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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.141, No.5 Entire volume, number list
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1798 - 1806 Chemical Interventions for the Opioid Crisis: Key Advances and Remaining Challenges
Olson ME, Eubanks LM, Janda KD
1807 - 1822 Covalent Organic Frameworks: Chemistry beyond the Structure
Kandambeth S, Dey K, Banerjee R
1823 - 1827 Nickel-Catalyzed Addition of Aryl Bromides to Aldehydes To Form Hindered Secondary Alcohols
Garcia KJ, Gilbert MM, Weix DJ
1828 - 1832 Rhodium-Catalyzed Aldehyde Arylation via Formate-Mediated Transfer Hydrogenation: Beyond Metallic Reductants in Grignard/Nozaki-Hiyami-Kishi-Type Addition
Swyka RA, Zhang WD, Richardson J, Ruble JC, Krische MJ
1833 - 1837 Enzyme-Mediated Intercellular Proximity Labeling for Detecting Cell-Cell Interactions
Ge Y, Chen L, Liu SB, Zhao JY, Zhang H, Chen PR
1838 - 1841 Valence and Core-Level X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy of a Liquid Ammonia Microjet
Buttersack T, Mason PE, McMullen RS, Martinek T, Brezina K, Hein D, Ali H, Kolbeck C, Schewe C, Malerz S, Winter B, Seidel R, Marsalek O, Jungwirth P, Bradforth SE
1842 - 1846 Thiopeptide Pyridine Synthase TbtD Catalyzes an Intermolecular Formal Aza-Diels-Alder Reaction
Bogart JW, Bowers AA
1847 - 1851 Polyoxometalate-Cyclodextrin Metal-Organic Frameworks: From Tunable Structure to Customized Storage Functionality
Yang P, Zhao WL, Shkurenko A, Belmabkhout Y, Eddaoudi M, Dong XC, Alshareef HN, Khashab NM
1852 - 1856 Functionalization of Intact Trimetaphosphate: A Triphosphorylating Reagent for C, N, and O Nucleophiles
Shepard SM, Cummins CC
1857 - 1861 Natural Abundance, Single-Scan C-13-C-13-Based Structural Elucidations by Dissolution DNP NMR
Otikovs M, Olsen GL, Kupce E, Frydman L
1862 - 1866 Palladium-Catalyzed, Enantioselective Formal Cycloaddition between Benzyltriflamides and Allenes: Straightforward Access to Enantioenriched Isoquinolines
Vidal X, Mascarenas JL, Gulias M
1867 - 1870 Formation of a Reactive, Alkyl Thiolate-Ligated Fe-III-Superoxo Intermediate Derived from Dioxygen
Blakely MN, Dedushko MA, Poon PCY, Villar-Acevedo G, Kovacs JA
1871 - 1876 H-2 Binding, Splitting, and Net Hydrogen Atom Transfer at a Paramagnetic Iron Complex
Prokopchuk DE, Chambers GM, Walter ED, Mock MT, Bullock RM
1877 - 1881 Structure and Reactivity of Aromatic Radical Cations Generated by FeCl3
Horibe T, Ohmura S, Ishihara K
1882 - 1886 TEMPO-Mediated Catalysis of the Sterically Hindered Hydrogen Atom Transfer Reaction between (C5Ph5)Cr(CO)(3)H and a Trityl Radical
Gunasekara T, Abramo GP, Hansen A, Neugebauer H, Bursch M, Grimme S, Norton JR
1887 - 1892 Enantioselective Construction of Quaternary All-Carbon Centers via Copper-Catalyzed Arylation of Tertiary Carbon-Centered Radicals
Wu LQ, Wang F, Chen PH, Liu GS
1893 - 1897 A "Clickable" Photoconvertible Small Fluorescent Molecule as a Minimalist Probe for Tracking Individual Biomolecule Complexes
