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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.141, No.44 Entire volume, number list
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17460 - 17465 Reengineering a tRNA Methyltransferase To Covalently Capture New RNA Substrates
Smith TS, Zoltek MA, Simon MD
17466 - 17471 Synthesis of Cage-Shaped Aluminum Aryloxides: Efficient Lewis Acid Catalyst for Stereoselective Glycosylation Driven by Flexible Shift of Four- to Five-Coordination
Tanaka D, Kadonaga Y, Manabe Y, Fukase K, Sasaya S, Maruyama H, Nishimura S, Yanagihara M, Konishi A, Yasuda M
17472 - 17476 A Molecular Dual Pump
Qiu YY, Zhang L, Pezzato C, Feng YN, Li WXY, Nguyen MT, Cheng CY, Shen DK, Guo QH, Shi Y, Cai K, Alsubaie FM, Astumian RD, Stoddart JF
17477 - 17481 Metal-Organic Framework-Derived Guerbet Catalyst Effectively Differentiates between Ethanol and Butanol
Neumann CN, Rozeveld SJ, Yu MZ, Rieth AJ, Dinca M
17482 - 17486 Upconversion-like Photolysis of BODIPY-Based Prodrugs via a One-Photon Process
Lv W, Li YF, Li FY, Lan X, Zhang YM, Du LL, Zhao Q, Phillips DL, Wang WP
17487 - 17492 Direct Synthesis of Cycloalkanes from Diols and Secondary Alcohols or Ketones Using a Homogeneous Manganese Catalyst
Kaithal A, Gracia LL, Camp C, Quadrelli EA, Leitner W
17493 - 17497 Engineering Aptamer with Enhanced Affinity by Triple Helix-Based Terminal Fixation
Zhao LH, Qi XY, Yan XC, Huang YF, Liang XG, Zhang LQ, Wang S, Tan WH
17498 - 17502 Reversible and Selective Interconversion of Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide into Formate by a Semiartificial Formate Hydrogenlyase Mimic
Sokol KP, Robinson WE, Oliveira AR, Zacarias S, Lee CY, Madden C, Bassegoda A, Hirst J, Pereira IAC, Reisner E
17503 - 17506 Superacid-Mediated Functionalization of Hydroxylated Cucurbit[n]urils
Ghosh SK, Dhamija A, Ko YH, An J, Hur MY, Boraste DR, Seo J, Lee E, Park KM, Kim K
17507 - 17511 Counting the Number of Glutamate Molecules in Single Synaptic Vesicles
Wang YM, Fathali H, Mishra D, Olsson T, Keighron JD, Skibicka KP, Cans AS
17512 - 17516 Symmetry-Breaking Charge Separation in a Nanoscale Terrylenediimide Guanine-Quadruplex Assembly
Powers-Riggs NE, Zuo XB, Young RM, Wasielewski MR
17517 - 17521 Catalase Involved in Oxidative Cyclization of the Tetracyclic Ergoline of Fungal Ergot Alkaloids
Yao YP, An CY, Evans D, Liu WW, Wang W, Wei GZ, Ding N, Houk KN, Gao SS
17522 - 17526 A Metal-Organic Framework of Organic Vertices and Polyoxometalate Linkers as a Solid-State Electrolyte
Xu WT, Pei XK, Diercks CS, Lyu H, Ji Z, Yaghi OM
17527 - 17532 Catalytic Asymmetric Radical-Polar Crossover Hydroalkoxylation
Discolo CA, Touney EE, Pronin SV
17533 - 17547 Activation of Dioxygen by a Mononuclear Nonheme Iron Complex: Sequential Peroxo, Oxo, and Hydroxo Intermediates
Gordon JB, Vilbert AC, DiMucci IM, MacMillan SN, Lancaster KM, Moenne-Loccoz P, Goldberg DP
