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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.142, No.16 Entire volume, number list
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7245 - 7249 Access to Faster Eukaryotic Cell Labeling with Encoded Tetrazine Amino Acids
Jang HS, Jana S, Blizzard RJ, Meeuwsen JC, Mehl RA
7250 - 7253 Immunoproteasome Inhibitor-Doxorubicin Conjugates Target Multiple Myeloma Cells and Release Doxorubicin upon Low-Dose Photon Irradiation
Maurits E, van de Graaff MJ, Maiorana S, Wander DPA, Dekker PM, van der Zanden SY, Florea BI, Neefjes JJC, Overkleeft HS, van Kasteren SI
7254 - 7258 Molecular Basis of CLC Antiporter Inhibition by Fluoride
Chiariello MG, Bolnykh V, Ippoliti E, Meloni S, Olsen JMH, Beck T, Rothlisberger U, Fahlke C, Carloni P
7259 - 7264 Determining the Inherent Selectivity for Carbon Radical Hydroxylation versus Halogenation with Fe-III(OH)(X) Complexes: Relevance to the Rebound Step in Non-heme Iron Halogenases
Yadav V, Rodriguez RJ, Siegler MA, Goldberg DP
7265 - 7269 Epitaxial Growth of Nanorod Meshes from Luminescent Organic Cocrystals via Crystal Transformation
Sun YQ, Lei YL, Hu WP, Wong WY
7270 - 7275 Construction of Polymeric Metal-Organic Nanocapsule Networks via Supramolecular Coordination-Driven Self-Assembly
Shao L, Hua B, Hu XQ, Stalla D, Kelley SP, Atwood JL
7276 - 7282 Electroreduction of CO2 to Formate on a Copper-Based Electrocatalyst at High Pressures with High Energy Conversion Efficiency
Li JC, Kuang Y, Meng YT, Tian X, Hung WH, Zhang X, Li AW, Xu MQ, Zhou W, Ku CS, Chiang CY, Zhu GZ, Guo JY, Sun XM, Dai HJ
7283 - 7288 Subcomponent Self-Assembly of Covalent Metallacycles Templated by Catalytically Active Seven-Coordinate Transition Metal Centers
Li ZW, Wang X, Wei LQ, Ivanovic-Burmazovic I, Liu GF
7289 - 7294 Light-Activatable TET-Dioxygenases Reveal Dynamics of 5-Methylcytosine Oxidation and Transcriptome Reorganization
Palei S, Buchmuller B, Wolffgramm J, Munoz-Lopez A, Jung S, Czodrowski P, Summerer D
7295 - 7300 Self-Assembly and Ionic-Lattice-like Secondary Structure of a Flexible Linear Polymer of Highly Charged Inorganic Building Blocks
Zhang GY, Gadot E, Gan-Or G, Baranov M, Tubul T, Neyman A, Li M, Clotet A, Poblet JM, Yin PC, Weinstock IA
7301 - 7305 Assembly of High-Spin [Fe-3] Clusters by Ligand-Based Multielectron Reduction
Toniolo D, Scopelliti R, Zivkovic I, Mazzanti M
7306 - 7311 Stereocontrolled Synthesis of (-)-Bactobolin A
Vojackova P, Michalska L, Necas M, Shcherbakov D, Bottger EC, Sponer J, Sponer JE, Svenda J
7312 - 7316 Ruthenium-Catalyzed Intermolecular Coupling of Vinylic 1,2-Bisboronates with Alkynes: Stereoselective Access to Boryl-Substituted Homoallylic Alcohols
Trost BM, Zhang GT
7317 - 7321 Metal-Organic Framework Hexagonal Nanoplates: Bottom-up Synthesis, Topotactic Transformation, and Efficient Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Lin YF, Wan H, Wu D, Chen G, Zhang N, Liu XH, Li JH, Cao YJ, Qiu GZ, Ma RZ
