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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.141, No.7 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7863 (Print) 

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2742 - 2753 Getting into Shape: Reflections on a New Generation of Cylindrical Nanostructures' Self-Assembly Using Polymer Building Blocks
Foster JC, Varlas S, Couturaud B, Coe Z, O'Rei'lly RK
2754 - 2769 All Wrapped up: Stabilization of Enzymes within Single Enzyme Nanoparticles
Chapman R, Stenzel MH
2770 - 2781 Small-Molecule Fluorescent Probes for Live-Cell Super-Resolution Microscopy
Wang L, Frei MS, Salim A, Johnsson K
2782 - 2799 Chemistry for Covalent Modification of Endogenous/Native Proteins: From Test Tubes to Complex Biological Systems
Tamura T, Hamachi I
2800 - 2813 Forging C(sp(3))-C(sp(3)) Bonds with Carbon-Centered Radicals in the Synthesis of Complex Molecules
Pitre SP, Weires NA, Overman LE
2814 - 2824 Chemistry and Quantum Mechanics in 2019: Give Us Insight and Numbers
Neese F, Atanasov M, Bistoni G, Maganas D, Ye SF
2825 - 2831 Aminoxyl-Catalyzed Electrochemical Diazidation of Alkenes Mediated by a Metastable Charge-Transfer Complex
Siu JNC, Parry JB, Lin S
2832 - 2837 Electrochemical Dearomative 2,3-Difunctionalization of Indoles
Wu J, Dou YC, Guillot R, Kouklovsky C, Vincent G
2838 - 2842 Acid-Triggered, Acid-Generating, and Self-Amplifying Degradable Polymers
Miller KA, Morado EG, Samanta SR, Walker BA, Nelson AZ, Sen S, Tran DT, Whitaker DJ, Ewoldt RH, Braun PV, Zimmerman SC
2843 - 2846 Graphene Nanoribbons Derived from Zigzag Edge-Encased Poly(para-2,9-dibenzo[bc,kl]coronenylene) Polymer Chains
Beyer D, Wang SY, Pignedoli CA, Melidonie J, Yuan BK, Li C, Wilhelm J, Ruffieux P, Berger R, Mullen K, Fasel R, Feng XL
2847 - 2851 Hierarchically Compartmentalized Supramolecular Gels through Multilevel Self-Sorting
Wang YM, Lovrak M, Liu Q, Maity C, le Sage VAA, Guo XH, Eelkema R, van Esch JH
2852 - 2856 Amphiphilic Block Copolymer-Guided in Situ Fabrication of Stable and Highly Controlled Luminescent Copper Nanoassemblies
Zhou TY, Zhu JY, Gong LS, Nong LT, Liu JB
2857 - 2861 A Selective, Protein-Based Fluorescent Sensor with Picomolar Affinity for Rare Earth Elements
Mattocks JA, Ho JV, Cotruvo JA
2862 - 2866 Transferrin-Appended Nanocaplet for Transcellular siRNA Delivery into Deep Tissues
Kohata A, Hashim PK, Okuro K, Aida T
2867 - 2871 Enantioselective Synthesis of Azamerone
Landry ML, McKenna GM, Burns NZ
2872 - 2877 Asymmetric Total Synthesis of Cerorubenic Acid-III
Liu X, Liu JY, Wu JL, Huang GC, Liang R, Chung LW, Li CC
2878 - 2883 Hydrogen Bonding Phase-Transfer Catalysis with Potassium Fluoride: Enantioselective Synthesis of beta-Fluoroamines
Pupo G, Vicini AC, Ascough DMH, Ibba F, Christensen KE, Thompson AL, Brown JM, Paton RS, Gouverneur V
2884 - 2888 Single-Boron Catalysts for Nitrogen Reduction Reaction
Liu CW, Li QY, Wu CZ, Zhang J, Jin YG, MacFarlane DR, Sun CH
2889 - 2893 Alkenyl Exchange of Allylamines via Nickel(0)-Catalyzed C-C Bond Cleavage
Fan C, Lv XY, Xiao LJ, Xie JH, Zhou QL
