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Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol.141, No.35 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7863 (Print) 

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13700 - 13707 Perspective of Chiral Colloidal Semiconductor Nanocrystals: Opportunity and Challenge
Gao XQ, Han B, Yang XK, Tang ZY
13708 - 13712 Proximity Induced Splicing Utilizing Caged Split Inteins
Gramespacher JA, Burton AJ, Guerra LF, Muir TW
13713 - 13717 Total Synthesis of the Diterpenoid Alkaloid Arcutinidine Using a Strategy Inspired by Chemical Network Analysis
Owens KR, McCowen SV, Blackford KA, Ueno S, Hirooka Y, Weber M, Sarpong R
13718 - 13723 Asymmetric Total Synthesis of Arcutinidine, Arcutinine, and Arcutine
Zhou SP, Xia KF, Leng XB, Li A
13724 - 13728 Shaping Protein Amphiphilic Assemblies via Allosteric Effect: From 1D Nanofilament to 2D Rectangular Nanosheet
Xu MM, Zeng RJ, Xiang J, Yan Q
13729 - 13733 Metal-Free Selective Borylation of Arenes by a Diazadiborinine via C-H/C-F Bond Activation and Dearomatization
Su YT, Do DCH, Li YX, Kinjo R
13734 - 13738 Isomeric Tuning Yields Bright and Targetable Red Ca2+ Indicators
Deo C, Sheu SH, Seo J, Clapham DE, Lavis LD
13739 - 13743 Ground State Destabilization in Uracil DNA Glycosylase: Let's Not Forget "Tautomeric Strain" in Substrates
Das R, Vazquez-Montelongo EA, Cisneros GA, Wu JI
13744 - 13748 Forced Intercalation (FIT)-Aptamers
Ebrahimi SB, Samanta D, Cheng HF, Nathan LI, Mirkin CA
13749 - 13752 Chiral Gating for Size- and Shape-Selective Asymmetric Catalysis
Li XW, Zhao Y
13753 - 13757 Poly(oxime-ester) Vitrimers with Catalyst-Free Bond Exchange
He CF, Shi SW, Wang D, Helms BA, Russell TP
13758 - 13761 In Situ Magic-Angle Spinning Li-7 NMR Analysis of a Full Electrochemical Lithium-Ion Battery Using a Jelly Roll Cell Design
Freytag AI, Pauric AD, Krachkovskiy SA, Goward GR
13762 - 13766 Observation of beta-Amyloid Peptide Oligomerization by Pressure-Jump NMR Spectroscopy
Barnes CA, Robertson AJ, Louis JM, Anfinrud P, Bax A
13767 - 13771 Enantioselective, Lewis Base-Catalyzed, Intermolecular Sulfenoamination of Alkenes
Roth A, Denmark SE
13772 - 13777 A Domino 10-Step Total Synthesis of FR252921 and Its Analogues, Complex Macrocyclic Immunosuppressants
Chen Y, Coussanes G, Souris C, Aillard P, Kaldre D, Runggatscher K, Kubicek S, Di Mauro G, Maryasin B, Maulide N
13778 - 13782 Total Synthesis and Structural Validation of Phosdiecin A via Asymmetric Alcohol-Mediated Carbonyl Reductive Coupling
Della-Felice F, Sarotti AM, Krische MJ, Pilli RA
13783 - 13787 Catalytic Enantioselective-House Meinwald Rearrangement: Efficient Construction of All-Carbon Quaternary Stereocenters
Ma DK, Miao CB, Sun JW
13788 - 13794 Copper Hydride Catalyzed Enantioselective Synthesis of Axially Chiral 1,3-Disubstituted Allenes
Bayeh-Romero L, Buchwald SL
13795 - 13798 Optomagnetic Effect Induced by Magnetized Nanocavity Plasmon
Duan S, Rinkevicius Z, Tian GJ, Luo Y
13799 - 13802 Toward a Synthetic Yeast Endosymbiont with a Minimal Genome
Mehta AP, Ko Y, Supekova L, Pestonjamasp K, Li J, Schultz PG
13803 - 13811 Revealing Energetics of Surface Oxygen Redox from Kinetic Fingerprint in Oxygen Electrocatalysis
Tao HB, Zhang JM, Chen JZ, Zhang LP, Xu YH, Chen JGG, Liu B
13812 - 13821 Ni-Catalyzed Reductive Dicarbofunctionalization of Nonactivated Alkenes: Scope and Mechanistic Insights
Shu W, Garcia-Dominguez A, Quiros MT, Mondal R, Cardenas DJ, Nevado C
13822 - 13828 De Novo Design and Facile Synthesis of 2D Covalent Organic Frameworks: A Two-in-One Strategy
Li YS, Chen Q, Xu TT, Xie Z, Liu JJ, Yu X, Ma SQ, Qin TS, Chen L
13829 - 13840 Deep Tumor Penetration of Drug-Loaded Nanoparticles by Click Reaction-Assisted Immune Cell Targeting Strategy