7322 - 7327 Michael Reaction Inspired Atroposelective Construction of Axially Chiral Biaryls
Yan SY, Xia W, Li SY, Song QL, Xiang SH, Tan B
7328 - 7333 Enantioselective Assembly of Cycloenones with a Nitrile-Containing All-Carbon Quaternary Center from Malononitriles Enabled by Ni Catalysis
Lu ZW, Hu XD, Zhang H, Zhang XW, Cai JH, Usman M, Cong HJ, Liu WB
7334 - 7339 Nanoscale Metal-Organic Frameworks Stabilize Bacteriochlorins for Type I and Type II Photodynamic Therapy
Luo TK, Ni KY, Culbert A, Lan GX, Li Z, Jiang XM, Kaufmann M, Lin WB
7340 - 7344 A Magnetically Robust Triplet Ground State Sulfur-Hydrocarbon Diradical Dication
Tang SX, Zhang L, Ruan HP, Zhao Y, Wang XP
7345 - 7349 Catalytic, Directed C-C Bond Functionalization of Styrenes
Onodera S, Togashi R, Ishikawa S, Kochi T, Kakiuchi F
7350 - 7355 Chain-End Functionalized Polymers for the Controlled Synthesis of Sub-2 nm Particles
Chen PC, Liu Y, Du JSS, Meckes B, Dravid VP, Mirkin CA
7356 - 7361 Host-Enhanced Phenyl-Perfluorophenyl Polar-pi Interactions
Huang ZH, Chen XY, Wu GL, Metrangolo P, Whitaker D, McCune JA, Scherman OA
7362 - 7367 NHC-Copper Mediated Ligand-Directed Radiofluorination of Aryl Halides
Sharninghausen LS, Brooks AF, Winton WP, Makaravage KJ, Scott PJH, Sanford MS
7368 - 7373 Two-Electron Oxidative Atom Transfer at a Homoleptic, Tetravalent Uranium Complex
Rice NT, McCabe K, Bacsa J, Maron L, La Pierre HS
7374 - 7378 A Chiral Phenanthroline Ligand with a Hydrogen-Bonding Site: Application to the Enantioselective Amination of Methylene Groups
Annapureddy RR, Jandl C, Bach T
7379 - 7385 Divergent Synthesis of Tunable Cyclopentadienyl Ligands and Their Application in Rh-Catalyzed Enantioselective Synthesis of Isoindolinone
Cui WJ, Wu ZJ, Gu Q, You SL
7386 - 7392 Catalytic Deoxygenative Coupling of Aromatic Esters with Organophosphorus Compounds
Kurosawa MB, Isshiki R, Muto K, Yamaguchi J
7393 - 7403 A New Class of Ionically Conducting Fluorinated Ether Electrolytes with High Electrochemical Stability
Amanchukwu CV, Yu Z, Kong X, Qin J, Cui Y, Bao ZN
7404 - 7412 Quantitative Localized Analysis Reveals Distinct Exosomal Protein-Specific Glycosignatures: Implications in Cancer Cell Subtyping, Exosome Biogenesis, and Function
Guo YN, Tao J, Li YR, Feng YM, Ju HX, Wang ZF, Ding L
7413 - 7424 NMR Relaxation Dispersion Reveals Macrocycle Breathing Dynamics in a Cyclodextrin-based Rotaxane
Stoffel S, Zhang QW, Li DH, Smith BD, Peng JW
7425 - 7433 Ultrahigh-Loading of Ir Single Atoms on NiO Matrix to Dramatically Enhance Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Wang Q, Huang X, Zhao ZL, Wang MY, Xiang B, Li J, Feng ZX, Xu H, Gu M
7434 - 7442 A Reversible Structural Phase Transition by Electrochemically-Driven Ion Injection into a Conjugated Polymer
Bischak CG, Flagg LQ, Yan KR, Rehman T, Davies DW, Quezada RJ, Onorato JW, Luscombe CK, Diao Y, Li CZ, Ginger DS
7443 - 7455 Regulating the Structures of Self-Assembled Mechanically Interlocked Moleculecular Constructs via Dianion Precursor Substituent Effects