Jun JV, Haney CM, Karpowicz RJ, Giannakoulias S, Lee VMY, Petersson EJ, Chenoweth DM
1898 - 1902 Multicolor Mechanochromism of a Polymer/Silica Composite with Dual Distinct Mechanophores
Kosuge T, Zhu XL, Lau VM, Aoki D, Martinez TJ, Moore JS, Otsuka H
1903 - 1907 Sequential Functionalization of meta-C-H and ipso-C-O Bonds of Phenols
Xu JC, Chen JJ, Gao F, Xie SG, Xu XH, Jin Z, Yu JQ
1908 - 1912 Isolation of Transient Acyclic Germanium(I) Radicals Stabilized by Cyclic Alkyl(amino) Carbenes
Siddiqui MM, Sarkar SK, Sinhababu S, Ruth PN, Herbst-Irmer R, Stalke D, Ghosh M, Fu MX, Zhao LL, Casanova D, Frenking G, Schwederski B, Kaim W, Roesky HW
1913 - 1917 Million-fold Relaxation Time Enhancement across a Series of Phosphino-Supported Erbium Single-Molecule Magnets
Hilgar JD, Bernbeck MG, Rinehart JD
1918 - 1922 Ni-Catalyzed Reductive Liebeskind-Srogl Alkylation of Heterocycles
Ma YH, Cammarata J, Cornella J
1923 - 1927 Fast Ion Transport Pathway Provided by Polyethylene Glycol Confined in Covalent Organic Frameworks
Guo ZB, Zhang YY, Dong Y, Li J, Li SW, Shao PP, Feng X, Wang B
1928 - 1940 Base-Controlled Heck, Suzuki, and Sonogashira Reactions Catalyzed by Ligand-Free Platinum or Palladium Single Atom and Sub-Nanometer Clusters
Fernandez E, Rivero-Crespo MA, Dominguez I, Rubio-Marques P, Oliver-Meseguer J, Liu LC, Cabrero-Antonino M, Gavara R, Hernandez-Garrido JC, Boronat M, Leyva-Perez A, Corma A
1941 - 1948 Misfolding of a Human Islet Amyloid Polypeptide at the Lipid Membrane Populates through beta-Sheet Conformers without Involving alpha-Helical Intermediates
Tan JJ, Zhang JH, Luo Y, Ye SJ
1949 - 1960 Supramolecular Control of Azobenzene Switching on Nanoparticles
Chu ZL, Han YX, Bian T, De S, Kral P, Kajn R
1961 - 1969 Engineering the Substrate Specificity of a Modular Polyketide Synthase for Installation of Consecutive Non-Natural Extender Units
Kalkreuter E, CroweTipton JM, Lowell AN, Sherman DH, Williams GJ
1970 - 1979 Degradation of Cytosine Radical Cations in 2 '-Deoxycytidine and in i-Motif DNA: Hydrogen-Bonding Guided Pathways
Wang YH, Zhao HM, Yang CF, Jie JL, Dai XJ, Zhou Q, Liu KH, Song D, Su HM
1980 - 1988 Orientational Order in Self-Assembled Nanocrystal Superlattices
Fan ZC, Grunwald M
1989 - 1997 Mimicking Active Biopolymer Networks with a Synthetic Hydrogel
Romera MFC, Gosatl R, Shaikh H, ter Huurne G, Schill J, Voets IK, Storm C, Sijbesma RP
1998 - 2011 Solid-State NMR and MD Study of the Structure of the Statherin Mutant SNa15 on Mineral Surfaces
Buckle EL, Prakash A, Bonomi M, Sampath J, Pfaendtner J, Drobny GP
2012 - 2026 Interplay between Conformational Entropy and Solvation Entropy in Protein-Ligand Binding
Verteramo ML, Stenstrom O, Ignjatovic MM, Caldararu O, Olsson MA, Manzoni F, Leffler H, Oksanen E, Logan DT, Nilsson UJ, Ryde U, Akke M
2027 - 2034 Neutral Au-1-Doped Cluster Catalysts AuTi2O3-6 for CO Oxidation by O-2
Chen JJ, Li XN, Chen Q, Liu CY, Jiang LX, He SG
2035 - 2045 Design Principle of Fe-N-C Electrocatalysts: How to Optimize Multimodal Porous Structures?
