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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.142, No.22 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7863 (Print) 

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9861 - 9871 How the Local Environment of Functional Sites Regulates Protein Function
Mazmanian K, Sargsyan K, Lim C
9872 - 9878 Enantioselective Ni-Catalyzed Electrochemical Synthesis of Biaryl Atropisomers
Qiu H, Shuai B, Wang YZ, Liu D, Chen YG, Gao PS, Ma HX, Chen S, Mei TS
9879 - 9883 In Vivo Enzyme Entrapment in a Protein Crystal
Heater B, Yang ZF, Lee M, Chan MK
9884 - 9889 Selective Mechanochemical Monoarylation of Unbiased Dibromoarenes by in Situ Crystallization
Seo T, Kubota K, Ito H
9890 - 9895 Iridium-Catalyzed Cyclative Indenylation and Dienylation through Sequential B(4)-C Bond Formation, Cyclization, and Elimination from o-Carboranes and Propargyl Alcohols
Baek Y, Cheong K, Ko GH, Han GU, Han SH, Kim D, Lee K, Lee PH
9896 - 9901 Chemoinformatic-Guided Engineering of Polyketide Synthases
Zargar A, Lal R, Valencia L, Wang J, Backman TWH, Cruz-Morales P, Kothari A, Werts M, Wong AR, Bailey CB, Loubat A, Liu YZ, Chen Y, Chang S, Benites VT, Hernandez AC, Barajas JF, Thompson MG, Barcelos C, Anayah R, Martin HG, Mukhopadhyay A, Petzold CJ, Baidoo EEK, Katz L, Keasling JD
9902 - 9907 Nickel-Catalyzed Cross-Electrophile Coupling of Aryl Chlorides with Primary Alkyl Chlorides
Kim S, Goldfogel MJ, Gilbert MM, Weix DJ
9908 - 9914 Synthesis of Pyrroles through the CuH-Catalyzed Coupling of Enynes and Nitriles
Zhou YJ, Zhou L, Jesikiewicz LT, Liu P, Buchwald SL
9915 - 9919 Acid-Induced, Oxygen-Atom Defect Formation in Reduced Polyoxovanadate-Alkoxide Clusters
Schreiber E, Petel BE, Matson EM
9920 - 9924 An Isolable Tetrasilicon Analogue of a Planar Bicyclo[1.1.0]butane with pi-Type Single-Bonding Character
Nukazawa T, Iwamoto T
9925 - 9931 Synthesis of Quaternary Carbon Stereogenic Centers by Diastereoselective Conjugate Addition of Boron-Stabilized Allylic Nucleophiles to Enones
Liang MZ, Meek SJ
9932 - 9937 Photoinduced Palladium-Catalyzed Carbofunctionalization of Conjugated Dienes Proceeding via Radical-Polar Crossover Scenario: 1,2-Aminoalkylation and Beyond
Cheung KPS, Kurandina D, Yata T, Gevorgyan V
9938 - 9943 Generation of Alkyl Radical through Direct Excitation of Boracene-Based Alkylborate
Sato Y, Nakamura K, Sumida Y, Hashizume D, Hosoya T, Ohmiya H
9944 - 9954 Mechanistic Studies on CysS - A Vitamin B-12-Dependent Radical SAM Methyltransferase Involved in the Biosynthesis of the tert-Butyl Group of Cystobactamid
Wang YY, Begley TP
9955 - 9965 Solvent Organization and Rate Regulation of a Menshutkin Reaction by Oriented External Electric Fields are Revealed by Combined MD and QM/MM Calculations
Dubey KD, Stuyver T, Kalita S, Shaik S
9966 - 9974 Pd-Catalyzed gamma-C(sp(3))-H Fluorination of Free Amines
Chen YQ, Singh S, Wu YW, Wang Z, Hao W, Verma P, Qiao JX, Sunoj RB, Yu JQ
9975 - 9981 Ultrafast DNA Sensors with DNA Framework-Bridged Hybridization Reactions
Li FQ, Mao XH, Li F, Li M, Shen JL, Ge ZL, Fan CH, Zuo XL
9982 - 9992 Pd-Catalyzed Decarboxylative Olefination: Stereoselective Synthesis of Polysubstituted Butadienes and Macrocyclic P-glycoprotein Inhibitors
Song BC, Xie PP, Li YZ, Hao JP, Wang L, Chen XY, Xu ZL, Quan HT, Lou LG, Xia YZ, Houk KN, Yang WB
9993 - 9998 A Preorganized Electric Field Leads to Minimal Geometrical Reorientation in the Catalytic Reaction of Ketosteroid Isomerase
Wu YF, Fried SD, Boxer SG
9999 - 10007 An Azidoribose Probe to Track Ketoamine Adducts in Histone Ribose Glycation
Maksimovic I, Zheng QF, Trujillo MN, Galligan JJ, David Y
10008 - 10024 Decelerating Charge Recombination Using Fluorinated Porphyrins in N,N-Bis(3,4,5-trimethoxyphenyl)aniline-Aluminum(III) Porphyrin-Fullerene Reaction Center Models
Zarrabi N, Seetharaman S, Chaudhuri S, Holzer N, Batista VS, van der Est A, D'Souza F, Poddutoori PK
10025 - 10033 Enantioselective Synthesis of Triple Helicenes by Cross-Cyclotrimerization of a Helicenyl Aryne and Alkynes via Dynamic Kinetic Resolution
Yubuta A, Hosokawa T, Gon M, Tanaka K, Chujo Y, Tsurusaki A, Kamikawa K
10034 - 10041 Resolving Quinoid Structure in Poly(para-phenylene) Chains