2894 - 2899 Ring-Opening Polymerization of Cyclic Phosphonates: Access to Inorganic Polymers with a P-v-O Main Chain
Arz MI, Annibale VT, Kelly NL, Hanna JV, Manners I
2900 - 2905 Reticular Access to Highly Porous acs-MOFs with Rigid Trigonal Prismatic Linkers for Water Sorption
Chen ZJ, Li PH, Zhang X, Li P, Wasson MC, Islamoglu T, Stoddart JF, Farha OK
2906 - 2910 Halide-Rebound Polymerization of Twisted Amides
Fu LB, Xu MZ, Yu JY, Gutekunst WR
2911 - 2915 Crucial Role of Surface Hydroxyls on the Activity and Stability in Electrochemical CO2 Reduction
Deng WY, Zhang L, Li LL, Chen S, Hu CL, Zhao ZJ, Wang T, Gong JL
2916 - 2919 Solvent-Free Secondary Growth of Highly b-Oriented MFI Zeolite Films from Anhydrous Synthetic Powder
Lu XF, Yang YW, Zhang JJ, Yan YS, Wang ZB
2920 - 2924 Three-dimensional Salphen-based Covalent Organic Frameworks as Catalytic Antioxidants
Yan SC, Guan XY, Li H, Li DH, Xue M, Yan YS, Valtchev V, Qiu SL, Fang QR
2925 - 2937 Exploring the Cytotoxicity, Uptake, Cellular Response, and Proteomics of Mono- and Dinuclear DNA Light-Switch Complexes
Jarman PJ, Noakes F, Fairbanks S, Smitten K, Griffiths IK, Saeed HK, Thomas JA, Smythe C
2938 - 2948 H/D Isotope Effects Reveal Factors Controlling Catalytic Activity in Co-Based Oxides for Water Oxidation
Pasquini C, Zaharieva I, Gonzalez-Flores D, Chernev P, Mohammadi MR, Guidoni L, Smith RDL, Dau H
2949 - 2959 Autonomously Assembled Synthetic Transmembrane Peptide Pore
Krishnan RS, Satheesan R, Puthumadathil N, Kumar KS, Jayasree P, Mahendran KR
2960 - 2974 A Designed Small Molecule Inhibitor of a Non-Coding RNA Sensitizes HER2 Negative Cancers to Herceptin
Costales MG, Hoch DG, Abegg D, Childs-Disney JL, Velagapudi SP, Adibekian A, Disney MD
2975 - 2983 Wet-Chemistry Strong Metal-Support Interactions in Titania-Supported Au Catalysts
Zhang J, Wang H, Wang L, Ali S, Wang CT, Wang LX, Meng XJ, Li B, Su DS, Xiao FS
2984 - 2989 Reconciling the Debate on the Existence of Pentazole HN5 in the Pentazolate Salt of (N-5)(6)(H3O)(3)(NH4)(4)CI
Huang HS, Zhong J, Ma L, Lv LP, Francisco JS, Zeng XC
2990 - 2996 Measuring Ultra-Weak Protein Self-Association by Non-ideal Sedimentation Velocity
Chaturvedi SK, Sagar V, Zhao HY, Wistow G, Schuck P
2997 - 3005 Direct Imaging of Isolated Single-Molecule Magnets in Metal Organic Frameworks
Aulakh D, Liu LM, Varghese JR, Xie HM, Islamoglu T, Duell K, Kung CW, Hsiung CE, Zhang YX, Drout RJ, Farha OK, Dunbar KR, Han Y, Wriedt M
3006 - 3013 Catalytic Hydrothiolation: Counterion-Controlled Regioselectivity
Yang XH, Davison RT, Nie SZ, Cruz FA, McGinnis TM, Dong VM
3014 - 3023 Breaking Long-Range Order in Iridium Oxide by Alkali Ion for Efficient Water Oxidation
Gao JJ, Xu CQ, Hung SF, Liu W, Cai WZ, Zeng ZP, Jia CM, Chen HM, Xiao H, Li J, Huang YQ, Liu B
3024 - 3036 A Picture of Disorder in Hydrous Wadsleyite-Under the Combined Microscope of Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy and Ab Initio Random Structure Searching
McKay D, Moran RF, Dawson DM, Griffin JM, Sturniolo S, Pickard CJ, Berry AJ, Ashbrook SE