Lee SH, Park OK, Kim J, Shin K, Pack CG, Kim K, Ko G, Lee N, Kwon SH, Hyeon T
13841 - 13848 Face-Sharing Archimedean Solids Stacking for the Construction of Mixed-Ligand Metal-Organic Frameworks
Qiu YC, Yuan S, Li XX, Du DY, Wang C, Qin JS, Drake HF, Lan YQ, Jiang L, Zhou HC
13849 - 13857 Intercalating Anions between Terminated Anion Layers: Unusual Ionic S-Se Bonds and Hole-Doping Induced Superconductivity in S-0.24(NH3)(0.26)Fe2Se2
Sun RJ, Jin SF, Gu L, Zhang QH, Huang QZ, Ying TP, Peng YR, Deng J, Yin ZP, Chen XL
13858 - 13866 Record-Setting Sorbents for Reversible Water Uptake by Systematic Anion Exchanges in Metal-Organic Frameworks
Rieth AJ, Wright AM, Skorupskii G, Mancuso JL, Hendon CH, Dinca M
13867 - 13876 Exploiting Excited-State Aromaticity To Design Highly Stable Singlet Fission Materials
Fallon KJ, Budden P, Salvadori E, Ganose AM, Savory CN, Eyre L, Dowland S, Ai QX, Goodlett S, Risko C, Scanlon DO, Kay CWM, Rao A, Friend RH, Musser AJ, Bronstein H
13877 - 13886 Elucidating the Ordering in Self-Assembled Glycocalyx Mimicking Supramolecular Copolymers in Water
Hendrikse SIS, Su L, Hogervorst TP, Lafleur RPM, Lou XW, van der Marel GA, Codee JDC, Meijer EW
13887 - 13897 A Prolific Solvate Former, Galunisertib, under the Pressure of Crystal Structure Prediction, Produces Ten Diverse Polymorphs
Bhardwaj RM, McMahon JA, Nyman J, Price LS, Konar S, Oswald IDH, Pulham CR, Price SL, Reutzel-Edens SM
13898 - 13904 Flipping Molecules over on TiO2 Surfaces with Light and Electric Fields
Sampaio RN, Li GC, Meyer GJ
13905 - 13913 Compositional Persistence in a Multicyclic Network of Synthetic Replicators
Huck J, Kosikova T, Philp D
13914 - 13922 Three-Component Ruthenium-Catalyzed Direct Meta-Selective C-H Activation of Arenes: A New Approach to the Alkylarylation of Alkenes
Wang XG, Li YK, Liu HC, Zhang BS, Gou XY, Wang Q, Ma JW, Liang YM
13923 - 13930 Construction of Type III-C Rotaxane-Branched Dendrimers and Their Anion-Induced Dimension Modulation Feature
Wang XQ, Li WJ, Wang W, Wen J, Zhang Y, Tan HW, Yang HB
13931 - 13940 Trimethylscandium
Barisic D, Diether D, Maichle-Mossmer C, Anwander R
13941 - 13947 Cobaloxime Catalysis: Selective Synthesis of Alkenylphosphine Oxides under Visible Light
Liu WQ, Lei T, Zhou S, Yang XL, Li J, Chen B, Sivaguru J, Tung CH, Wu LZ
13948 - 13953 Crystalline Liquid-like Behavior: Surface-Induced Secondary Grain Growth of Photovoltaic Perovskite Thin Film
Xue JJ, Wang R, Wang KL, Wang ZK, Yavuz I, Wang Y, Yang YG, Gao XY, Huang TY, Nuryyeva S, Lee JW, Duan Y, Liao LS, Kaner R, Yang Y
13954 - 13961 Controlled Radical Homopolymerization of Representative Cationically Polymerizable Vinyl Ethers
Sugihara S, Yoshida A, Kono T, Takayama T, Maeda Y
13962 - 13969 Generation and Stabilization of Small Platinum Clusters Pt-12 +/- x Inside a Metal-Organic Framework
Kratzl K, Kratky T, Gunther S, Tomanec O, Zboril R, Michalicka J, Macak JM, Cokoja M, Fischer RA
13970 - 13976 Interface-Dependent Aggregation-Induced Delayed Fluorescence in Bottlebrush Polymer Nanofibers
Tonge CM, Hudson ZM
13977 - 13986 Protecting the Nanoscale Properties of Ag Nanowires with a Solution-Grown SnO2 Monolayer as Corrosion Inhibitor
Zhao Y, Wang XJ, Yang SZ, Kuttner E, Taylor AA, Salemmilani R, Liu X, Moskovits M, Wu BH, Dehestani A, Li JF, Chisholm MF, Tian ZQ, Fan FR, Jiang J, Stucky GD
13987 - 13994 Ultrahigh Performance in Lead-Free Piezoceramics Utilizing a Relaxor Slush Polar State with Multiphase Coexistence
Tao H, Wu HJ, Liu Y, Zhang Y, Wu JG, Li F, Lyu X, Zhao CL, Xiao DQ, Zhu JG, Pennycook SJ
13995 - 14002 One-Step Synthesis of One-Dimensional Supramolecular Assemblies Composed of Helical Macromolecular Building Blocks
Wada Y, Shinohara K, Asakawa H, Matsui S, Taima T, Ikai T