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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.142, No.14 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7863 (Print) 

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6449 - 6455 Catalytic, Asymmetric Dearomative Synthesis of Complex Cyclohexanes via a Highly Regio- and Stereoselective Arene Cyclopropanation Using alpha-Cyanodiazoacetates
Smith KL, Padgett CL, Mackay WD, Johnson JS
6456 - 6460 Manipulating Atomic Structures at the Au/TiO2 Interface for O-2 Activation
Huang JW, He S, Goodsell JL, Mulcahy JR, Guo WX, Angerhofer A, Wei WD
6461 - 6466 Promoting Formation of Oxygen Vacancies in Two-Dimensional Cobalt-Doped Ceria Nanosheets for Efficient Hydrogen Evolution
Jiang SH, Zhang RY, Liu HX, Rao Y, Yu YN, Chen S, Yue Q, Zhang YN, Kang YJ
6467 - 6471 Reversible Solid-State Isomerism of Azobenzene-Loaded Large-Pore Isoreticular Mg-CUK-1
He JP, Aggarwal K, Katyal N, He SC, Chiang E, Dunning SG, Reynolds JE, Steiner A, Henkelman G, Que EL, Humphrey SM
6472 - 6476 Designing a Deep-UV Nonlinear Optical Fluorooxosilicophosphate
Ding QR, Liu XM, Zhao SG, Wang YS, Li YQ, Li LN, Liu S, Lin ZS, Hong MC, Luo JH
6477 - 6482 Native Zinc Catalyzes Selective and Traceless Release of Small Molecules in beta-Cells
Lee M, Maji B, Manna D, Kahraman S, Elgamal R, Small J, Kokkonda P, Vetere A, Goldberg JM, Lippard SJ, Kulkarni R, Wagner BK, Choudhary A
6483 - 6487 SeO2-Mediated Oxidative Transposition of Pauson-Khand Products
Dibrell SE, Maser MR, Reisman SE
6488 - 6492 Iridium-Catalyzed sp(3) C-H Borylation in Hydrocarbon Solvent Enabled by 2,2 '-Dipyridylarylmethane Ligands
Jones MR, Fast CD, Schley ND
6493 - 6498 Kinetic Control in the Synthesis of a Mobius Tris((ethynyl)[5]helicene) Macrocycle Using Alkyne Metathesis
Jiang X, Laffoon SD, Chen DD, Perez-Estrada S, Danis AS, Rodriguez-Lopez J, Garcia-Garibay MA, Zhu J, Moore JS
6499 - 6504 Synthesis of Vitisins A and D Enabled by a Persistent Radical Equilibrium
Romero KJ, Keylor MH, Griesser M, Zhu X, Strobel EJ, Pratt DA, Stephenson CRJ
6505 - 6510 Shape Dependence of Pressure-Induced Phase Transition in CdS Semiconductor Nanocrystals
Meng LY, Lane JMD, Baca L, Tafoya J, Ao T, Stoltzfus B, Knudson M, Morgan D, Austin K, Park C, Chow P, Xiao YM, Li RP, Qin Y, Fan HY
6511 - 6515 Asymmetric Total Synthesis of (+)-Waihoensene
Qu YZ, Wang ZY, Zhang ZC, Zhang WD, Huang J, Yang Z
6516 - 6520 Photosynergetic Electrochemical Synthesis of Graphene Oxide
Chen DH, Lin Z, Sartin MM, Huang TX, Liu J, Zhang QG, Han LH, Li JF, Tian ZQ, Zhan DP
6521 - 6526 Construction of Covalent Organic Frameworks via Three-Component One-Pot Strecker and Povarov Reactions
Li XT, Zou J, Wang TH, Ma HC, Chen GJ, Dong YB
6527 - 6537 Ultrafine Titanium Monoxide (TiO1+x) Nanorods for Enhanced Sonodynamic Therapy
Wang XW, Zhong XY, Bai LX, Xu J, Gong F, Dong ZL, Yang ZJ, Zeng ZJ, Liu Z, Cheng L
6538 - 6547 Computational Design and Synthesis of a Deeply Red-Shifted and Bistable Azobenzene
Konrad DB, Savasci G, Allmendinger L, Trauner D, Ochsenfeld C, Ali AM
