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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.141, No.48 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7863 (Print) 

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18921 - 18925 Low Temperature Oxidation of Ethane to Oxygenates by Oxygen over Iridium-Cluster Catalysts
Jin RX, Peng M, Li A, Deng YC, Jia ZM, Huang F, Ling YJ, Yang F, Fu H, Xie JL, Hang XD, Xiao DQ, Jiang Z, Liu HY, Ma D
18926 - 18931 Tantalum-Catalyzed Amidation of Amino Acid Homologues
Muramatsu W, Yamamoto H
18932 - 18937 Catalyst-Free Dynamic Networks for Recyclable, Self-Healing Solid Polymer Electrolytes
Jing BB, Evans CM
18938 - 18943 A Long pi-Conjugated Poly(para-Phenylene)-Based Polymeric Segment of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Huang Q, Zhuang GL, Zhang MM, Wang JY, Wang SD, Wu YY, Yang SF, Du PW
18944 - 18948 Zirconium Hydroaminoalkylation. An Alternative Disconnection for the Catalytic Synthesis of alpha-Arylated Primary Amines
Koperniku A, Foth PJ, Sammis GM, Schafer LL
18949 - 18953 Selective Separation of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons by Phase Transfer of Coordination Cages
Zhang DW, Ronson TK, Lavendomme R, Nitschke JR
18954 - 18957 Time-Dependent Pulses of Lithium Ions in Cascaded Signaling and Out-of-Equilibrium (Supra)molecular Logic
Ghosh A, Paul I, Schmittel M
18958 - 18963 Direct Vicinal Difunctionalization of Thiophenes Enabled by the Palladium/Norbornene Cooperative Catalysis
Li RH, Zhou Y, Xu XL, Dong GB
18964 - 18969 Multifunctional Nanoscale Metal-Organic Layers for Ratiometric pH and Oxygen Sensing
Lan GX, Ni KY, You E, Wang ML, Culbert A, Jiang XM, Lin WB
18970 - 18976 Electrochemistry-Enabled Ir-Catalyzed Vinylic C-H Functionalization
Yang QL, Xing YK, Wang XY, Ma HX, Weng XJ, Yang X, Guo HM, Mei TS
18977 - 18983 Real Time Monitoring of the Dynamic Intracluster Diffusion of Single Gold Atoms into Silver Nanoclusters
Zheng KY, Fung V, Yuan X, Jiang DE, Xie JP
18984 - 18993 Liquid-Phase Epitaxial Growth of Highly Oriented and Multivariate Surface-Attached Metal-Organic Frameworks
Yu XJ, Xian YM, Wang C, Mao HL, Kind M, Abu-Husein T, Chen Z, Zhu SB, Ren B, Terfort A, Zhuang JL
18994 - 19001 Direct Observation of Symmetry-Dependent Electron-Phonon Coupling in Black Phosphorus
Mao NN, Wang XZ, Lin YX, Sumpter BG, Ji QQ, Palacios T, Huang SX, Meunier V, Dresselhaus MS, Tisdale WA, Liang LB, Ling X, Kong J
19002 - 19013 New Family of Argyrodite Thioantimonate Lithium Superionic Conductors
Zhou LD, Assoud A, Zhang Q, Wu XH, Nazar LF
19014 - 19022 Olefin Metathesis in Confined Geometries: A Biomimetic Approach toward Selective Macrocyclization
Ziegler F, Teske J, Elser I, Dyballa M, Frey W, Kraus H, Hansen N, Rybka J, Tallarek U, Buchmeiser MR
19023 - 19031 Enhancing the Performance of a Fused-Ring Electron Acceptor by Unidirectional Extension
Jia BY, Wang J, Wu Y, Zhang MY, Jiang YF, Tang Z, Russell TP, Zhan XW
19032 - 19037 A Self-Assembled Platform Based on Branched DNA for sgRNA/Cas9/Antisense Delivery
Liu JB, Wu TT, Lu XH, Wu XH, Liu SL, Zhao S, Xu XH, Ding BQ
19038 - 19047 Bilingual Peptide Nucleic Acids: Encoding the Languages of Nucleic Acids and Proteins in a Single Self-Assembling Biopolymer