17548 - 17557 Construction of Active Site in a Sintered Copper-Ceria Nanorod Catalyst
Yu WZ, Wang WW, Li SQ, Fu XP, Wang X, Wu K, Si R, Ma C, Jia CJ, Yan CH
17558 - 17570 Switching between Coherent and Incoherent Singlet Fission via Solvent-Induced Symmetry Breaking
Alvertis AM, Lukman S, Hele TJH, Fuemmeler EG, Feng JQ, Wu JS, Greenham NC, Chin AW, Musser AJ
17571 - 17587 Tuning Radical Relay Residues by Proton Management Rescues Protein Electron Hopping
Yee EF, Dzikovski B, Crane BR
17588 - 17600 Sequence-Defined Macrocycles for Understanding and Controlling the Build-up of Hierarchical Order in Self-Assembled 2D Arrays
Dobscha JR, Castillo HD, Li Y, Fadler RE, Taylor RD, Brown AA, Trainor CQ, Tait SL, Flood AH
17601 - 17609 A Conformationally Restricted Aza-BODIPY Platform for Stimulus-Responsive Probes with Enhanced Photoacoustic Properties
Zhou EY, Knox HJ, Liu C, Zhao WL, Chan J
17610 - 17616 Core-Shell ZnO@SnO2 Nanoparticles for Efficient Inorganic Perovskite Solar Cells
Li ZX, Wang R, Xue JJ, Xing XF, Yu CC, Huang TY, Chu JM, Wang KL, Dong C, Wei ZT, Zhao YP, Wang ZK, Yang Y
17617 - 17628 CdSe@CdS Dot@Platelet Nanocrystals: Controlled Epitaxy, Monoexponential Decay of Two-Dimensional Exciton, and Nonblinking Photoluminescence of Single Nanocrystal
Wang YH, Pu CD, Lei HR, Qin HY, Peng XG
17629 - 17636 A Versatile NHC-Parent Silyliumylidene Cation for Catalytic Chemo- and Regioselective Hydroboration
Leong BX, Lee J, Li Y, Yang MC, Siu CK, Su MD, So CW
17637 - 17645 Solution Phase and Surface Photoisomerization of a Hydrazone Switch with a Long Thermal Half-Life
Zheng LQ, Yang SR, Lan JG, Gyr L, Goubert G, Qian H, Aprahamian I, Zenobi R
17646 - 17658 The Tandem Photoredox Catalysis Mechanism of [Ir(ppy)(2)(dtb-bpy)](+) Enabling Access to Energy Demanding Organic Substrates
Connell TU, Fraser CL, Czyz ML, Smith ZM, Hayne DJ, Doeven EH, Agugiaro J, Wilson DJD, Adcock JL, Scully AD, Gomez DE, Barnett NW, Polyzos A, Francis PS
17659 - 17669 Atomic-Level Microstructure of Efficient Formamidinium-Based Perovskite Solar Cells Stabilized by 5-Ammonium Valeric Acid Iodide Revealed by Multinuclear and Two-Dimensional Solid-State NMR
Alanazi AQ, Kubicki DJ, Prochowicz D, Alharbi EA, Bouduban MEF, Jahanbakhshi F, Mladenovic M, Milic JV, Giordano F, Ren D, Alyamani AY, Albrithen H, Albadri A, Alotaibi MH, Moser JE, Zakeeruddin SM, Rothlisberger U, Emsley L, Gratzel M
17670 - 17684 A Responsive Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticle Platform for Magnetic Resonance Imaging-Guided High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound-Stimulated Cargo Delivery with Controllable Location, Time, and Dose
Cheng CA, Chen W, Zhang L, Wu HH, Zink JI
17685 - 17695 Boosting Enantioselectivity of Chiral Organocatalysts with Ultrathin Two-Dimensional Metal-Organic Framework Nanosheets
Tan CX, Yang KW, Dong JQ, Liu YH, Liu Y, Jiang JW, Cui Y