Lee SH, Kim J, Chung DY, Yoo JM, Lee HS, Kim MJ, Mun BS, Kwon SG, Sung YE, Hyeon T
2046 - 2053 Welding Metallophthalocyanines into Bimetallic Molecular Meshes for Ultrasensitive, Low-Power Chemiresistive Detection of Gases
Meng Z, Aykanat A, Mirica KA
2054 - 2060 Creating Well-Defined Hexabenzocoronene in Zirconium Metal-Organic Framework by Postsynthetic Annulation
Qin JS, Yuan S, Zhang L, Li B, Du DY, Huang N, Guan W, Drake HF, Pang JD, Lan YQ, Alsalme A, Zhou HC
2061 - 2068 Observation of Acetylcholinesterase in Stress-Induced Depression Phenotypes by Two-Photon Fluorescence Imaging in the Mouse Brain
Wang X, Li P, Ding Q, Wu CC, Zhang W, Tang B
2069 - 2079 Few-Nanometer-Sized alpha-CsPbI3 Quantum Dots Enabled by Strontium Substitution and Iodide Passivation for Efficient Red-Light Emitting Diodes
Yao JS, Ge J, Wang KH, Zhang GZ, Zhu BS, Chen C, Zhang Q, Luo Y, Yu SH, Yao HB
2080 - 2086 Protein Hydration Waters Are Susceptible to Unfavorable Perturbations
Rego NB, Xi E, Patel AJ
2087 - 2096 Cyclometalated Iridium-PhanePhos Complexes Are Active Catalysts in Enantioselective Allene-Fluoral Reductive Coupling and Related Alcohol-Mediated Carbonyl Additions That Form Acyclic Quaternary Carbon Stereocenters
Schwartz LA, Holmes M, Brito GA, Goncalves TP, Richardson J, Ruble JC, Huang KW, Krische MJ
2097 - 2103 Mechanistic Interplay between Light Switching and Guest Binding in Photochromic [Pd(2)Dithienylethene(4)] Coordination Cages
Li RJ, Holstein JJ, Hiller WG, Andreasson J, Clever GH
2104 - 2110 Mechanical Stabilization of Helical Chirality in a Macrocyclic Oligothiophene
Weiland KJ, Brandl T, Atz K, Prescimone A, Haussinger D, Solomek T, Mayor M
2111 - 2121 Acid Responsive Hydrogen-Bonded Organic Frameworks
Hisaki I, Suzuki Y, Gomez E, Ji Q, Tohnai N, Nakamura T, Douhal A
2122 - 2127 Unexpected Hydrated Electron Source for Preparative Visible-Light Driven Photoredox Catalysis
Kerzig C, Guo XW, Wenger OS
2128 - 2134 Millimeter-Scale Single-Crystalline Semiconducting MoTe2 via Solid-to-Solid Phase Transformation
Xu XL, Chen SL, Liu S, Cheng X, Xu WJ, Li P, Wan Y, Yang SG, Gong WT, Yuan K, Gao P, Ye Y, Dai L
2135 - 2142 Direct Observation of the Orientational Anisotropy of Buried Hydroxyl Groups inside Muscovite Mica
Tuladhar A, Chase ZA, Baer MD, Legg BA, Tao JH, Zhang S, Winkelman AD, Wang ZM, Mundy CJ, De Yoreo JJ, Wang HF
2143 - 2151 Aerobic Co-/N-Hydroxysuccinimide-Catalyzed Oxidation of p-Tolylsiloxanes to p-Carboxyphenylsiloxanes: Synthesis of Functionalized Siloxanes as Promising Building Blocks for Siloxane-Based Materials
Goncharova IK, Silaeva KP, Arzumanyan AV, Anisimov AA, Milenin SA, Novikov RA, Solyev PN, Tkachev YV, Volodin AD, Korlyukov AA, Muzafarov AM
2152 - 2160 Photogenerated Spin-Entangled Qubit (Radical) Pairs in DNA Hairpins: Observation of Spin Delocalization and Coherence
Olshansky JH, Krzyaniak MD, Young RM, Wasielewski MR
2161 - 2168 Multivariate Stratified Metal-Organic Frameworks: Diversification Using Domain Building Blocks
Luo TY, Liu C, Gan XY, Muldoon PF, Diemler NA, Millstone JE, Rosi NL
2169 - 2176 Synthesis and Characterization of Oxygen-Embedded Quinoidal Pentacene and Nonacene
Wang YP, Qu SH, Xie S, Zhou L, Hong YH, Chang JJ, Wu JS, Zeng ZB