Swenson CS, Velusamy A, Argueta-Gonzalez HS, Heemstra JM
19048 - 19057 Non-C-2-Symmetric Chiral-at-Ruthenium Catalyst for Highly Efficient Enantioselective Intramolecular C(sp(3))-H Amidation
Zhou ZJ, Chen SM, Hong YB, Winterling E, Tan YQ, Hemming M, Harms K, Houk KN, Meggers E
19058 - 19066 Bottom-up Creation of an Artificial Cell Covered with the Adhesive Bacterionanofiber Protein AtaA
Noba K, Ishikawa M, Uyeda A, Watanabe T, Hohsaka T, Yoshimoto S, Matsuura T, Hori K
19067 - 19077 Site-Selective Photoswitching of Two Distinct Magnetic Chromophores in a Propeller-Like Molecule To Achieve Four Different Magnetic States
Arczynski M, Stanek J, Sieklucka B, Dunbar KR, Pinkowicz D
19078 - 19087 Azobenzene-Equipped Covalent Organic Framework: Light-Operated Reservoir
Das G, Prakasam T, Addicoat MA, Sharma SK, Rayaux F, Mathew R, Baias M, Jagannathan R, Olson MA, Trabolsi A
19088 - 19098 Uniform Biodegradable Fiber-Like Micelles and Block Comicelles via "Living" Crystallization-Driven Self-Assembly of Poly(-lactide) Block Copolymers: The Importance of Reducing Unimer Self-Nucleation via Hydrogen Bond Disruption
He YX, Eloi JC, Harniman RL, Richardson RM, Whittell GR, Mathers RT, Dove AP, O'Reilly RK, Manners I
19099 - 19109 Chemical and Structural Diversity of Hybrid Layered Double Perovskite Halides
Mao LL, Teicher SML, Stoumpos CC, Kennard RM, DeCrescent RA, Wu G, Schuller JA, Chabinyc ML, Cheetham AK, Seshadri R
19110 - 19117 Turning on Visible-Light Photocatalytic C-H Oxidation over Metal-Organic Frameworks by Introducing Metal-to-Cluster Charge Transfer
Xu CY, Pan YT, Wan G, Liu H, Wang L, Zhou H, Yu SH, Jiang HL
19118 - 19129 Accelerating the Shuttling in Hydrogen-Bonded Rotaxanes: Active Role of the Axle and the End Station
Kumpulainen T, Panman MR, Bakker BH, Hilbers M, Woutersen S, Brouwer AM
19130 - 19137 A New Three-Dimensional Subsulfide Ir2In8S with Dirac Semimetal Behavior
Khoury JF, Rettie AJE, Khan MA, Ghimire NJ, Robredo I, Pfluger JE, Pal K, Wolverton C, Bergara A, Jiang JS, Schoop LM, Vergniory MG, Mitchell JF, Chung DY, Kanatzidis MG
19138 - 19143 Morphologically Tunable Square and Rectangular Nanosheets of a Simple Conjugated Homopolymer by Changing Solvents
Yang S, Kang SY, Choi TL
19144 - 19150 Synergy between Antifreeze Proteins Is Driven by Complementary Ice-Binding
Berger T, Meister K, DeVries AL, Eves R, Davies PL, Drori R
19151 - 19160 When Light and Acid Play Tic-Tac-Toe with a Nine-State Molecular Switch
Guerrin C, Aidibi Y, Sanguinet L, Leriche P, Aloise S, Orio M, Delbaere S
19161 - 19170 Catalytic, Enantioselective syn-Diamination of Alkenes
Tao ZL, Gilbert BB, Denmark SE
19171 - 19177 Gene Circuit Compartment on Nanointerface Facilitatating Cascade Gene Expression
Guo XC, Li F, Bai LH, Yu WT, Zhang X, Zhu Y, Yang DY
19178 - 19185 Predictive Multivariate Linear Regression Analysis Guides Successful Catalytic Enantioselective Minisci Reactions of Diazines
Reid JP, Proctor RSJ, Sigman MS, Phipps RJ
19186 - 19190 Unexpectedly Strong Chiral Amplification of Chiral/Achiral and Chiral/Chiral Copolymers of Biphenylylacetylenes and Further Enhancement/Inversion and Memory of the Macromolecular Helicity (vol 141, pg 7605, 2019)
Ishidate R, Markvoort AJ, Maeda K, Yashima E