Chen XL, Shen YJ, Gao C, Yang J, Sun X, Zhang X, Yang YD, Wei GP, Xiang JF, Sessler JL, Gong HY
7456 - 7468 Origins of the Increased Affinity of Phosphorothioate-Modified Therapeutic Nucleic Acids for Proteins
Hyjek-Skladanowska M, Vickers TA, Napiorkowska A, Anderson BA, Tanowitz M, Crooke ST, Liang XH, Seth PP, Nowotny M
7469 - 7479 Highly Emissive Dinuclear Platinum(III) Complexes
Wu XG, Chen DG, Liu DH, Liu SH, Shen SW, Wu CI, Xie GH, Zhou JW, Huang ZX, Huang CY, Su SJ, Zhu WG, Chou PT
7480 - 7486 Strong Second Harmonic Generation in a Tungsten Bronze Oxide by Enhancing Local Structural Distortion
Lin K, Gong PF, Chu SH, Li Q, Lin ZS, Wu H, Wang QX, Wang JG, Kim MJ, Kato K, Wang CW, Liu XZ, Huang QZ, Chen J, Zhu H, Deng JX, Xing XR
7487 - 7496 Copper-Catalyzed Direct C-H Alkylation of Polyfluoroarenes by Using Hydrocarbons as an Alkylating Source
Xie W, Heo J, Kim D, Chang S
7497 - 7505 Real-Time Fluorescence In Situ Visualization of Latent Fingerprints Exceeding Level 3 Details Based on Aggregation-Induced Emission
Wang YL, Li C, Qu HQ, Fan C, Zhao PJ, Tian R, Zhu MQ
7506 - 7513 Single-Step, Salt-Aging-Free, and Thiol-Free Freezing Construction of AuNP-Based Bioprobes for Advancing CRISPR-Based Diagnostics
Hu ML, Yuan CQ, Tian T, Wang XS, Sun J, Xiong EH, Zhou XM
7514 - 7523 Structure and Catalytic Characterization of a Second Framework Al(IV) Site in Zeolite Catalysts Revealed by NMR at 35.2 T
Chen KZ, Horstmeier S, Nguyen VT, Wang B, Crossley SP, Pham T, Gan ZH, Hung I, White JL
7524 - 7531 Umpolung Difunctionalization of Carbonyls via Visible-Light Photoredox Catalytic Radical-Carbanion Relay
Wang S, Cheng BY, Srsen M, Konig B
7532 - 7541 Real-Time Imaging and Simultaneous Quantification of Mitochondrial H2O2 and ATP in Neurons with a Single Two-Photon Fluorescence-Lifetime-Based Probe
Wu Z, Liu MM, Liu ZC, Tian Y
7542 - 7554 Tracking the 3D Rotational Dynamics in Nanoscopic Biological Systems
Igarashi R, Sugi T, Sotoma S, Genjo T, Kumiya Y, Walinda E, Ueno H, Ikeda K, Sumiya H, Tochio H, Yoshinari Y, Harada Y, Shirakawa M
7555 - 7566 Machine-Learning-Assisted Synthesis of Polar Racemates
Nisbet ML, Pendleton IM, Nolis GM, Griffith KJ, Schrier J, Cabana J, Norquist AJ, Poeppelmeier KR
7567 - 7573 Dynamic Bottlebrush Polymer Networks: Self-Healing in Super-Soft Materials
Self JL, Sample CS, Levi AE, Li KX, Xie RX, de Alaniz JR, Bates CM
7574 - 7583 Photocatalytic Dinitrogen Fixation with Water on Bismuth Oxychloride in Chloride Solutions for Solar-to-Chemical Energy Conversion
Shiraishi Y, Hashimoto M, Chishiro K, Moriyama K, Tanaka S, Hirai T
7584 - 7590 Negative Volume Compressibility in Sc3N@C-80-Cubane Cocrystal with Charge Transfer
Zhang Y, Yao MG, Du MR, Yao Z, Wang Y, Dong JJ, Yang ZX, Sundqvist B, Kovats E, Pekker S, Liu BB
7591 - 7597 Polyamorphism Mirrors Polymorphism in the Liquid-Liquid Transition of a Molecular Liquid
