome P450-Derived C-H Amination Biocatalysts
Steck V, Kolev JN, Ren XK, Fasan R
10358 - 10372 Alkynyl Benzoxazines and Dihydroquinazolines as Cysteine Targeting Covalent Warheads and Their Application in Identification of Selective Irreversible Kinase Inhibitors
McAulay K, Hoyt EA, Thomas M, Schimpl M, Bodnarchuk MS, Lewis HJ, Barratt D, Bhavsar D, Robinson DM, Deery MJ, Ogg DJ, Bernardes GJL, Ward RA, Waring MJ, Kettle JG
10373 - 10382 Epitaxial and Strong Support Interactions between Pt and LaFeO3 Films Stabilize Pt Dispersion
Mao XY, Foucher AC, Montini T, Stach EA, Fornasiero P, Gorte RJ
10383 - 10399 The Self-Assembly of a Cyclometalated Palladium Photosensitizer into Protein-Stabilized Nanorods Triggers Drug Uptake In Vitro and In Vivo
Zhou XQ, Xiao M, Ramu V, Hilgendorf J, Li XZ, Papadopoulou P, Siegler MA, Kros A, Sun W, Bonnet S
10400 - 10411 Gas-Phase Optical Detection of 3-Ethynylcyclopentenyl: A Resonance-Stabilized C7H7 Radical with an Embedded 1-Vinylpropargyl Chromophore
Reilly NJ, Kokkin DL, Ward ML, Flores J, Ross SD, McCaslin LM, Stanton JF
10412 - 10423 Proton-Electron Transfer to the Active Site Is Essential for the Reaction Mechanism of Soluble Delta(9)-Desaturase
Bim D, Chalupsky J, Culka M, Solomon EI, Rulisek L, Srnec M
10424 - 10430 Switchable Full-Color Reflective Photonic Ellipsoidal Particles
He QL, Ku KH, Vijayamohanan H, Kim BJ, Swager TM
10431 - 10437 Observing the Migration of Hydrogen Species in Hybrid Perovskite Materials through D/H Isotope Exchange
Sadhu S, Buffeteau T, Sandrez S, Hirsch L, Bassani DM
10438 - 10445 Ru-Catalyzed, cis-Selective Living Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization of Various Monomers, Including a Dendronized Macromonomer, and Implications to Enhanced Shear Stability
Song JA, Peterson GI, Bang KT, Ahmed TS, Sung JC, Grubbs RH, Choi TL
10446 - 10458 Efficient Modeling of Organic Chromophores for Entangled Two-Photon Absorption
Kang G, Avanaki KN, Mosquera MA, Burdick RK, Villabona-Monsalve JP, Goodson T, Schatz GC
10459 - 10467 Mesoscopic to Macroscopic Electron Transfer by Hopping in a Crystal Network of Cytochromes
Huang JC, Zarzycki J, Gunner MR, Parson WW, Kern JF, Yano J, Ducat DC, Kramer DM
10468 - 10476 UV Light Generation and Challenging Photoreactions Enabled by Upconversion in Water
Pfund B, Steffen DM, Schreier MR, Bertrams MS, Ye C, Borjesson K, Wenger OS, Kerzig C
10477 - 10484 Catalytic alpha-Hydroarylation of Acrylates and Acrylamides via an Interrupted Hydrodehalogenation Reaction
Vasquez AM, Gurak JA, Joe CL, Cherney EC, Engle KM
10485 - 10493 Visible-Light-Induced Radical Carbo-Cyclization/gem-Diborylation through Triplet Energy Transfer between a Gold Catalyst and Aryl Iodides
Zhang LM, Si XJ, Rominger F, Hashmi ASK
10494 - 10505 Mechanism of the Iridium-Catalyzed Silylation of Aromatic C-H Bonds
Karmel C, Hartwig JF
10506 - 10515 Discovery and Biocatalytic Application of a PLP-Dependent Amino Acid gamma-Substitution Enzyme That Catalyzes C-C Bond Formation
Chen MB, Liu CT, Tang Y
10516 - 10525 Development and Mechanistic Interrogation of Interrupted Chain-Walking in the Enantioselective Relay Heck Reaction
Ross SP, Rahman AA, Sigman MS
10526 - 10533 Two-Phase Synthesis of Taxol
Kanda Y, Nakamura H, Umemiya S, Puthukanoori RK, Appala VRM, Gaddamanugu GK, Paraselli BR, Baran PS
10534 - 10543 Synthesis of Stilbenes by Rhodium-Catalyzed Aerobic Alkenylation of Arenes via C-H Activation
Jia XF, Frye LI, Zhu WH, Gu SY, Gunnoe TB
10544 - 10549 X-ray Crystal Structure of a Cyclic-PIP-DNA Complex in the Reverse-Binding Orientation
Abe K, Hirose Y, Eki H, Takeda K, Bando T, Endo M, Sugiyama H
10550 - 10556 Highly Enantioselective Synthesis of Indazoles with a C3-Quaternary Chiral Center Using CuH Catalysis
Ye YX, Kevlishvili I, Feng S, Liu P, Buchwald SL
10557 - 10566 Highly Enantioselective O-H Bond Insertion Reaction of alpha-Alkyl-and alpha-Alkenyl-alpha-diazoacetates with Water
Li Y, Zhao YT, Zhou T, Chen MQ, Li YP, Huang MY, Xu ZC, Zhu SF, Zhou QL
10567 - 10567 A Two-Dimensional Biodegradable Niobium Carbide (MXene) for Photothermal Tumor Eradication in NIR-I and NIR-II Biowindows (vol 139, pg 16235, 2017)
Lin H, Gao SS, Dai C, Chen Y, Shi JL
10568 - 10568 Establishing the Golden Range of Seebeck Coefficient for Maximizing Thermoelectric Performance (vol 142, pg 2672, 2020)
Hong M, Lyu WY, Wang Y, Zou J, Chen ZG