6548 - 6553 All-Carbon-Linked Continuous Three-Dimensional Porous Aromatic Framework Films with Nanometer-Precise Controllable Thickness
Ratsch M, Ye C, Yang YZ, Zhang AR, Evans AM, Borjesson K
6554 - 6568 Quantitative Control of Gene-Engineered T-Cell Activity through the Covalent Attachment of Targeting Ligands to a Universal Immune Receptor
Minutolo NG, Sharma P, Poussin M, Shaw LC, Brown DP, Hollander EE, Smole A, Rodriguez-Garcia A, Hui JZ, Zappala F, Tsourkas A, Powell DJ
6569 - 6577 Tetrapod Polymersomes
Xiao JG, Du JZ
6578 - 6587 Rationally Designed Long-Wavelength Absorbing Ru(II) Polypyridyl Complexes as Photosensitizers for Photodynamic Therapy
Karges J, Heinemann F, Jakubaszek M, Maschietto F, Subecz C, Dotou M, Vinck R, Blacque O, Tharaud M, Goud B, Zahinos EV, Spingler B, Ciofini I, Gasser G
6588 - 6599 A Deep Blue B,N-Doped Heptacene Emitter That Shows Both Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence and Delayed Fluorescence by Triplet-Triplet Annihilation
Suresh SM, Duda E, Hall D, Yao Z, Bagnich S, Slawin AMZ, Bassler H, Beljonne D, Buck M, Olivier Y, Kohler A, Zysman-Colman E
6600 - 6616 Functional Models for the Mono- and Dinitrosyl Intermediates of FNORs: Semireduction versus Superreduction of NO
Jana M, White CJ, Pal N, Demeshko S, Cordes C, Meyer F, Lehnert N, Majumdar A
6617 - 6624 Antibody-Conjugated Signaling Nanocavities Fabricated by Dynamic Molding for Detecting Cancers Using Small Extracellular Vesicle Markers from Tears
Takeuchi T, Mori K, Sunayama H, Takano E, Kitayama Y, Shimizu T, Hirose Y, Inubushi S, Sasaki R, Tanino H
6625 - 6637 Three-Dimensional Lead Iodide Perovskitoid Hybrids with High X-ray Photoresponse
Li XT, He YH, Kepenekian M, Guo PJ, Ke WJ, Even J, Katan C, Stoumpos CC, Schaller RD, Kanatzidis MG
6638 - 6648 Heterometallic Titanium-Organic Frameworks by Metal-Induced Dynamic Topological Transformations
Padial NM, Lerma-Berlanga B, Almora-Barrios N, Castells-Gil J, da Silva I, de la Mata M, Molina SI, Hernandez-Saz J, Platero-Prats AE, Tatay S, Marti-Gastaldo C
6649 - 6660 New Insights into Mn-Mn Coupling Interaction-Directed Photoluminescence Quenching Mechanism in Mn2+-Doped Semiconductors
Liu Y, Zhang JX, Han B, Wang X, Wang ZQ, Xue CZ, Bian GQ, Hu DD, Zhou R, Li DS, Wang ZX, Ouyang ZW, Li MD, Wu T
6661 - 6674 Design of a Functionalized Metal-Organic Framework System for Enhanced Targeted Delivery to Mitochondria
Haddad S, Lazaro IA, Fantham M, Mishra A, Silvestre-Albero J, Osterrieth JWM, Schierle GSK, Kaminski CF, Forgan RS, Fairen-Jimenez D
6675 - 6681 Fabricating Covalent Organic Framework Capsules with Commodious Microenvironment for Enzymes
Li MM, Qiao S, Zheng YL, Andaloussi YH, Li X, Zhang ZJ, Li A, Cheng P, Ma SQ, Chen Y
6682 - 6689 Concerning Elusive Crystal Forms: The Case of Paracetamol
Liu YM, Gabriele B, Davey RJ, Cruz-Cabeza AJ
6690 - 6697 Ultrafast Luminescent Light-Up Guest Detection Based on the Lock of the Host Molecular Vibration
Liu CY, Chen XR, Chen HX, Niu Z, Hirao H, Braunstein P, Lang JP
6698 - 6707 Hydroxylamines As Bifunctional Single-Nitrogen Sources for the Rapid Assembly of Diverse Tricyclic Indole Scaffolds
Fan LX, Hao JM, Yu JX, Ma XJ, Liu JJ, Luan XJ