17696 - 17702 Anisotropic Redox Conductivity within a Metal-Organic Framework Material
Goswami S, Hod I, Duan JD, Kung CW, Rimoldi M, Malliakas CD, Palmer RH, Farha OK, Hupp JT
17703 - 17712 Enhanced Gas Uptake in a Microporous Metal-Organic Framework via a Sorbate Induced-Fit Mechanism
Yu MH, Space B, Franz D, Zhou W, He CH, Li LB, Krishna R, Chang Z, Li W, Hu TL, Bu XH
17713 - 17720 Nanoribbons with Nonalternant Topology from Fusion of Polyazulene: Carbon Allotropes beyond Graphene
Fan Q, Martin-Jimenez D, Ebeling D, Krug CK, Brechmann L, Kohlmeyer C, Hilt G, Hieringer W, Schirmeisen A, Gottfried JM
17721 - 17728 Loss of Specific Active-Site Iron Atoms in Oxygen-Exposed [FeFe]-Hydrogenase Determined by Detailed X-ray Structure Analyses
Esselborn J, Kertess L, Apfel UP, Hofmann E, Happe T
17729 - 17743 Singlet Fission Rate: Optimized Packing of a Molecular Pair. Ethylene as a Model
Zaykov A, Felkel P, Buchanan EA, Jovanovic M, Havenith RWA, Kathir RK, Broer R, Havlas Z, Michl J
17744 - 17753 Photochromic Reaction by Red Light via Triplet Fusion Upconversion
Tokunaga A, Uriarte LM, Mutoh K, Fron E, Hofkens J, Sliwa M, Abe J
17754 - 17762 Selective Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Formaldehyde via a Bis(silyl)acetal: Incorporation of Isotopically Labeled C-1 Moieties Derived from Carbon Dioxide into Organic Molecules
Rauch M, Strater Z, Parkin G
17763 - 17770 Climbing the Apex of the ORR Volcano Plot via Binuclear Site Construction: Electronic and Geometric Engineering
Xiao ML, Chen YT, Zhu JB, Zhang H, Zhao X, Gao LQ, Wang X, Zhao J, Ge JJ, Jiang Z, Chen SL, Liu CP, Xing W
17771 - 17782 Tandem Reactions of CO2 Reduction and Ethane Aromatization
Gomez E, Nie XW, Lee JH, Xie ZH, Chen JGG
17783 - 17795 Supramolecular Tessellations by a Rigid Naphthalene Diimide Triangle
Beldjoudi Y, Narayanan A, Roy I, Pearson TJ, Cetin MM, Nguyen MT, Krzyaniak MD, Alsubaie FM, Wasielewski MR, Stupp SI, Stoddart JF
17796 - 17808 Examining the Effects of Monomer and Catalyst Structure on the Mechanism of Ruthenium-Catalyzed Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization
Wolf WJ, Lin TP, Grubbs RH
17809 - 17816 Single Site Cobalt Substitution in 2D Molybdenum Carbide (MXene) Enhances Catalytic Activity in the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
Kuznetsov DA, Chen ZX, Kumar PV, Tsoukalou A, Kierzkowska A, Abdala PM, Safonova OV, Fedorov A, Muller CR
17817 - 17829 A Unified Description of Intrinsically Disordered Protein Dynamics under Physiological Conditions Using NMR Spectroscopy
Adamski W, Salvi N, Maurin D, Magnat J, Milles S, Jensen MR, Abyzov A, Moreau CJ, Blackledge M
17830 - 17837 Decoupling Ionic and Electronic Pathways in Low-Dimensional Hybrid Conductors
Zhou YB, Chen CJ, Zhang X, Liu DP, Xu LS, Dai JQ, Liou SC, Wang YL, Li C, Xie H, Wu QY, Foster B, Li T, Briber RM, Hu LB