3037 - 3051 H-Atom Abstraction vs Addition: Accounting for the Diverse Product Distribution in the Autoxidation of Cholesterol and Its Esters
Zielinski ZAM, Pratt DA
3052 - 3058 Selective, Fast-Response, and Regenerable Metal-Organic Framework for Sampling Excess Fluoride Levels in Drinking Water
Ebrahim FM, Nguyen TN, Shyshkanov S, Gladysiak A, Favre P, Zacharia A, Itskos G, Dyson PJ, Stylianou KC
3059 - 3072 Two Synthetic Replicators Compete To Process a Dynamic Reagent Pool
Kosikova T, Philp D
3073 - 3082 Highly Efficient Fullerene-Free Organic Solar Cells Operate at Near Zero Highest Occupied Molecular Orbital Offsets
Li SX, Zhan LL, Sun CK, Zhu HM, Zhou GQ, Yang WT, Shi MM, Li CZ, Hou JH, Li YF, Chen HZ
3083 - 3099 Development of a Terpene Feedstock-Based Oxidative Synthetic Approach to the Illicium Sesquiterpenes
Hung K, Condakes ML, Novaes LFT, Harwood SJ, Morikawa T, Yang Z, Maimone TJ
3100 - 3109 Enzymatically Degassed Surface-Initiated Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization with Real-Time Monitoring
Navarro LA, Enciso AE, Matyjaszewski K, Zauscher S
3110 - 3115 van der Waals Stacking Induced Transition from Schottky to Ohmic Contacts: 2D Metals on Multilayer InSe
Shen T, Ren JC, Liu XY, Li S, Liu W
3116 - 3120 Hydrocarbon Synthesis via Photoenzymatic Decarboxylation of Carboxylic Acids
Zhang WY, Ma M, Huijbers MME, Filonenko GA, Pidko EA, van Schie M, de Boer S, Burek BO, Bloh JZ, van Berkel WJH, Smith WA, Hollmann F
3121 - 3128 Optimized Electronic Configuration to Improve the Surface Absorption and Bulk Conductivity for Enhanced Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Li XN, Sun YH, Wu QM, Liu H, Gu W, Wang XL, Cheng ZX, Fu ZP, Lu YL
3129 - 3136 Tuning the lonicity of Stable Metal-Organic Frameworks through Ionic Linker Installation
Pang JD, Yuan S, Qin JS, Lollar CT, Huang N, Li JL, Wang Q, Wu MY, Yuan DQ, Hong MC, Zhou HC
3137 - 3145 Enzymatic Production and Enzymatic-Mass Spectrometric Fingerprinting Analysis of Chitosan Polymers with Different Nonrandom Patterns of Acetylation
Wattjes J, Niehues A, Cord-Landwehr S, Hossbach J, David L, Delair T, Moerschbacher BM
3146 - 3152 Pendant Photochromic Conjugated Polymers Incorporating a Highly Functionalizable Thieno[3,4-b]thiophene Switching Motif
Peters GM, Tovar JD
3153 - 3159 Csp(3)-Csp(3) Bond-Forming Reductive Elimination from Well-Defined Copper(III) Complexes
Paeth M, Tyndall SB, Chen LY, Hong JC, Carson WP, Liu XW, Sun XD, Liu JJ, Yang KD, Hale EM, Tierney DL, Liu B, Cao Z, Cheng MJ, Goddard WA, Liu W
3160 - 3170 Mechanistic Insights into Ruthenium-Pincer-Catalyzed Amine-Assisted Homogeneous Hydrogenation of CO2 to Methanol
Kar S, Sen R, Kothandaraman J, Goeppert A, Chowdhury R, Munoz SB, Haiges R, Prakash GKS
3171 - 3177 Rational Design of Near-Infrared Aggregation-Induced-Emission Active Probes: In Situ Mapping of Annyloid-beta Plaques with Ultrasensitivity and High-Fidelity
Fu W, Yan CX, Guo ZQ, Zhang JJ, Zhang HY, Tian H, Zhu WH
3178 - 3186 Self-Assembly Processes of Octahedron-Shaped Pd6L4 Cages
Komine S, Takahashi S, Kojima T, Sato H, Hiraoka S