6708 - 6716 Micropeptide MIAC Inhibits HNSCC Progression by Interacting with Aquaporin 2
Li MW, Li X, Zhang YN, Wu HM, Zhou HZ, Ding X, Zhang XM, Jin XR, Wang Y, Yin XQ, Li CC, Yang PW, Xu HM
6717 - 6728 Competing H-2 versus Intramolecular C-H Activation at a Dinuclear Nickel Complex via Metal-Metal Cooperative Oxidative Addition
Stevens H, Duan PC, Dechert S, Meyer F
6729 - 6736 Thiol-Ene Networks from Sequence-Defined Polyurethane Macromers
Hoff EA, De Hoe GX, Mulvaney CM, Hillmyer MA, Alabi CA
6737 - 6749 Multielectron, Cation and Anion Redox in Lithium-Rich Iron Sulfide Cathodes
Hansen CJ, Zak JJ, Martinolich AJ, Ko JS, Bashian NH, Kaboudvand F, Van der Ven A, Melot BC, Weker JN, See KA
6750 - 6760 Pervasive Charge Solvation Permeates Native-like Protein Ions and Dramatically Influences Top-down Sequencing Data
Polasky DA, Dixit SM, Keating MF, Gadkari VV, Andrews PC, Ruotolo BT
6761 - 6768 Split and Use: Structural Isomers for Diagnosis and Therapy
Ning YY, Liu YW, Yang ZS, Yao YH, Kang L, Sessler JL, Zhang JL
6769 - 6776 Ligand-Enabled Monoselective beta-C(sp(3))-H Acyloxylation of Free Carboxylic Acids Using a Practical Oxidant
Zhuang Z, Herron AN, Fan ZL, Yu JQ
6777 - 6785 A General Descriptor Delta E Enables the Quantitative Development of Luminescent Materials Based on Photoinduced Electron Transfer
Chi WJ, Chen J, Liu WJ, Wang C, Qi QK, Qiao QL, Tan TM, Xiong KM, Liu X, Kang K, Chang YT, Xu ZC, Liu XG
6786 - 6799 An Improved P-III/P-V=O-Catalyzed Reductive C-N Coupling of Nitroaromatics and Boronic Acids by Mechanistic Differentiation of Rate- and Product-Determining Steps
Li G, Nykaza TV, Cooper JC, Ramirez A, Luzung MR, Radosevich AT
6800 - 6806 Isotactic Poly(propylene oxide): A Photodegradable Polymer with Strain Hardening Properties
Lipinski BM, Morris LS, Silberstein MN, Coates GW
6807 - 6813 Synthesis of a Black Dye with Absorption Capabilities Across the Visible-to-Near-Infrared Region: A MO-Mixing Approach via Heterometal Coordination of Expanded Porphyrinoid
Wang Y, Kai H, Ishida M, Gokulnath S, Mori S, Murayama T, Muranaka A, Uchiyama M, Yasutake Y, Fukatsu S, Notsuka Y, Yamaoka Y, Hanafusa M, Yoshizawa M, Kim G, Kim D, Furuta H
6814 - 6821 Exceptional Nuclease Resistance of Paranemic Crossover (PX) DNA and Crossover-Dependent Biostability of DNA Motifs
Chandrasekaran AR, Vilcapoma J, Dey P, Wong-Deyrup SW, Dey BK, Halvorsen K
6822 - 6832 Solvent-Assisted Self-Assembly of a Metal-Organic Framework Based Biocatalyst for Cascade Reaction Driven Photodynamic Therapy
He LC, Ni QQ, Mu J, Fan WP, Liu L, Wang ZT, Li L, Tang W, Liu YJ, Cheng YY, Tang LG, Yang Z, Liu Y, Zou JH, Yang WJ, Jacobson O, Zhang F, Huang PT, Chen XY
6833 - 6833 Establishing a Thermodynamic Landscape for the Active Site of Mo-Dependent Nitrogenase (vol 141, pg 17150, 2019)
Hickey DP, Cai R, Yang ZY, Grunau K, Einsle O, Seefeldt LC, Minteer SD
6834 - 6834 RETRACTION: Pushing Single-Oxygen-Atom-Bridged Bimetallic Systems to the Right: A Cryptand-Encapsulated Co-O-Co Unit (Retraction of Vol 137, Pg 15354, 2015)
Stauber JM, Bloch ED, Vogiatzis KD, Zheng SL, Hadt RG, Hayes D, Chen LX, Gagliardi L, Nocera DG, Cummins CC