17838 - 17846 Ensemble-Based Modeling of the NMR Spectra of Solid Solutions: Cation Disorder in Y-2(Sn,Ti)(2)O-7
Moran RF, McKay D, Tornstrom PC, Aziz A, Fernandes A, Grau-Crespo R, Ashbrook SE
17847 - 17853 A Synthetic Vesicle-to-Vesicle Communication System
Ding YD, Williams NH, Hunter CA
17854 - 17860 ReB6-: A Metallaboron Analog of Metallabenzenes
Cheung LF, Czekner J, Kocheril GS, Wang LS
17861 - 17866 Encoding Carbon Nanotubes with Tubular Nucleic Acids for Information Storage
Zhang YY, Li F, Li M, Mao XH, Jing XX, Liu XG, Li Q, Li J, Wang LH, Fan CH, Zuo XL
17867 - 17874 In-Plane Thorium(IV), Uranium(IV), and Neptunium(IV) Expanded Porphyrin Complexes
Brewster JT, Mangel DN, Gaunt AJ, Saunders DP, Zafar H, Lynch VM, Boreen MA, Garner ME, Goodwin CAP, Settineri NS, Arnold J, Sessler JL
17875 - 17883 Cooperative Stabilization of the [Pyridinium-CO2-Co] Adduct on a Metal-Organic Layer Enhances Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction
Guo Y, Shi WJ, Yang HJ, He QF, Zeng ZM, Ye JY, He XR, Huang RY, Wang C, Lin WB
17884 - 17890 Chalcogens-Induced Ag(6)Z(4)@Ag-36 (Z = S or Se) Core-Shell Nanoclusters: Enlarged Tetrahedral Core and Homochiral Crystallization
Wang Z, Liu JW, Su HF, Zhao QQ, Kurmoo M, Wang XP, Tung CH, Sun D, Zheng LS
17891 - 17899 Lithium Thiophosphate Functionalized Zirconium MOFs for Li-S Batteries with Enhanced Rate Capabilities
Baumann AE, Han X, Butala MM, Thoi VS
17900 - 17908 Hydrogenation of N-Heteroarenes Using Rhodium Precatalysts: Reductive Elimination Leads to Formation of Multimetallic Clusters
Kim S, Loose F, Bezdek MJ, Wang XP, Chirik PJ
17909 - 17917 Self-Healing Heterometallic Supramolecular Polymers Constructed by Hierarchical Assembly of Triply Orthogonal Interactions with Tunable Photophysical Properties
Zhang Q, Tang DT, Zhang JJ, Ni RD, Xu LN, He T, Lin XJ, Li XP, Qiu HY, Yin S, Stang PJ
17918 - 17925 Mechanistic and Kinetic Studies of the Ring Opening Metathesis Polymerization of Norbornenyl Monomers by a Grubbs Third Generation Catalyst
Hyatt MG, Walsh DJ, Lord RL, Martinez JGA, Guironnet D
17926 - 17936 Stereocontrolled Syntheses of Functionalized cis- and trans-Siladecalins
Marro EA, Folster CP, Press EM, Im H, Ferguson JT, Siegler MA, Klausen RS
17937 - 17948 Mechanism of Ni-Catalyzed. Reductive 1,2-Dicarbofunctionalization of Alkenes
Lin Q, Diao TN
17949 - 17949 Engineering Molecular Ligand Shells on Quantum Dots for Quantitative Harvesting of Triplet Excitons Generated by Singlet Fission (vol 141, pg 12907, 2019)
Allardice JR, Thampi A, Dowland S, Xiao J, Gray V, Zhang ZL, Budden P, Petty AJ, Davis NJLK, Greenham NC, Anthony JE, Rao A
17950 - 17950 Protecting the Nanoscale Properties of Ag Nanowires with a Solution-Grown SnO2 Monolayer as Corrosion Inhibitor (vol 141, pg 13977, 2019)
Zhao Y, Wang XJ, Yang SZ, Kuttner E, Taylor AA, Salemmilani R, Liu X, Moskovits M, Wu BH, Dehestani A, Li JF, Chisholm MF, Tian ZQ, Fan FR, Jiang J, Stucky GD