3187 - 3197 Cooperative Au/Ag Dual-Catalyzed Cross-Dehydrogenative Biaryl Coupling: Reaction Development and Mechanistic Insight
Li WP, Yuan DD, Wang GQ, Zhao Y, Xie J, Li SH, Zhu CJ
3198 - 3206 Understanding Fe3O4 Nanocube Assembly with Reconstruction of a Consistent Superlattice Phase Diagram
Huang X, Zhu JL, Ge BH, Deng KR, Wu XT, Xiao TY, Jiang T, Quan ZW, Cao YC, Wang ZW
3207 - 3216 Mechanistic Study and Development of Catalytic Reactions of Sm(II)
Maity S, Flowers RA
3217 - 3231 Microsolvation of the Redox-Active Tyrosine-D in Photosystem II: Correlation of Energetics with EPR Spectroscopy and Oxidation-Induced Proton Transfer
Sirohiwal A, Neese F, Pantazis DA
3232 - 3239 Unifying the Hydrogen Evolution and Oxidation Reactions Kinetics in Base by Identifying the Catalytic Roles of Hydroxyl-Water-Cation Adducts
Liu ES, Li JK, Jiao L, Doan HTT, Liu ZY, Zhao ZP, Huang Y, Abraham KM, Mukerjee S, Jia QY
3240 - 3248 A Concise Synthetic Strategy for Accessing Ambient Stable Bisphenalenyls toward Achieving Electroactive Open-Shell pi-Conjugated Materials
Wehrmann CM, Charlton RT, Chen MS
3249 - 3257 Synthesis of Self-Healing Polymers by Scandium-Catalyzed Copolymerization of Ethylene and Anisylpropylenes
Wang HB, Yang Y, Nishiura M, Higaki Y, Takahara A, Hou ZM
3258 - 3264 Rational Design via Synergistic Combination Leads to an Outstanding Deep-Ultraviolet Birefringent Li2Na2B2O5 Material with an Unvalued B2O5 Functional Gene
Zhang M, An DH, Hu C, Chen XL, Yang ZH, Pan SL
3265 - 3273 Quantitatively Visualizing Tumor-Related Protease Activity in Vivo Using a Ratiometric Photoacoustic Probe
Yin L, Sun H, Zhang H, He L, Qiu L, Lin JG, Xia HW, Zhang YQ, Ji SJ, Shi HB, Gao MY
3274 - 3287 Fluorination Effects on Indacenodithienothiophene Acceptor Packing and Electronic Structure, End-Group Redistribution, and Solar Cell Photovoltaic Response
Aldrich TJ, Matta M, Zhu WG, Swick SM, Stern CL, Schatz GC, Facchetti A, Melkonyan FS, Marks TJ
3288 - 3297 Catalytic Enantioselective Hetero-[6+4] and -[6+2] Cycloadditions for the Construction of Condensed Polycyclic Pyrroles, Imidazoles, and Pyrazoles
Bertuzzi G, Thogersen MK, Giardinetti M, Vidal-Albalat A, Simon A, Houk KN, Jorgensen KA
3298 - 3303 Guest-Dependent Dynamics in a 3D Covalent Organic Framework
Chen YC, Shi ZL, Wei L, Zhou BB, Tan J, Zhou HL, Zhang YB
3304 - 3314 Versatile Tautomerization of EH2-Substituted Silylenes (E = N, P, As) in the Coordination Sphere of Nickel
Hadlington TJ, Szilvasi T, Driess M
3315 - 3315 Practical Singly and Doubly Electrophilic Aminating Agents: A New, More Sustainable Platform for Carbon Nitrogen Bond Formation (vol 139, pg 11184, 2017)
Kattamuri PV, Yin J, Siriwongsup S, Kwon DH, Ess DH, Li Q, Li GG, Yousufuddin M, Richardson PF, Sutton SC, Kurti L
3316 - 3316 Reversible Self-Assembly of Supramolecular Vesicles and Nanofibers Driven by Chalcogen-Bonding Interactions (vol 140, pg 7079, 2018)
Chen L, Xiang J, Zhao Y, Yan Q
3317 - 3318 Hollow Capsules with Multiresponsive Valves for Controlled Enzymatic Reactions (vol 140, pg 16106, 2018)
Liu XL, Appelhans D, Voit B