Yuan BK, Li C, Zhao Y, Groning O, Zhou XY, Zhang PF, Guan DD, Li YY, Zheng H, Liu CH, Mai YY, Liu PN, Ji W, Jia JF, Wang SY
10042 - 10049 Duplex DNA Is Weakened in Nanoconfinement
Jonchhe S, Pandey S, Karna D, Pokhrel P, Cui YX, Mishra S, Sugiyama H, Endo M, Mao HB
10050 - 10058 Aquafoldmer-Based Aquaporin-like Synthetic Water Channel
Shen J, Ye RJ, Romanies A, Roy A, Chen F, Ren CL, Liu ZW, Zeng HQ
10059 - 10068 Activation of an Open Shell, Carbyne-Bridged Diiron Complex Toward Binding of Dinitrogen
Arnett CH, Agapie T
10069 - 10078 An Azobenzene-Based Single-Component Supramolecular Polymer Responsive to Multiple Stimuli in Water
Fuentes E, Gerth M, Berrocal JA, Matera C, Gorostiza P, Voets IK, Pujals S, Albertazzi L
10079 - 10086 Boron-Mediated Carbon-Carbon Bond Cleavage and Rearrangement of Benzene Forming the Borepinyl Radical and Borole Derivatives
Jian JW, Wu X, Chen MH, Zhou MF
10087 - 10101 Rapid Decay of the Native Intermediate in the Metallooxidase Fet3p Enables Controlled Fe-II Oxidation for Efficient Metabolism
Jones SM, Heppner DE, Vu K, Kosman DJ, Solomon EI
10102 - 10113 How Do Local Reactivity Descriptors Shape the Potential Energy Surface Associated with Chemical Reactions? The Valence Bond Delocalization Perspective
Stuyver T, De Proft F, Geerlings P, Shaik S
10114 - 10124 Transformation of Biomass DNA into Biodegradable Materials from Gels to Plastics for Reducing Petrochemical Consumption
Wang D, Cui JH, Gan MZ, Xue ZH, Wang J, Liu PF, Hu Y, Pardo Y, Hamada S, Yang DY, Luo D
10125 - 10131 Chemical Equivalent of Arene Monooxygenases: Dearomative Synthesis of Arene Oxides and Oxepines
Siddiqi Z, Wertjes WC, Sarlah D
10132 - 10142 Photochromic Radical Complexes That Show Heterolytic Bond Dissociation
Usui R, Yamamoto K, Okajima H, Mutoh K, Sakamoto A, Abe J, Kobayashi Y
10143 - 10152 Tebbe-like and Phosphonioalkylidene and -alkylidyne Complexes of Scandium
Zatsepin P, Lee E, Gu J, Gau MR, Carroll PJ, Baik MH, Mindiola DJ
10153 - 10162 Allosteric Regulation of DNAzyme Activities through Intrastrand Transformation Induced by Cu(II)-Mediated Artificial Base Pairing
Nakama T, Takezawa Y, Sasaki D, Shionoya M
10163 - 10172 Dynamic Assemblies of Molecular Motor Amphiphiles Control Macroscopic Foam Properties
Chen SY, Leung FKC, Stuart MCA, Wang CX, Feringa B
10173 - 10183 Three-Component, Interrupted Radical Heck/Allylic Substitution Cascade Involving Unactivated Alkyl Bromides
Huang HM, Bellotti P, Pfluger PM, Schwarz JL, Heidrich B, Glorius F
10184 - 10197 Pyclen-Based Ln(III) Complexes as Highly Luminescent Bioprobes for In Vitro and In Vivo One- and Two-Photon Bioimaging Applications
Hamon N, Roux A, Beyler M, Mulatier JC, Andraud C, Nguyen C, Maynadier M, Bettache N, Duperray A, Grichine A, Brasselet S, Gary-Bobo M, Maury O, Tripier R
10198 - 10211 Nanocrystals of Lead Chalcohalides: A Series of Kinetically Trapped Metastable Nanostructures
Toso S, Akkerman QA, Martin-Garcia B, Prato M, Zito J, Infante I, Dang ZY, Moliterni A, Giannini C, Bladt E, Lobato I, Ramade J, Bals S, Buha J, Spirito D, Mugnaioli E, Gemmi M, Manna L
10212 - 10218 Confinement-Driven Ferroelectricity in a Two-Dimensional Hybrid Lead Iodide Perovskite
Chen XG, Song XJ, Zhang ZX, Zhang HY, Pan Q, Yao J, You YM, Xiong RG
10219 - 10227 Tri-Manganese(III) Salen-Based Cryptands: A Metal Cooperative Antioxidant Strategy that Overcomes Ischemic Stroke Damage In Vivo
Ning YY, Huo Y, Xue HZ, Du YJ, Yao YH, Sedgwick AC, Lin HY, Li CC, Jiang SD, Wang BW, Gao S, Kang L, Sessler JL, Zhang JL
10228 - 10228 Sequence Programming with Dynamic Boronic Acid/Catechol Binary Codes (vol 141, pg 14026, 2019)
Hebel M, Riegger A, Zegota MM, Kizilsavas G, Gacanin J, Pieszka M, Luckerath T, Coelho JAS, Wagner M, Gois PMP, Ng DYW, Weil T
10229 - 10229 Efficient Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction by a Ni(II) Complex Having Pyridine Pendants through Capturing a Mg2+ Ion as a Lewis-Acid Cocatalyst (vol 141, pg 20309, 2019)
Hong DC, Kawanishi T, Tsukakoshi Y, Kotani H, Ishizuka T, Kojima T
10230 - 10232 Michael Reaction Inspired Atroposelective Construction of Axially Chiral Biaryls (vol 142, pg 10230, 2020)
Yan SY, Xia W, Li SY, Song QL, Xiang SH, Tan B