Walton F, Bolling J, Farrell A, MacEwen J, Syme CD, Jimenez MG, Senn HM, Wilson C, Cinque G, Wynne K
7598 - 7605 Synthesis of beta-Phenethylamines via Ni/Photoredox Cross-Electrophile Coupling of Aliphatic Aziridines and Aryl Iodides
Steiman TJ, Liu JY, Mengiste A, Doyle AG
7606 - 7617 Self-Sorted, Random, and Block Supramolecular Copolymers via Sequence Controlled, Multicomponent Self-Assembly
Sarkar A, Sasmal R, Empereur-mot C, Bochicchio D, Kompella SVK, Sharma K, Dhiman S, Sundaram B, Agasti SS, Pavan GM, George SJ
7618 - 7626 Copper-Catalyzed Asymmetric Reaction of Alkenyl Diynes with Styrenes by Formal [3+2] Cycloaddition via Cu-Containing AllCarbon 1,3-Dipoles: Access to Chiral Pyrrole-Fused Bridged [2.2.1] Skeletons
Hong FL, Chen YB, Ye SH, Zhu GY, Zhu XQ, Lu X, Liu RS, Ye LW
7627 - 7637 What Is Hidden Behind Schiff Base Hydrolysis? Dynamic Covalent Chemistry for the Precise Capture of Sialylated Glycans
Xiong YT, Li XL, Li MM, Qin HJ, Chen C, Wang DD, Wang X, Zheng XT, Liu YH, Liang XM, Qing GY
7638 - 7646 Toward the Design of Phosphorescent Emitters of Cyclometalated Earth-Abundant Nickel(II) and Their Supramolecular Study
Wong YS, Tang MC, Ng MG, Yam VWW
7647 - 7654 Site-Specific Detection of Arginine Methylation in Highly Repetitive Protein Motifs of Low Sequence Complexity by NMR
Altincekic N, Lohr F, Meier-Credo J, Langer JD, Hengesbach M, Richter C, Schwalbe H
7655 - 7667 Nature of Reactive Hydrogen for Ammonia Synthesis over a Ru/C12A7 Electride Catalyst
Kammert J, Moon J, Cheng YQ, Daemen L, Irle S, Fung V, Liu J, Page K, Ma XH, Phaneuf V, Tong JH, Ramirez-Cuesta AJ, Wu ZL
7668 - 7682 Helix-Sense-Selective Synthesis of Right- and Left-Handed Helical Luminescent Poly(diphenylacetylene)s with Memory of the Macromolecular Helicity and Their Helical Structures
Maeda K, Nozaki M, Hashimoto K, Shimomura K, Hirose D, Nishimura T, Watanabe G, Yashima E
7683 - 7689 Nickel/Photoredox-Catalyzed Methylation of (Hetero)aryl Chlorides Using Trimethyl Orthoformate as a Methyl Radical Source
Kariofillis SK, Shields BJ, Tekle-Smith MA, Zacuto MJ, Doyle AG
7690 - 7698 Reinforced Topological Nanoassemblies: 2D Hexagon-Fused Wheel to 3D Prismatic Metallo-Lamellar Structure with Molecular Weight of 119 K Daltons
Wang GT, Chen MZ, Wang J, Jiang ZY, Liu D, Lou DY, Zhao H, Li KX, Li SQ, Wu T, Jiang ZL, Sun XY, Wang PS
7699 - 7708 Porous Self-Assembled Molecular Networks as Templates for Chiral-Position-Controlled Chemical Functionalization of Graphitic Surfaces
Tahara K, Kubo Y, Hashimoto S, Ishikawa T, Kaneko H, Brown A, Hirsch BE, De Feyter S, Tobe Y
7709 - 7709 Correlating Reactivity and Selectivity to Cyclopentadienyl Ligand Properties in Rh(III)-Catalyzed C-H Activation Reactions: An Experimental and Computational Study (vol 139, pg 1296, 2017)
Piou T, Romanov-Michailidis F, Romanova-Michaelides M, Jackson KE, Semakul N, Taggart TD, Newell BS, Rithner CD, Paton RS, Rovis T
7710 - 7712 Nucleophilic Substitution at Quaternary Carbon Stereocenters (vol 142, pg 5543, 2020)
Lanke V, Marek I